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Felling of Love

by Jin Wakai

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It's all about men's love in the anime HunterXhunter. The war has nded and everyone gets abreak but it' too boring for Kurapika to not do anythign. He wishes for a companioon and guess what his wish came true find out who and what happened next sorry hate to be a spoiler.

Anime: HunterXHunter
Title: Feeling of Love
Pairing: KurapikaXHisoka
Author: Jin Wakai

I'm sick fine! All none yaoi fans say that stit to me hehehe here's
there damn price! So please don't ever salvage me for this one ~evil
laughter~, I really wanted to write my own yaoi fan fiction since I
became a fan of it ^_^'

WARNING: For yaoi "drooling" fans only, mix with shounen ai and lemon.

Don't step or read any further my friends,
Or forever have sweet dreams *um* I mean nightmares XP

Disclaimers: Alright I don't own these HXH characters or so titles
mentioned here, I made this fan fiction in purely days in my most
limited blasting hectic free time so let me get the credits here will

The Feeling of Love
By: Jin Wakai

The Hunter team,

Our boys finally have their vacation after the endless seemed battle
against the Geneiryodan or the Phantom Brigade.

All have departed ways & pursued in their own choices of enjoying
life, the hyper boys Gon and Killua have paired up after exams and
have been much closed since then they stick together like glue and

They are in the ever secluded and heavy guarded mansion of Killua,
enjoying the time together and playing kids stuff if ever you get
what I mean.

While Leorio continued on his dream of helping his fellow men, oh
he's somewhere out there curing people with lots of nurses at his
side for guidance or more.

The only person that seemed to have been victorious in his plans is
just simply in a rest house thinking of the past events of his
dreadful but fulfilling life. All alone yet he seemed happy looking
at the sunset with his crimson eyes to match it with. Everything
seemed perfect now that he knows his mission is completed, the
recovery of his tribes treasure and the defeat and banishment of the

His life never felt as light as a feather thinking how to start again
his ways of improvement now the thorn is pulled.

No more heartache, pain, suffering, fears, tears, anger, revenge and
most of all LUST?!

Wide eyed and blushingly surprised he ever thought of such a dirty
thing as that,

Then he suddenly stops and closes his eyes to reflect about what he
was thinking$ B!&(B
`Am I this lonely to think of such things, what's missing so far in
my life?' He thought it over and over again.

Since he was all alone he had no one to talk to neither he wants to
call up and bother people about it.

`No big deal I can handle this.' as he just thought to himself again.

But he did wish that may there be someone who will come and comfort
him through all his lonely vacation.


He has just done preparing dinner when the doorbell rang.

"Ding Dong$ B!&(B#34;

"Ding Dong$ B!&(B#34;

"Ding Dong$ B!&(B#34;

"Alright I'm coming hold your horses" Kurapika said irritably,

Then as he opened the door he saw a very familiar figure not so far
in his doorsteps. Kurapika's eyes widened as he was about to slam the
door in front of the face of his newly arrived visitor in the silence
of the night. The visitor smiled innocently and managed to be
accurate enough to know he is unwelcome, holds the terrified crimson
eyed boy to the extent that he has to use some good manners to
prevent the future outcome.

"Hi long time no see! Mind if I join you for dinner tonight?" holding
the pissed off boy's chin up.

"I see you haven't changed your still pretty as ever my pretty boy"
he continued smirking back at Kurapika.

Kurapika moved back to get away from the evil guest's grip.

"You're sick! What do you want, it's over and I have no business with
you anymore I want peace and quite, so get out if you don't want me
to kick your ass!" Kurapika said furiously.

"How harsh" he replied almost laughing.

"Oh! Come on I just wanna be friends with you, is that too much to
ask and is that a crime?" he continued but still smiling back at
Kurapika flashing his cleaned teeth.

After the petty fight the red eyed boy gave up, he did wished for
someone to be with him after all, but didn't expected it would be an
annoying one.

He did sense some upcoming danger and doesn't like it, though he
needed some exercise so it's just perfect that he arrived, well not
to make it obvious to the older guy who seemed eager for dinner.

"So what brings you here and how did you know I'm here?" asked
Kurapika trying to be polite to the not so welcomed guest.

"Me? Well my sources told me and anyway I just want to be with you."
winking back seductively.

"Is that so? Hmp! seems unbelievable, I haven't really put my trust
in you yet so don't go as if you can manipulate me." Kurapika said
turning his back from the guest.

"Hey there, I really meant what I said but let's eat first the food
is getting cold okay dear." putting his hands over the trembling
shoulders of Kurapika.

"Don't call me DEAR! I'm not your close friend or anything HISOKA!"
he slaps off the hands away from him.

`Not yet$ B!&(B

The smiling clown thought and blushing at the same time.

This made Kurapika even more suspicious and uncomfortable.
So they proceed to dinner with matching candle lights. (Hisoka
requested the candle lights. Kurapika with no other choice, though he
did like the romantic idea.)

As they showed proper etiquette, they have been observing one another
while both of them were eating.

`I never knew he is such a silent and neat eater besides that awful
perverted look!' Kurapika thought sipping elegantly his soup.

`I've always known he has the potentials, to be a loving partner.'
the smiling Hisoka thought back too.

They both ate dinner silently and secretly exchanging glances and
thoughts of appreciation and discrimination.

"Hei" Hisoka started to speak after he ate desert, smiling like a
playful child. "That was a very delicious meal, did you cook it?"

"Who else would have cooked it, my shadow?" he replied with eyes
looking away.

Hisoka with a big sweat drop and eyes almost out of sight.

"Hmm$ B!&(Bharsh again, I guess you don't like me much do you?"

Kurapika didn't reply and just went on with his dinner with Hisoka
just watching him silently.

After the jar of juice was already empty, Kurapika finished his

Ignoring his guest he stood up and started to clean up while Hisoka
tried to convince that he would wash the dishes.

"Red eyes let me do the washing please so I can find myself of use;
you did cook a wonderful dinner for us"
Kurapika's eyes widened with annoyance yet amused also by what he
just innocently said.

"Excuse me$ B!&(B I cooked it for myself and I didn't expect some unwanted
guests around."

"Fine, curse me but I'm not letting you get all dirty and wet" Hisoka

"Hello excuse me, washing dishes isn't dirty?!"

"Well I wanna do it for you then." Hisoka pleaded sweetly.

Hisoka suddenly embraced Kurapika tightly,
This made Kurapika angry yet finds it sweet at the same time.

"Shit, let me go of me or else I'll kill you!" struggling as if he
didn't like it.

"Let me wash the dishes, I'll let you go then" Hisoka almost
squeezing him out senseless.

Kurapika tried to calm down and finally started thinking it's not
worth fighting for or also a waste of precious bathing time.

Kurapika finally let him wash the damn dirty dishes.

"If you love washing dishes so much, FINE! Make it squeaky clean and
after you wash the dishes you may afterwards leave!" Kurapika closing
his eyes to not see his reaction.

Hisoka smiling and very happy at the decision Kurapika made,
He hugged him even tighter almost not letting go of the poor kid.

"Thanks for the trust" Hisoka closing his eyes as if dreaming.

"Hisoka$ B!&(B" Kurapika said softly.

"Yes" he replied sweetly,

"You can remove your tentacles now"

"HUH?" Hisoka just blinked.

"Your *hands*, you BAKA!" his eyes turning red again.

"Oh Sorry$ B!&(B#34; Hisoka said getting all pump up. (For washing dishes ;p)

As he finally lose grip on Kurapika who angrily almost thrown the
dishes at Hisoka who skillfully took hold of them and started washing.

Kurapika took a deep `sigh' and hand him the apron for water

"Here, you might get wet" trying to not make any eye contact.

"Why thank you, how sweet of you." Hisoka said smiling seductively.


Kurapika not able to stomach his words and good looks anymore went to
the staircase. Hisoka still not getting his sight off the young lad.
Kurapika made faces before going upstairs to take his usual hot bath.
As he is in the tub thinking of how to get rid of his um$ B!&(Bsuitor I
mean visitor.

He just can't help thinking of how Hisoka looks terrifying but
exceptionally cool in his deadly battles that gives him the creeps
and chills but now he's with him having dinner and begging to *wash
the dishes*! What a thought that tickled his funny bone, that he
can't control his laughter to outburst.

For some time *someone* gave him a reason to smile. After 50 minutes,
Kurapika went down to check if Hisoka is still around and if he has
fulfilled his duties and followed his suggestive order.

He noticed the dishes to be well wash indeed, he thought of where on
earth did a deadly man ever learned to wash dishes like a pro he
guess it's the dish washing detergent that's to be praised not *HIM* .

As he was relief of the disappearance of his grateful visitor, He
slowly went upstairs when suddenly he heard a strange noise in his

`It must have been Hisoka trying to trick me with another one of his
practical jokes again.' Kurapika thought without blinking.

He quickly went in without any hesitation to find out who really was
inside. The room was empty yet he searches for clues of what made the
noise, he checks the faucet but impossible of it to make such noise
and searched out of his window to see if anyone's outside. Nothing is
in sight, none but the moon and the evening nature with the cool
breeze dashing through his golden hair.

`That was weird.' Kurapika thought as he was still not at ease with
what he heard as if a warning not to let his guard down or something
might dangerously happen!


He tried to sleep, he rolled, twisted and still can't sleep. He
turned on the CD player and played his favorite orchestral music
which was composed by Wagner. As he was getting drowsy and started to
close his eyes, someone not far was observing him and waiting for the
moment that he would finally fall asleep.

Kurapika was sleepy yet feels very uncomfortable. He twisted and
turned again and again he almost fell asleep when the electricity
suddenly turned off. He quickly jumps off his bed when it was hotter
and it was getting too dark to see. He tried to look for the candles
and flashlights at the last place he thought of finding them yet he

He swore he had lots of candles and flashlights in his room that was
so strange of not finding even one. He figured out that someone had
stolen all his lights! Maybe the noise has something to do with the
current missing items. He heard the wind as if it was calling his
name or was it just his imagination.

He can't understand why it was hot when in fact he was just enjoying
the wind few minutes ago. He started changing his pajamas into plain
white sleeveless and tight shorts, though he didn't feel like it but
he has no choice now feeling a lot cooler then before. He locked his
door tight for security though he let the window open for some air
and he was in the 2nd floor anyway. As he laid back in his bed he
notice the bright moon and the glittering stars, he doesn't need the
candles or the flashlight after all and the cool breeze suddenly came
and made him so drowsy that now he felt into deep slumber.

The moon was bright and someone felt romantic because of it. In the
deep nearby woods the predator sensed that his prey is now asleep. He
jumped as quick as a fox, high enough to reach the window and into
the dark room of the sleeping bishounen. He saw Kurapika, sleeping
like a baby in his silky smooth bed; he stared at Kurapika for a long
time. He finally decided to crawl over to him; he was on top of
Kurapika's body. It reaches to feel the semi-erect manhood of the
young man.

The intruder was surprised that Kurapika was moaning his name.
Kurapika was dreaming and blushing or is it more of fantasizing ahead
of him. The intruder felt a tickling sensation; he wants, he needed
and loved Kurapika. His hands explored beneath the thin garments of

The young lad seems too detached to ever feel its gentle caress. An
intruder has invaded Kurapika's primary treasure ~ his *virginity*.

Time seems slow and Kurapika felt hot inside and started to move
along with his unnoticed intruder. He never felt like it before, he
felt more warmer each second and his body was like in a trance that
he can't even open his eyes for he felt so tired than ever. He felt
being undressed in a savage manner it seems like his clothes were
ripped apart treacherously.

Now he felt cold, feeling he was totally butt naked yet something or
someone had made him warmer much warmer than before. He felt
something soft like a baby's skin on top of him, smoother than any
silk he ever felt and he also started reaching out for it. Alas! He
did touch something pure skin 100% baby smooth skin; he has guessed
this person to have been using *Dove* or *Johnson's baby powder*! He
felt a very funny feeling about this, he swore he has touch this kind
of skin before, the hot breathe made him blush and every licking
kiss, touch or gentle caress made him grew even hotter. He can't take
much more of this sensational pleasure, he came without any warning.
His intruder is not too pleased with this, he came too soon sooner
than expected he is truly still not use to this kind of experience.
The horny intruder started going faster in his actions and decided to
go rougher this time, he doesn't mind if Kurapika is a virgin or
*not*. As each time Kurapika gave a very timid yelp, the intruder
gets more turned on and manages to get all what Kurapika has left.

The intruder finally came and both are now tired of all the exercise
done. Both lie asleep in the midst of dawn,

"Kurapika I love you so much$ B!&(B#34; the last word the intruder gave before
his last full graphical kiss and then finally shut his eyes. He was
right next to Kurapika. Kurapika can't help but smile, he has felt
more loved than before in his entire life.

Morning came$ B!&(B
Kurapika opened his crimson eyes and the sun was shining brightly. He
was surprised that he doesn't have anyone with him in bed and he was
wearing the same (not ripped) clothes and nothing unusual at all. He
seemed sad, he did enjoy it so much. He wonders if it was all a
senseless dream and more or less is called *sick fantasies*.

It's a shame it was too good to be true and he seems too damn real to
be a dream! Blushing Kurapika thought that if he wasn't been hard on
Hisoka maybe he could be the one that's with him last night. He took
a bath and went downstairs to somewhat feed his empty stomach.

The table was prepared, food was served$ B!&(B
"What on earth!!! W-who prepared this!" he shouted with his face
totally surprised.

Maybe it wasn't a dream after all; the intruder must be still in his
rest house right now. He rushes to the kitchen but no one was there
and he ran to the garden yet still no sign of human life.

He finally went back to the dining table and started eating. He never
thought it was even much better than his cooking. Maybe this was a
set up to confuse him, and then suddenly he saw a note sticking out
under his plate$ B!&(B
It stated$ B!&(B`Dear Kurapika,
Thanks for last night it was a nice evening being with you.
I really did enjoy your company, until next time.'

He was so surprised by what it meant, is it the erotic night or the
unexpected dinner with the clown Hisoka?

He searches for the name yet he found none, it was totally a mystery
for him. He gets his cell phone and search for the number of Hisoka.

He called and Hisoka answered$ B!&(B
"Morning, red eyes enjoyed your sleep last night." He greeted happily
as if like he was totally innocent and doesn't have any clue why
Kurapika just called.

"Don't act dumb, you left a letter and you prepared my breakfast!"
Kurapika spoke in a very rash manner.

"Um$ B!&(Bso?"

"What do you mean so?!" Kurapika hissed.

"That's my way of saying Thank You, Why? You don't like it. Does my
cooking taste so bad that it's nothing compared to your cookin' last
night?" Hisoka replied almost frowning.

Total silence for a while, Kurapika felt a little guilt on his

"It's not like I didn't like what you did, I just want to ask if you
were here the entire night?" Kurapika tried to lower his voice.

"Yes, I admit I didn't go home early and I waited for you to fall
asleep so I can prepare you something special."

"I knew it was *YOU*, it was you who raped me last night when it was
brown out!!!" Kurapika gave a snarling sound.

"What the f@*k are you talking about; you are accusing me of that
crap! Why? Would I rape you$ B!&(Byou're a boy for crying out loud! I
wouldn't be stupid and crazy enough to have sex with someone younger
and so na$ B!&(Be as YOU!" Hisoka shouted madly trying to defend himself.

"You moron, bastard, idiot!!! I know you have a crush on me, admit
you're FAULT and I'll forget all about that CRAP you did last night!"
Kurapika now in tears and started to grip his cell phone tight.

"Even if I or someone did rape you, it doesn't matter you won't get
pregnant anyway. What's the big deal virgin conscious boy?" Hisoka
teased in an evil way.

"You senseless Assthroat! After I fed you last night's dinner this is
what you repay me, your ever green jokes and lunatic ways." Kurapika
started to really get turned off.

Hisoka shut down his phone and cut off their conversation. Kurapika
was very pissed off at this and he threw his cell phone hard on the
wall that it almost broke, good thing he put some mighty strong nen
on it. He was so mad that he cried and loudly sobs. All Hisoka said
and did was way too painful for him, he could have just admitted it
maybe he could have agreed that both of them can stay together. He
then tried to convince himself to forget about what happened and move

He then suddenly noticed a pair of hands over his shoulder. Kurapika
thought it was Leorio because of the familiar male fragrant. With out
looking who it was, he just hugged him tight and sobs aloud again.

"Hu uh hu hu$ B!&(Bsomeone just damn made me so angry of his selfish
actions, he had no idea how it hurts and how he *means* to me."
Kurapika can't stop his mouth from saying his problem. The figure
hugged in return and spoke in a mild manner$ B!&(B
"I didn't mean to cause you pain, My love. I always wanted your
happiness may it be my death. All I ever did do was to be so selfish;
I never wanted to make you cry. I'm so sorry for being so rude on you
boy." He said it without any fear of rejection.

Kurapika shook his head and thought$ B!&(B

`It couldn't be, no impossible, how did he got here so fast?!'

He has just confessed his feelings to the person who had just made
him cry. He tried to break free from the tight embrace, yet it became
tighter. He looked at the face$ B!&(Bthe face of his Hisoka and his
crimson eyes more flooded in tears. He never felt satisfied by just

Hisoka lowered his head and his lips touch against Kurapika's pink
Kurapika didn't know what to react about the sudden movement. All he
knows that is that he too wanted Hisoka badly and wouldn't want to be
left all alone again. He was just mighty thankful he was at his side.

Hisoka's kisses electrified him all over, he felt the same kiss that
the intruder gave him and now he is convinced Hisoka was really the
one and only suspect. But he didn't care, now is the time to be more
open and accept what feelings he has for a long time. As Hisoka's
tongue finally came to a stop and left Kurapika panting.

"Kurapika to tell you the truth, I was the one who hide all your
lights and I was the reason for the brown out here. I went outside to
let you think I was gone already. Then I sneak into your room and
there it all happened." Hisoka admitted and accepts his fault.

"I was too in love with you; I wanted to be with you for even a
night." Hisoka continued.

"Why didn't you just tell me, I am in love with you too?" Kurapika
smiled honestly and gave Hisoka back his grin. Both men got more
confidence now than ever.

Hisoka and Kurapika both agreed to be with each other and decided to
not let others know of their relationship. For now, they are sharing
their deep emotions in the same place where it all began$ B!&(Bin the
Kurapika's bedroom.

Author's note: Assthroat is a word, I'd invented not really supposed
to be a bad word. It happened when my yellow fanatic and anti-yaoi
guy friend (or is it? Which always say I'm sick$ B!&(B ok his voice
sounded rough and I'm supposed to tease or say he got *sore throat*
yet the word that came out from my mouth was assthroat! My friends
laugh and I was so clueless and as I finally get it, I laugh hard too
and they started teasing me calling me an assthroat! Readin' too much
yaoi is a bit getting into my verbal language,
I know and they pin-pointed that out too. Alright hope you enjoyed
till next time!!!

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