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Rewrites: Counterpoint

by stalkeralien

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Erotica, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Male/Male - Yaoi, Series

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Based off of y!Gallery member CrabOfDoom's comic "Rewrites", it follows Kadaj and Lexaeus. Total crossover crack.

Chapter 1, Part 1

            He wasn't expecting the Turks to bring back up with them; they showed up from the darkness after the helicopter departed. It should've been easy as there were only two hooded figures and they were large with no apparent weapons. Was it him or did the snow start falling harder? He called to his brothers but he couldn't see past the blizzard; "Rockslide!" A voice broke the air, it sound like Loz but he wasn't sure when a noise caught his attention. Then Loz came up from behind and tackled him to the ground, covering his mouth with a cloth. He started fighting but found himself losing his footing fast; he noted that the snow was lessening when he saw Loz run towards him... but that didn't make any sense: if Loz was running at him screaming his name and Yazoo was taking aim at a hooded figure wielding a large shield then who…

            …Kadaj felt himself wake up but couldn't open his eyes or move. He was lying flat on his back on some table as something moved around the room. He felt it touch his face with cold-gloved fingers across his lips before he felt them try to enter his mouth. Feeling able to move again, he bit down hard and grab the offender's wrist, opening his eyes; his offender's blue eyes flashed as he pulled his hand away, leaving the glove behind. Kadaj spat the glove out before leaping off the table and tumbling for his katana, but his assailant tackled him and pinned his arms above his head. He gave him a hard kick to the stomach but just made his attacker more infuriated; the grip he had on his wrist began tightening.
            "That is enough, Lexaeus." A voice scolded. The owner was wearing a hooded robe like the other one, Lexaeus, but had the hood drawn up concealing his face. Kadaj pulled away from him, getting onto his feet again.
            "I want to speak to ShinRa." Kadaj demanded.
            "You are in no position to make demands." The other one said as Lexaeus forced Kadaj into a chair before binding him. “There are some things we wish to ask you about your eldest brother.”
            “He’s dead; what else is there to know?” He felt Lexaeus’ fingers wrap around his arm.
            “Alright then.” The other said. “If he were alive, where would he be hiding?” Kadaj didn’t bother to answer him; even if he did know, he wouldn’t betray his brother for the sake of keeping his left arm from being- he bit the inside of his lip when Lexaeus’ grip tightened and began twisting, hard. His interrogator smiled and motioned his torturer to stop in what became a pattern of ask a question and if an answer wasn’t given or liked, the arm was again worked on. A small noise slipped out of his lips and he felt himself become aroused by the pain.

            Lexaeus almost smiled at the fight this Kadaj was putting up; he loved the whimpers and moans that managed to escape from him and the little squirms he did trying to hide the growing bulge in his pants reminded him of Zexion though he was holding out longer. His grip slipped a little, re-catching itself on his wrist, feeling the heavy beats of his pulse. Lexaeus savored it, trying to remember the last time he was close to someone with even a slight pulse-
            “Lexaeus stop.” Xemnas ordered. “We’ll only break his arm if we press further.” He was reluctant to but let go of the arm, the owner shooting a poor look of daggers at him.  “Take him to his chamber and meet me later.” Xemnas then exited, leaving them alone again. Kadaj tensed when Lexaeus took a hold of him again.
            “I won’t hurt you unless I am forced to.” He said to him. “Close your eyes.” The boy’s venom green eyes shut and the darkness swallowed them up. When it had subsided, they were in a dull gray room that was sparsely furnished with no apparent windows or doors. Kadaj broke away from him, looking at the room.
            “No bathroom either?” He asked insultingly. Lexaeus gesture to the back of the room that was curtained off.
            “There’s a shower if you need it.” He glanced down at Kadaj’s pants, noting the bulge was still there. “I recommend a cold one.” Kadaj looked at him with horror as he left for the Superior’s quarters.

            Kadaj started exploring his cell for probable ways of escaping back to his brothers. There was an outline of what used to be a door but was only a closet with drab clothes. He went inside to see if there were any hidden passages when there was a sound of someone coming in, walking around, placing something down and leaving. He left the closet, finding that whoever was in here left a small tray with a glass of water, a pill, and a note saying: Take pill under your tongue to help with healing and pain. Warning: May cause drowsiness. Kadaj laughed at the letter’s writing more than the warning before checking the bathroom out. Pulling back the curtain, he saw that in was much like the rest of the room save for one detail: a smallish barred window with some moonlight spilling through it. He tried to hoist himself up to it, but pain shot through his arm. He began rubbing it, which created a different pain that made his-
            “Damn.” He muttered; he did NOT want to deal with it right now, but it was getting uncomfortable. Trying to push the thought away, he carefully peeled his jacket off from his arm to see how badly damaged it was.
            “You haven’t taken the medication yet.” Lexaeus’ voice came out of nowhere. Kadaj froze as he walked over and sat next to him.
            Were you hoping to rape me in my sleep? Kadaj thought when Lexaeus began studying the bruises. “What are you doing?”
            “I’m checking your arm; Xemnas, our Superior, wanted to be sure that there wasn’t any serious damage.”
            “What is the point holding me hostage here?” He finally asked him when Lexaeus seemed to focus on his pulse again.
            “Would you believe me if I told your brother wasn’t dead?” Lexaeus stated. Kadaj felt himself getting cold. Sephiroth was alive, so what was his purpose now? Trying to take in deep breaths, he started shivering with the reflection he had no meaning but his heart was racing and it hurt before black filled his vision, last thing he saw was Lexaeus pushing something in his mouth.


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