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Hot for teacher

by Xenobia

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Takes place during Crisis Core. Cloud has developed a serious infatuation with Zack and he struggles to hide it from him. Stand-alone one-shot I wrote for a fan art/fiction contest elsewhere. Yaoi, mature.

Hot for teacher

“Hot for Teacher”

A “Your favorite Cloud” contest entry


(Warning: Possible game spoilers)

*Disclaimer:  Final Fantasy and all related characters belong to Square-Enix.  This fiction piece is strictly a non-profit exercise of creativity and entertainment for people (like me) who can’t get enough of this world and the characters.* 



            He was still crushing on him. 


At first, Cloud blamed the Modeoheim incident and he told himself he was being silly.  It was easy to feel a little enamored with someone after they’ve rescued you, right?  Lying there in the bath house, injured and confused…and then looking up to see Zack Fair’s handsome, concerned face and knowing that everything would be okay.  Who wouldn’t get a little crush?  Then Zack was sent away on vacation after being forced to take down his own mentor.  Cloud had hoped that in Zack’s time away, his infatuation with him would fade and the black-haired Lieutenant would resume being just a nice guy Cloud liked.


Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  He was now training under Zack with a group of other cadets, trying to gain the skills for a second chance at making the cut for SOLDIER.  Zack was a good instructor: encouraging, patient and inspiring.  Most everyone liked him—the guy was so charming and open, it was hard not to.  Cloud doubted the other cadets thought about Zack as they touched themselves at night or in the shower, though.  His good looks and hot body weren’t the only factors.  Zack made him smile, more than anyone else ever had.  He made him laugh, too. 


The blonde cadet tried to push his feelings into the background.  He’d joined the military to become a Soldier and he couldn’t let his stupid infatuation with his commanding officer ruin his chances.  He’d already failed to make the cut once, so he had to try extra hard to make it next year.


It was easier said than done, though.  Every time Zack flashed one of those sexy, wolfish smiles at him or got close to him, his whole body tingled and he often found himself in an embarrassing state of arousal.  Even listening to the dark-haired man talk made him feel funny.  This fact demonstrated itself in the worst way one day in the cafeteria.




            Cloud finished selecting his lunch and he searched for a spot at one of the long tables.  His stomach did an annoying little flip when he saw Zack sitting at one of them, with several other recruits.  That was another cool thing about the lieutenant; he didn’t segregate from the common population like the other officers.  Hell, Sephiroth wouldn’t even lower himself to eating in the cafeteria and the other Soldiers with rank always ate at the reserved table.  Zack liked to mix it up and get to know his own cadets.


            Unfortunately, there was no space available at the table where Zack was sitting.  Cloud spotted an open chair at the one beside it though, behind and to the left of Zack.  He made his way over there and claimed the seat as quickly as he could without being too obviously eager.  As he sat down, he overheard the conversation that was going on at Zack’s table.  One of the cadets was frustrated because his girlfriend wasn’t putting out.


            “I don’t know what else she wants,” complained the cadet.  “We’re engaged, I buy her things all the time and I take her out whenever she wants!”


            “Can’t buy love,” advised Zack around a mouthful of food.  He swallowed and continued, “You can rent it if you’re that desperate, though.  Your fiancée’s not the one you should be shelling out gil to, if all you want is a lay.”


            “It’s not like that,” the cadet protested, “I love her…I’m just…frustrated!  We’ve been together for more than a year, shouldn’t I be getting something out of it?”


            Zack chuckled.  “Like I said, you’re trying to bargain for nookie.  You think that’s sexy?  Let me ask you something; what all do you do when you’re trying to get to third base?”


            “What, you mean like moves?”


            Cloud ate slowly, tilting his head as he listened for Zack’s response.


            “Yeah.  Moves are important, man.”  Zack sounded uncommonly sincere when he said it.


            “I dunno,” the cadet answered uncomfortably.  “The usual stuff, I guess.  I kiss her and put my hand up her shirt…play around a little.  I can convince her to give me head most of the time but she won’t go further tha—”


            “Whoa, stop right there,” Zack interrupted.  “I think I see your problem.  You ‘convince’ her to give you head?  Don’t you ever return the favor?”


            “Girls don’t like that stuff,” said the cadet dismissively.


            There was silence from the surrounding cadets and Zack.  Cloud didn’t turn around to look but he could imagine Zack raising his eyebrows at the guy.


            “Hmph,” Zack said after a minute.  “Enjoy your virginity, pal.”


            A few of the other guys chuckled.


            “What?” The cadet asked defensively, “She never asks for it!”


            “Okay, I’m going to help you out here,” Zack said patiently.  “You can take it or leave it, but there’s one universal truth about people, no matter what they’ve got in their pants: Nobody wants to eat hamburgers every night for the rest of their lives.  You shouldn’t have to ‘ask’ for variety.”


            Cloud furrowed his brow and tried to work out why Zack was talking about hamburgers all the sudden.  He took another bite of his casserole and waited to hear where this was going.


            “Uh, I don’t get it, Sir,” the other cadet said respectfully.


            “I’m saying,” Zack elaborated, “I don’t know about you but I’d go nuts if the only thing this place ever served was hamburgers and it wouldn’t be healthy anyway.  Sure, they’re nice but I’d get sick of eating them every single day.  Same rule applies to making out.  You’ve got to mix it up a little and trust me, if it feels good to you it probably feels good to her, too.  You’re not jerking off, you’re sharing something…you know?”


            Cloud nodded in agreement and took a sip from his drink.


            “So…what do I do?” the other cadet asked uncomfortably.  “I mean, what if I’m no good?”


            “You won’t know until you try, man,” answered Zack.  “You can start by learning how to use your tongue…”


            Cloud unconsciously leaned back so he could hear better as Zack lowered his voice.


            “No two bodies are the same,” the lieutenant went on, “so you can’t just give a few licks and say you’ve done your job.  What you need to do is try different things until you get a good reaction.  Flick it, thrust it, curl it…try going fast or slow.  Sooner or later she’ll do something that’ll let you know you’re on the right track.”


            Cloud’s lips parted and his eyes unfocused as his imagination caught fire.  He felt his face heating up and his groin stirred as he listened to Zack go on describing all the ways a tongue could be used to pleasure someone.  The black-haired First was candidly descriptive and Cloud couldn’t help but wonder who had experienced the privilege of Zackary Fair’s tongue so far.  Girls?  Guys?  Both?  Zack had a lot of friends and a lot of admirers and he didn’t seem picky about who he flirted with.  It was hard to tell whether he was just playing or serious when he flirted.


            If Cloud had been paying attention to anything other than the sound of Zack’s voice and the words he was saying, he might have noticed how far he was leaning his chair back.  He might have considered that the combination of his weight plus the increasingly sharp angle might equal failure in maintaining balance.  The blonde became painfully aware of the equation when Zack started talking about sucking on things and his chair’s capacity for balance was exceeded.




            Zack abruptly stopped his oral sex lesson and twisted around in his seat as Private Strife toppled to the floor, chair and all.  The lieutenant immediately got out of his chair and squatted beside his friend, hissing in sympathetic concern as he helped Cloud to his feet. 


            “Ouch, you okay there, Cloud?”  He hadn’t even seen the blonde come in and he felt a little bad for not greeting him.  “Here, let me help you up.”


            Cloud mumbled his thanks and blushed even harder as Zack’s strong arms embraced him and helped him back to his feet.  “Chair’s broken,” he muttered softly when he was back on his feet and Zack opened his mouth to ask a question.  Everybody was staring.  Cloud wished he had powers of invisibility. 


            Zack looked at the toppled chair with a frown.  “It doesn’t look like it’s—”


            “Uh, thanks,” Cloud interrupted in a rush.  “I’ve got to get going for a drill.”  He hurried away with his head lowered and his face as bright as a cherry while Zack and most everyone in the cafeteria watched.


            “I don’t think that guy’s all there,” someone muttered.  Zack shot a glare at the culprit and he shut his mouth abruptly.




            It took two days for Cloud to start forgiving himself for humiliating himself in the cafeteria.  Zack never said anything to him about it—probably because he sensed his embarrassment and he was too nice to bring it up.  When formality didn’t require differently, the lieutenant was as friendly as ever to Cloud, greeting him with smiles when they passed one another, asking how he was doing between assignments and training.  It made Cloud feel a little better and he thought maybe Zack hadn’t caught on that he was infatuated with him after all.


            Just when he thought he’d recovered his dignity, Cloud had another encounter with Zack that sent him stumbling back into teenaged awkwardness.  He’d just finished a mock mission and returned to the barracks to have a shower.  Unfortunately, only high-ranking militia had the luxury of private bathrooms, so Cloud and the other cadets had no choice but to use the public showers when they bathed.  He’d gotten used to it after his first year in the military so ordinarily, Cloud didn’t pay any attention to company when he got cleaned up.


            His company had never been Lieutenant Fair before, however.  Cloud walked through the swinging door into the tiled washroom and he thought nothing of it when he heard someone else start up one of the shower spouts.  He undressed and stuffed his dirty clothes in the laundry bag, placing the bag on the bench next to the folded change of fresh clothes he’d brought.  He took his bar of soap and bottle of shampoo out of his bag and he walked into the shower room, looking around to decide which shower he wanted to claim.  He did a double take when his eyes passed over the man that was already in there and he stood frozen, blinking dumbly.


            ~Oh god, what’s he doing in here?~


            His surprise was nothing compared to his fascination.  Zack’s body was even more gorgeous than he’d imagined and he helplessly stared as the lieutenant turned his back to the shower head, arched his back a little and tilted his head back to rinse his hair.  His chest and stomach muscles were toned and defined.  His shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow.  Zack wasn’t a huge guy like Angeal and he wasn’t as tall as Sephiroth, but his physique was stronger and taller than most of the other guys that came in there to shower.  The various scars here and there on that beautiful body only seemed to compliment its appeal.


            Cloud’s eyes dropped slowly, devouring every inch of Zack’s frame as he took in his powerful thighs and fixated on his groin.  It really didn’t surprise Cloud to have his suspicions confirmed; Zack was hung better than average.  His dangling, soft cock was long and thick, framed by a patch of crisp, black hair.  Even the treasure trail that led from his pubes to thin out and stop below his navel was sexy.  Cloud wondered how much Zack grew when he was hard and he fantasized about putting his lips around the organ and sucking Zack off until he went cross-eyed.


            Cloud was so absorbed in the wonderful fantasy that he didn’t realize Zack had noticed his presence until the lieutenant spoke.  “Hey Cloud, I didn’t steal your favorite shower, did I?”


            Cloud gave a little start and tore his eyes away from Zack’s groin to look up at his face.  Thankfully, he didn’t think Zack could see him very well because the dark-haired man was squinting as he shampooed his hair. 


            ~Must have just glanced up and recognized my hair or something.  I’d better talk before he starts getting suspicious.~


            “N-no, it’s okay,” stammered Cloud.  “Uh…don’t you have a shower in your private quarters, though?”


            “Yeah, but it’s busted,” answered Zack.  “It’s either shower here or sneak into Seph’s room to use his shower, until the plumber fixes mine.  I know you get used to certain people being around so I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.”


            Cloud shook his head automatically.  “You aren’t…making me uncomfortable, Sir.” 


            ~You’re making me hard.~


            Cloud looked down the length of his body with horror as his cock demonstrated his silent thought and stiffened.  He had to get under a cold shower fast, before his superior opened his eyes and saw his condition. 


            “Listen to you,” Zack chuckled as he finished shampooing his hair and tilted his head back again to rinse it.  “’Sir’.  Call me ‘Zack’ when we’re not on the field, buddy.  We’re friends, right?”


            “Yeah,” Cloud nodded as he hurried over to the shower farthest away from Zack.  “Sorry…force of habit.”  He placed his soap and shampoo on the shelf and turned the cold water on, ignoring the hot tap altogether.  He yelped a little when the cold water struck his skin but he bit his lip and endured it


            Zack heard the sound and he wiped water from his eyes and looked over at Cloud.  “You okay?”  He examined the blonde’s backside and found himself appreciating the sight more than was appropriate.  The smooth play of developing muscles under the fair skin of Cloud’s shoulders, back and thighs was mesmerizing and that firm little ass of his made Zack itch to squeeze it.


            “Yeah, it’s just a little cold,” answered Cloud.


            Zack could see that.  The blonde’s skin was already visibly prickling with goose bumps.


            ~Knock it off…he’s under your command!  Hello, sexual harassment…remember what that is? Do you want to get court marshaled?~


            Zack sighed.  Sometimes he hated his brain.  He noticed that Cloud was shivering as he hastily began to soap his body off and Zack grimaced with the realization that the blonde was taking a stone cold shower.  “Maybe it’s not my business,” he said conversationally as he turned around and turned off his taps, “but don’t you think you should turn on a little warm water?”


            Cloud’s teeth were chattering a little.  The cold water was starting to work, thank Shiva.  “Uh, I like cold showers.  They help…um…clear my mind.”  His erection finally deflated fully and his balls were trying to retreat into his body.  He dearly wanted to turn the hot tap on but after making that excuse, he couldn’t do it until Zack left.


            Zack shrugged and grabbed a towel.  “Whatever works for you.  Have a good shower, Cloud.”  The dark-haired fighter gave his friend one last admiring look before walking out, towel-drying his hair as he left the showers and went into the adjoining locker room.


            Cloud sighed with relief when the other man left and he turned the hot water tap on so that he could finish his shower in relative comfort.  Of course, by now he was more than halfway through and all that was left to do was wash his hair.  He did it swiftly and turned the shower off.  When he returned to the locker room with a towel draped around his waist, Zack was still there.  The lieutenant was just fastening his pants when Cloud joined him.


            “Hey Cloud,” Zack said, turning his back to the blonde to give him a little privacy, “You doing anything later tonight?”


            Cloud finished pulling his underwear up and he swallowed, telling himself Zack couldn’t possibly be getting ready to ask him on a date.  “No, why?”  He reached for his pants and looked at the other man warily, admiring the way Zack’s shoulder muscles flexed as he pulled his uniform sweater over his head.


            “I’ve been thinking,” Zack answered, “you got robbed when they passed you over for SOLDIER.  What do you think of you and I training privately a few nights a week?  Maybe it’ll help you get an extra edge by the time recruitment comes around next year.”


            Cloud smiled hesitantly.  “You’d do that?  I mean, isn’t that favoritism?”  He stepped into his pants and pulled them up, hopping from one foot to the other in the process.


            Zack waited until he heard the zipper go up before turning to face the blonde.  “Yeah, you could call it that.  If someone else in my regiment showed the same potential as you I might do the same thing for them.”  He grinned.  “Not likely, but I might.”


            Cloud reached for his shirt, his blue eyes curious on the other man.  “So you really think I’ve got what it takes?”


            Zack paused in the action of buckling his body armor on.  “No,” he said.  Before the response could upset Cloud, he raised his eyes from his task and winked at him.  “I know you’ve got what it takes, Private.”




            Cloud was nervous.  He kept checking his hair in the mirror as he straightened his uniform.  He should have been out the door by now but he wanted to look perfect for Zack.  He wasn’t consciously aware of what he was doing until one of his fellow cadets passed by the restroom and saw him primping.


            “Got a hot date tonight, Strife?”


            Cloud stopped and watched his own eyes widen in the reflection.


            ~What am I doing?  This isn’t a date…this is just some personal training Zack’s giving me for a boost, like home tutoring!  I really need to snap out of it.~


            “Um, I’m just getting some pictures taken to send home to my family and friends,” he lied.  “I want to look my best.”


            “Have fun with that,” the other cadet said, turning his attention elsewhere. 


            Cloud sighed and walked out of the bathroom, ignoring the curious looks he got from his barrack mates as he left.  He glanced as his watch as he walked down the hall at a brisk pace.  He was running late.  It was unlikely that Zack would get mad at him for being tardy but he regretted wasting so much time primping like a lovesick idiot. 


            When he made it to the training gym, he frowned.  He could see through the windows in the double doors that the gym was dark.  Disappointment and guilt washed through Cloud as he wondered if Zack had already come and gone.  There was also the possibility that the lieutenant was running late himself.  Sometimes his assignments took longer than expected and Cloud knew that Zack would have called him if he couldn’t make it.


            With that encouraging possibility in mind, Cloud pushed the doors open and walked through.  He started for the light switch but he ended up blurting a high-pitched shout of alarm as someone grabbed him from behind.


            “Gotcha,” Zack’s voice chuckled.


            Cloud stopped his instinctive struggling and turned around in the other man’s arms to look up at his shadowed face.  “You scared the hell out of me!”


            Zack’s Mako-tinted eyes flashed and his mouth split into a white-toothed grin.  “I didn’t know guys could shriek like that.”


            “I didn’t shriek,” protested Cloud as the other man let go of him and stepped away.  “I…I just yelled.”


            “Hmm, so was that your battle cry?” Zack teased as he found the light switch and flipped it up.  He squinted a little as the training gym was flooded with light.  “Oh, and you’re late.  I ought to make you drop and give me twenty, Private.”


            Cloud took him seriously and immediately started to drop.  Zack laughed and caught him by the shoulders, stopping him in mid-kneel.  “I was kidding, kiddo!  I know we’re here for training but tonight, I’m not your instructor or your commander.  I’m just your friend and I want us to have fun practicing, okay?”


            Cloud stared into the earnest, blue-violet eyes and his voice lodged in his throat.  He nodded silently, unable to help but admire the thickness of the dark lashes framing those eyes.  No wonder a wink from Zack was so seductive…he had the kind of bedroom eyes that made women flustered and men envious….or flustered as well, depending on their preferences. 


            Zack smiled at him and patted his shoulder before walking over to the weapon rack and selecting a sword for the blonde.  He picked it up and tested the weight, wanting to give Cloud something that was heavy enough for balance but light enough for his build.  “Here,” he said as he tossed the sheathed weapon to the blonde, “How does that one feel?”


            Cloud caught the blade a little clumsily and drew it from the scabbard to take a couple of experimental swings.  “I think I need something heavier,” he answered. 


            Zack frowned.  He’d been afraid he was pushing it with the weight of that sword but then, Cloud had already proven that he was stronger than he appeared.  He selected another weapon a couple of sizes up and handed it over to him, watching curiously as the blonde re-sheathed the other one and drew the new one.  If Zack didn’t know Cloud better, he’d have thought the sword was too big for him.  He remembered the size of his own weapon of choice—inherited from Angeal—and he smirked. 


            ~I’ve got no room to talk about oversized swords. Between me and Sephiroth, I’ll bet people are wondering if Mako treatments shrink dongs and Soldiers use big swords to make up for it.~


            Those people would be wrong, of course, but it was an amusing thought.  Cloud seemed to be satisfied with the newest sword and when he nodded, Zack walked deeper into the huge training gym and chose a matt-insulated sparring area for them.  Cloud followed behind and he stood there nervously when they stopped.


            “Don’t worry,” Zack assured him.  “I’m not going to come at you without warning.”  He’d chosen a standard issue sword for himself as well, not wanting to pit a regular blade against the Buster Sword.  “Right now I want you to just do some of your warm-up exercises and show me some of your moves.”


            Cloud nodded and set the scabbard aside before beginning.  He took a deep breath and focused as best he could as he began.  Zack circled around him slowly, his sharp eyes observing every move as the blonde twirled, thrust and slashed with the weapon.  Out the corner of his eye Cloud saw Zack nod with approval and his confidence increased.  That confidence was knocked down a peg when the older fighter slapped Cloud lightly on the back of the thighs with the flat of his sword.


            “Loosen up a little,” advised Zack, “you’re too stiff.  You’ll have an easier time making and countering sudden moves if you’re not so tense.”


            Cloud nodded and relaxed his leg muscles a little, shifting his feet as he did a spinning move.  Zack voiced an encouraging compliment at the move and the blonde smiled inwardly.  It made him inordinately pleased every time he got approval from Zack.  He stopped his actions abruptly as he felt Zack’s warmth pressing against his back.  Before he could react to the other man’s proximity, Zack’s arms went around him and his hands closed over Cloud’s smaller ones.


            “I see one problem with your thrusts,” the lieutenant murmured in Cloud’s ear.  “They’re too abrupt.  You’re losing your force, cutting them too short.  Let’s do it nice and slow and I’ll show you, okay?”


            “O-okay,” Cloud stammered, swallowing. 


God, Zack’s hard body felt so good pressing against him.  He’d never given him such a personal, hands-on example before.  He suspected there were rules of protocol that required a combat instructor to maintain a certain distance from personal space.  Maybe he’d offered to tutor him off-duty because it would allow him to instruct him like this.  Cloud wasn’t about to complain or question it further and he didn’t dare assume the man had anything more than friendly intentions.


With Zack guiding him, Cloud went through the thrusting motion again.  He saw what Zack meant as the taller man demonstrated his point.  Zack’s breath stirred his hair and tickled his ear and cheek as they did the exercise again and again.  Cloud bit his lip and willed his body to behave as the lesson started feeling more than a little sensual to him.  There was something subtle, yet suggestive about making the thrusting motions with Zack guiding him and pressed so intimately against his back.  Cloud caught himself just in time as he started to push his ass back against the other man’s thighs and he blushed, scandalized by his own behavior.


“Good,” Zack said after a while, releasing Cloud’s hands and stepping back.  “I think you’ve got the hang of it.  Let’s do a few sparring rounds, now.”




            Cloud knew it was going to be rough but he was gasping for breath and sweating after only five minutes of sparring with Zack.  The lieutenant, however, had barely broken a sweat.  Zack’s breath was steady and even as he blocked Cloud’s attacks and retaliated.  Back and forth they went and Cloud began to think of different ways he might trick the other man into giving him an opening.  Thinking that Zack wouldn’t expect him to trip him, Cloud swung his booted foot out and caught the back of his knee to make it buckle.


            The plan had been good in theory but it was a move Cloud had never tried before.  The blonde threw himself just as much off balance as his opponent and Zack didn’t fall in the direction he’d counted on.  Cloud stumbled backwards and Zack fell on top of him.  Their swords flew out of their grip as both men tried to catch themselves.  Cloud expected to be crushed by Zack’s weight but the black-haired Soldier caught himself on his hands as they impacted and kept his full weight from landing on the blonde.


            “What was that supposed to be?” Zack chuckled, smiling down at the blonde as Cloud caught his breath. 


            “Tried to trip you for an advantage,” gasped Cloud, attempting to ignore the way the other man’s thigh was pressing against his groin.  He was lucky Zack hadn’t accidentally wracked him in the fall.  As it was, the pressure was more provocative than uncomfortable.


            “I figured that,” Zack said, “I meant, why didn’t you wait for a better opportunity.  If I was an enemy I’d be having my way with you right about now, Sunshine.”  He hadn’t moved from his position on top of the blonde and his gaze was teasing and fond on him.


            “Guess I didn’t think that through too well,” Cloud answered, still winded from having the breath knocked out of him. 


            Zack’s expression changed from amusement to concern.  “Are you okay?”  He supported himself on one elbow and traced Cloud’s jaw with the gloved fingers of his other hand.


            Cloud parted his lips but nothing came out.  The caress leather against his jaw made him shiver and all he could think about was how close Zack’s mouth was.  Zack stared down at him silently, his sculpted lips relaxing with his expression.  He looked a little dazed and Cloud wondered if he’d hurt something in the fall. 


            “Man, I’m gonna get in so much trouble,” Zack murmured, licking his lips.


            “Why?” asked Cloud just as softly.  “I’m not hurt.”


            Zack smirked and shook his head.  “That’s not what I’m going to get in trouble for.”  His head began to lower and his eyes locked with the blonde’s.  This is.”


            Cloud felt his pulse pounding in his throat as the object of his infatuation lowered his mouth to his and kissed him.  He returned the pressure of Zack’s lips cautiously, afraid to move and spoil the moment.  Zack brushed his lips back and forth over Cloud’s and the blond hardened against his thigh immediately, going from soft to rock-hard so quickly that Cloud grunted against Zack’s mouth.  He parted his lips and the Soldier’s tongue eased in with unhurried sensuality. 


            Zack began to demonstrate some of the points he’d made at lunch the other day.  Cloud had kissed and been kissed several times before, but never like this.  The lieutenant’s tongue stroked against his with patient, gentle insistence before withdrawing for a moment.  His teeth nibbled Cloud’s lips tenderly for a moment before his tongue delved back in, sliding back and forth inside his mouth and curling to stroke the upper pallet.  It almost tickled. 


            Unable to stand it any longer, Cloud reached up and pushed his fingers into Zack’s gel-stiffened hair, urging him to keep going.  He felt Zack’s arousal pushing against his thigh and he moaned softly, raising one leg to hook it behind the other man’s waist.  Zack’s hand traveled from his jaw to his throat and down, sliding over his shoulder and bicep before stroking his ribcage and side.  He shifted on top of Cloud, lining up his bulging package with the blonde’s and rubbing back and forth.  He smiled against Cloud’s lips as the cadet rubbed back and moaned again.


            Cloud never thought a little frottage could be so hot.  Zack’s hips ground against his and his kiss grew more aggressive.  Cloud felt the other man’s hand fumbling with the buckles of his body armor and he pulled one hand out of Zack’s hair to help him.  Their urgency increased and Zack pulled his mouth away from Cloud’s and moved it to his throat.  Cloud turned his head and closed his eyes, murmuring Zack’s name huskily.  All of the buckles were undone now and Zack pulled on the straps to loosen them before tugging Cloud’s shirt up.  He paused for a moment and pulled his head back to tug his glove off with his teeth.  Tossing the item aside, he burrowed his hand under the blonde’s shirt and resumed kissing and licking his throat.


            Cloud was likewise beginning to work on getting Zack out of his uniform.  He didn’t think to ask any questions or say anything.  He wanted this and obviously, so did Zack.  It was better than a wet dream…better than any fantasy he could have imagined.  He impatiently tugged his own gloves off and continued working on Zack’s clothes, unbuckling his body armor with deftness that appeared to surprise the other man.


            “You’ve done this kind of thing before?” Zack questioned breathlessly between kisses.


            “Some of it,” admitted the blonde.  “Don’t stop!”


            Zack chuckled and pushed his erection firmly against Cloud’s, almost to the point of being painful.  “You kidding?  I don’t think I could stop now even if the whole unit barged in here and caught us in the act.”  His finger tweaked Cloud’s right nipple and it made the smaller man gasp with pleasure.  Zack stroked the bud with his fingertips for a moment before giving the other one the same treatment.  His shoulder and torso armor came off with surprising speed and the next thing he knew, Cloud was frantically working on his pants.


            A realization came to Cloud.  ~I’m going to do it for the first time.~


            A hint of fear and uncertainty made Cloud hesitate for just a moment, but then Zack’s mouth claimed his again and his tongue worked its magic once more.  Cloud tugged the other man’s fly down and pulled his pants open.  Zack was the only one he wanted and if he was going to pop his cherry, it didn’t matter if it happened on the gym floor or in a bed.  Cloud sucked on the lieutenant’s tongue and reached into the opening of his pants eagerly.  He slipped his hand into Zack’s underwear and found his impressive length.  The black-haired man murmured in pleasure as Cloud gripped the swollen flesh and began to stroke it.


            Zack paused in his kissing to pull Cloud’s shirt up.  He couldn’t get it off with the blonde feeling him up the way he was, but he bared his chest and stomach to his view.  He arched over the eager young cadet and let his mouth explore the fair-skinned torso.  Cloud whispered his name urgently, his eyes fluttering shut again with pleasure as Zack’s experienced mouth kissed and caressed his chest.  A little thrill shot through him when the Soldier’s lips pulled at one of his nipples, his tongue flicking and stroking against it.


            Zack disengaged Cloud’s hand from his cock and murmured a breathless command to him, urging him to relax.  Rather than complain, Cloud obeyed through sheer military instinct.  He slid his fingers into Zack’s hair again as the other man’s mouth dragged down to his belly.  When Zack’s hands undid his pants, Cloud felt a moment of excited anticipation but he didn’t make assumptions as to what his superior intended.  It was only when his pants were open and his erection was eased out that he was sure he was about to get a blowjob. 


            “Y-you don’t have to—” Cloud said reluctantly, only because he didn’t want Zack to feel obligated.


            Zack paused and grinned at him from his position between his thighs.  “You’re right,” he said, “I don’t have to.  I want to, though.”  Then he gripped Cloud’s cock and lowered his mouth to it.


            Cloud made no further arguments.  Indeed, he didn’t think he could argue right now if he wanted to.  When Zack’s lips sealed tightly around the head of his cock and his warm mouth took it in slowly, it felt like Cloud had died and gone to heaven.  The blonde stared up at the ceiling with parted lips and heavy-lidded eyes, breathing heavily and doing his best not to lose control and start ramming himself into Zack’s sucking mouth.  His vision blurred and he shuddered as the lieutenant’s tongue again demonstrated its talents.  Zack turned his head at different angles as he began to suck him off, experimenting and changing his tactics as Cloud reacted.  The blonde was hardly aware that he’d pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles sometime in the process. 


            ~I can’t believe it.  I’m really lying here in the training gym, getting a blowjob from Lieutenant Fair!~


            Cloud had some fairly vivid dreams sometimes but he knew this was reality.  It felt too damned good to be otherwise.  He couldn’t help but flex his ass and move his hips a little as Zack’s mouth, lips and tongue stroked, sucked and licked his swollen cock.  He became aware that he was moaning with greater volume and he tried to control his voice when he noticed it echoing off the walls.  Zack was good…almost more than Cloud could handle.  His body agreed with his sentiments and he felt a familiar tension growing.


            “Zack,” Cloud gasped, “I’m gonna come…like, soon!”


            Zack made an approving sound in his throat and continued his steady motions.  Cloud drew a shaken breath, wondering if he should try to pull out of the other man’s sucking mouth before he shot his load.  Somehow, it didn’t seem right to come down his superior’s throat.  His face was flushed with passion and a little embarrassment as Zack’s attentions started sending him over the edge.


            “Sh-shit…Zack, I can’t hold it!”  Cloud whimpered and tried to stave off his climax to give the other man a chance to pull away.  Zack didn’t stop and Cloud groaned roughly as his balls tightened.  Zack swallowed as Cloud’s cum spurted against the back of his throat and he cupped the blonde’s hips to support him as the orgasm played out.  Cloud’s head was tossed back and his back arched, his body shaking with pleasure.  He lay there panting and trembling when it finished, weak in the aftermath.  Zack’s mouth left his spent cock and the other man stretched out on top of him and stroked his hair out of his eyes. 


            “How was that, Sunshine?”  Zack’s lips pressed soft, tender kisses over his jaw and cheek as he spoke.


            “Incredible,” Cloud sighed, putting his arms around him.


            “We don’t have to go further than that if you don’t want to,” Zack informed him.


            Cloud could feel the other man’s hardness against his naked thigh.  Apparently, the lieutenant hadn’t just been blowing hot air when he’d lectured the other cadet about thinking of more than his own satisfaction.  Even if Zack weren’t in an unrelieved state, Cloud knew what his answer would have been.  He looked into his friend’s smoky, amethyst eyes and spoke without hesitation.


            “I want to go further.”


            Zack exhaled a relieved sigh and he laughed breathlessly and gave Cloud a brief kiss on the lips.  “Man, I’m glad you said that!”


            Cloud smiled at him, his bashfulness coming back a little.  “I’m nothing to get worked up about,” he said with certainty.


            Zack’s expression immediately sobered and his straight, dark brows lowered.  “Bullshit,” he stated.  “You haven’t looked at yourself…heard yourself talk…watched yourself move.  I don’t know who put that stupid idea in your head but trust me, you’re plenty to get worked up about.  If you don’t believe me just cop another feel, buddy.”


            “I was trying to be modest,” Cloud said in a small, embarrassed voice.  He hadn’t been prepared for Zack’s passionate reaction and though he knew he was good-looking enough, he’d never thought of himself as someone that would get Zack Fair hot and bothered like this.


            Zack kissed him again.  “Sorry Cloudy…I thought you were putting yourself down and that bothered me.”  His kiss deepened and Cloud could taste himself on his tongue.  It was strangely erotic and he returned the caresses of Zack’s tongue with his own and resumed his efforts to get the Soldier out of his uniform. 


Out of regulation habit, he started piling their clothes neatly on the matt beside them as they came off.  He wasn’t even aware that he was doing it until Zack snickered softly in mid-kiss.


“Did I do something wrong?” Cloud asked breathlessly, now naked except for the identification tags around his neck.  His gaze roamed Zack’s equally nude body with admiration and his cock stirred to life again.


“Nobody’s going to come in here and inspect how you’ve arranged the clothes,” answered Zack between chuckles.  He reached out for his pants and fished through the pockets.  Cloud saw him retrieve a familiar looking packet and a little tube and he flushed.


“Habit,” the blonde explained as Zack tore open the condom packet and started putting the item on.  “Um, I didn’t even think of protection.”  The military was aware that young men would get up to sexual business and one of the things they stressed was taking care of one’s body and practicing safe sex.  STD tests were included in monthly physicals to ensure every soldier and infantryman was in top shape.  He couldn’t believe he’d slipped up and failed to even consider using a rubber and he supposed it was because he’d never had to use the ones he kept on his person before.


“I don’t want to hurt you,” Zack said, glancing up from his task to give Cloud a sincere look.  “I’ve had Mako infusions and I wouldn’t want any of it getting it inside of you.  You’re a virgin, aren’t you Cloud?”


Cloud swallowed and nodded, watching with fascination as Zack skillfully rolled the condom down over his cock.  He’d forgotten about the Mako treatments that Soldiers went through as well.  “Would it really hurt me?”


“I don’t know,” Zack shook his head, “but I wouldn’t want to risk it.  Some people can’t tolerate Mako.  They test recruits that make the cut before they make it official.  If you were giving me head I wouldn’t let you swallow, either.”  He gave him one of his sexy smiles as he finished putting the item on and he squeezed some lube onto his fingers.  “Now, where were we?”




            Cloud told himself to stop trembling as Zack eased his fingers out of his body and stroked his hips.  He’d asked for this position because it felt more intimate and he’d be able to touch Zack while they did it.  He lay on his back with his thighs spread and his legs resting on Zack’s shoulders.  The lieutenant ran his hands up and down Cloud’s outer thighs, looking down at him and breathing heavily as he gently butted against his prepared entrance.


            “Last chance to back out, Sunshine.”


            Cloud shook his head and reached out for him invitingly.  Zack groaned and dropped a hand down to position himself.  Cloud bit his lip as he felt the knob of his cock press firmly against his ring and he tried to relax as much as possible.  Zack stared at him as he slowly rocked forward and eased the head in.  He stopped when he made it past the first bit of resistance and Cloud panted softly and parted his lips, examining the sensation.


            “You don’t know how hard it is for me to hold back,” Zack announced in a rough voice. 


He pushed further in and Cloud forced his breathing to slow, concentrating on keeping his muscles from clenching around the new invasion.  Deeper it went, stroking the rings of muscle surrounding it and putting pressure on that spot that had made Cloud shudder and shout, earlier. 


“Zack,” Cloud panted, tossing his head as pleasure shot through his pelvis and spine.  The other man paused and regarded him with concern.  “It’s okay,” Cloud assured him breathlessly, “that was…a good moan.  Don’t…stop.  Please.”


Zack smiled and arched over him to kiss him.  He continued driving his cock into Cloud’s quivering body and he muffled the blonde’s moan with his mouth, sucking and licking at his lips in a way that distracted him from the initial discomfort.  “Still okay?” He inquired breathlessly when he was fully seated within him.


Cloud nodded, enthralled by the feeling of having Zack wedged deep inside of him.  Zack withdrew carefully, drawing back just to the tip before easing in again.  Cloud’s hands clutched at his back and shoulders while he moaned with the sensation.  The lieutenant began to pump steadily, his dick sliding against Cloud’s prostate with each gentle push.  Cloud’s eyes rolled and he whimpered.  He thrust his tongue aggressively into Zack’s mouth, dominating the kiss as the pleasure grew and grew.  His cock was pressed between their sliding bodies and it began leaking precum as Zack took him with steadily increasing vigor. 


“Oh, Cloud,” Zack moaned shakenly, breaking the kiss to nibble his throat.  He started thrusting harder, his breath catching unevenly.


Cloud ran his hands over Zack’s back, feeling the muscles bunch and relax.  The Soldier’s hips rolled smoothly as he increased his speed further and Cloud couldn’t hold back his breathless groans.  He slid his hands over Zack’s flexing ass, marveling at the silken feel of the skin.  He started to move experimentally, trying to share in the other man’s efforts to achieve satisfaction.  It wasn’t easy due to his position but he managed to undulate a little.  He would have thought that having his knees pressed up and back almost to his ears would have been uncomfortable but evidently, he was more limber than he thought.  His only complaint was that he could only reach so far to touch his companion’s body as they writhed against one another. 


The pulses of sensation from Zack’s thrusts were quickly making him lose control of his vocal cords and body.  “Zaaack,” he called out in a long, trembling moan, “Ahh…ah…AH…I’m gonna…I’m coming!”


Zack let loose a satisfied growl and covered Cloud’s mouth with his as the blonde’s cries reached a crescendo.  He pumped his hips hard and fast, angling them so that he was stroking the most sensitive spot with greater precision.  A scream erupted from the cadet’s mouth into Zack’s as he unloaded between their bodies, coating them both with his cum.  Zack pulled back to grin happily at him, pleased that he’d given him such an intense release with the thrusts of his cock alone.


“I could…get used to hearing…you make that sound,” gasped the lieutenant. 


Cloud’s face was flushed and sweaty and his blue eyes were dazed and unfocused.  He never thought anything could feel as good as what he’d just experienced and even though he was spent, the feel of his companion still pumping inside of him was wonderful.  He looked up at Zack and brought a hand up to comb aside a few locks of black hair that dangled over the Soldier’s eyes.  Zack turned his head and nuzzled the palm of his hand.  His breath came out in a strained groan and his eyes lost focus. 


“Unh, baby,” Zack grunted, shuddering as he twitched hard inside the blonde.  The feel of the hard flesh pulsing within him fascinated Cloud and he stroked Zack’s face with both hands and stared at his expression.  He thought Zack looked beautiful in the throes of pleasure and he pulled his head down for a kiss.  He loved the way Zack’s lips were firm and soft at the same time, loved the way his hot breath shivered over his skin.  The dark-haired fighter emptied the last of his seed into the protective condom and panted.  He returned Cloud’s kisses with lazy contentment, keeping his full weight from pushing down on the cadet and causing discomfort.  After several minutes of unhurried kissing and caressing, Zack levered himself off of Cloud and eased his legs down, kissing his left knee in the process.


“How do you feel, Sunshine?  Not too sore, I hope?”  His bright eyes were studying him with new tenderness as he asked the question.


“I feel great,” Cloud said truthfully, blushing a little at his own candor.  “A little sore, but not bad.”  He felt pleasantly stretched inside and totally relaxed, despite the drying mess on his chest and stomach.


Zack also noticed the mess and he smirked.  “How about we hit the showers,” he suggested softly.  “Maybe you could…stay with me tonight?” 


Cloud felt a burst of happiness at the invitation and he thought it was awfully endearing that Zack revealed a bit of vulnerability when he asked.  “I’d love that.”




            The next day, Cloud was still a bit stiff and sore but it was nothing a couple of aspirin and some exercise couldn’t take care of.  He’d spent the night in Zack’s bed and in his arms and he felt almost like he could fly.  He went to training with the lieutenant and nobody thought anything of the two of them arriving together.  It was common knowledge that Lieutenant Fair and Private Strife had developed a friendship and Zack never gave Cloud special treatment—at least not as far as everyone else knew.


            Training had just begun and as the cadets lined up for instruction, one of them called out to Zack.  He approached the cadet curiously and he realized that the man was standing almost directly on the very spot where he and Cloud had consummated their attraction for one another the night before.  Cloud was nearby and if the blush rising in his cheeks was any indication, he was also aware of the fact.


            “What’s the problem, Private?” Zack questioned.


            “Looks like maintenance missed a stain when they cleaned up yesterday,” the cadet answered, pointing down at the mat.  “I just thought I’d bring it to your attention, Sir.”  He looked down at the white, crusty spot on the mat with a frown.  “Hmm, that’s kind of weird.  I wonder what it is?”


            Zack hid a smirk and from the corner of his eye he saw Cloud shift nervously from foot to foot.  The blonde looked like he wanted to run away.  “No telling,” Zack said with a casual shrug.  “I’ll bring it up to maintenance after training.  Don’t worry about it.”


            His eyes met Cloud’s for a moment and he resisted the urge to wink at him.  He’d finally found the one, he was sure of it.  Zack felt like he could be happy with Cloud for the rest of his life and he was confident that the blonde felt the same. 




The End.    





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