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The Last Night on Earth Speech

by BoredStraight

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Oneshot that takes place the night before Dean, Sam, Castiel, Joe, and Joe's mom go on the mission to kill the devil with the colt

**The dialouge in the first part of this story was taken right from the show. Everything that happens after is just a fantasy about what could have happened between Joe and Dean***

Joe and her mom watched in amazement as Castiel downed another whole row of shotglasses.

"I think I'm starting to feel something." The angel said proudly.

The two women just stared, mouths open, then exchanged a look and busted out laughing.

"I gotta slow down, there's no way I can keep up with you." Joe said as she got up to get a beer. She opened the fridge and leaned heavily on the door as she bent to grab a beer. She was really starting to feel those shots. Joe stood, spun around, and was suddenly face to face with Dean. She felt the same excitement and nervousness she always felt around him.

"Hey." He said.

"Hey." She replied.

"So, dangerous mission tomorrow." Dean said as he leaned back against the counter. "Guess its time to eat, drink, and well... be merry." He continued.

Joe tried not to laugh, "are you givin me the last night on Earth speech?"

"What?" Dean said.

"What?" Joe mocked him.

"No!" He protested weakly, both of them laughing awkwardly before he said, "If I was...would that work?"

Joe set her beer down before turning to look deep into Dean's dark eyes. She came closer until their lips almost brushed and Joe could feel his hot breath.

Her hands wandered up to play with his short hair and caress his neck, before she pulled away and said, "sweetheart if this is our last night on Earth I'm gonna spend it with a little thing I call self respect." Jow finally couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing before she walked away to join her mom and friends.

"If your into that kind of thing." Dean called out behind her.


Joe was lying down on a couch in Bobby's living room trying to stop the room from spinning. The picture Bobby had forced them to take and Castiel's grim prediction was a real downer on their party, but it hadn't stopped anyone from drinking. It had gotten Joe to start thinking seriously about how likely tonight really was her last night on Earth. There was still so much she wanted to do with her life for it to end now. Joe glanced over where Dean was laughing with everyone and started to regret turning down his offer so fast.

She had a crush on Dean since he first walked into the Road House, but Joe refused to be just another one of his famous one night stands. If anything happened between them she wanted it to be special and mean as much to Dean as it would to her.

But, her drunken mind reasoned, if this was her last night on Earth it would be special and mean something. Plus, she thought, it would have to be a one stand if they only had one night left!

Joe sat up and smiled, happy that she had convinced herself what she wanted so much right now, was the right thing to do.

Just then, across the room, Dean yawned and stood up, "We should all get some shut eye before the big day tomorrow." He said.

Everyone agreed besides Cass who said, "I don't sleep. Ever." Dean handed him a half empty bottle and said, "have fun then."

Joe got up to join everyone hugging and saying goodnight. Usually their little group was far from being touchy feely, but it just seemed right tonight.

Everyone parted ways to head toward their rooms or one of the bathrooms. Good thing Bobby had a large farmhouse to fit everyone. Joe went to her room and waited at least twenty minutes until everyone settled down and she couldn't hear anything.

The door creaked loudly when Joe opened it, she cringed and hoped everyone was to drunk or already passed out to pay attention to strange sounds.

As quietly as she could Joe crept down the hallway to Dean's room. Luckily his door wasn't shut all the way, so it didn't make a sound when she opened it. Dean was sprawled across the bed on top of the covers wearing only his boxer briefs. Joe hoped he wasn't to drunk to....uh....perform.

Joe gently shut the door and whispered, "Dean!" But he didn't even twitch.

"Dean?" Joe whispered louder and walked over to the bed.

"Dean, wake up!" She sat down and nudged his arm.

When his eyes flew open Joe jumped back, heart pounding.

"Joe?" Dean asked as he blinked his eyes trying to see her.

"Joe!" He exclaimed as he sat up. Dean grabbed both sides of her face, crushing her into him, he began to kiss her passionately.

And to think Joe had been nervous about what she was going to say.

Dean wasted no time taking off her shirt and jeans, as if he was afraid she'd change her mind.

He stared unashamed at her lying on his bed in just her bra and panties.

"God, you are beautiful." He whispered.

Joe just smiled and pulled him back down to her lips. She bit his lower lip playfully and he smacked her bottom in mock punishment. The he slide his tounge ever so softly along her lips before they parted granting him access, his tounge darted inside to dance with hers. Joe moaned into Dean's mouth when she felt his erection press agianst her.

Joe pushed away and shoved Dean backwards on the bed. Then she climbed up his body, reaching back to massage his engorged cock through his boxers, while she licked and nibbled his neck.

Dean moaned as she kissed a trail down his neck and chiseled chest and abs. Slowly she made her way down to where he so wanted her to go. She stopped massaging briefly to tug his boxers off, he lifted his hips to help her. As soon as his dick was free of the confining material it bounced free, proudly pointing upward. Joe pulled his boxers free and flung them across the room, then she crawled forward, hovering just above his cock.

Very gently she caressed his shaft, barely brushing her fingertips against his velvety flesh. Then she circled the bottom of his dick tightly with her fingers, pulling the skin down to expose all the nerve endings in the head.

Joe bent and took the head gently between her lips, circling it with her tounge. Very slowly she moved down until her mouth was pressed agianst the ring her fingers made at the base. Then she leaned back a little releading him from the wet confines of her mouth. With the hand already encircling his cock Jow moved it up and down, using her saliva as lubricant, making his dick wet and slippery. Dean moaned loudly, trying to prop himself up on the pillows to get a better view of what Joe was doing to him. She leaned down taking him into her mouth again, this time she pressed her mouth against the ring her hand made and using both her mouth and hand bobbed up and down on him, making him moan as his entire length was caressed on every stroke.

Dean gasped, "Where did you learn to do this?"

Joe just chuckled making her mouth vibrate around Dean's cock, causing him to moan even louder.

She took her free hand and caressed his balls, gently pulling on them, cupping their weight in her hand as she sucked him.

Suddenly Dean tugged her hair making Joe pull back.

"You gotta stop before I blow and the fun ends." Dean explained, sitting up more. "Plus it's your turn." He added before darting forward to grab her, throwing her down onto her back.

Joe giggled and pretended to try to get away, but Dean soon had her trapped under him. Dean unhooked her bra, took it off, then sat back to fling it sling shot style. Her panties soon followed, Dean grabbed her hips and dragged her forward, closer to him on the bed.

Dean's head dipped and he started to kiss each side of her inner thighs, deliberatly avoiding her most sensitive area. Joe moaned in frustration and wiggle slightly. Dean slapped the side of her ass, "Hold still." He commanded. Joe struggled to obey as he ever so lightly ran his tounge over her shaved pussy lips. When his tounge finally dipped inside her Joe grabbed the pillow beside her and snashed it agianst her face to smother her long moan.

Dean licked her slit up and down, with long slow strokes. Joe unbured her head and looked down at him, his beautiful face bured in her pussy. Dean caught her watching him and held her gaze, slowly licking upwards before settling on her clit, suckling and flicking it with his tounge, all the while staring into her eyes.

Joe turned away from his intense gaze, the pleasure coursing through her body was almost to much to take. His tounge worked her non stop, her pleasure built and built until she exploded into ecstasy. Joe's body went totally rigid, she held perfectly still, while inside her it felt like every cell in her body exploded with pleasure. Dean never stopped his wet caresses while she rode out her orgasm.

She lay spent and exhausted on the bed while he got up to get something from his duffel bag. Joe heard plastic ripping and saw him put a condom on his impressive length.

"Hope your still up for some more fun." Sean said as he walked back to her. Joe sat up resting on her knees, they kissed and she could still taste herself on his lips.

"Oh I'm just getting started." Joe whispered.

"That's my girl." Dean smiled and lifted Joe up walking them both over to the low dresser pushed against a wall. Dean set Joe down on the edge of the dresser, she wrapped her legs around him drawing him close.

They both moaned as Sean slowly slide into her. Joe squeezed his ass making him hold still while she adjusted to his length. As soon as she released him Dean slowly started pumping into her, gradually building up speed. Soon the dresser was banging agianst the wall rhythmically, but neither cared if they woke the whole house up.

Dean reached in between them to Joe's clit, rubbing and pinching it in time to his thrusts. She dragged her fingernails up his back making him moan.

Suddenly Dean lifted her and walked back to the bed, still firmly inside of her. He pulled out and tossed her back on the bed, then flipped her around so Joe was lying on her stomach, ass in the air.

He entered her from behind, holding onto her hips as he started to fuck her hard. His balls slapped her ass and the noise made Joe even more wet, increasing both their pleasure. When Dean reached around and began massaging her clit again Joe almost screamed. Then Dean leaned forward, hips thrusting wildly, and bit the back of her neck causing an orgasm to rip through her body out of no where.

Her pussy clamped down on his shaft, her walls contracting all around him. Dean let out a rough shout when he started to cum before he collapsed across Joe's back.

After a minute or two Joe opened her eyes, "Ugh, your gotta get off, I can't breath."

"I thought I did just get off." Dean said as he pulled out of her causing Joe to gasp, and flopped down beside her.

"Ha ha, very funny." Joe said, unable to think of an intelligent come back when her whole body still felt all tingly.

Joe reluctantly started to get up with the intention of getting dressed and slipping back to her own room to get some much needed sleep.

"Hey where are you going?" Dean said holding her arm so she couldn't go anywhere.

"We both need sleep. Tomorrows a big day."

Dean hesitated before saying, "Stay. If this is my last night on Earth I want to spend it holding you."

"Wow I thought you were a tough guy. Never thought in your heart your just a clingy teenage girl!" Joe teased.

"A clingy teenage girl huh? I'll show you a clingy teenage girl!" Dean said as he rolled onto Joe tickling her.

"For real though, I've wanted this for a long time." Dean whispered in her ear.

"You want every girl." Joe said dismissing him, and turned her head away.

Dean caught her face in his hand, gently turning her to face him.

"Not like this." He said as he kissed her tenderly. Who knows, Dean thought, if they survived tomorrow this might be the start of something special.

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