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Youkai Inuyasha Comes Out to Play

by Ayamegusa

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For some reason, Inuyasha has been acting very strangely. However, is Kagome willing to find out what it is?

The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko

Youkai Inuyasha Comes Out to Play




It had begun around mid-morning, where Inuyasha was at home for the day with his wife, watching her intently as she prepared for their lunch. While Kagome was happy to spend some time alone with her husband, there was something strange about his behaviour. It made her feel... she couldn’t describe it, but whenever she caught his gaze upon her, all she could do was blush and turn away as quickly as possible. She knew she was being silly, after all they had been married for quite some time, so she thought she would have gotten over the schoolgirl faze. Yet here she was, instead of remembering the correct technique for rolling up the onigiri, her thoughts were on the hanyou and his deep amber eyes, while her hands were squashing the rice into odd sausage shapes instead of neat triangles.

Kagome wiped the sweat off her brow with a damp cloth, suddenly feeling hot under his ever watchful presence. Normally she would have been somewhat annoyed, so why was today so different?

“It smells nice in here.” Inuyasha commented.

“Does it?” she replied, smiling at his compliment of her cooking skills. Then, after wrapping up a portion for herself in bamboo wrapping, she gave a plate to her husband, the beam in her smile never disappearing, when his fingertips graced her skin in affection. Still blushing, she prepared to leave for her miko duties for the afternoon, managing to place a kiss on his cheek before she walked through the door.

“Come back soon, Kagome,” the hanyou whispered into her ear, his breath hot, leaving her heart racing. “I’ll have the house cleaned up by the time you come back.” He watched her as she walked away in a daze, smirking at the way her scent had spiked each time she took a mere glance his way.

“It does smell nice in here,” he said, breathing in the scent of his wife, though his smile did falter when he saw what he had to eat for lunch.




Miroku watched the young miko as she performed the blessing ritual for good health on an elderly couple, and he had to say, his young friend was obviously distracted by something, with the way she waved the gohei around, lightly smacking them on the heads without as much as an explanation for her change in mood.

“Kagome-sama...” he tried to say.

“Oh yes, bless you, and all that.” Kagome cheerily replied.

“Kagome-sama,” Miroku said again after the couple had left, “you seem distracted today. You are lucky that they are the type of people who don’t judge when someone starts to act funny.” He waved a hand in front of her until she snapped out of her trance.

She gasped, her face reddening. “D-did I do something wrong?”

“No, not really, although that old couple would surely talk about you tonight, and tomorrow. I guess it wasn’t enough that you got married to a hanyou. Everyone has already been talking about how long it would take for you two to have demon babies, to pounce around on the lids of their pickle barrels.” He grinned at the thought, but then noticed that she had become apprehensive.

“C-can I ask you, as a friend? Has... Inuyasha been acting strangely, since yesterday, I mean, when you got back from the exterminating trip up north?”

“Not that I’ve seen. He was anxious to get home, but then again, he’s always been like that.”

“Oh,” the miko sighed, saying her goodbyes to the houshi. She had thought he would’ve shed some light on her husband’s odd behaviour. Shaking her head, she slowly made her way home, while thinking about some plan to deal with the hanyou. If only she knew about his intentions. So occupied in her musings, she almost bumped into Sango, if not for her two little girls running up to her legs to hug them.

“I’m sorry, Sango-chan. A lot has been on my mind.”

“I can tell. What’s on your mind?” The former slayer listened to Kagome’s story about her morning, catching all the little details, and the way her friend blushed every time she mentioned his name. It didn’t take long for her to figure out her little dilemma. The little details fit easily into a picture, with the final answer being very simple: Kagome was in danger.

Finding a way to tell her, though, that was difficult.

“Danger, what do you mean by that?” the miko asked.

“Just... be careful.”




Kagome arrived home, more confused than ever. What had Sango meant, when she warned her to be careful? It didn’t sound like a warning, as her tone was almost joking in manner, hardly a matter to get worried about. But she did worry, a lot. Perhaps if it were a more dangerous situation, she would have kept a cool mind. However, this was different. This was more like a secret everyone knew about except her, and now she was dying to know what it was.

Opening the door flap with one hand while balancing a tub of tofu with the other, she made her way to the kitchen. After draining the water from the tub, she clutched at the cutting knife, but then gasped when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder, caressing the sleeve of her kimono.

“Back already?” a voice asked, his breath barely touching her neck. “You are of course only a little late.”

“You and your lateness,” she huffed lightly, gasping when the tip of his nose stroked her skin. It felt damp, even ticklish.

Inuyasha chuckled as he planted small kisses along her neck; breathing in the aroma that was Kagome’s alone. His hands trailed down from her shoulders to her waist, and trailed up again in circling motions, smirking when she shuddered under his touch. Finally, his chin settled on the crook of her shoulder, lazily nuzzling against her every now and then, making sure that she knew he was there to stay.

Kagome gripped the handle of the knife, afraid that if she dropped it, the warmth from his body would be gone. Despite this, she had dinner to prepare and cook, and the stubborn hanyou was not going to win if he planned to tease while she was holding a knife.

“Inuyasha, please...,” though her voice didn’t rise above a moan. The situation didn’t improve when the wetness of his tongue swept along her neck, where it lingered at the base of her ear, his mouth then suckling at her earlobe, until Kagome knew that if she didn’t stop him soon, she wouldn’t be able to stop him at all. “No... Not now, please. I’m holding a knife...” 

“Are you now?” he murmured huskily, one of his hands reaching up for her breast while the other stroked her thigh and hip. “Then let’s just see how long you can hold onto that knife, shall we? We don’t want any accidents happening.” Using languid motions, he massaged her breast and nipple, the fabric of her miko garments the only thing blocking his way to her hot, soft skin. The canine ears on top of his head, twitched excitedly each time Kagome struggled to keep her composure while he performed his ministrations. Every muffled gasp, every restrained moan, encouraged him to become bolder. So bold in fact, that when he started rubbing his body against hers, his arousal against her bottom, it didn’t take long for her to tremble uncontrollable, and as a consequence, her grip on the knife slackened, causing it to drop onto the table with a thud.

They both flinched at the sound, their hearts thundering in shock for a few minutes, before they managed to calm their bodies from their passionate embraces. However, it was obvious that Kagome had been more affected than she wanted to be by his touches, as she still felt her whole body tingling from the sensations, right down to her legs as they wobbled slightly. It was lucky she hadn’t been overcome by his amorous ways, if she had been thinking rationally, that is. Yet the truth was that if she hadn’t dropped the knife, she would have cried out to him to continue.

“Oh dear, you don’t have much control, do you, Kagome? Maybe I should leave you alone to fix up dinner.” He swaggered out of the room and winked at her over his shoulder, leaving the woman wondering if she should be tempted to chase him down and tear his clothes off, or throw the wooden tub at him for making her lose her concentration.

What was going on with him, acting like that?

Damn him, I’m all sticky now.






Kagome watched her husband quietly as they ate their dinner, making sure he didn’t notice that he was being watched. He seemed normal enough, well except for what he did to her not long ago. Blushing at the memory the miko squirmed from where she sat, the moisture between her legs a constant reminder of what he had done, and silently thinking whether or not he was willing to...

Gasping at her own response, she hid her face behind her bowl and large sleeves, eating quickly to hide her embarrassment, and thanking the kami that he didn’t seem to be aware of anything but his own food. She took another peek at him from behind her bowl, ignoring how the light of the fireplace flickered across his handsome face, accentuating the light of his eyes and the unusual shadows along his cheekbones. Blinking, she stared again, in particular the strange lines on his face, and how it appeared to not be shadows at all, but something else.

Inuyasha placed his chopsticks down on the bowl, his meal finished and his appetite satiated. He had already known that his wife was watching him with keen eyes, and how her breath was still unsettled when he taunted her. How easy she made it, with the way her delicious scent enveloped the very atmosphere around him. It was making him crazy, more than usual, to not act on his sudden bout of lustful urges on the miko, to make her scream out his name in ecstasy. The very idea was making him aroused again, if not more, and it took all of his resolve to not kidnap her and steal her away to their bedroom. The way she was squirming, though, pinpointing the scent of her own arousal tickling at his nose was making his resolve wear thin.

“The meal was nice, Kagome,” he said, quietly, which surprised his wife back to reality. “Even the crumbled up tofu was a nice touch to the soup.”

“Yes, well, you did distract me after all. You shouldn’t do things like that while I’m cooking. I could have cut myself, or worse. I don’t know what’s gotten into you. All day you’ve been like this, trying to seduce me. I think you have spent too much time with Miroku on those trips.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Despite herself, Kagome’s face flushed in irritation, “You know that... thing we were doing... together... in the kitchen.”

“Oh, you wanted me to stop.” To his amusement, his wife stumbled for a response. It was always cute, the way she blushed at his words, but he couldn’t wait until he saw her whole, nude body flush beneath him. While Kagome was still unable to answer him, he silently slipped behind her, catching her unawares. Clawed hands ran down her arms and back as he whispered, “Don’t you think you had enough to eat tonight? I finished already, a long time ago.”

“Then you just have to wait,” she stubbornly replied, which made him growl playfully. If she had turned around at that moment as well, she would have seen his eyes glow a soft red colour. Not that Inuyasha gave her a chance to look, with the way he gently lowered the collar of her kimono, exposing her neck and shoulder. Kagome shivered as he kissed her skin, tentatively licking at it as he made his way down to the curve between her neck and shoulder.

“Why?” He breathed in her scent, smiling when she didn’t respond, except for her movement when she reached for another serving of pickles.

“Because I am still eating,” she said, pretending to be defiant.

“You’re too slow. I’ll feed you.” Inuyasha purred, and this time Kagome did turn around to look at him, her eyes growing wide when she saw him smiling, and showing off his elongated, glinting fangs.

“Your face!” she panicked, leaning close to him to see that she was not wrong when she thought she had seen the purple stripes on his face. What could have brought out such a change? They weren’t in any danger, she was sure of that fact. Not when he attacked her cleavage, kneading her breasts while he licked the underside of her neck. Though one thought did come to mind as she sighed, bringing up her hands to draw light circles on his back.

You’re in danger...

“Have you finished, now, Kagome?” he groaned, his voice sounding lower than usual, more guttural. He pressed his tongue over her still clothed nipple, brushing his fangs over it to see how the miko would react.

And react she did, with her head falling back as her body could not withstand his torture any longer. Kagome didn’t know what to do. Here she was, trying in vain to maintain what little she had of sense and reality, trying to figure out why her beloved husband had apparently turned youkai, or at least something close to it, and why he was acting this way, completely ravishing her until she wanted... wanted...

“Inuyasha...” she finally murmured, wrapping her delicate fingers around his ears, and feeling his soft downy fur. Opening her eyes, she peered into his, watching his emotions play out in his amber depths.

You’re in danger...

“Inuyasha...” her gaze then fell to his lips, almost cursing the way they looked so luscious and inviting. “Why do you have to be so damn good-looking?”

The man grinned, “I know. Now, why don’t you kiss me?”

“I’m not sure I would want to.” Down her hands went as she swept over his body, nudging his kimono open to expose his chest. “Sango-chan warned me that I was in danger.” She then kissed his cheek. “You have been acting weird all day, and you won’t tell me why... and now—” The words failed to come out of her mouth, instead, they came out as a whimper when Inuyasha began rubbing at her inner thigh with his long claws, while his mouth enclosed over hers in a heated kiss.

Whatever Kagome was worried about, it was instantly forgotten. The way he kissed her, wanton and wild, and yet so tender, there was really little to complain about, except when he parted from her for much needed air. She ran her fingers through his snowy white hair, bringing his head forward and towards her parted, awaiting lips. Timidly, she ran her tongue along his, simply feeling the sensations that were running throughout her very being. It felt good, too good to even care why Inuyasha had the purple stripes on his face. Did it really matter now, when the hanyou grunted from the lightest of touches over his erection by her caring hands, saying her name in between broken pants?

In a daze, she playfully coaxed him to their bedroom as the rest of their clothes fell like silk from their bodies. He growled at her as she scooted back, showing off her delicious body for his viewing.

“What are you trying to do, Kagome?” Grinning, he stalked his way to the miko, attempting to pounce on her and pin her body under his weight. He missed by inches, of course, and his ears lifted a little when he heard her giggle in delight. Turning around, he leapt at her again, this time catching her from behind before she managed to reach their futon. There, they stayed still on all fours, both panting in excitement. It was then Kagome realised from Inuyasha’s sweat covered skin, that they were both naked, except for her undergarments, which were quickly being unravelled to reveal her breasts, while he rubbed himself over her panties, using his fingers to create friction over her clitoris until she was buckling under him.

“Inuyasha, on the bed, please... I... ah...”

Ignoring her, he continued to pleasure her, saying in husky tones. “Well, why don’t you go over there? Let’s see if you can hold it in.”

“Tha-that’s... not fair...” As much as she struggled, she knew she wouldn’t be able to escape, not when he had his arms around her, massaging her beyond what she was able to hold in. So, she decided, as long as her body allowed her to, Kagome began moving her bottom against his hardened bulge, pleased when he reacted. Eventually, they didn’t know how it happened; Inuyasha fell back onto his bottom, dragging Kagome into his lap where she proceeded to move in long strokes on top of him.

“Ka-Kagome...” he moaned, clutching at her hips so that contact would not be lost. Closing his eyes, he could feel her warmth and wetness rubbing at him, causing him to follow suit, and fuck, was this woman, his wife, making him get so close to the edge of rapture. He didn’t even notice the flash of red that covered his eyes, the youki overflowing within him, as he pushed the miko forward and onto their bed, ripping off the last of their fabric barriers covering their want, before thrusting his hot length into her opening.

The feeling of him inside of her was overwhelming, hot, powerful, and complete. Regardless of how many times they made love, it always felt like they were sharing a new experience together. Only this time, things were different. A little frightening yes, but there was no way she was going to stop.

A smile graced her features while her eyes sparkled with lust, and love. Reaching up for his ears, she lovingly stroked them, whispering words to continue, and with this signal, he began their final stage of completion. The pacing was slow at first, each thrust used to torment her until she practically cried out in loud moans, begging him to go faster. Grunting he happily did what he was told, thrusting deep within her, pulling out just enough so that the tip was still inside, and then repeating the process at an increasingly faster rate.

“Ah... right there. Right there...” she mewled, wrapping herself around him so that she would not thrash around too wildly.

“Fuck...” he licked at her lips, gaining entrance for another kiss. Soon it all became too much for him, though he did try to hold on as much as he dared, but it was all hopeless, when Kagome arched her back in orgasm, her channel rippling around him, sending Inuyasha to his own, roaring climax.

After a while, when their actions slowed and their heavy breathing gradually slowed, Kagome found herself opening her eyes to see the moonlight shining through the window, giving the hanyou’s hair and skin an almost ethereal glow. Sighing, she wrapped her arms around him, and kissed his ear.

“What a lovely full moon,” she pondered, not caring for the light breeze that blew softly on her nude skin.

“Yes, I know.”

“You know? What do you mean by that?” His words made her curious, and she sat up, more alert now, to ask him what he had meant by knowing that it was a full moon tonight.

Inuyasha responded by smiling, kissing her tenderly, saying, “Just look at me, as you have done tonight, and then you tell me.”

The miko looked at him, his cheeks still adorning the youkai markings, and then at the moon, full and bright. She blinked, twice, and looked at him and the moon again just to make sure. And yet, in the end she just shrugged her shoulders, falling back to bed and covering herself with the blanket, pretending that she was going to sleep.

“I really have no idea, Inuyasha,” she yawned. “But if you showed me, I’m sure I will get it, eventually.” Kagome didn’t have to wait long, as Inuyasha growled in mock frustration, much to the laughter of his wife. In one swift motion, the cover slipped away, replaced by his arms and kisses on her bare neck.

“Oh, yes, I’ll show you again, woman.”

Kagome just giggled.



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