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A Summer's Rest

by Calvinpayne12498

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Throughout Inuyasha's life he has been facing armies of both demonic and extraterrestrial terrorists from Naraku in the Feudal Era to the Black Arms and the Illuminus during his time as a Guardian and under Madea's leadership and advice. One year after the fall of the Illuminus, Naraku's demise, and the BSAA's operation within Kijuju his operator, Serene Haze felt that Inuyasha and his fellow Guardians within Syracuse Island, a five story stronghold that looks like nature had dominated the base, but advanced technology has been dominant inside that they needed a month to enjoy the incoming summer and some time off. While his newlywed wife and princess of Atlantica, Harmony and the rest of the girls (including Madea) decide to spend the month exploring the world Inuyasha and his male friends would have to endure Joe's marijuana addiction and Mr. Brown's hilarious mispronounciations, his ridiculous wardrobe, and his attempts to drag them to church on Sundays. Can Inuyasha and friends survive the month ahead?

Chapter 1, Prologue

It was the last day of May as a woman with red hair was running about in the Syracuse Island command center looking for her team's operator calling the name Serene before making any turns or opening any doors, but when she reached the operator's office she found a note on the holographic keyboard and it read:


If you are reading this then I am away in a series of conferences I have to attend for the entire month of June. When the date says June 1, 2010 you can do whatever you want to relax for the summer, except let Joe start trouble. Once he makes a successful attempt on this objective, you are free to do whatever you like to punish him.

See you again at the fourth of July,

Serene Haze

P.S. Joe cannot be allowed to have people in this stronghold, because if he lets one person in, he's more likely to invite more over for his "pimp" parties.
After she read the note she picked it up and headed outside room 217 (Madea's Room) and pressed a button to speak into the room from the doorway and after a brief feedback she called Madea through the doorway speaker phone.
"What the hell!? Ariel!?" said Madea "You know my room is almost usually clogged with paperwork for each of y'all, cause there ain't nobody but the office lady and Laia Martinez buggin' me about it each and every day! Why you callin' me this early?" Ariel responded "Serene had left me a note about her whereabouts and..." "You got a note from the operator." Madea interrupted "and I think we should hold a meeting about it." Ariel concluded and then Madea said "Everybody is probably still asleep ever since about 9 to 10 o' clock at night why the hell you want me to call a meetin'?" she asked "The crazy people ain't messin' with no body, are they? Are they runnin' around messin' with your comrades?" Ariel responded "No, Madea it's about our plans for June." "Well I'll wake everybody up during the sunrise, here. I ain't wakin' up no body durin' no 3 o' clock at night." Madea commanded as Ariel responded with a simple "yes ma'am" before returning to bed.
Later that day Madea played a reveille to wake everybody up and have them prepare for the meeting while saying through the intercom "It's time fo' a meetin', GET THE FUCK UP!" among them the newlyweds Inuyasha and Harmony woke up agitated and said "Madea always does this!" as they get out of their bed and groom themselves before they left their new suite and enter the meeting room along with the others until Joe walks in and the door closes behind him causing him to fart and scaring him for a bit "Y'all almost had me flattened, here!" Joe yelled as he walked towards the table. "First one to come in again, huh?" a man with silver hair accompanied by akita dog ears told Sonic as they noticed the evolved blue Mobian hedgehog was sitting between Madea and Ariel "Heh, that's why they call me 'the Fastest Thing Alive'" Sonic responded. "So why did you call this meeting, Madea? “A yellow-orange Mobian fox asked Madea. "Tails, Madea didn't call this meeting. I did." said Ariel. "WHAT!?" everyone else except Madea shouted, as a response Ariel nodded and said "But, before we can get the meeting underway, Joe has to leave!" "You heard her, bastard. Now get the hell up out this room and leave us alone.” said Madea. Joe mumbles as he leaves the room and takes the elevator to the third floor. “Now," Ariel said "We've been too busy fighting off terrorists and the SEED for almost 4 years and we've never had a well-earned break from time to time. That is before Serene left this note in her office" the note on Serene's holographic keyboard appeared in Ariel's hand from another dimension via her nanotransformer and tosses it to the center of the table. "You mean we can do whatever we want?" a pink Mobian hedgehog asked Ariel "Yep, as long as we keep track of Joe's behavior, Amy." she responded. "I got an idea for the summer" Kagome said after thinking about what are they going to do for the first month of summer. "What's your idea, Kagome?" Ariel asked in an exciting manner and Kagome answered "We can go on an expedition around the world for the month and in the last day we'll rush back here before Serene returns from her conferences in time." "But, we should leave the guys here to keep an eye on Joe" Sango inferred to Ariel and Madea
"Because I don't trust a certain monk among them"
Everyone else gives a cold stare to a monk who's hand is shown groping Sango's butt. Ariel sighs as the silver haired man asked "What... is Miroku up to his shenanigans again?" Ariel gives the motion to tell everyone else to hide and then pulls out a gun from her nano-transformer. "Mom, you're just like Madea sometimes..." a woman with sapphire blue hair with bangs similar to her mother and her own pair of dog ears said silently as she begins to hide under the table. Noticing that everyone was missing Miroku looked around the room and saw Ariel with a GRM Serpentine handgun aimed at him, "Not again..." he said in a worried, but calm tone as Ariel pulls the trigger causing a photon bullet to be fired towards the perverted monk. Miroku however, avoids the bullet as it creates a hole in the window behind him. "He tryin' to get her a lethal injection already." Madea commented about the incident as everyone else comes out of their hiding spots and returns to their seats as the window repairs itself. "Anyway, my daddy is supposed to stay us this month and I would like you guys to take care of him while we're gone, okay" Ariel told the men while she was putting away her handgun. "What's wrong, Inuyasha?" Sonic asked as he noticed that Inuyasha's cheeks have started to turn red. "Inuyasha, that's not like you" Miroku commented about Inuyasha's predicament. "Inuyasha, you shouldn't be shy when we mention him" a man who deems to be Inuyasha's father-in-law told him in a manner of calming the newlywed half-demon. "Maybe, you're right, father" Inuyasha firmly responded as his cheeks return to normal "I've been too busy with various missions to see him anyway. It's definitely a good change of pace for me" "Anyway should we invite your sister's to join us?" Kagome asked Ariel. "Hmm... that sounds like a good idea." Ariel responded "They haven't gotten to see the entire New Gurhal System before."  "Um, mom" Harmony interrupted "Aunt Arista left Atlantica trying to bring us home before Terumi tried to kill us remember." "I know that Harmony," Ariel told her daughter in a motherly tone "although she did run into Litchi that one..." "Don't bring Litchi up!" a red Mobian echidna with long dreadlocks on his head shouted. "Yeah, please don't mention her or what she did to Aunt Arista" Harmony suggested to her mother. "Okay, so when do you plan to leave?" Sonic asked "The ladies should leave at the first day of the next month" Miroku answered although Sonic was not asking him that question. "That coming from you, monk?" the echidna asked in a serious tone "I think you're trying to start resisting those lecherous urges you have." "You sure about that Knuckles?" Sonic questioned Knuckles' theory about Miroku's urges "No doubt about it" He replied. "The first day of the month is tomorrow right?" Harmony's twin sister Melody asked as Madea began to show signs of annoyance as she said "Oh, lord." "What's up, Madea?" Inuyasha asked his superior "Brown and Cora's 'posed to be comin' tomorrow." she responded "Wait; Cora's coming with us to the universal tour too right?" Amy asked "Yes she is," Ariel answered "I've already called her about it and she said that she'll spare the month to travel the world with us." "Alright then, you girls better get ready" Sonic told the females before anyone leaves the table "because tomorrow might come to us quicker than you think." Everyone then gets up and leaves the meeting room except for Inuyasha and Harmony. "Well, Sesshomaru's supposed to be staying here tomorrow," Harmony told her husband "so I don't want you two fighting over anything, deal?" "Okay, Harmony" Inuyasha told his wife "but you know he left Sector Seven after Lucifer died."
"I know I heard he joined our ranks after what we've done. The GUARDIANS has assigned him to live in our base by the way."
"Well although we don't particularly like each other that much they probably reserved a suite for him. Although it’ll spoil the son-of-a-bit..."
A photon sword similar to Inuyasha’s, but has a curved blade underneath the hilt; a Temsaiega is shown poking his chest. However the poke did not draw blood from the wielder's lover.
"Alright, I'll let him have the empty suite next to ours."
"Good, I'll start packing for tomorrow. You don't mind if I take the twins do you?"
"Nah, you can take them. They probably need to learn about the world anyway."

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