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Bits and Pieces: Various Worlds (Mature)

by Strailo

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Various one shots of various fandoms that have smut and/or violence, or enough of it to be considered mature. Requests are welcomed.

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Chapter 1, Mission Loving for Kiterie

Bits and Pieces: Various Worlds (Mature)

Title: Mission Loving

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Shikamaru/Kiba

Requested by: Kiterie

Word Count: 698

AN: So this went better then I originally thought it would. Still not quite happy but still! I did pretty good with it so far. I hope you guys enjoy. Big Smile




The mission had gone off without a hitch, Kiba and Shikamaur having surprised themselves by working rather well together. They were still a day away from home but were tired and had set up their camp for the night rather early. After everything had been set up and a fire started, Shikamaru had plopped down in front of the fire and relaxed while his companion had disappeared into the woods, saying something about taking a quick bath.

The lazy nin eyed where Kiba had disappeared into, shifting as he thought of the mission and the way the other had been acting during it. It had been interesting to see the way the other acted around him during the entire trip, making him wonder if the rumors of Kiba liking him in a leader role more then just as a suborbinate were real or note. Considering the information came from Sakura and Naruto, he was still wary about believing it.

Finally the curiosity got the better of the lazy nin and he hauled himself up, brushing the dirt off his ass before walking towards the woords, wondering if he could get away with lightening a cigarette before deciding against it.

“Troublesom,” he muttered, shaking his head with a soft snort. Finding the river, Shikamaru stopped in the shadows and looked over the scene before him, eyebrows raising upwards as he spotted Kiba standing hip deep in the running water.

Kiba was standing with his side facing the beach, one hand holding onto a low hanging brance, head tipped backwards as his other hand slid over his length. Long fingers tipped with claws slowly worked over the hard prick that leaked, adding slickness to the sure, long movements. Soft pants were the only sound that Shikamaru could hear beyond the rush of the river.  

Shikamarus mouth went dry as his blood rushed south, making his cock twitch and harden in hsi pants. The sound of his name spilling from soft lips as come spilled over long fingers made his entire body jerk before he very carefully turned away and headed back to camp, being careful of how he walked.

Muttering about troublesome mutts, Shikamaru lit a cigarette as he tried to get the lust that boiled in his blood to calm down. Settling down to think about what he saw and the rumors that he had heard about Kiba, he thought back to all the times they had worked together, just them and in a group. As he thought, he noticed that the Inuzuka always jumped to attention when he had to give a command as a leader.

Apparently, in more then one way.

Looking up as he flicked his cigarette butt into the fire, Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at the rather flustered look on Kibas face before smirking widely. The dog like male looked at him before trying to inch to the tent and not look like he was as the shadow user stood, walking towards him.

“So, Kiba, how long have you wanted me?” Shikamaru drawled, eyes glowing as Kiba twitched, eyes widening ever so slightly. “I see. So, what am I to do with you?”

“Do?” Kiba asked in return, rather proud that his voice didn’t waver as he felt very much like a prey being stalked by a predator.

“Do about this need. See, I have the same urge, but not with myself, but rather with you. Now, I suggest you get into that tent, strip down and find something slick while I put up some perimeter jutsus and traps,” Shikamaru purred, his voice taking on a stronger edge, eyes watching with predatory pride as Kiba went stiff before him. “Move it,” he continued, enjoying the way his companion dived for the tent. Taking a few minutes, Shikamaru set the trabs and jutsus before slipping into the tent, finding Kiba nude and hard already.

The shadow nin was pleasently surprised to see that Kiba was more then happy to enjoy the night. Though Shikamaru had to wonder if one could have a kink for growling during sex. And just how troublesome it was going to be to get home with a limp that they both had.

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