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by Remembrance

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Cloud x Zack: For all those years Cloud was picked on, bullied, tormented... Cloud decides to strike back, in a sly way... Let's just say his method to get his revenge is Rated M, a night the captain of the football team would never forget... if you know what I mean :P (Slight OOC)


(Cover Art made by me using Photoshop)



Cloud blinked, 'Great' he thought to himself as the medium size locker room was being shared between both the Football Team and Soccer Team... It was not the first time and it would not be the last.

The football team practiced on Mondays and Thursdays and played games on Wednesdays, opposed to the Soccer team who practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but played on Fridays. Thus every Thursday both teams were packed in one room, they got along and surprisingly the football team were more than happy to share, must have been something about the Soccer team also representing the school.

There were two reason Cloud hated Thursdays, one being he was picked on at school, usually by the 'cooler' kids. The most popular kids were on the football team as one would guess, which meant he was commented on by them, and their comments were not always nice. Luckily one of the players, Reno, seemed to like Cloud. No one, not even Cloud himself, could guess why. Ever since Reno liked Cloud, the bullying was dimmed down substantially.

But there was another reason, the captain of the football team... Zack Fair, his smoking hot six pack, his good looks... Everything about him... Cloud was a bit jealous that he was not as buff or good looking as him, but then again half the school was. But the real reason was, he started idolising and even falling in love with Zack Fair. But today was different.

He would make it different. He no longer had a crush on the captain; he began to hate Zack when the man personally picked on him. Cloud had already known what would happen today, he blinked and looked around the change room... He was the only one left, however one seventeen year old was still taking his extra long shower, which he did deserve.

Zack walked out of the steaming room with a towel around his waist. He felt more refreshed than ever, to be honest he was a little surprised to see another person in the room. Considering it was raining hard and it was past six, they would all be long gone by now.

Cloud watched the other, out of the corner of his eye, go to his locker and open it. He looked away when the other changed; he too put his shirt on and closed his locker.

"So." Zack smiled, "Heard you're not completely useless at soccer."

Cloud said nothing; he just took the insult and shrugged.

"Tifa says you talk a lot." Zack put his shirt on and towelled his perfect hair one more time. "Yet you won’t say a thing to me."

"Why would I want to talk to you?" Cloud bit his lower lip, half expecting to be beaten up right then.

Instead, the raven stopped. His hands were in his hair and he blinked, "What do you mean by that?"

Cloud smiled and picked up his bag, "You constantly pick on me, bully me, and even punch me from time to time." He had a hiss in his voice, "To be honest I would be happy if you just shrivelled up and died."

Zack blinked. Did he just hear that right? He tried to comprehend the sentence and blinked once again. "Why would you say that?"

"I already gave my reasons." The blond pointed out, he attempted to walk by the raven but as expected he felt the other grab his arm.

"Wait..." The captain blinked, "Explain that to me."

"I won’t make it home on time anyway." The blond sighed, now was his chance to pour out his emotions and he would not waste it. "Your despicable, horrendous, selfish and so damn self-centered that I realise you are perfect for the head of the cheerleading squad." He watched the other blink, he laughed a bit. "Getting insulted hurts does it not... Did not stop you from picking on me, did it?" A smile of victory as he walked on, "I have to walk home so leave me be."

"In the rain?" Was all he could ask.

"No." Cloud smiled, "In the sun."

Zack blinked, "But the sun went out." He realised the sarcasm and sighed, "Oh."

Cloud laughed a bit, it was almost a giggle filled with venom. A condescending laugh at the one that tormented his life.

"Let me drive you home."

Cloud scratched the back of his head and shook his head, "No, you only want to drive me home so you can feel better about yourself." He saw a puzzled face and made a dramatic sigh, "You do not care if I walk in the rain, or if I have walked in the rain before. You are just helping me out because you know you would feel bad if you did not... You are doing this so you do not have to feel bad later."

"That's not true." Zack blinked, 'I sound so stupid.'

"Yes." He smirked, "It is."

"Well." The raven tried to think of something, "You can't turn down a free ride, right?"

Cloud thought about it, "Perhaps you're right." He sighed a bit before staring in the other's eyes. "I live in Sector 7, will that be a problem?"

The raven shook his head, "I live in Sector 8, so it's on the way." He packed his things in his large bag and put it over his shoulder quickly; walking beside Cloud he couldn't smile even if he wanted to. "Let's go."

Cloud said nothing but followed, they found Zack Fair's car and Cloud took the passenger seat, putting his bag on his lap he put his seat belt on and waited for the other to do something. He heard the ignition turn on and the car began to start, he watched slowly as Zackary drove out of the school. His eyes watched the windshield wipers do their job, swiftly slicing the aqua away... He made no effort to even acknowledge the other's presence.

"So, uh." Zack looked over to the blond; to be honest he began to feel guilt. "How's school?"

Cloud took a deep breath, "Well, inside the classrooms I guess its fine; my marks are pretty high this year. Outside the classrooms I get picked on so I don't try to think about it, thank you for the pleasant reminder Zackary."

'Damnit... He is pissed off at me...' The raven football player bit his lower lip.

They stayed in silence. Terrible silence. A silence that ripped Zack apart, they said nothing besides his few comments that Cloud answered with pure venom. He regretted his every word, sighing he parked where Cloud told him to, "Cloud..."

"Yes?" The blond tilted his head.

"Look I know... I haven't been really nice to you, so I'm sorry okay?"

A silence, something about Cloud's posture melted away. Zack was not sure if that was a good thing or not. After a while the blond smiled a little, "Close your eyes."

"What?" Zack blinked, he wondered what was going to happen but did it anyway. He felt the blond practically take a seat on his lap and then...


On his...

He opened his eyes out of shock and tried pushing the other out of protest but the next thing he knew, Cloud pulled the leaver and the seat was thrown backwards. Zack felt the other on top of him, he felt his tongue reacting to the kiss but he managed to get the blond off, "Wha... What are you doing?"

"Getting revenge." The blond's hand snaked down to Zack's waist. He undid the button and pulled the zipper down.

"C-Cloud?!" The raven sat up, looking at the other confused.

"Take your shirt off." The smaller blond ordered. He pulled the raven's pants and boxers down to his knees. Revealing the erect manhood.

"Cloud wait..." He tried to speak, knees up he was absolutely naked. He felt soft fingers on his member and he huffed a bit, "Cloud!"

"What guy would you be if you turned down a handjob?" Cloud struck the other's manly ego with a smile. "Just don't think about it." He softly kissed the Football player's neck. Kissing, nipping, sucking, caressing the soft skin on the neck while his hands worked the member below.

"I... uh..." Zack moaned but bit his lip, it felt good. Even if the other was a guy, it felt good. He fell back on to the extended seat and moaned a bit, he felt the blond kiss his wondrous chest and he couldn't hide the words coming out of his mouth, "C-Cloud..."

The blond said nothing; Cloud moved down and kissed the ribs. He liked it this way, he was in control and the other was completely defenceless. He could do whatever he wanted and could get away with it. He stroked the member as he began kissing the part above the navel.

Zack pretty much guessed what was next, the hot, wet, soft tongue... and those silky lips. The Captain of the Football Team was always popular, he had received a handjob before but he had never received oral before, his recent girlfriends just said they weren't ready. But Cloud, made no hesitation. He gasped when he felt a tongue on his sensitive tip; he bucked his hips by accident and moaned.

"Do you want me, Zack?" The blond teased.

"Yeah." He was so turned on, his member quivered in anticipation. "What are you waiting for?"

The blond giggled a bit; he softly blew cold air on the wet tip. He saw the other's lustful reaction and could not help himself. He gave the hard member a personal tongue bath, softly putting his silky tongue all over the erect member he moaned at the taste.

"Fuck!" Zack hissed,

"Does it feel good?"

"Is that a stupid question?" Zack replied. He heard a soft giggle that turned him on.

"I'm sorry." He laughed a bit more before putting the entire head in his mouth. Cloud's eyes lustfully looked at the other; to be honest he was scared he could not take it all... Zack was rather big. But he pushed more of it in his throat.

"Oh..." Zack sat up out of reflex, he gripped Cloud's hair. He hummed to himself to stop him from bucking up. "Cloud... I might..."

Cloud sucked, caressed the erect member in his mouth, his cold fingers holding the base of it so he could perform better. Moaning desperately, his head bobbed up and down quickly.

"Oh fuck..." Zack whimpered. He bit his lower lip and held back a scream; instead he softly moaned the other's name.

The blond smiled a little and swallowed more. Before he knew it he had the other's length entirely inside his mouth. He forced himself to breathe out of his nose and softly bobbed his head.

"Cloud! Fuck yeah!" Zack shouted, he wriggled a bit and felt his pants fall off his knees and on to the floor, he quickly wondered when did he take off his shoes or socks but his attention was pulled away by Cloud's tongue. He still had his hand in the soft hair; he had never noticed how amazing Cloud's body was. His fingers, his tongue, his hair, his lips...

Cloud pulled up, releasing the length, he took a deep breathe and his eyes met Zack's. He kissed the other's chest and pushed him down; his hand was stroking the other's member that was slippery due to his saliva.

"Cloud..." Zack moaned, he screamed when he felt the blond bite into his neck. Why did something so vulgar make him feel so good? "Cloud!"

"Zack." The blond moaned and stroked faster, he lowered himself beneath the steering wheel and sat on his knees. Easily being able to wrap his lips around the other's erect body part he began using his mouth once more, his fingers once again holding the base.

The raven hissed out of amazement, he gripped the other's hair and pushed him down, bucking his hips into the soft mouth.

Cloud began sucking harder as he realised the other was nearing the end.

Quickly the raven began panting, he thrusted faster into the mouth, finding himself at bliss he shouted rather loudly. His hands pushing his entire member inside the blond.

A moment past and the raven realised what happened, he didn't have too many regrets. Yes, Cloud was a guy but he didn't think about it too much. Staring at the ceiling of his car he felt himself washed in pleasure. He felt the blond crawl up on him and he blinked, "Hey."

Cloud laughed and placed his head on Zack's chest, "Hey."

"Why did you...?"

The blond shrugged, "I felt like it."

The raven blinked, he was confused and yet he kind of figured it out.

"If you want..." The blond whispered, "We could do this again."

"Really?" Zack made a playboy smile.

"Mhm." The blond giggled a bit, "We could go even farther if you want."

The smile grew a bit, "You have no objections?"

"None." The blond smiled, "You want me don’t you?"

"Of course." His hands traced the back of the blond, "I want to touch you."

Cloud smiled, "I know you do... You want me so bad you'll beg for me."

Zack nodded, "Anything you want I will give you."

"Do you love me Zack?"

A small silence, "No... Yes... Maybe..."

"You could do me all night long."

Suddenly this was the best day of Zack's life, smiling his signature smile. "I would like that; I would die to touch you."

Cloud smiled back, "What would your girlfriend think?"

And just like that...

Zack froze, smile faded. His happy face slowly turned into realisation... The man's heart began to beat fast, he had a girlfriend, he had friends who were all straight, and he was straight... And not only did he cheat on his girlfriend, he contemplated doing more. "Why...?"

"Because." The blond kissed the chest, he smiled when Zack moaned. "I wanted revenge."


"Yes." The blond sat up, and took his own seat. "Every time you talk to your girlfriend, think of how I sucked you off."

Zack blinked, this wasn't happening.

"Think of how I pleased you, and how much you want me... And how every relationship after today will end in ashes because I own your heart."

Zack blinked, "Why?"

"Because..." Cloud smiled, "You made me cry, every day of my life for the past three years."

The raven averted the other's gaze. "Please don't do this to me..."

Cloud laughed, "Just like before, you're doing something now so you won’t feel bad later, as opposed to doing something for me."

Zack felt a tear in his eye, "But it just... felt so right..."

"I know it did, you love me Zack... you said it yourself." He leaned down and kissed the neck, "You want me."

"B-but I can have you right?" He sat up, forcing the other to do the same.

"Not really." He scratched the back of his head, "This was just a one-time thing."

"But..." The raven desperately wrapped his arm around the other, "Why? Why can't I love you? I will be good to you! I will hug you and hold you and tell you how much I love you... Why can't I do that?"

Cloud broke free from the arms and smiled, "I already have a boyfriend."

It was the same feeling, everything fell apart.

'This... can't be happening...'

Cloud tilted his head, "What's wrong? Where are your buddies to help you now?"

"Shut up." He retorted, his eyes looked away.

"Why?" The blond laughed, "You hurt me Zack... You hurt me so much that I fell in love with you... Then you hurt me so much I hated you..." A tear was in his eye as well, "I hate you Zack... for every time you made me cry, for all the things I could never have... For every insult..."

Zack put his head against the frosted window, he looked up and realised it must have been snowing.

"I hate you... for all the hurt and pain you caused me... And maybe now, we can get even."

Zack felt the tear stream down, "I'm hurt... I'm broken... You can stop now!"

"Really? Can I?" Cloud yelled back, "What about you? Did you stop when I cried?"

Zack felt it all, guilt, pain, sorrow, hurt, despair... all in one second, he just wanted to hide... He wanted to hide but this is what he was forced on... this was what he deserved and he knew it.

Cloud cried a bit, "Every single relationship will burn because you love me Zack... Finally you love me! All those years I wanted you to notice me... All those years I wanted you to love me, hold me... You only spat in my face!"

Zack shook his head, "I deserve this..."

"Yes!" Cloud threw his arms up, "You do!"

The raven blinked, he didn't say anything he just looked at the blond.

Cloud pressed his lips on Zack... Desperately just kissing him. Was it the moment? He just wanted to be with Zack. They fell back onto the extended chair and kissed softly, passionately.

Zack eventually pulled away. "What was that for?"

Cloud shrugged, "I guess I just always wanted to kiss the captain of the football team... It was a dream of mine, to kiss you… something that I was never granted..."

The raven watched the other leave he pulled his chair back into upright position and looked around his car; he was completely naked and stripped of his happiness. Fighting back tears he realised he would always hate Thursdays... For two reasons...

One because of all his friends asking him if he did his girlfriend yet...

And two; because of Cloud...

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