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EdxRoy & RoyxEd (Untitled)

by pickleweasel

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Why is Roy bound naked in Ed''s bed? What will Ed do to him? What will the consequences be? Based in animeverse, 3 years after "Conqueror of Shamballa". Contains both EdxRoy and RoyxEd.

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Chapter 1, Bound - EdxRoy

A/N: There is AUDIO of this chapter, split into two parts: http://www.4shared.com/audio/mwANz1Sh/bound_part_1_-_edxroy_part_1.html and http://www.4shared.com/audio/hXSCzcQx/Bound_Part_2_-_EdxRoy_Part_1.html . You can listen to it streaming of download it.







            Given the situation, Ed’s nervousness was understandable. When he had opened the door earlier that evening, he hadn’t expected to end up with a naked man in his room. Yet there lay Roy Mustang, bound, blindfolded, and gagged atop Ed’s bed, sleeping off the alcohol that polluted his mind and body.



            Ed could barely believe that he had done this to the Flame Alchemist. The audacious and inappropriate comments he had made to Mustang in his earlier teens had been often been deserved, he reasoned to himself. But he had never done anything like this. Such a cruel and shameful act wasn’t necessary given what Mustang had done, but Ed had committed himself to his plan anyway.



            It wasn’t even like he hated or resented the former Colonel anymore. In the year that they had worked from the same office after Ed’s return to Central, the young man had gained respect for the experienced alchemist. He had even reluctantly begun to like his superior, who was considerably less smug since the events culminating in his fight with the homunculus Fürher and departure from the military life. Mustang and Ed understood each other much better than they had five years before. So much had happened since then.



            About a year and a half after helping to prevent the invasion from beyond the gate, Al and Ed formulated a way to return to Amestris and still close the gate they opened, and took the opportunity without hesitation. Upon their arrival at the Rockbell house back in Resembool, they were lovingly assaulted with hugs by Winry, and given a more respectable greeting by Rosé and Pinako. For the first few weeks, Ed had to handle excited chatter from his automail mechanic and friend, who equipped him with a new arm and leg to accommodate his new height. Apparently Ed had grown to a relatively respectable five foot seven, and was finally taller than Winry and Al. Ed was proud that at eighteen and a half, he finally had reached the height and build of an adult, albeit a somewhat short one.



            Living in Resembool with no worries was fine for Alphonse, now that he had his brother back and felt no obligations to do anything but live the peaceful life he had yearned for. Ed, however, soon grew restless, having become so accustomed to a hectic and exciting life over the years. He was barely using alchemy, and didn’t feel that he was doing anything productive with his life. After all the selfish things he had done to regain his brother’s body, and the deaths of people who had helped him, Ed felt the need to give back and help others. His stay in Resembool lasted only six months, much to the disappointment of Al, Winry, and Rosé, all of whom had been bonding with Ed more than they had in the past. Pinako understood the young man’s motivation the most, and accepted his decision. The others reluctantly followed suit, and a few days later, Ed waved goodbye to them from the train platform. One suitcase in hand, he left to see if there was still a place for him in Central City.



            When he arrived in Central, Ed checked into a cheap motel since he wasn’t sure whether he would be staying long. He spent a while doing research on what was going on in Amestris in general, trying to decide what to do. Having heard only vague descriptions of the new government and military, Ed was pleasantly surprised to find upon his return to Central that the majority of the reform had been for the better. Amestris was no longer a militaristic, warmongering nation, but was at peace with the surrounding countries. The new military administration had even sent troops to help the Ishvalan refugees and citizens of cities like Lior to rebuild and once again live normally.



            What was just as important to Ed was that State Alchemists were no longer used as weapons, but instead had their own branch in the government separate from the military. The new role of State Alchemists was to help the people of Amestris, whether through research, training new alchemists, or helping in the rebuilding of cities and towns. Research projects involving chimeras, human transmutation, and the Philosopher’s stone had been abandoned due to all the problems they had caused.



            Upon learning all of this, Ed decided to reclaim his silver watch and the title of Fullmetal Alchemist, if the department would allow him. He filled out the necessary paperwork and written exam, and was told to await a call the next day from the selection committee who would determine whether to let him progress to the skills portion of the exam. It was a hassle having to retake the entire qualification exam, given that he had passed with flying colors the first time, but Ed understood since he had deserted the military and had been away for years. Although the State Alchemist Organization no longer was a part of the military, he was sure they would take his military records into consideration. This couldn’t be good for his chances due to the reports of insubordination, mass destruction of property, excessive spending, and desertion that probably filled his military file.



            Ed distracted himself from his self-doubt by going out to buy new clothes. He hadn’t brought much more than socks and boxers from Resembool since the rest of his clothes were too casual for the life he had planned for the city. The only other item of clothing Ed had brought was a new red cloak, identical in design to his old one. Wandering aimlessly throughout the commercial district, Ed found himself in front of the shop where he had bought his standard black clothes years before. Surprisingly, they still had black boots, slacks, belts, tank tops, jackets, and white gloves very similar to those he had worn in his years as a State Alchemist. After buying what his budget allowed, Ed returned to the motel. That night he ate a less-than-hearty meal, and went to his room in hopes of getting some sleep.



            After an all-too-short night of sleep, Ed was awakened at seven in the morning by the shrill ring of the phone. Knowing the call could only be from one source, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and pinched himself to wake up before answering the phone. The caller, probably a secretary, told Ed to come to headquarters as soon as possible for the final part of the qualifying exam. His nervousness from the day before dissipated, and he dressed quickly in his new clothes that reminded him of the past.



            When he arrived at headquarters, Ed was directed to a room for the skills portion of his exam. He didn’t even pay attention to the committee when he clapped his hands together and pressed them to the marble floor, erecting a life-size, detailed sculpture of Al’s old armor body. He wasn’t sure why he did this, maybe in case anyone who had known him and his brother was on the committee. For extra flair and to amuse himself, Ed transmuted the chestplate open, then again clapped and touched the floor, and a statue of a kitten emerged from the marble. After gently placing the kitten in the marble armor, Ed finally looked up at the eight committee members. Several of them were grinning, and one was laughing openly. It was Armstrong, who Ed was not surprised to see was still a state Alchemist. But what caught his attention more was the head of the committee, who stared at him without smiling.



            “I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your talent, or your sense of humor, Fullmetal.” His voice was as expressionless as his face.



            “Colonel,” Ed said with a touch of annoyance.



            “Not Colonel anymore, this is the State Alchemist Organization, not the military,” It seemed that he resented his time as a dog of the military. Ed couldn’t help but notice his eyepatch, a reminder of the culmination in Mustang’s involvement in defeating the homunculi.



            “Sorry,” Ed said somewhat sincerely.



            “Well, gentlemen,” Roy said, looking at his committee, “all in favor of reinstating Edward Elric as a State Alchemist, raise your hands.”



            All of the men’s hands rose into the air, Armstrong’s the quickest of all. Roy did not raise his hand, but as the committee leader, he was not expected to. Still, Ed wondered whether the former Colonel would have voted to reinstate him, given his cold welcome.



            “Congratulations, Fullmetal. You may approach to collect your silver watch,” Mustang proclaimed, his voice still flat.



            Ed did so, and took the watch that the older man offered. After clipping it to his belt loop and putting it in his pocket, he stared straight into Roy’s eye. “I guess I’ll be working for you again, Colonel.”



            This time Roy did not correct him, but merely nodded. Ed strode slowly from the room and awaited orders from the higher-ups.



            For the next year, Ed was happy to work for the people of Amestris. It was a relief to travel without the fear of death catching up to him or destruction following in his wake. The downside of his new job was that he spent more time in the office with paperwork. It was excruciatingly boring, and Ed finally sympathized with Roy for postponing doing the work as much as possible. A corollary to being in the office so much was that he had more contact with Armstrong and Mustang. He had gotten used to Armstrong’s intensity and bizarre personality, and was able to ignore the ridiculously buff man’s proud declarations of his family history and overemotional reactions. It was different with Mustang, however. Ed hadn’t forgotten how much Roy had helped him without him realizing it years ago, and was finally able to swallow his immature pride to reconsider his old feelings. The Flame Alchemist was a good person, and it was only natural that he and Ed were able to put aside their differences to form a camaraderie. They still bickered over senseless things, though short jokes were no longer part of their repertoire as Roy now only had an inch on the younger man.



            “Just casual friends, and colleagues,” Ed now said to himself, staring down at Roy’s nude form. The man’s chest rose and fell slightly with each breath as he slept peacefully despite his restraints. I shouldn’t be doing this, Ed thought. But it was Mustang’s fault after all.



            “Why did you…” his murmur trailed off, and he reached out his left hand, letting it trail down his superior’s chest. The skin was smooth, and warm despite the chill of the apartment. Ed shivered, whether from the cold or some other feeling he didn’t know. He thought of what had started a few hours before, still not understanding or believing what had happened.



            It was about nine in the evening when it all began, and Ed had already been home for several hours. The apartment he had been renting since he got his job had become “home” in his mind, a small comfort when his brother and the others he considered family were so far away. After a long Friday finishing paperwork, Ed had trudged inside from the cold that marked the transition between autumn and winter. Too lazy to do anything about heating the apartment, he only took off his cloak and gloves, leaving his jacket and boots on. Dinner was followed by reading at the dining room table, something he had grown accustomed to since he had library access again. Suddenly, at nine, the Fullmetal Alchemist’s daily routine was broken.



            An erratic knock came at the door, and Ed jolted a bit in his seat. Replacing the bookmark in the text he had been reading, he walked cautiously to the door. Years of being in danger of death had ingrained certain habits in him, and Ed looked through the peephole, not making a sound. The person whose face was enlarged by the fisheye glass was not one Ed expected would ever turn up at his apartment. He opened the door anyway.






            “Fullmetal,” Roy said, a hint of a slur and another tone Ed couldn’t recognize in his voice. Mustang stepped over the threshold, wobbling slightly.



            “You’re drunk.” It wasn’t a question, Ed recognized the signs. “What do you want?” He didn’t know what to do in this situation but close the door before giving Mustang more room to enter the apartment.



            Roy glared at Ed and murmured, “You.”



            As Ed tried to process what Roy had just said, he was suddenly shoved and pinned up against the wall. Roy tried to kiss him, but missed his mark and his lips landed on Ed’s jaw.



            Squirming under Mustang’s weight, Ed let out a shrill cry. “What are you.. mmmrfff!” Again Mustang was able to catch Ed off guard, and planted his lips against the shocked man’s open mouth, quickly and roughly shoving his tongue inside. His right hand found its way to the front of Ed’s trousers, and Roy groped and stroked insistently at his captive’s groin while continuing to kiss him. Flustered and fully understanding what was going on, Ed was able to free his hands well enough to push Roy’s hand away from his crotch, and pry the man’s face off of his own.



            “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Get off of me!” Ed looked into Roy’s lust-clouded eye between the fingers of his automail arm. Disgustedly, he shoved Roy away as hard as he could. Stunned, the man stumbled into the wall and his head hit it with a loud crack. Ed jumped aside as Mustang fell to the floor, unconscious.



            Heart beating rapidly, Ed gasped for breath. He stared down at the unconscious Flame Alchemist, reeling from what had just happened. Why in the world had Roy come to the apartment and done that? He wasn’t naïve, he knew that Roy must have wanted sex, otherwise he wouldn’t have groped Ed. But why from him? As far as he knew, the former Colonel was painfully straight. Though the Fullmetal Alchemist’s preferences were the opposite, he had never thought of his colleague in that way, probably because he subconsciously assumed he had no chance with the undoubtedly attractive man.



            But now wasn’t the time to worry about that, as there were two more important matters at hand. A painful throbbing in his groin told Ed that he was hard, and he looked down at the bulge in his tight pants in frustration. It was no surprise; after being groped, even unwillingly, it was normal for a healthy young man to get aroused. Normally Ed would take care of himself when he got a spontaneous or pornography-induced erection at home. He had taking to masturbating daily, since he now had privacy, free time, and access to the gay porn magazines that Central had to offer.



            Unfortunately, this was not the time for that, as he had an unconscious man to deal with. Ed unfastened his belt and pants with an annoyed sigh, pulling them down slightly so that he wouldn’t crush his erection any more. Kneeling before Roy, he pressed the fingers of his left hand against the man’s throat. The pulse was a bit quick, but steady, and Ed felt relaxed puffs of breath from between Roy’s lips. Relieved, he went about taking care of the drunken alchemist. He had to get Mustang into bed, but first it made sense to take off the man’s shoes, socks, and jacket. The shoes were easy enough, but he had to lift Roy’s limp body to peel off the jacket. Leaving the clothes on the floor, Ed braced himself and lifted Roy, one arm under his knees and one around his shoulders. Surprisingly, the older man didn’t seem very heavy, maybe since Ed was almost as tall as him, and had a few pounds of lean muscle on Roy.



            The apartment was small, so it was easy enough to carry Mustang into the bedroom. As he stepped into the room, the image of a newlywed carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home before ravishing her in their bedroom came into his head. Ed groaned inwardly at the idiotic thought before dropping Roy on the bed. What was wrong with him?



            Well, what now? He might as well make the unconscious man more comfortable. Ed knew it wasn’t pleasant to sleep in work clothes, and preferred to just wear boxers. He unbuttoned the white shirt tucked into Roy’s black slacks, and pulled it off with some difficulty, then tossed it aside. Ed hesitated before he moved his suddenly shaking hands to take off Mustang’s pants. It’s just to make him comfortable, Ed reasoned, and resolutely undid the belt, button, and zipper before pulling the slacks off Roy completely and dropping them on the floor.



            He had planned to tuck Roy under the covers then leave him alone, but then something changed. Ed had not expected his heart to race again at the sight of the nearly naked Flame Alchemist, but it did. His eyes were drawn to the considerable bulge in the older man’s briefs, and his erection, which had been going down, came back at full force. Shit, shit, shit, Ed cursed himself. This was not good. What the hell was he supposed to do in this situation? He slumped down into the chair at his desk, trying to think.



            Although he had not thought of Roy sexually in the past, it was hard not to now. The former Colonel obviously had some sort of interest in Ed, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to the apartment that night with sex on his mind. After a bit of thought, Ed was surprised to find that he wouldn’t be opposed to the other’s advances, had they been less forceful. Roy hadn’t wasted time by being subtle and hinting at what he wanted, and this annoyed the young alchemist. Even though he suddenly wanted Roy too, it wouldn’t be right to just let the other man fuck him after the rude kiss and grope at the door. Ed wanted to have the upper hand if anything was to happen between them.



             So how to go about making sure that he was in charge when Roy woke up? It only took a moment for an intriguing idea to enter Ed’s mind, and he laughed. The magazine he had fortuitously found in Mustang’s desk a few months ago would help by letting Ed use one of his superior’s fetishes against him.



            Jumping to his feet with a burst of newfound energy, the Fullmetal Alchemist went about making the necessary preparations. It was easy enough to use two handkerchiefs to tie Roy’s wrists to the bedposts above his head, and take a third to tie around his head as a blindfold. He transmuted a plastic cup and another handkerchief into rubber gag that he could put into the sleeping man’s mouth and tie around the back of his head. Ed stripped off the older man’s underwear, revealing his manhood, which, though not erect, seemed impressive. As a finishing touch, he opened the drawer of his bedside table and took out the bottle of lubricant he used for masturbating. This is all he would need to both get back at Roy for being so bold, and to pleasure the both of them.



            And now the young man stood over his captive superior, having lost his confidence and regained his confusion at the older alchemist’s advances. Ed was having second thoughts, but he had already gone so far and there was really no turning back. He wanted Roy, and Roy wanted him, so why not take advantage of the present situation? Besides, he figured that once the bound man awoke, his instincts for interacting with Mustang would kick in and he would be able to keep the upper hand without losing his nerve.



            What to do until then, though? Now that he wasn’t doing anything, Ed realized he was hard again. He sighed in annoyance at his hormones before realizing that this wasn’t really a bad thing. If he came once now, he would be able to last longer when he had Roy to deal with. And he knew exactly what he was going to do to the man tied to his bed. Ed chuckled, thanking himself for going into a section of the library off the beaten path to borrow books about sex between men. He always liked to do his research, a habit that sometimes was unnecessary, but in this case gave him an advantage.



            Undressing quickly, Ed tossed his clothes on the floor and grabbed his bottle of lube and a hand towel. He stood next to the bed once again and slicked his left hand with lube, gripped it gently around the head of his cock and began stroking slowly. Muffling a groan, the young man braced himself against the bed with his automail arm and continued pleasuring himself while staring at the gorgeous man in his bed. Ed bit his lip to keep from making noise as his grip tightened and he pumped faster, driving himself closer and closer to release. A few minutes later, his body spasmed and he came in his hand in several intense spurts, resting more of his weight on the bed to keep from falling to the floor. After his rapid heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, Ed stood shakily and wiped his hand on the towel. Noticing a metallic taste in his mouth, he licked his lip, and realized that when he came, he had had bit down hard enough to draw blood.



            If he could have an orgasm that intense just masturbating over the older man, Ed wondered how good it would feel to come inside of him.



            “I need a shower,” the young alchemist mumbled to himself, “And some sleep.”



            Mustang showed no sign of waking any time soon, and it was nearly eleven. Ed sighed, took a clean pair of boxers from his bureau, and gave the older man one last glance before going to shower.



            The hot water pounding down on him soothed Ed’s skin and he could feel his tense muscles relaxing. He needed to be able to catch some sleep before Roy awoke, and a steamy shower before bed always helped him sleep, no matter how anxious or excited he was. As he washed, Ed imagined what it might be like if Roy were the one rubbing the washcloth over his body and massaging his scalp while shampooing his long hair. The thought was surprisingly appealing, and when the young man turned off the water and dried himself, he felt happily relaxed. After brushing his teeth, he braided his hair and looked in the mirror, admiring his physique. A bit vainly, Ed thought that it was no surprise that someone would find him attractive. It was about time, too; Ed had craved male attention for years but the opportunity had never arisen.



            Quickly pulling on his boxers, Ed returned to his room, where Roy still slept peacefully. Smiling, the Fullmetal Alchemist wrapped himself in a blanket and curled up in his chair to sleep as much as he could until Roy woke up. Though the older man was bound and gagged, Ed was sure Roy would be able make enough of a fuss to wake him up. And if not, he would just have to wait until Ed had slept enough. Happy with both scenarios, Ed easily fell into a comfortable sleep.






            The next morning, Roy gradually awoke, his groggy mind only able to process one sensation at a time. The first, of course, was the slight headache that always accompanied his thankfully mild hangovers. He next noticed a chill over his entire body, and came to the conclusion that he had been sleeping nude with no covers. Not remembering why he would do this, or where he was, he tried to open his eye to see where he had fallen asleep, but something, a blindfold of sorts, kept him from seeing anything. When he attempted to sit up, Roy was prevented from doing so due to his hands being tied to something, probably the bedposts. After a few moments of confusion, he began to realize that the situation could be potentially dangerous, considering he had no recollection of what had happened the night before and whether he had consented to being tied up. Roy tried to yell, “Is anyone here?” but all that came out was a muffled unintelligible sound as he could not form words due to the ball gag in his mouth. Frustrated and confused, Mustang began thrashing in bed as noisily as possible, trying to escape his bonds or call attention to himself. Using alchemy was not an option, as his hands were tied such that he couldn’t even attempt to scratch a transmutation circle into the bedposts or a hand, so he just rocked the bed as best he could.



            The commotion was enough to wake Ed, who yawned and untangled himself from the blanket to stand up.



            “Good morning, Colonel. Good to see you’re still alive,” he said, waking up quickly.






            “Oh, right, I should probably take that out.” Ed untied the gag and pulled it from Roy’s mouth.



            “Fullmetal?” Roy knew the voice and was utterly confused.



            “Of course. Your mouth probably tastes horrible. Give me a minute.” Smiling at his total control over the older man, he padded to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and rinsed with mouthwash and brought a cup of it to the other room.



            “Here, rinse with this.” Ed poured the mouthwash into Roy’s mouth, and after almost choking, the older man swished it in his mouth.



            “Spit,” Ed ordered, holding the cup against Roy’s cheek, and the older man again obeyed.



            “There you go. All better. I suppose you’re going to yell at me now?” He was having too much fun with this.



            “What are you doing, Fullmetal?” Roy finally had come to his senses enough to be angry.



            Ed huffed in mock annoyance. “I should ask what you were doing last night.”



            “I don’t remember,” the other man said angrily. “I have a few drinks at the bar, and suddenly I wake up here, naked, bound and gagged to your bed. Is this some kind of sick joke?”



            “You really don’t remember?” Ed was a bit surprised, but gave Roy the benefit of the doubt. “You came here, basically said you wanted to fuck me, shoved me against the wall, kissed and groped me before passing out on the floor. Remember now?” Ed said this with a bit of anger, though he had mostly gotten over it now that he was in control. He of course neglected to mention that he had been the one who rendered Roy unconscious.



            Ed could have sworn that Mustang blushed. The older man was silent for a moment.



            “That sounds vaguely familiar,” he conceded.



            Rolling his eyes, though he knew Roy couldn’t see it, Ed replied, “Right. So I guess you weren’t in your right mind at the time. Still, I figured I’d let you sleep here rather than kicking you out on the street.”



            “And ‘letting me sleep here’ includes stripping me and tying me to your bed.” He grew increasingly aware that Ed had the entire night to do whatever he wanted to Roy’s defenseless body. Nothing felt amiss, but the fact that the younger man had him in this compromised position and even now was probably looking at his naked body made Roy uneasy.



            “Well, I didn’t have to… but it just seemed the right thing to do given last night. I had to get back at you somehow,” Ed answered, cavalier attitude still in place. He could tell Roy was seething.



            “Untie me, Fullmetal. Where did you get the ridiculous idea to strap me to a bed like this anyway? Just to humiliate me and get a good laugh? Well you did a fine job of that, I’m assuming you took some photos to hand out at the office,” Roy growled.



            Ed was unperturbed, and a bit amused. “One, I got the idea from some photos in one of those porno magazines you kept in a drawer in your desk. You know, the one with a big bondage section featuring a busty blonde bound to a bed. Really, Colonel, you ought to be more careful where you stash that disgraceful material, especially while keeping someone waiting by being late to a meeting” Ed said, adopting a tone of voice that Mustang himself had used to chide the young alchemist after causing an unnecessary stir in one town or another. “And two,” he continued, not giving Roy time to interrupt, “I do plan to humiliate you. But not by taking pictures.”



            Sputtering, Roy addressed the first issue. “What I do in my spare time at the office is none of your business. That drawer was locked by the way, you had no right breaking into it to amuse yourself even if I was late for a meeting with you. And, how is it that you plan to humiliate me if no one else will get to see?”



            “Well,” Ed said with a grin, “You’ll just have to find out, won’t you?” He closed in on the powerful Flame Alchemist, prone and at Ed’s mercy.



            Roy could just barely hear Ed’s approach, but he soon felt the younger man’s weight settle on the foot of the bed. Grinning to himself, Ed quickly and forcefully spread Roy’s legs apart and knelt between them before Roy had a chance to snap them shut again.



            “Fullmetal,” Roy growled in warning, now relatively certain of what the other was up to.



            “What, I thought this was what you wanted,” Ed said innocently, trailing his automail hand over Mustang’s hipbone. This elicited a shiver, and a twitch in Roy’s cock, which made Ed grin even more. He continued to tease the delicate skin near the other man’s groin with the cool metal of his right hand, and leaned over so his breaths would fall directly on Roy’s penis. After a few moments, he noticed Roy hardening, and gently wrapped his hand around the other man’s length, pumping it slowly.



            “Stop,” Roy muttered, but his heart wasn’t in it. There wasn’t anything he could do to convince Ed to stop, and he resigned himself to enjoying what the younger man was doing. After all, sex with Ed was what he had wanted in the first place, though he had certainly not expected it under these particular circumstances.



            Sure that this was the case, Ed didn’t respond, but continued to play with Roy, stroking him to full hardness. Ed noted that the older man, though not huge, was a bit long, and a bit thick. Given his size, Ed could tell that it would feel amazing to have Roy inside of him. The thought sent a shiver up the young alchemist’s spine, and he fought to suppress fantasies from overtaking the present reality. That wasn’t happening now, Ed was in control. To reaffirm this, he suddenly took Roy in his mouth.



            A sharp intake of breath indicated that Roy had not yet expected this. Tentatively, Ed swirled his tongue around the head, tasting the older man, and was rewarded with a groan. Gaining a bit of confidence, he sucked a few inches into his mouth, then pulled back, and began bobbing his head up and down, applying as much suction as he could.



            Roy wished that he could see what was happening, but he had to resign himself to imagine the young man kneeling between his legs, doing his best, and succeeding quite nicely, at pleasuring him. As if obeying Roy’s silent wish, Ed suddenly began working his tongue into the action more, flicking it over the tip of Roy’s cock while still sucking, and gently rolling Roy’s balls between the fingers of his left hand.



            Having no prior experience, Ed had been taking cues from Mustang’s reactions as to what felt best to the other alchemist. The combination he had found seemed to be working, judging by Roy’s gasping breaths and bucking hips. Not wanting to be fucked in the mouth, Ed held Roy’s right hip down and continued his ministrations. The power he had over the man beneath him was exhilarating, and he had to admit that he wasn’t only enjoying giving head because of the control it gave him. It had a physical effect on Ed as well; having Roy in his mouth somehow made him hornier by the minute, and he wanted more.



            Startled by suddenly being released from the warmth and waves of pleasure coming from Ed’s mouth, Roy tried to look down at why Ed had stopped, only to remember he was tied up and blindfolded. Getting head could do that to him, make him forget everything else that was going on around him.



            “Why did you stop, Fullmetal?” He didn’t want to sound like he was begging for more, but the young man had started something, and he damn well had better finish it.



            Readjusting himself to sit cross-legged, Ed licked his dry lips. His cock was erect, tenting his boxers. “I want to fuck you.” The words weren’t quite as playfully menacing as before, but filled with lust. He wanted Mustang, badly, and he was going to get what he wanted.



            Roy had already known that the Fullmetal alchemist had been enjoying himself, but the statement still came as a surprise. The idea wasn’t wholly unpleasant, given what the younger man had just been doing. But he did have one request.



            “Take off this blindfold. I want to see you.” He could guess that Ed was blushing, but the younger man saw no reason not to, and Roy only got a brief glimpse of Ed’s face before warm lips crushed against his. Ed thrust his tongue into Roy’s mouth, as if providing a preview of what was soon to come, then their tongues tangled together. The younger man ended the kiss after a few moments, breathless, and Roy let out a low chuckle. Though he was still at the younger man’s mercy, it made him glad to know that they both wanted this.



            Overwhelmed with passion, Ed attacked Roy’s neck, shoulders, and chest, with lips, teeth, and tongue. He smiled inside whenever he heard a hiss of pain or pleasure, especially when he first licked, then bit down on Roy’s nipple. After a few moments he rose from his assault on Roy’s upper body and stared at him, panting.



            Roy’s eye swept slowly over Ed’s nude body, and Ed blushed self-consciously. He wondered what the older man thought of his appearance, whether he was adequate in Roy’s standards. Ed distracted himself by looking down at Roy’s form. “Damn, you’re hot,” Ed couldn’t help but murmur, and his blush deepened at the admission.



            Roy laughed. “You look pretty damn good yourself.”



            Nervousness dissipating, Ed smirked and the two merely stared at each other, eyes locked, for several moments.



            Breaking the silence, Roy said, “Well, didn’t you say you wanted to fuck me? Get on with it.” He didn’t want to beg, but his cock was rock-hard and his whole body was aching for more. The younger alchemist’s interrupted blowjob had felt damn good, and it had been such a tease.



            His mind somewhat clouded by lust, Ed became aware of two important facts. First, Roy, who had originally come to the apartment fully intending to have his way with Ed, was now fully submitting himself to Ed, which the young man found surprisingly sexy. Second, Ed was glad he had jerked off the night before because he was so horny he didn’t think he’d be able to last long.



            Leaning over to the side, Ed picked up the lube from the floor, then sat up and poured the slick liquid over two fingers of his left hand. Roy willingly spread his legs further apart, bending his knees to give Ed easier access. Ed tentatively brushed his fingers across Roy’s entrance, which made the other man twitch. Steadying Roy with a cold metal hand on a hip, and steadying himself by trying to push his nervousness aside, Ed pushed a finger through the tight ring of muscle. Roy found himself hissing at the intrusion. It had been a long time since he had been topped, and he had almost forgotten how it felt. His body began to remember when Ed, seeing Roy could take one finger thrusting in and out, added another. Letting out an involuntary contented and needy combined sigh, moan, and whimper, Roy pushed himself onto Ed’s thrusting fingers so that they would rub against his sensitive prostate. Part of his mind was stricken with embarrassment at having succumbed to being at Ed’s mercy, but he was too lost and aroused to care. This pleased Ed, who had become harder than he thought possible by watching Roy’s face and body as he prepared the older man for what they both so desperately needed.



            Withdrawing his fingers, Ed quickly slicked his cock with more lubricant and positioned himself at Roy’s entrance.



            “Wait,” Roy grunted, and ignoring Ed’s quizzical expression, lifted his legs to rest them atop Ed’s shoulders. Pushing himself slowly into Roy, Ed gasped at the pleasure of being surrounded by the tight heat of the other man, who groaned in response. After burying himself all the way, Ed paused, breathing hard and trying to adjust to the waves of arousal pulsing from his engulfed cock through his entire body. Roy was already comfortably filled and his body begged for more.



            “Move,” he ordered impatiently, a tinge of begging in his voice. If he weren’t tied to the bed he would sit up, pushing Ed over in the process, and ride the other man at his own pace, making Ed jerk him off at the same time. Or better yet, he would flip Ed over and fuck him hard until the body below him was trembling and screaming in ecstasy. But instead, he had to wait for the damned Fullmetal alchemist to be ready to fuck him properly. Thankfully, at his command, Ed pulled out halfway and reburied himself in the other man and was rewarded with a pleased groan. Getting a hold on himself, Ed began to thrust slowly, and waves of pleasure shot through him, centered on his cock. Roy, on the other hand, was hit with a jolt of wonderful sensation every time his prostate was brushed against, far too gently and far too slowly. He needed more, damn it.



            In a grunt, Roy managed to communicate. “Faster… harder… damn you, Ed…”



            Ed bit his lip to stifle the whimper that Roy’s need and demand elicited from him. He didn’t think he could withstand anything more without coming, but his hips obeyed, driving him forward into Roy with quicker, harder thrusts. He leaned further onto Roy and buried himself as deeply as possible in the other man. Having his legs stretched closer to his body hurt so good, and with every time Ed rammed against his prostate, Roy was driven closer to completion. He was moaning without realizing it and Ed wasn’t doing much better himself – the sounds escaping his throat were barely withheld whimpers and moans, as though by holding in his cries, he could further delay his impending orgasm. Burying his face in Roy’s neck, Ed thrust harder and Roy, unable to hold on any longer, let out an almost-scream when the pleasure built up in him and his balls tightened and he came, shooting semen out onto his stomach. The tightening of Roy’s inner muscles too much for him to handle, Ed followed him immediately, screaming “Roy!” as he came hard, cock pulsing with his long release.



            With a groan, Ed collapsed on top of Roy, whose legs quaked from being suddenly released. After a moment, Ed pulled out and rolled over onto his back. He faced the ceiling with glazed eyes, and for a few minutes, the room was quiet except for the two men’s labored breathing.



            “Untie me, Fullmetal.” When he regained some composure, Roy repeated the command he had intoned earlier.



            Ed didn’t even look at him. “What, so you can beat the crap out of me while I lie here, spent?”



            “Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to. I doubt I can move.”



            “Was I that good?” Ed asked with a grin, reaching over and untying the handkerchiefs onehanded. Roy didn’t answer, and a bit of worry crept into Ed’s mind. “Or is that a bad thing?”



            Roy sighed. “Is this your first time with a man?”



            Blushing, Ed muttered, “Yes. First time with anyone.”



            A bit surprised, Roy answered the younger man’s question. “You were good, yes. Especially for it being your first time.”



            Ed regained his confidence quickly. “Hmph, and I’m sure you have lots of experience, so you’d know quality.”



            “I’m not a whore, Fullmetal, despite whatever evidence I’m sure you’d bring up to prove otherwise.”



            Turning onto his side to face Roy, who managed to do the same, Ed continued to tease. “So you mean to tell me you haven’t had as many male lovers as you pretend to have girlfriends at the office? I’ve heard the others talk about how you spend paid time calling up one woman or another depending on the week. But that was all to cover up your sexuality, wasn’t it?”



            “Of course not, I don’t lie unnecessarily. Women flock to me, and who am I to pass up what they have to offer? Just because I’ve been with men doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the finer sex.” Roy smirked. Granted, many of his “girlfriends” had been covers for informants, but he didn’t feel like getting into that.



            Groaning at the euphemism, Ed processed what Roy had said. “The way you talk, it seems like you like women so much better. Why make things harder for yourself to be with a man?”



            Roy gave a one-shouldered shrug. “It depends on the person. I don’t usually date men, but if one comes along who’s worthwhile, that’s a different story.”



            “I feel so honored,” Ed said sarcastically. “Oh, wait, I’m the one who tied you up and fucked you.”



            “But I’m the one who came to you on my own, kissed and groped you,” Roy pointed out.



            Though he felt a small surge of pride, Ed chose not to reply to Roy’s comment.



            Continuing on a different train of thought, Roy mused, “So given by your actions and comments, I take it that you only like men.”



            “Yeah,” Ed said. “But I’ve never told anyone.”



            Roy laughed. “And the first person you tell, you only tell after fucking him.”



            Ed blushed again. He was used to being bold in achieving his goals, whether for personal gain or the good of others, but never in this way. Outside of his thoughts and desires, he had never been outwardly sexual, and had figured it was better that way for the time being.



            “When did you figure it out?” Roy asked, interrupting Ed’s thoughts.



            “Huh? Oh, when I had absolutely no interest in Winry’s hints or advances over the years. I can see that she’s attractive to others, but she really isn’t to me. And when thinking about that I figured out that I don’t like women at all,” Ed said honestly. “There’s just something about men that is so much more… I don’t know. Interesting, I guess.”



            Having held back until Ed was finished talking, Roy let out what sounded more like an evil laugh than his normal one. “I just thought you couldn’t get it through your thick head that she’s been in love with you for so many years.”



            “Hey, I’m not an idiot,” Ed said indignantly. “You’re looking at the youngest ever state alchemist, who defeated homunculi, performed a successful human transmutation, went beyond the gate, saved our world, and came back unharmed,” he boasted more than was necessary.



            “I just figured your growth was stunted in social and emotional aspects, given you grew up so fast. I’m glad I was wrong,” Roy replied coolly. “Anyway, what are you going to do about Winry? You’re going to break that girl’s heart if you keep ignoring her.”



            “You’re right. She still hasn’t quite gotten the message that I’m not interested.”



            “And she never will, unless you do something about it. Bring a man home, or get her to redirect her interest to your brother.”



            Smiling wistfully, Ed remembered the old fight between him and Al. “Yeah, he’s the one who really wanted to marry her. I do think he loves her, and they’d be happy together if she’d just forget about me.”



            The conversation had become too serious for Ed’s liking. He shifted back to the topic of Roy. “But, enough about me. Let’s talk about you,” he said in a teasing voice. “I want to know all about your male lovers. You said you’d only had a few, right?”



            “I don’t have to answer that question,” Roy said.



            Rather than demanding that Roy answer, Ed decided to make a game of it. “Well, I only know the people you’ve worked with… so let’s see. Havoc?  He’s good-looking, but you’re always stealing his girlfriends. So, that’s a no.” Ed didn’t expect a response. “Hm, who else would meet the great Flame Alchemist’s standards? Fuery? He’s cute and sweet… maybe too sweet. Brosh? He’s too in love with Ross. Not Breda or Falman, I hope. And certainly not Armstrong,” Ed said with a shudder. “Ooh, a threesome with Kimblee and Archer would have been quite something. I mean I doubt it happened but it would be hot to see you be degraded and dominated by them, I know that’s how it would be.” He relished the thought. “Maybe the Fürher? Oh, that would be rich,” he chuckled. “That’d be a good way to get to the top if he weren’t the homunculus behind all that shit we went through.”



            The last comment seemed to have hit a nerve. “Stop,” Roy said harshly.



            Ed flinched in surprise. “Huh? What? I’m just having a little fun.”



            Sighing, Roy closed his eye and tried to regain his calm. “Just… stop.” He didn’t want to get back into this, not now, after he’d been so thoroughly fucked.



            Ed rolled onto his side, facing away guiltily. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to… It’s just been so long but I guess… I mean, I was in that other world but you were here the whole time so I guess it’s closer to you…” Realizing he was rambling, Ed shut himself up. The last clouds of postcoital bliss had passed from his head and he felt like an idiot for bringing up the past.



            The resurgence of pain from the past was still strong, but now that Roy had taken a moment to brace himself, he was able to respond. “No Fullmetal… It’s not that…” Well it sort of was, come to think of it. After all, he had figured it all out before the rest of them… “Hughes,” he found himself saying.



            Shocked, Ed rolled back over to face Roy, who opened his eye again and looked at Ed stoically. “Hughes? You mean you and Hughes were lovers? But Gracia… and Elysia…”



            “Before them. He wasn’t overreacting over every little achievement of his daughter to compensate, he truly did love them and would never betray them. It was before he met Gracia, before the war.” Mustang wished Ed hadn’t forced him back into memories of his relationship with Hughes, memories that had brought him first happiness, then pain after their relationship had ended.



            Noting Roy’s reluctance but curious for more, Ed probed, “So was it when you were in the military academy?”



            Roy nodded. “Best friends, then one drunken night… and when we realized the next morning that we didn’t regret it, and that we just had to lose our inhibitions a bit to realize how we felt about each other, well, yes, we became lovers. It lasted several years, secretly of course, until he met Gracia.”



            “And he dumped you for her?” Ed was still trying to come to terms with the idea of Hughes having been with anyone other than Gracia.



            Roy let out a harsh breath he hadn’t known had been holding, and the tension in his chest eased a bit. “No. I let him go.”



            Neither man spoke for several moments. Part of Ed wanted to hold Roy and comfort him, part of him was feeling horribly guilty for dragging this back up. Now the impact of Hughes’ death on Roy made even more sense. “I’m sorry.”



            “I knew they would be happy together, so I gave them my blessing. I could always find another man, or another woman, I thought at the time.” And I did, Roy thought to himself. But none of the men could fill him the way Maes had, not physically, but more importantly, not emotionally. He had retained his best friend but lost that extra something that he had gotten from Hughes, something much deeper than sex. And the women, wonderful and charming as they were, lacked Maes’ devotion, and hard edge, and though comfortable, their physical and emotional softness was sometimes annoying. Realizing he was reminiscing in sexual metaphors, Roy laughed bitterly.



            Ed bit his lip. It was distressing seeing Roy like this, but he had realized a few things. “You loved him even to the day he was killed, and beyond that, didn’t you?” Roy eyed him with a look that asked ‘What do you think,’ and that was all the answer Ed needed. “Damn. Wow. I never would have known… I’m sorry Colonel.”



            “There are always losses in war, Fullmetal. Some are just more personally devastating than others. Yes, I lost my lover during the Ishval war, to a kind woman. I lost my best friend during the war with the homunculi, while Gracia lost a husband and Elysia a father. But when he was killed, I lost the chance to get over him during his lifetime.”



            “Doesn’t seem like you’ve even gotten over him by now,” Ed muttered, then immediately regretted it.



            To his surprise, Roy let out a dry laugh. “You wouldn’t know yet, you’re too young. But it takes a long time to get over the first and only person you’ve ever loved.”



            Giving that a moment to settle in, Ed let his mind run with all that he had learned. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go from person to person, trying to find someone who would not replace, but someone for whom he could give up the person who had been his only love.



            “You were thinking about him when you got drunk last night, before you came over, weren’t you.” It was a shot in the dark but Ed thought he understood now.



            Roy’s eye widened in surprise. The other man was more perceptive than he would have expected, and all he could do was nod.



            “Well I can’t help you forget about Hughes, not like I want to… He’s the kind of person you wouldn’t want to forget anyway, it would just be wrong. And I’m nothing like him, I can’t replace him… but I do like you, Colonel.” He laughed nervously. “Well, I guess it’s kind of obvious. I mean, I just had sex with you, at first it was just going to be to put you in your place for coming on to me, but… well, I guess you can tell it was more than that.”



            With a wry smile, Mustang reached out a hand to stroke Ed’s cheek. He appreciated what the younger man had said and felt a small surge of affection toward Ed. “Well, if it wasn’t obvious, I like you too. Not at all what I would have expected when I first met you. You were such an arrogant brat.”



            Relieved at Roy’s reaction, Ed leaned into the touch. “And you were an arrogant bastard. Besides, if you had liked me then that would have been sick, I was only eleven and missing an arm and a leg when you saw me for the first time!”



            They both laughed, the last of the tension that had built up during their conversation dissipating.



            “Come here, Fullmetal.” Roy proffered his chest as a pillow and Ed shifted over to drape himself across the older man. Roy held Ed in one arm, absently stroking his hair with the other hand, toying with the braid. The coolness of Ed’s automail arm across his chest felt odd, but not entirely unpleasant. Ed just lay there, enjoying being held, when something occurred to him.



            “That’s another thing,” he said, as though there had been no break in the conversation.



            “Hmm?” Roy continued petting Ed, and waited for clarification.



            “If we’re going to be in a relationship or whatever… I mean I assume that’s what this is… we can’t keep calling each other Fullmetal and Colonel. It’ll be weird to switch to our real names though…”



            “You’ve already said my name once, that’s a start,” Roy smirked. “You screamed it, in fact.”



            “What?” Ed asked, lifting his head up to look at Roy, confused, before it dawned on him. “Oh man… I said ‘Roy’ when we were having sex, didn’t I.” He didn’t need an answer. “Oh! But you called me Ed too… when you were begging for me to fuck you.” He smirked, feeling victorious.



            “Fair enough. Ed.” Roy looked into the younger man’s eyes and smiled



            “Colonel bastard,” Ed joked, and Roy glared at him. “No… Roy.” He grinned back, before the older man brought him down into a long, searing kiss.



            When they emerged, Roy said, “One more thing.”



            “Hmm?” Ed inquired happily.



            “Next time,” Roy said deliberately, bringing his lips to Ed’s ear and nipping at the lobe, “I get to be on top.”

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