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by LucifersConcubine

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An old friend seeks out Lucifer, Hell gains an ally, and someone gains a new "friend". If blasphemy isn't your thing, you won't like this.


Lucifer was in the middle of skimming through the latest news from the earthly plane regarding him and his companions when a soft knock interrupted him.  Scowling at the closed door, he considered telling his visitor to fuck off but something wouldn’t let him.  “Enter,” he called instead, watching as the door opened slowly and a demon poked his head in nervously. 

“You have a visitor, Lucifer,” he expressed, not looking at the archangel.

“I have a what?” Lucifer asked, disbelief apparent in his voice.  “No one comes here.  Not willingly at any rate.”

The demon fidgeted.  “He insists upon seeing you, sir,” he murmured.  “It’s one of them … from above.  He has … pink wings, sir.”

“Anael,” the archangel breathed, stunned.  Instantly he schooled his face into its usual icy indifference, locking down whatever memories had attempted to surface.  “Send him in.  I doubt this will take long.”

The demon was gone before Lucifer could blink, and scant few seconds later Anael walked through the door.  The archangel was dressed in a snug light-blue shirt with equally snug, strategically ripped jeans.  His short, platinum-blond hair was tastefully mussed, and as usual he was smirking. 

“Some things never change,” Lucifer remarked dryly, studying his former friend.

Anael raised one perfect eyebrow at Lucifer, violet eyes scanning over his form quickly.  “No they don’t, do they?” he countered.  “You’re still a walking advertisement for sin itself.”  Not giving the archangel time to respond to that, he uttered a heavy sigh and draped himself over the chair by the massive, ebony desk.  “Since you never sent word to me, I thought to pay you a visit.  It wasn’t easy getting here, I’ll have you know.  The least you could do is act happy to see me.”

“Yes, Anael,” Lucifer bit out, “the least I can do is act.  If you want an overjoyed greeting, you’ll have to find that elsewhere.”

“Lucifer!”  Anael looked genuinely hurt, brow furrowed and eyes widening.  “Why are you so angry to see me?  I thought we were friends!”

Those pale eyes erupted in a sea of frozen flames, and the archangel leaned across the desk to stare into those wide, violet eyes.  “I spent four thousand years in the care of twelve of Michael’s sadistic, depraved toadies,” he hissed, horns and talons appearing.  “Four thousand fucking years, Anael, and in all that time not fucking one person I thought I could count on as a friend even tried to get me out of there.  You all left me there to fucking rot.  I have no friends now.

To Lucifer’s surprise, the archangel burst into tears.  Vainly struggling to hold that intense, remorseless stare, Anael gripped the arms of the chair to keep from screaming at Lucifer.  “I tried, Lucifer,” he got out instead.  “I tried going to God – he wouldn’t see me.  I tried talking to Uriel, and he wouldn’t listen either.  I even tried rallying up a group to go after you … Michael found out about it.”  Shivering, he slowly reached to remove the shirt he wore so Lucifer could see the scars that lined his chest and back.  “I tried to get you out … you were the only real friend I had.  The only one I knew I could trust not to hurt me.  The only one who never minded my … orientation.”  Looking away abruptly, he hastily pulled the shirt back on and stood up.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll leave you be.”

Lucifer rounded the desk, putting a hand on the slighter archangel’s shoulder before he could walk out.  “No,” he murmured.  “No.  I’m the one who’s sorry, Anael.  Forgive me, my friend.”

Anael turned to cling to the taller archangel, sobbing into his chest brokenly.

As Lucifer stood holding his friend, an emotion he hadn’t felt in ages surfaced and a single tear spilled over a high, sculpted cheek.  “I’m so sorry, Anael,” he breathed.  “I’m afraid I’ve gotten good at hurting people … at being the spiteful bastard everyone believes me to be.”  He paused, holding him a bit tighter.  “It was too easy to believe you had all turned your back on me.”

When he had calmed down enough to speak again, Anael drew a shuddery breath and rested his cheek against Lucifer’s chest.  “If I asked to remain here, would you take me in?” he asked.

“You are one of the angels of Creation, not to mention one of the luminaries concerned with human sexuality – do you really think they’ll just let you go?” Lucifer countered.

“They would throw a party if I left,” Anael stated.  “Lucibel, are you forgetting that I am blatantly gay?”

Lucifer smirked.  “That’s rather hard, considering you have pink wings,” he teased mildly.  “If you are sure, though … you have a home here with us.  Though I must warn you – my companions are nearly all over-sexed, perverse bastards.”

“Attractive?” Anael inquired, looking up at him shrewdly.

“I suppose you could say that,” Lucifer replied.  His mind went to Azazel, and an idea formed.  “There is one here I consider a good friend – good enough that he’s earned my trust at any rate.  He’s never seen Heaven”—

“Azazel,” Anael murmured.  “It’s rumored he rivals you in beauty.”

Lucifer sighed, shaking his head.  “Who started that rumor about me I’ll never know – I don’t see that I’m so different from anyone else,” he grumbled.  “As for Azazel … he’s exotic.  He’s not like us, or any of the others.  Between you and I, if I were so inclined I might pursue him.”

Anael raised an eyebrow.  “That’s saying something, Lucibel,” he said.  “I know good and well you were never interested in men.  You definitely aren’t now.  Almost a shame, really.”  He shrugged.  “I’m sure, though.  I’ll lose nothing by staying here – in fact I’ll gain.”

“Then come with me, and let me introduce you to the others,” Lucifer expressed, leading him to the door and down to the library where they all seemed to want to converge.  “I’m reasonably sure they’re all beside themselves wanting to know who came to visit me from above.”  He glanced down at Anael.  “How did you get here?”

“Through much treachery,” Anael confessed.  “I drugged that new angel they’ve got in charge of records so I could hunt down where this place was exactly – they keep it under lock and key – and then I drugged the guards at the gate so I could get out without notice.  Er, relatively without notice, that is.  I imagine when they wake up, they’re going to want my head on a platter.”

Lucifer could only laugh, opening the door to the library.  As he expected, all of his friends were gathered in there and at once all eyes zeroed in on Anael in curiosity.  “We have a new resident,” he announced, smirking some.  “He has turned his back on his home in favor of ours, and committed vile acts to get here.  I present to you all Anael, one of the former angels of creation and luminaries of human sexuality … and the only true friend I ever had above, since he has risked his life twice over now for my sake.”

“I remember you,” Samael said, getting to his feet with a smile.  “We met once, at that get-together Naamah threw.”

Anael studied the auburn-haired angel for a moment, and recognition kicked in.  “Oh my!” he said, laughing some.  “You’re Sam!  I had no idea you’d been kicked out also.”

Samael shrugged.  “They didn’t like my attitude,” he said. 

Belial purred, lounging on the divan and idly toying with the fringe on a throw pillow.  “What a pretty, pretty little bird,” he commented, green eyes glittering.  “Does he like being stroked, I wonder?”

“Belial, behave yourself,” Azazel scolded.  “He’s only just arrived.”

At the sound of that soft, rich baritone, Anael’s eyes went to the djinn and froze.  “Lucibel, I’m going to choke you,” he murmured.  “Exotic does not touch him.”

“Finally, someone who can see I’m not the most beautiful thing God ever created,” Lucifer muttered.

Azazel approached Anael slowly, his black eyes falling over the angel’s slender form.  “It’s a pleasure,” he greeted, taking his hand to kiss the palm sensually.

Anael shivered, his breath catching in his throat.  “I believe the pleasure to be all mine, Azazel.”

Lucifer bit back the grin, sliding away from them to go sit by Asmodai and Samael.

“You’re a fiend, Luce,” Samael murmured, smirking.

The archangel shrugged.  “I know Anael, and I’ve come to know Azazel fairly well also,” he expressed.  “I thought them a good match, once Anael stated his desire to remain here with us.”

“He’s going to be a good addition,” Ba’al said, nodding. 

Azael looked over at Lucifer.  “Do you think there’s any chance of snaring more like him?” he asked.

Lucifer laughed softly.  “I do not know, Azael,” he replied.  “Possibly, since those above take a very narrow view of same-sex pairings.”

“Oh goodie,” Belial murmured, rubbing his hands together.

“Don’t even think it,” Asmodai warned the redhead.  “You already have a harem – you do not need more.”

Belial gave him a mock-wounded look.  “Asmodai, I merely meant in the sense that we would have more allies here,” he tried.

“Oh bullshit,” Lucifer countered, smiling some even as he said it.  “You’ve propositioned everyone here at least a dozen times, with the exception of me.”

The redhead gave him wide eyes.  “I’m perverse, not crazy,” he stated.  “I enjoy my existence – I sure as fuck don’t want it to end prematurely.”

Lucifer looked at Azael and Ba’al.  “Am I really that intimidating?”

Both of them nodded emphatically.

He chuckled.  “Good to know.”

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