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The Untamed Fury

by Riddick

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"You said you'd always be there for me, was there anything you said that was ture?" It's the stroy they never told you, the two things that Riddick would have sworn dead by birth---then again, he was not only lied to but was lead to believe he'd lost something he'd considered to love. The only thing, that he held in his arms with more caution then anything before. Something he could have loved, truely love.

The Untamed Fury
[Escape from Butcher Bay: Part 1]

Disclaimers: Although I admire the artwork behind the fantastic masterpiece of Riddick I do not own it or claim any rights behind it or the characters that have been of course copyrighted. I do however take credit for this storyline as well as my own characters. The Ideal of this storyline is biased off my own ideas---Do not take this Fanfic to make it your own, I work for a living you should do the same.


I stood there dazed, the impact of the impact had came harder then I had anticipated. A raw throbbing pain shot throughout my body rendering it into shock. So I laid there tattered and broken, upon the cool metallic floor of the fighting Pit. I had been defeated in the arms of battle, or so it had seemed. It was here where I laid in the pain and misery of doubt that my brain went into an automatic shutdown.

Flashbacks began race and probe franticly into my unconscious state of mind. It was there that I had recalled the memories of loss, a loss to everything in my life thus far into the game. As I recollected the demise of my loved ones, friends and foe alike. I Remembered everything that I came to know was destined to die, to succumb to fatality, to leave me into the piercing bitterness world of isolation. I claimed it as a curse something death had given me ensnared in it's kiss which had been secretly hidden away. It was something given to me by the founding of my birth, or I alleged to. I knew that it was something I was destined to live in. To live in a world of pain, death and despair for it had consumed my very soul sense my early childhood, it was wall I could recall back to my very first memories of growing up.

Blood had tainted my hands, the very essence of my heart was a core colder then the artic ice of the coldest world. I was trained to erase emotions, to allow no feelings to become a part of my living flesh. I was trained to maintain a cold heart, the very essence of my heart seemed to pumped the coldest of blood to every section of my life form.

I had killed many without mercy. My hooded evergreen hues lay hazed with a silver imprint shimmer of my doctored eyes. A gift from the past, It had been given to me from the mercenaries who had damned me at birth. So they trained me in the arts of every possible mathematics of killing, braking me lesser and lesser into a human and more and more into a monster.

My temple throbbed with the ache of pain, I could feel the steam of blood began to trickle from the corner of my crimson stained lips. My body had been crushed under the dead weight of the fighter, who had the courage to gingerly lift the perfected sunglasses. It had caused my eyes to drift from there unconscious state to his own charcoaled hues.

My hand was tucked firmly on the blade that dangled in my lifeless grip as I could feel his hot demanding stench of breath hit upon my pale coated flesh, salted with a heavy layer of sweat. He watched me intently as the cool blade of his handmade shiv slid under the tender flesh of my neck. I swallowed in a gasp, it was a deep intake of the stale air of the slam---My breathing was harder then it had been in any battle fought with a human it amused the corner of my lips.

I never felt the power of my raw strength of my furyan, as it etched it's way upon my blood. My gaze became cruller almost by dead instinct as the blade that had been lifeless in my grip moments before seemed to grip itself into the palm of my deadly grasp. I raised only for a second feeling the sharp blade of his shiv bite into the slender flesh of my neck, but it took me only seconds to flip my legs around him crossing them in front of his lower waist.

He had the advantage of being on top, so I had to use the flexibility of my training that I had gathered through the years as a slave. I held him there for only a second so he could relies his grave mistake in misjudgment as I shifted my weight and altered his own---allowing him to fall back with a crushing shutter to the metallic floor of the slam with me now holding the advantage of being on top. The tainted odor of the metallic iron of blood filled my senses. I had assumed it had been from the hundreds of other matches the prison guards held in the fighting ring. I took note to his blade which no longer lay to the arch of my own wounded neck, but it lay to his. my hazed evergreen hues watched him intently anticipating the kill.

I watched onyx hues hit the realization of the two blades to his arch of his own throat. I watched as the inmate grasped for air, the emotion of fear glazed over his features begged for pity. Pity for his pathetic life of existence. He had gave me a dieing plead of sorrow. Asking me to spar his worthless hide. As if he had value to him. I remember clearly now photos placed along the outline of his cot of a family. He had a daughter and wife at home on some distant planet who had been counting the days tell he'd return.

A family long dead from his own hands, a family he had killed years ago followed with others. So I gave him death it had came slow as I had slid the flesh of his skin watching it peel away in a fleeting race. The human body reacted in convulsions as he cried out in the shear burning pain of the daggers tear to his necks tender flesh. The blood began to bubble into view choking himself in his own blood. I watched as his mouth coughed up more of the iron substances gagging him with the shear agony of drowning in the depths of darkness.

I watched tell his body minutes later as it had finished it's convolutions, sliding up from his now lifeless form and dropping his shiv to his chest. I slid my fingerless elbow-high gloves to my crimson stained lips drying of my own mixture of blood mixed with the splotches of his own. I glanced around, as the shear pain of the light blazed into the sensitive fixture of my doctored hues. It was then as I feel to my knees that the guards pulled me away the stump of my neck stung with the sweetness of over whelming pain sent down the frame of my spine. I went limp, as they tore me away from the scene as convicts and imamates alike had gathered to see my art work of killing splattered out in a display of a fresh kill. There tranquilizing sticks began to have less effect on me each time they were used. It was as if my body was adapting to it's substance quicker then anyone could anticipated it to.

I knew men and woman alike grew farther away from the me, after all I was deadly and no one could trust a killer. Dealing with me was out of the question for just about anyone in the slam. The little clicks, and territories scanted out in all over the wings by inmates and convicts was a joke to me, they never uttered a share of words if I crossed any of there path. Sure there were a few individuals who had graced my prevents doubting if roomers were true that a child at the age of fifteen could be so feared. They were the unlucky ones who had not scene with there own eyes the majestic works of my killings. Even the head leader of the prison Parco who matched the fighters up never dealt with me on a level basis, although me and the head honcho shared that single shred of respect. For the most part they left me to myself, so that she could wallow in my own misery of hate with the glaze of revenge.

I lay there now on my cot dragged there from the fighting pit, here my subscripted glass lay over her evergreen odd colored orbs, knowing me sensitivity to light I had guessed my sister had added with my return back to our cell. I had never really had the chance to recall images of color, or to learn it's vibrant nature of it's sweetness. I had been cursed at birth as I have said before, I was enslaved by mercenaries who loathed my very being, placing me under the hardest situations any living being could be placed upon.

They had taken my vision away from what I guess was five at the most---I remember only a little of the doctor who had told me he was very skilled in the arts of eye enhancements of shinning eyes, I was blind for quite a few days he had been very kind about the ordeal whispering that it would be a gift and a curse at the same time, that it would take years to getting use to. He had Gave me the ability to see amongst the darkness. To see what everyone else feared the most under the darkness of shadow. It was beautiful scene of surreal colors of high intensity---they never changed though. A deepen purple to a blurring white aura mixed with odd colors of pinks and ultra violate black lights.

It had taken me years to adjusting and learning my new ability just as the doctor had told me---it made it hard for me to understand any gift to the curse. Why someone would do that to someone so little, and feel no remorse made me wonder if any of them were human. I had wondered every day what wrong that I may have caused, only realizing that I had never caused anyone harm or infliction at that stage of my life.

So why did they train me to kill, why did they force me to hunt the weak and blind for the sick amusement of an animalistic pleasure of gore and blood. I had fought it for a long time, even wondered what I would have been like if I had never gone through the things I had. It just became apart of me after one by one the people she trusted the most either betrayed her or died. Withered away at the hands of the monsters they forced us to hunt in the darkest of the tunnels on the Red Planet called Arcadia. It was a place that where you lay in restless sleep of nightmares of monsters feasting upon your flesh and bones, only to awake to the same image as the sure pain of realization donned upon your conscience state. Your nightmares in this hell hold became real, and dreams became distant. What made it worse was when you could see in the darkest place of the that world---able to see a fellow comrade torn to tender shreds of meat for the beast that hunted you day and night. Your body became cold and fearful with wondering questions when your last hour would come. When your body would be torn from the comfort of your sleep into the razor sharp snares of the beasts drawn teeth.

They hissed and sang an haunting tone in the depths of darkness, there were larger yet smaller types of all breeds. All types of them scattered about. I was sent there to learn the arts of killing monsters, even so I knew if I had died there it would have all ended there. The pain and misery, the tears that never came. The history of the monsters daughter would have ended for the Merc's soon or so they thought. So for 10 long years under the hard living conditions of this nightmarish planet she awaited there return for her. She new she had to survive so revenge could be lived out. I became much like them I heard many say, something they hadn't expected. A beast that seemed to loath every living thing grew deep inside of was as if I and the monsters shard a connection to one another. Loneliness of never being able to seek the bondages of enslavement.

At the age of fifteen I recalled being torn from a world I had known sense a child, a place where the tunnels became a friend as they tore me from one place to a new one. They had no choice but to enslave me into a Slam. A place where the human race could be protected from my hunger of blood lust. The very sense of me made man or woman alike shutter in fear. I was an Animal, and I was destine to become something worse if they didn't stop my killings. Every time I killed another living thing I had noticed something in me became more wiser, more quicker and more skilled with my welding blades. My mind worked like a twisting twining clock. Never stopping. Convicts questioned if I had even slept at all in in my life, if I had even remembered the last time I was able to rest in the comfort of sleep to lay in peace. Little did they know every time I had tried I began to drift away to the haunting of the monsters on that distant planet. They came to me in my sleep, lashing out at me. So even in the rest of one world of consciences to a subconscious I was hunted.

So you see I couldn't sleep, but my sister though, yes my twin who lay to the cot at my side rested with a ease of gentle sleep, with a bliss. Like she herself had never been traumatized in her life. Although partly some of that was true for her sister. The Merc's had spared her oldest sister for reasons she hadn't recalled in understanding but they made her sister into a whore to there greedy passions of lust.

Her sister had been spared in the traumatizing events that I had been subdued to but in others, but she had been injured deeply just the same. Wounded in the heart of all that was innocent, something we both had been robbed long ago, and now we lay in the world of the living. Everything we both loathed.

"You asleep yet?"


My voice was always held an octavos deepness to it, soft and gentle yet sharp and filled with a history of anguish. The sweetness of my voice was told to hold a temptingly warm aurora. As if a gift to snare a victim helpless for the final lash.

I watched under the protection of my shaded vision the slender figure of me twin as she shifted up. Her curly golden blond hair slid into the view of the dim lighted room. The texture of the glasses watched it as it gave an angelic glow. Almost as if it was a peaceful look. A lift to my lips raised in a questionable stance as my sister watched in curiosity only to watch my twin known as Melissa look my way.

"You know your going to need to rest sometime or another. Or else you'll go completely mad for sure!"

"What told you I wasn't there already?"

I felt my voice whisper deadly, so low that it even frightened me some. It was as if I had been fighting with myself which in all actuality I had for years. I pondered time and time again of who and what I was. Or what I had become in those long years on Arcadia. What had I allowed in, that had made me have inner conflict so much?

My view shifted to the door in front of my cells chamber. I reacted out of instinct as I could here muffled conversations of two convicts outside the shelter of the door. My keen ability of hearing could place the heart beat of both of them, I could sense the pumping of there throbbing hearts pump there blood throughout to there veins so that it could spread life to there worthless life forms.

"You know---I know you a little more then to believe that nonsense you keep feeding yourself. You know you have some humanity intact weather you like it or not."

I watched as my sister slid up as she came to the aid of my restless state. I could feel her gentle arms wrapped there way around her my neck as she gave me a tender hug, I had squinted lightly as a throbbing pain sheared through my body where I had been injured not to long ago. She did this often though to try and sooth the inner animal she new lay deep inside of me.

I watched as she felt the golden brown locks of my hair brush upon her forearm I had it worn back tied back in the hold of leather bound of a monsters skin that I had killed a few years back. My hair had the same swayed curls like her own---Giving a gentle lace of curls to it's tips giving the rest of my hair a slender wave.

If it would have been anyone else a knife would have been plunged deeply into the persons heart, but her sister was something she held close. Someone she adored and treasured as a keepsake. It was all she had, and all she trusted. Her big sister born a few hours before her. Although her big sister had always looked up to her younger sister for protection ever sense the mercenaries had taken them away from there birth place.

"Please just try to sleep for a little bit, I'll keep guard you have nothing to fear. I promise."

"I can't---you know I can't. There waiting for me to go to sleep, they haunt me even if I'm half awake don't you see? There etched there in the back of my mind. They never rest, they feed upon who and what I am."

"It's the inner animal that you fear Krysis it's always waiting for you to go to sleep because it knows you'll get stronger with rest. It wants to control you don't you see?"


"Just try, even if it's for only a couple hours just try."

I glanced at my sister. Her artic blue hues held a vision to my own catlike evergreen orbs. I could feel a twig of something I couldn't place, something I didn't understand as a feeling. Why did my sister always have to be there for me, I didn't know what I'd do if I had lost her. I pondered if it was like a connection we shared with one another, we knew each other down to the deepest core of one another's soul. I had guessed it was something that twins shared at birth.

"I'll try."
As I said this, a pushed her away softly laying my head to rest on the cots pillow, something that held a stench of uncleanness of years of being stored away in storage, something that held other convicts and inmates smell that had drenched my senses. I was use to it by now, as if my own sent now over dominated the rest. It was then while deep in thought the dead weight of months of dreariness took over me as I drifted off to what seemed like sleep. It had been so long that I didn't remember what it was, but my sleep had been dark and empty void of any hunters or Merc's for the first time ever. Memories seemed blank to me as I lay there in the subconscious world of the unknowing. It was as if my body was weightless. Floating upon the darkness of unseen clouds as I wavered there for long hours at a time. It felt like space had pulled me free of my bounds if only for a short time, it was a bliss. A peace came to me then, something I hadn't experience in long months. It was only time though tell it would find me, it came like a shadow amongst shadows the blare of blood thirst eyes of lingering fury seemed to watch me in my sleep.

I woke up in a fury of sweat, as my body shot upright on the cot as I glanced over the room. Assuring that it had not followed me from my nightmare to the living. With the raise of my brow I watched my sister sleep only to mental slap myself at my sisters promise of protection, but I had to smiled even if it came out less then a smile as I hated wanted formed as a smirk. It felt good. I lifted my well defined teen structure as I slid up into a yawn my hands gripped the bars above my steel cot. You could define a well built stomach as her black over worn tank top revealed it under the dimness of the room as I stretched my lower muscles from it's sleep.

"Hmm---best sleep I've had in months. Guessin bout a day or two."

I jumped up with genuine ease, as I turned my senses to the structure of the door. I felt the presents of something lingering out there. I was causation in each step making sure that the convicts that had been there before had long ago left with there conversations to assure myself my mind wasn't playing tricks. The slickness of my Shiv slid it's way out from it's secured position of my belt as I lent to frame the door. I was ready for anything to happen as the door slid open with caution.

my hooded view gazed about assuring myself that know one was awaiting my descended out the cell for a surprise attack. The skilled digits of my hand lifted to the code panel of my cell scanning over the numbers with surprising speed. The code memorized extremely well. I looked out, watching the shadows shift under my cover of concealed glasses. I saw him though, clear as day as he stood there watching me from the darkness.

"Kinda funny how shit works around here, eh?"

His voice was crackled, I had guessed mostly it was from his age. Maybe he was in his mid fifties or so, the wrinkle of his fleshed assured her his age. His silver hair shimmered under my perfected vision of darkness spite the concealment the cover of my sunglasses gave me.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Such language for a child...then again after what you've been through I can't really say much, can I?"

I stood there now in my full height of 5'5" my blade drawn into his view the darkness my inner beast told me to go for the sweet spot, I felt this overcoming sense to lash out and kill him without any thought intact. I paused though waiting for him to blabber on with who he was, and most importantly what he wanted. My gaze left his only for a moment as it drifted to my sister. Who lay in in sleep, I turned to see the man do the same. His dark silver gray hues lay to my blissful sister---I slid the door down locking it securely. As I watched his gaze fall back to my own, his lips twisted with amusement.

"oh me? I'm just a drifter, heard bout some killer making a name for themselves. Heard they had eyes like the devil. Wanted to see with my own eyes thought maybe you were him, but then now I come to find out your not."

"What do you mean by, him?"

"You ever wonder jus' where you came from? Never wondered who your father and mother where? I never thought he had two baby girls, who made it off that world alive."

"Once again who the hell is he?"

"So they never did tell you where you came from then, Never told you who he was? You really are clueless arnt you?"

"What the fuck are getting to!?"

"This is something your going to have to find out on your own, I find it ironic that they sent you to the same slam, put you in the same cell."

"My father is dead, he died with my mother along time ago---I saw it with my own eyes. So quit wasting my time with your bullshit you stupid maggots conger up. Just leave me alone, in fact tell your little worthless friends the same thing. I don't want anything to do with you or this stupid place. I just want to be left alone."

"Suit yourself America Elise dare I say your last name...remember this---whatever you thought you knew you didn't, whatever you where told. They lied. Remember this name Richard. it's the key to unlocking everything you've just been dieing to know."

I watched him as he stood up, anger boiled in my blood at his riddle. I watched him as he walked his way through the shadows. How he vanished like I had vanished hundred of times before. A felt the corner of my lip twitch as I could feel a vibe he had been trained much like I had. Spared a few of my gifts but he had scene darkness a lot of his life, or so I had presumed.



"I know about one Richard that made a name in this place, that bastard escaped Butcher bay from what I'd guess 20 years ago. Shame though---he was one of the best fighters on the B wing block. Got a lot of pay days going when I took him under my wing. Save the man decided to go and Kill the head honcho that ran the gig here awhile back, we don't like using his name around here brings back some bad memories."

"So tell me how much for me and my sisters bail Parco I need to find this Richard."

"You know I can't---"

"If where still in the books..."

"Yeah and if I let out a killer you know what that can get me?"

"You know if I remain here any longer shit is going to go down either way. I'll get out of here one way or another. This way lives are spared. Do this favor for me and I'll do something for you I'll pay an old debt for you."

"What can you give me that I can't get myself, I've never dug myself into a debt I couldn't get out off."

"Funny how you humans are so quick to forget the things you treasure the most..."

"What do you mean by that Krysis?"
"Those Merc's who brought me and my sister here a few months ago took something near and dear to you if I recall."

"Pah, the merc's took her three years ago, I doughty she's still alive."

"Dead or alive you'll have the body of your wife and I can assure your daughter might be still alive. I can bring her back to you though so that you may Barry her, or maybe even kiss her living flesh one last time. A deal worth it's playing card I'd say?"

I watched his inner conflict of debate battle off in his mind, it was a grate risk and he knew that if anyone had the sightless doubt that he'd had anything to do with me and my sisters escape there would be hell to pay. The slam had to pay a pretty little head of gold and me and her account of being here.

"'s a deal. Promise me something though. Before I give you the key to your freedom you must promise me one thing."


"Kill the bastards who took her for me. Your word is all I need to assure it."

A smirk twitched upon my lips, that was my own way in assuring him the deal was good. It was my way of telling him I would relish at the thought of killing someone for the pure intensity of a good kill. How death was something I savored. A taste of revenge for the living. How they used there time so unwisely, bantering about the worthless value of money...a martial thing you couldn't take with you in the after life, how anyone would allow themselves to get so attracted to intimate objects I'd never know.

The key was slid under the table, as I had grasped it coldly sliding it under the sleeve of my black baggy Merc denim like pants, the material had been much more softer then jean material but more complex and stronger. I had already plotted the main plans to getting out, this was easy enough that only a few guards would have to die but that was better then half the fleeting army.

I had a lot of faith in what I could do, I hated a kill that came easy enough. For death had come close on so many accounts to me that it had become consume to my every waking presents. Yes death was my best friend---I danced so close to it that it made me almost invisible at the thought.

It was almost time for lock down hour as I slid into my cell. Only in a few more minutes the protocol cameras would turn on to a red alert faze---which would attack at any motion that they sensed. I smirked at there thoughts of there invention. It had been such a well organized place, something to fear but when I had finally gotten the four-one-one on this man named Richards' escape from Butcher Bay I was only slightly amuse but then again the beasts that lurked where he had gone made me wonder about his own killer animal in him. Even it made me shutter at the thought of the half living and half dad attacking me. Ripping at my flesh. She was glad she was taking the front door on this one.

As I walked in I took notice to my sister still sleeping, as I rested my hand to her head sister as I awoke her from her dream world. I saw her groggy clueless eyes, as I lifted her up tenderly hugging her in my arms to awake her. I whispered softly my plan as I watched Melissa's eyes spark open with shock. I enjoyed watching her smile slid to her face as she hugged me in a tight embrace as if saying thank you in a thousand words that weren't needed to be spoken.

I had known her sister hated these long boring months, doing nothing but counting the days tell you'd be old and decaying close to death. Butcher Bay was meant to keep you in for life, a place where you choice the pit---or to live with the need of death. Death though I had pondered in so many sweet ways could come quick or slow. I remember giving my victims something along the lines of slow but still on a lines of short lived. For a couple minutes of agonizing pain could mean hours maybe even years to one dieing, I did this because I knew that some didn't really care if they lived or die or they had done things so vile that they didn't deserve to live, I knew that to die slow made your mind scream with helplessness, as you were forced to remember every bad thing. Thought. Memory you held to slip out at the shearing last minutes of your life.

I paused trying to push past death for one day wanting to escape it's grasping hold for just a few days, I pushed her up getting her ready for the run. I had told her a small sheltered ship was prepared just beyond the main gate, ready for us to jump into. She was a little weary on me plotting the operation after all I was a trained killer not a pilot but I knew enough from memory of watching others to get the jiff of things or so I hoped. I wanted the fuck out of this mud whole of depression into the world that maybe held the same thing, but we all must find things the hard way. I smiled though my shiv in hand as I began to push past the doors of my cell the cameras shifted into my view as I glanced up at the red light. Preparing, plotting my next move. I utter under a whisper to my sister as I drew her near my hand holding tightly to her forearm.



The lights went dead as did the cameras. My butcher bay comrade Parco had slid past the overwrite security system as the cameras turned off. It was then I made my run for it, the key at hand now as my sister and I rushed past the first door where the guards had been told to leave. She smirked at the warm feeling of freedom, as I held tightly to my sisters arm pulling her close as we made are get away.

Authors notes:

[ This is just a basic ideal of a major what-if theory I had in my mind. I've been thinking about Riddick's little escapade as a soldier, after all he had been in the military for a time and before that one could always wonder , right? What if he had slept around after all he's a man [very sexy at that] with the pleasure of sex comes a risks of one getting pregnant. So it's like a gigantic slap in the face, what if his child or in this case children where born into the universe. Now if you think really hard about it the people who hated him the most, who happened to put a bounty out for him would easily have know about there birth long before the fleeing convict would have. So in bounds and chains his children are enslaved one worse then the other profiling the journey of madness.

So tell me what you think, if it sucks be honest and tell me---I have a strange mind and I tend to like to twist thing around. So Review, Review! I ask for my sincere apologizes I tend to have poor grammar and spelling due to some LD problems but if you wanna give it a hand you may fix it up, the pleasure would be all mind. Course you'd get full credit for you help. I never relish in taking credit for something that isn't mine. You can contact me at with reviews or questions, thank you.]

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