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Redhead Sandwich

by SekseeDragoness

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Erotica, Final Fantasy, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots

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My first attempt at writing FFVII and PWP. Cloud wonders how he gets into these situations! Reno/Cloud/Genesis smut XD. Content Warnings: AU, 3some, YAOI, Anal, Oral, Cumshot (facial), Sneaky redheads, Reno saying 'yo' too much and Cloud... laughing?? WTF!! Beta'd by the wonderful kelle611 over on Y!

Redhead Sandwich

Cloud looked down at the feisty redheaded Turk spread out below him and wondered, not for the first time that night, how in Gaia he got himself into this situation. Not that he was really complaining.

He pinned the Turks hands to the bed, then rocked his hips forward and in one smooth motion, buried himself balls deep inside the pliant and willing body. He gasped and his body shook as he tried to keep still. It took all of his will not to just pound the redhead into the mattress.

Reno moaned loudly as he was filled by the blond. In the back of his mind he vaguely wondered why he’d never pursued the blond before. He stretched up and captured those gasping lips in a passionate kiss in an effort to calm the shaking. He slowed his own breathing and relaxed so he wouldn’t push the man inside him over the edge.

“So good yo… fuck you’re so big… feels so good, so full yo…” he whispered between kisses. He was starting to get a little desperate for movement himself as he let his head fall back onto the pillow and looked up into bright, mako blue eyes.

His eyes blinked slowly as he steadied his breathing and just enjoyed the feeling of being deep inside of the wily Turk. He couldn’t hold back a breathy laugh as he found himself unsurprised that even in bed, the man never shut up. But he had to agree wholeheartedly, it felt great.

He sighed softly as he felt two hands run down his back, coming to rest on his hips. He tried not to tense as his cheeks were spread and the slick head of a penis was slowly pressed into the tight ring of muscle. He gasped and gave a low needy moan at the feeling of being stretched around the larger man behind him.

Despite his best efforts, he found himself moaning and whimpering desperately “Oh Gaia… too much…” With that, one of the hands moved from his hip and reached around to grip the base of his cock to hold off the impending orgasm. “Fuck, Gen. Hurry up,” he groaned almost painfully.

Genesis chuckled darkly, “Didn’t you ever learn patience Cloud? Just calm yourself and relax little one.” He smiled as he leaned forward and placed some gentle kisses and licks along his neck. As soon as he felt the blond relax, he thrust forward until he was fully seated inside of him. A strong shiver ran up his spine before he stilled himself to allow the man to adjust.

Reno screamed in pleasure as the sudden movement filtered through and created the most delicious friction against his prostate, leaving him panting in surprise.

Cloud groaned and let his head fall forward onto the Turks chest as he tried to catch his breath. He couldn’t decide what was better. The feeling of being swallowed by the body below him. Or the feeling of being completely filled by the man above him. He felt both men shift slightly and groaned again as the two redheads shared a leisurely kiss over his left shoulder. He couldn’t help but turn his head slightly to watch the two as their tongues intertwined sensually, making his erection twitch inside of Reno, and his muscle flutter around Genesis’ hardness. He licked his lips “Oh fuck you two are hot.” He didn’t realize he’d even said anything until he noticed both men smirking into the kiss.

Genesis broke the kiss and they both turned their attention to Cloud. He was flushed and looking a little flustered as the two redheads moved in to show him just how hot they both thought he was as well. Genesis descended on his neck and worked his way up to suck on the blond’s earlobe making him moan into Reno’s mouth as the Turk claimed his lips again in an unhurried kiss.

While Cloud was distracted, he didn’t notice Reno and Genesis share a look. Gen raised an eyebrow in a silent question and Reno responded with a slow wink. That was all the indication the former SOLDIER needed to slowly remove his hand from Cloud's erection and gently run both hands back up to his hips to get a steady grip.

Reno watched in anticipation as the older man held Cloud in place as he pulled back until just the head was inside of the, now softly moaning blond. Then at the same time that Genesis slowly thrust back into Cloud, while pulling his hips up to meet him. Reno slowly rolled his hips down into the mattress. Then in unison Reno rolled his hips back up to meet the blond’s thrust as his hips were guided by Genesis, who pulled his own hips back. They kept up this slowly guided thrusting until the small man between them caught onto the rhythm of give and take, before Genesis sped it up to set a steady pace for all three men.

It wasn’t long before Cloud’s movements were simply running on auto-pilot as his mind was totally lost to the sensations his body was being bombarded by. It was intense and constant pleasure and his nerves all seemed to be on high alert as he was either being enveloped and squeezed inside the heat of the feisty redheaded Turk, or having his prostate relentlessly pounded by the powerful redheaded ex SOLDIER.

Genesis ran one of his hands up the blond’s side, over his shoulder and started to caress his face, only to have Cloud turn and take two of the fingers into his mouth. Genesis groaned and he twitched inside the lithe body as Cloud began licking and sucking on them like he was giving them a blowjob.

Reno’s eyes snapped open wide and let out a loud moan as his prostate was assaulted by a particularly well aimed thrust, that didn’t go unnoticed by his older lover, who made sure to keep Clouds thrusts at that angle. It wasn’t long before the Turk was swearing and screaming in pleasure “Oh fuck YES… fuck me harder yo… shit Cloud, you feel sooo-OH… OH FUCK… aah, soo fuckin good yo…” Watching Cloud sucking on Gen’s fingers like his life depended on it, damned near sent him over the edge. It was sheer force of will (and a LOT of practice) that stopped him from cumming right then and there.

As soon as Reno started babbling, Genesis heard Cloud groan and felt him shudder slightly. So he started encouraging Reno’s talking “Do you like that baby?... Do you like having the savior of the world fucking you into the mattress my gorgeous little Turk?... It feels unbelievable fucking him too babe… He’s even tighter than you… feels like he’s trying to strangle my cock with his sweet little ass…”

He wasn’t too sure why, considering Gen wasn’t really into sex talk, but Genesis wanted him to keep talking, so he did. “Oh shit Gen, he’s fucking perfect yo… he’s so deep inside me babe… fuck me hard Cloud…” He panted. He figured that Genesis had picked up on something he hadn’t about their little lover, and he was right. As soon as Reno spoke Cloud’s name again the man thrust hard into the Turk and stilled once he was as deep as he could go…

Anticipating the blond’s reaction, Genesis pulled his fingers from that delicious mouth and thrust forward at the same time, burying himself to the hilt inside of his tightening hole.

That action was exactly what sent Cloud tumbling over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms he’d ever had. He roared with his completion, taking both redheads by surprise with the volume of it. He was shaking so much his arms were barely able to hold him up off of Reno.

He felt himself being slowly lifted up by the man behind him before Genesis gently pulled out of him and laid him down beside the other redhead.

Reno groaned at the loss of contact, but also shivered in anticipation as he knew what was coming.

Sure enough as soon as Cloud was laying comfortably, Genesis moved over to his lover and picked him up. He turned them both around so that his back was leaning against the head board, before turning the Turk around so that he was straddling the larger man’s thighs, with his back against his chest. Genesis lifted the smaller mans hips and lined him up before slamming him down without any other warning. The Turk screamed at the sudden assault to his prostate and scrambled to get a hold on something, anything, to steady himself. But before he could do more than flail his arms a little, Genesis was lifting his hips again and slamming them down in quick succession. Genesis knew his body all too well, and every hit sent sparks flying as he relentlessly pounded the feisty redhead.

Reno could do little more than scream and gasp as he dug his fingers into Gen’s arms so hard he drew blood.

Cloud watched in amazement at the force Genesis was using, fucking the smaller redhead. He’d set a punishing pace and the blond figured it wouldn’t be long before either of them were cumming. But to Clouds surprise, the ex SOLDIER suddenly stopped with a hiss. He bent forward and started sucking on the Turks neck. Cloud watched as Reno sighed and let his head fall back onto his lovers shoulder. It was almost like he was waiting for him to get to this point.

Cloud suddenly looked down and noticed Reno’s hard length, bobbing slightly with each breath he took. On impulse Cloud crawled up between the oblivious Turks legs and then looked up at Gen in askance while licking his lips.

Genesis continued to suck on Reno’s neck as he curiously watched Cloud slowly move up between their legs. When the blond looked up with a question clear in his eyes and he licked his lips, Genesis stuck one finger up to indicate he needed to wait, but he slowly nodded.

Cloud waited and watched as the older man started to slowly thrust up into the Turks body again. Reno whimpered slightly and raised one of his hands to hold onto Gen’s head as he kept lavishing the side of his Turks neck with nips and licks. Once they got back into a rhythm, Genesis looked down at Cloud, indicating he could start.

Cloud smiled before leaning forward to run his tongue up the length of Reno’s erection, then sucking the head into his mouth. He smiled as her felt Reno tense and heard him gasp. He saw the redhead quickly look down before swearing and letting his head fall back again with a moan as Cloud moved his mouth slowly down the shaft and back up again.

With each pass he took more into his mouth until he was taking the whole length down his throat in time with Genesis’ thrusting. He started moaning and humming, causing extra little vibrations. He was thoroughly enjoying all of the little whimpers and trembling little moans coming from the usually noisy Turk.

Genesis knew Cloud wouldn’t realize it, but the fact that Reno was being so quiet meant he was very close to his orgasm. Genesis wasn’t far off his either, as watching that blond spiky head of hair bob up and down over his lover's cock was almost enough to send him over on its own.

Reno was so lost in his pleasure he didn’t think to warn the blond until it was too late, as his orgasm hit he desperately called out…

“CLOUD!” The desperation in Reno’s voice had Cloud pulling off of the redhead and looking up in question, causing Reno to shoot his load all over Clouds face.

Genesis looked down just in time to see Cloud get a facial and that combined with Reno tightening around him sent him off into his own bliss.

When both redheads came down from their high a little they both looked down at the still stunned blond. They were hoping he wouldn’t be too pissed as they were both keen to have another encounter with the moody Chocobo. Neither was quite sure how he’d react to getting a surprise cum shot, but they definitely weren’t expecting the reaction they got…

Cloud suddenly burst out laughing, confusing both redheads “Well, hmm… that was unexpected.” Cloud was just glad he’d closed his eyes in time. He looked up into two shocked faces and burst out laughing again before leaning up to kiss both of them solidly on the mouths. But as he went to move away to go get cleaned up. Genesis pulled him back into a passionate kiss before slowly and deliberately licking his face clean with the help of Reno.

He sat back while Reno was lifted up with a hiss as Genesis’ softened member slipped out of him. Then all three laid down with Cloud snuggled between them and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Just before sleep took hold Cloud wondered, not for the first time that night, how in Gaia he got himself into this situation. Not that he was really complaining.

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