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Per Aspera

by kazuma85

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AU world. Cloud has the hots for Zack. What happens when they get a bit drunk?

Chapter 1, Per Aspera

Per Aspera



"I'm the proof that you lived..." Cloud whispered softly to the raven that lied on the ground. He hoped that Zack would say something more but he just smiled and closed his eyes.



The blonde watched his unmoving friend and then gazed up to the sky, the rain falling onto his face that was still covered with Zack's blood. He produced few small whimpers before letting out an anguished scream, mourning his best friend.





"Aaand, CUT!" The director yelled, "Good work guys! Cloud, that scream was great, you really put the emotions in it."


"Thanks," the blonde murmured, running a hand through his wet hair.



Zack opened his eyes and smirked at Cloud. "Good work kid, you even made me believe I was dead for a couple of seconds there." He ruffled blonde's hair and stood up, stretching his limbs.


"Ooh, I hate lying on the wet ground... Good thing this is over, right Cloud?"


"Um, yeah..."





Actually, Cloud wasn't happy at all that it was all over. He wouldn't be seeing Zack so often and he hated the thought. Cloud wasn't meant to act in the movie; he was kind of just dropped in, and that's how he met everyone on the set. Zack was always acting friendly, and after some time, Cloud realized he was falling for him.



And what made it harder was the fact that Zack was dating Aerith for some time. It also began during the filming and Zack was really happy and he kept repeating it to Cloud, not knowing that it hurt the blonde more and more every time.





"So what are you planning to do tonight, kid? We're having a party, Aerith is organizing it. Wanna come?"


"Uh, I... No, thanks... I think I'm coming down with something, so it's better if I just go home..."



He really didn't want to look at his friend smooching with that girl. She didn't do anything wrong to him except stealing Zack. No, that's not a good word... She didn't steal him, he was never his... Anyway, he didn't like her much; he always thought there was something odd about her and he hated it how she managed to wrap Zack around her little finger.





"Alright then Cloudy, take care. If you'll feel better, you can always drop by."


"Sure, thanks." Cloud smiled, wishing it was him and Zack inviting all those people... Nah, he could forget about it.








Cloud was sitting on the couch in front of the TV, looking at it but not really seeing it. It bugged him that he was thinking of Zack more than ever and he couldn't get the pictures of the raven kissing or hugging that girl out of his head. He sighed as his throat clenched and his eyes stung at the thought.



He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear a soft knock at his door. He heard it the second time, and went to the door, wondering who it could be.





There was Zack, standing at the hall in front of Cloud's apartment, completely wet from the rain that was still falling and looking downright miserable.





"Come in, Zack. What's wrong? You look awful!"


"I know, I feel awful, too."


"Wait here. Take your jacket and shoes off, I'm gonna get you a towel," the blonde said and disappeared in the bathroom.


"Thanks Cloudy..."



Cloud's stomach fluttered; he loved it when Zack used pet names for him. It always gave him a kind of a sample how he would call him if they were together. Not that's ever gonna happen, but still.




"So tell me, what's wrong?"



"I had a fight with Aerith. I saw her flirting with our director and told her that, then she told me that I'm flirting with you all the time so it's no big deal, and so on, and I got really angry and I left the party. She already called me but I refused the call and turned off my cell. Can I just... Stay here for a while?"



"She told you that you flirt with me?!"



"Yeah, and I have no idea why she thinks so. I mean I'm always around you cause you were new and all, so I wanted you to feel welcome. Now you're my friend, I can't just ignore you! I think she said it only because she wanted her flirting to seem like no big deal."



Cloud smiled and patted Zack's arm. "Come on, let's sit down. Have you eaten?"


"No, I practically wasn't at the party at all. We were fighting in her bedroom."





The blonde almost grumbled out loud at the thought of her bedroom and Zack in there. But he knew better, Zack was at his place right now and he was hurt. He could forget about his own misery for a few hours.





"Want me to order pizza? I don't have much in the fridge..."


"Sounds good... Got any beer to go with it?"


"That I've got," Cloud smiled and went to the fridge, retrieving a couple of bottles.





They waited for the pizza and Zack relaxed a little. He drank a little too fast, though, and Cloud had a feeling that he'd be soon drunk. He was right. By the time they've eaten the pizza, Zack was feeling really good and he began to smile a lot.



"What's so funny?"


"I was just thinking how funny it would be if I really flirted with you."


"Why would it be funny?" Cloud frowned, uncertain at what was Zack aiming at.


"Cause I know you! You're so damned shy, I think you'd change every possible shade of red."


"Oh really?"



"Yeah, watch this," he said and scooted closer to the blonde. He leaned into his personal space and whispered into his ear. "What if I lick your ear and suck this little earring in my mouth and play with it with my tongue?"



"Uhh..." Cloud swallowed nervously, and to his own misery, he felthis face growing red.




Zack pulled away, grinning. "See? I wonder, If I did anything more, would you have a heart-attack?"



"You've got a really high opinion of yourself, don't you? You can always try and see," Cloud challenged, deciding that he could enjoy this moment, since it would most likely be the only one.


"Oh yeah? What if I do this," Zack put his hand on his friend's knee and slowly dragged it up his leg.


Cloud considered it and smirked, despite blushing wildly, "That's all?"



Zack looked at him sidelong and, again, scooted closer. He put an arm around blonde's waist and caressed his side. He gave Cloud a goofy grin and yanked him closer.



"I like the way you feel under my hands..." Zack said it, not sure anymore if he was still teasing the blonde or he really meant it. His head was spinning and he suddenly felt hot. And the look in Cloud's eyes confused him. It looked as the small blonde really wanted him.



"Cloud?" He didn't wait for an answer from him, but he did look him in the eye, and there he saw a silent agreement on whatever he was about to do. He slid his lips down Cloud's neck, taking in the scent that he decided he liked. He purred softly and kissed the smooth skin there, drawing a moan from the blonde.



That was all he needed to hear before he pushed Cloud on the couch and settled on top of him, still kissing and biting his neck. He slid his hands underneath blonde's shirt and caressed his stomach and chest, noticing that as much as the skin was silky smooth, the body underneath wasn't soft and rounded as a woman's. At that moment, he rather liked it, not wanting any reminder on Aerith. And again, that look on Cloud's face was so intense and hot...





He began to hastily unbutton Cloud's shirt so he could feel and see more of that flat, smooth chest, groaning as his fingers wouldn't cooperate so he just grabbed the material and ripped it open. Cloud gasped and moaned when raven's lips descended to his left nipple. He finally found the courage to use his hands, and his fingers immediately threaded into the thick, black hair.



"Kiss me," the blonde whispered.


Zack raised his head and looked him with eyes filled with lust. In a second, he was kissing him with bruising force while his hands roamed over Cloud's torso.



"You taste so good, Cloudy... I always thought you would..."




"Shh... Now's not the time for talking."





The raven kissed him again and slid south, leaving a tingling trail on Cloud's skin. He released the blonde just to take his own shirt off and he was back on top of him in no time. Cloud shuddered and arched towards Zack's body.



"Gods, I want you..." He managed to whimper, sliding his hands down Zack's strong back.


"Yeah? Be careful what you wish for," Zack teased, smiling and groping the younger male while fumbling with his zipper.





As he yanked down Cloud's pants, he kneeled between his legs and gazed down at the pale body. "I want you just like this, sprawled on the couch."


"Alright... But, don't you have to be naked as well?" Cloud smiled softly.


"There's time for that," he murmured, bringing his fingers to Cloud's mouth. "Suck."





Cloud obeyed, taking the long fingers into his mouth and coating them with saliva. He could hardly believe what was happening, and if it were a dream, he surely didn't want to wake up!



When Zack believed it was enough, he pulled the fingers out of blonde's mouth and brought them down between his legs. Without any announcement, he pushed a finger inside and soothed Cloud when he hissed.



"You're so tight... You sure you want this Cloudy?"


"I'm twenty-one and I'm not a virgin. Sure I'm sure," he grumbled, making Zack laugh softly.


"Alright, alright, sorry..."





After some preparation and Cloud's breathless appreciations, Zack moved to take his pants off. Just as he started to crawl on top of the blonde, Cloud pushed him gently.



"Wait, Zack... I have lube and condoms in my bedroom..."


"Oh, right... I'll go get them."


"It's all in a top drawer of the bedside table."



Zack was at Cloud's place enough times to know where each room was, so he didn't have any trouble finding the bedroom. He smirked when he looked at the bed. Maybe later, they could move the things in there.




"Hey Cloud, later we can... Whoa..."



There was Cloud, sprawled on the couch as he left him, but now he was slowly stroking his erection and watching him so intensely that it almost hurt. He instinctively swallowed, as he noticed he began to drool at the sight. It was his friend, his pretty little shy friend, waiting to be claimed. Zack didn't remember walking to the couch, putting on a condom and lube, or taking the blonde in his arms - he became aware the moment Cloud's small hand guided him in. He groaned and unintentionally pushed hard, making the blonde cry out.



"Sorry, baby... I'm sorry..."


"It's okay... Just wait for a moment..."





Zack didn't have any objections. Cloud wasn't as uptight about this as some girls were that Zack has been with. They would always have complaints how it was weird and gross and whatnot. Oh, but it felt good, so warm and so tight.



"You okay Cloudy?"


"Yeah, come on... Make me blush," Cloud smiled and tightened his legs around Zack.


"Damn, you're hot... Touch yourself... I wanna look..."





They started slow and Zack was careful not to hurt the smaller man, so he kept his thrusts shallow and gentle. The more Cloud relaxed, the deeper Zack sank, until he was all the way inside, stroking blonde's prostate just perfectly as he slid in and out.



"Zack... So good..."



It didn't take long for them to start vocalizing their passion and enjoyment in each other's bodies. It surprised Zack how that shy young man could be so passionate and giving. In fact, he always thought Cloud was kind of a prude. He was so glad he was mistaken.



"I'm not gonna last... Cloud..." The raven warned, but was suddenly yanked down and kissed by the hungry little blonde.


"Zack... I'm... Gonna... Ohh..."





~I love you~





"Yeah, that's it... Oh fuck..."


Zack groaned and squeezed the smaller body tight in his arms as his manhood twitched inside, filling the condom. He didn't know if it was because he was drunk, or because of Cloud, but it was one of the best orgasms he ever had. And he was exhausted.



He smiled seductively at Cloud. "So, did I make you blush?"


"Mmm... You can make me blush like this anytime..."



"Maybe we should go to the bedroom, then... I left the condoms there... And it's comfier. What do ya say? "





Unfortunately, they haven't managed to repeat that because Zack fell asleep. He said he just wanted to take a breather, but he dozed off immediately and Cloud couldn't bring himself to wake him. He looked so relaxed and peaceful.



So, the blonde put a blanket over them and snuggled to raven's side. When he thought about it, he was rather tired as well. He relaxed and drifted off as well, holding only one thought.





~I love you... So much...~










In the morning, Cloud woke up and, not finding Zack in bed, he went to look through his apartment. No signs of the raven. Nowhere.


"What the..."



He went back to his bedroom, and there it was, a piece of paper on his bedside table. He took it, recognizing Zack's handwriting immediately. Only two words.





"I'm sorry."





Feeling like a complete loser, the blonde sat down on his bed, and stared at the note. He didn't know how he should feel. He couldn't say he was used. He participated as much as Zack did. But he certainly felt like shit.



Sobbing, he crumpled the paper and threw it across the room. It all might have been a dream, but he couldn't fool himself. He still felt that Zack's been inside of him, he still had the scent of him on his body. And now he knew, it wasn't a dream, but it wasn't real either. It was just a lie.





To be continued...







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