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Repopulating Altair

by Xianghua

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(Bahamut Lagoon) A devastating war has just ended. The female population in Altair has been brought down to his knees. It''''s now up to the Holy Dragon king of Altair to restore his homeland to what it once was. Oh, on my cover are the holy dragon sprites from the game.

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Chapter 1, Mating Season

Repopulating Altair

Repopulating Altair

By Chai Xianghua


“Bahamut Lagoon” is a trademark of Square soft (now Square-Enix). I don’t own the characters, nor do I plan to make a profit off of it.


Author Note: What’s this? A Bahamut Lagoon lemon that doesn’t involve yaoi or a Yoyo getting killed (Yoyo killing is always fun to read and write though)? Yes, you heard that correctly. No yaoi and no bimbo Yoyo. This fanfic is about the villain and villainess hooking up and having fun. I am a sucker for villains and villainesses after all.

Another thing: If you’re not over 18, or don’t like monster sex, hyper pregnancy and eggs, then shoo-shoo! But if that’s what you want, welcome friends. I present to you “Repopulating Altair”


Chapter 01: Mating Season

The war of the holy dragons has come to its bitter end. All the other holy dragons (including Bahamut himself), were banished into the neighboring world of Orelus as the gate to Altair is sealed shut. Alexander is the new king and shall rule Altair unopposed. The war wiped out many lives in many of these worlds.

However, for Altair, it was worse than Orelus. The female dragonite population has plummeted down dramatically. Out of the 500 survivors, only 20 were female and if the females would die out or fail to reproduce, the dragonites would become a functionally extinct race of people and Altair would be a lifeless wasteland. That would be a horrible thing indeed, since female dragonites were very pretty looking. Female dragonites look more human like than their male counterparts, which look like across between a bird of prey and a dragon. The only way to tell a female dragonite from a more humanoid creature is the fact that they have horns, unique skin colors and their method of reproduction. Female skin tones range from normal human flesh tone to purple or green. Another thing that sets them apart is the fact that dragonites can lay eggs and produce much more offspring than humans. Even though if they can be so heavily pregnant to the point where they can’t move, dragonite females have stretchy and almost elastic flesh, making it easier to carry more offspring as if a human woman would carry 100 children, she would die and so would most of her offspring. Not so with dragonites.

This was the perfect opportunity for Alexander to find what he needs: a mate.

He needed a mate for these three reasons:

First reason was that he needed to repopulate Altair and have a whole new generation of dragonites that shall only remember him and never his rivals sealed in Orelus.

Second reason was Alexander wanted to continue his bloodline and have heirs in case something was to happen to him.

The third and final reason was that Alexander was lonely. He needs someone to help him and serve him loyally. He needed this female to be a faithful lover and worship the very lagoons he lands on. He got tired of being used by dragnars in Orelus. But here in Altair, he didn’t have this problem. In fact, if those dragnars in Orelus were to open the sealed gate, his love would help fight them off, so he won’t get used again.

“Now who shall my lucky mate be?” Alexander thought to himself. As he thought for quite a while, a perfect candidate popped into his four heads. One of the surviving 20 females was a high priestess who was devoted to the dragon king and was one of the girls who would do anything to please the king. The woman was also powerful enough to bring statues to life and make doppelgangers of herself to distract the ones opposing Alexander. The priestess had golden hair, green horns, flesh toned skin and wore a white top with an army green sarong and matching green ribbon. She also wore a prayer bead necklace that was made of onyx.

Alexander decided to visit this woman soon and have her hear his plight to save his bloodline.

“Yes, I know Lucrec can help me. She is a loyal priestess that would do anything for me.” Alexander said as he left his area and headed off to the temple dedicated to him.


At the temple of the dragon king, Lucrec was cleaning up the temple after a ritual took place. “Hoo! What a long day. I might as well go back to the quarters with the other surviving priestesses.”

As Lucrec stepped outside of the temple, King Alexander landed outside in front of her. “King Alexander, what brings you here?”

“Dear priestess, I must tell you something very important…”

“And what shall it be your royal highness?”

“Lucrec, you are one of the remaining 20 females left in Altair, correct?”

“Yes sire.” Right there, Alexander unsheathes his massive cock and the priestess stares at it in disbelief. “You got to be kidding me.”

“No, I am serious. I really need your help Lucrec.”

“Ehhh, who is this going to work out?” Lucrec wondered. “You are a dragon, and a gigantic holy dragon at that. I’m just a dragonite. How is this even possible? I’m no virgin, but….”

“Shhh… just relax, okay?” Alexander calms the girl as he uses all three of his tails to gently pull Lucrec near his erection. The king can smell his mate’s aroused scent as he pulls her near him. “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.”

Lucrec starts to relax as the tip of Alexander’s red rocket touches her ripe opening. Right there, the holy dragon slowly pushes his member into Lucrec’s flower. It’s definitely not as bad as she thought it would be. Yes, dragon cocks are rather different from human-like cocks. With dragon cocks, you don’t have to grease them up with lubricants in order to make them fit inside a woman. That reason right there made things easier for Lucrec.

“Mmmm…” Lucrec moans as she took a good portion of Alexander’s cock. As she took as much as she could, her abdomen started to slowly expand, heightening her pleasure even more.

“I told you this wasn’t too bad.” Alexander told his newfound mate.

And he was right. Taking in some dragon cock was quite a pleasure filled experience indeed. It was the sea of pleasure for Lucrec as her torso swells and bulges with the cock hitting all her pleasure points in one sitting. As the couple thought it wouldn’t end, Alexander feels a knot in his member.

“Here it comes….” Alexander thought to himself as he was anticipating his knot release. With the knot being released, Alexander howled in pleasure loudly as he and his mate reached their orgasm. The knot release was so big, that Lucrec’s clothing started to rip up from her cum filled belly and swollen breasts. Some slight overflow of semen started to drip out of Lucrec’s yielding flower.

“That was great.” Lucrec said just before she passed out in exhaustion.

Alexander grabs the sleeping priestess with his silver head and flies off with her. As he reached the place he called his home, Alexander places Lucrec on what appeared to be a cushioned nest. Now he heads off to his corner to get some rest.

“I hope this will be successful.” Alexander thought to himself as he lays all four of his heads down and drifts off to sleep. It was quite a busy day indeed.

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