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Love is Blind

by loveless

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Chapter 1

Warning: yaoi, yuri, hentai, mild insest...

Don't like, don't read!

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"Joesph?" A familiar voice calls out to him. It's the voice of the one he loves and one that he never gets tired of hearing. One that sounds like it was meant for an angel and that an angel has. It's like a soft melody, that makes him want to die if it didn't say his name just one more time. One that's normally warm and bubbly, but is now cold and dark. It belongs to the one guy that he's secretly in love with and it belongs to his younger "brother".


"Joh Doe?!" The voice calls again, shaking him.


"What's wrong, Nich'las?" He sighs, speech slurred heavily with sleep. He rolls over and opens his eyes. Expecting to see the younger boy's perfect mess of short curly brown hair and a set of cocoa brown eyes, set upon sun-kissed skin. But, as his eyes adjust to the light, the younger boys' hair grew longer and lighten to a deep blood red. His eyes grew larger, going from cocoa brown to a bright lime green. As skin began to pale to an almost ghostly white, his masculine parts transforms into famine parts. Turing he into a she. "Oh, it's you." He mumbles and sits up.


"Yeah, it's me and you need to stop talking in your sleep or people will find out that you're secretly in love with one of your brothers and it's not the one that everyone knows you're dating." She says in a sing-songy(?) voice, giggling at him.


Joe felt his mouth go slack as he stares at her, " least I'm not lusting after a sibling that might not exist, now or ever!" As soon as those words left his lips, he regreted it.


"You know what? At least I have a sibling. So FUCK YOU!" She screams at him, tears pooling in her eyes. She runs out the room, brushing past Joesph's older brother, Paul.


"Dude, what you do this time?" He asks, as he enters the bedroom he shares with his younger "brother".


"I accidentally said something about her sister not existing..." Joesph replies. Floping(?) back down onto his bed, he covers his face with his arms and sighs.


"Oh God! You didn't?" Paul asks, his eyes growing wide. Joesph just nods his head and let's out a long, shaky sigh, causing the older man to laugh.


"Come on it's not funny." He growls.


"Uh, yeah it is. Cause you, my love, is one dead man." Paul says with a laugh.


"I know." He whispers, as he rolles over onto his stomach. The older man walks over and sits on the bed beside the younger one, resting a hand on his back.


"You want me to talk to her?" He asks, after some time has pass. He pulls Joesph into a hug.


"No it's my fault, I should go." Joesph replies, turning into the hug.


"And I'll go get Nicholas, just in case." Paul said, winking as he bounces off of Joesphs' bed and then helping him up. As they walk down the hallway to search for her, they hear a strange noise coming from their guest bedrooom. They both stop dead in their tracks and look at each other confussed. Then they queitly tip-toe to the ajar door and gently push it open enough so they can see in, but not enough to be noticed. But, what they saw makes them gasp and push the door open wider.




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