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The Trenches

by MissJenRose

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Written randomly 3 years ago at about 2:30 in the morning. A short little thing about Roy and his team's life in the trenches during a war.

A shot

A shot. A scream.

Blood splattered on the ground. A fresh corpse; Still bleeding, still warm.

Roy and Jean throwing themselves at Alphonse; Tackling him, holding his arms apart so he can't clap and transmute.

“Brother! BROTHER!!” Alphonse screams as he tries to fight against his two friends restraining him; His brother can't be dead just like that! He just CAN'T be!

“Chief!” Jean ducks, dragging Alphonse and Roy down with him as bullets fly over their heads.

Another shot. A gasp of pain.

Riza slides down into the trench with them, clutching her bleeding shoulder. She'd been lucky, unlike Edward…

Yes, it was true. Bloodshed only led to more bloodshed.

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