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by letempest

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gothic, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, Original Fiction, Romance, Series

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Ira is tortured soul in the service of God. Quil is a recovering drug addict who posses the gift of the True Sight. The two are brought together under strange circumstances and find themselves bound her not only by fate but choice as they try to keep the other worldly forces at bay. *the thumbnail is man and was created using

Chapter 1, Sugarbaby


Authors Note: okay lets get all the legal crap out of the way. First of all, all the characters featured here belong to me. Any resemblance to real people/situations is purely coincidence. Also the cover art featured here was created by me using MAC paintbrush and Picnik image creator. Please don't steal anything. Thanks. Okay now scamper off and enjoy.


Ira came awake with a start. The remnants of the nightmare swirled and clung to the edges of his brain as he tried to separate dream from reality. It wasn’t till he felt the warm body beside him shift, that he came back to himself.


He looked down and felt his racing heart steady, spying the small waifish figure pressed against his side. He turned his head slightly, trying not to wake his lover, and spied his gun laying on the night stand, near his head. He had his weapon. Quil was safe.  All was right with the world, well, with their world anyway.


The red numbers on the clock said 6:47 a.m. No point in trying to go back to sleep now. But he stayed in bed a little longer, loving the feel of Quil’s body so near his own. The boy lay pressed against Ira’s side ,head on the big man’s shoulder, arm laying across his chest, tiny finger’s coming up to tangle in Ira’s hair. His slender thigh was draped across Ira’s hips. Ira would have liked to stay this way forever.


He stopped himself then. He knew better than to think like that. Nothing lasts forever, he knew that better than anyone.


Gingerly, he slid out from beneath the boy, trying not to wake him. He couldn’t hold back a smile, though, when the boy wiggled in to the warm spot Ira had just vacated. He grabbed his gun and tucked it into the back waist band of his linen trousers and slipped into the tiny bathroom, finding the light already on. He couldn’t help but give a small smile. He hated the buzzing of the room’s one florescent light. But Quil had a terrible fear of the dark, from time to time. The boy would wait until Ira was asleep, then sneak to the bathroom and turn it on, with the door open just crack, creating a night light of sorts.


He smiled a little wider when he saw all of his things loving laid out on the bathroom sink. Ira had never been a sentimental man, but something about his tiny lover/partner pulled on the heartstrings Ira had never been sure he had.


“You’re growing soft,” came a voice from nowhere in particular.


Ira  jumped, cursing and stared angrily at the mirror. There, staring back at him through the dirty glass, was not just his own reflection but the face as translucent as a wisp of smoke. Gabriel.


“What do you want,” Ira snapped at the Angel as he went back to brushing his teeth.


“You shouldn’t think of him as a child you know. He’s nineteen, nearly twenty. Besides, I felt the need to remind you of the true nature of your relationship with the seer. It seemed for a moment there that you might have forgotten his place...and yours”


A flair of anger rose up in Ira’s chest. He did not like being told what to do. He spit in the sink.


“That’s pretty good talk from someone who doesn’t posses emotions. And anyway, I don’t think about him as a child. I think of him as a human being, unlike you…”


“Don’t change the subject. I’m not here to talk about him.” the angel retorted, “I’m here to talk about you, the one I chose specifically for your lack of emotion. Don’t choose now to grow a like for your own species.”


Ira growled.


“I get the fucking job done.”


“Very true, Ridden, very true,” the angel agreed, ”But if you keep thinking about your tool like that how long before it’s you who fucks up?”


With that the face in the mirror faded and was gone.


Ira growled, as he finished braiding his long dark hair. Why did that winged bastard so love to rain on everyone’s parade?


Comes with the territory I guess. No one said beginning one of the Ridden would be easy. I mean it’s not like we got a manual or somethin to go off of, we just gotta wing it…. He thought


The Ridden, chosen by god and guided by his Angels. Guardians of the mortal world against the forces of the supernatural and maintain the balance between the realms. At the end of the day, love it or hate it, that was who Ira was. It was what he did. Had he been anyone or anything else, he’d never have met Quil in the first place. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.


It was hard to believe it had been almost a year, a long hard year since he’d found the boy in the gutter; sick with the visions and the withdraw, just where the angel had said he’d be. He would never in all his life forget the first time he’d heard that voice, soft as leaves in the wind.


“Hello Ira. I’ve been waiting for you,” the boy had said, his voice weak from the sickness. Then he’d lifted his head, and Ira had looked into those eyes; one bright blue, the other colorless as a bowl of sugar. After that there had been no turning back.


Damn that boy. Ira tried to stop thinking so much.


He walked in to the shabby kitchen, pulling a shirt over his head. Quil was standing at the counter, humming softly and dressed only in one of Ira’s tattered old tee shirts. It hung of his tiny frame, accentuating his thin, fragile body. He looked over his shoulder and shot Ira one of his shining little grins.


“Mornin’  Sunshine. Coffee?” he asked sweetly, as he did every morning, despite the viciousness of last night’s fight. Ira spied the dark bruises on his lovers slim, pale arms through the to big sleeves of the shirt and he felt a pang of guilt.


“ That’d be much appreciated, Sug,” he answered, using his lover’s pet name to fill in for an apology.


The boy’s smile widened and he turned back to making the coffee, while Ira sat down at the table, placing his gun near his elbow, and watched his lover make them breakfast. He loved watching Quil do the mundane tasks of every day life. It kept him sane, reminded him that at the end of the day the were both still human. Quil’s fragile beauty made him appreciate the small things in a way he never had before. But a little piece of him wondered what Quil might have looked like, how lovely he might have been, before the visions, and drugs, and a life on the street had gotten to him. Ira wondered what the boy might have looked like with a little muscle under his milk pale skin, with a little more shine to his butter-cream colored hair, a glitter of blue in both his eyes. Perhaps he would not have been so pale or small or timid. But then again if he weren’t those things he wouldn’t really be Quil. Not Ira’s Quil anyway. Like it or not Ira wouldn’t have wanted him any other way but pale and delicate as spun sugar. That’s why Ira called him Sugar Baby, or sometimes just Sug for short.


Ira was snapped out of his thoughts as Quil sat a chipped white mug of steaming hot coffee on the table in front of him.


“Sleep well?”


Ira smiled at the boy sitting next him, one leg \curled beneath him in the mismatched wooden chair.


“Well enough. What about you? I saw you left the light on.”


“Oh,” Quil responded, looking intently at the swirling black surface of his coffee, “That was for you. Sometimes when you get all worked up like that you get sick. I thought that leaving the light on might make it easier to find the bathroom.”


Ira felt a pang of guilt. He had been under a lot of stress the past few days, worrying about their upcoming missions, the cryptic visions, and the feel of unusual unrest. He hadn’t meant to snap on Quil, who was only trying to help, but before he could stop himself he had thrown the boy against the wall.


“Oh,” Ira said, feeling a little ashamed, “ Are you all right? I didn’t mean to hurt you, ya know.”


Quil rewarded Ira with another sweet little smile.


“Just a few bruises. No worse than any other time.”


If Ira hadn’t feel like shit before, he sure as hell did now.


Quil saw the change in Ira’s face, and laid a pale hand on top of his lover’s. Silver on Copper. Then it was over, quick as a flash. Ira went back to reading through his files while Quil finished his coffee, got  up, and began washing the dishes in the sink.


After a few moments,  Ira sensed something was different. He stopped, listing to the sounds in the tiny apartment. A sluggish breeze from the open windows, the noise of people and traffic outside, the water running in the sink. Then there it was, the resonating sound of ceramic shattering on the scrubbed linoleum floor, sending shards of thick glass every where. Quil stood by the sink, stock still, making no indication he realized he’d even dropped the glass. He was staring straight ahead, at something beyond the wall, something beyond the vision of normal people.  Slowly he raised a hand, as if to touch something Ira could not see.


Ira  leapt from his chair in an instant, pulling the barefoot boy over to the table and sitting him down in the chair. He hurriedly placed a piece of paper in front of Quil and slipped a pencil into his slack hand. Still staring at the beyond, the boy began to draw, muttering unintelligibly under his breath. Ira watched him intently, watching to see what news the vision would bring. In the back of his mind, he noted that later he would have to tend the hundreds of little cuts that now decorated Quil’s calves and feet. Then Quil took a deep shuddering breath, and it was over. The boy blinked slowly, and grabbed onto the arm Ira offered him, steadying himself.


“What did you see?” Ira asked worriedly


Quil lifted his head slowly and their eyes met.


“He needs to see us. Now.”

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