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Memories Resurfaced

by Elite Saiyajin Jenny

Libraries: Adventure, Dragon Ball Z, Romance, Series

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An evil force that Vegeta once knew is returning, can he and Goku escape their clutches before it tears them from the inside out?

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Chapter 1, Reflection

Memories Resurfaced

By Elite_Saiyan_Jenny

Author's Note: Yeah, it's old. But I'm updating it as of late anyway so I thought I'd put the story up. ^_^


A pair of cold eyes stared into the darkness of space through his darkened spectacles as the spaceship advanced toward an unsuspecting planet.

"Approaching planet Earth, captain," a former cadet spoke. "Three thousand kilometers and closing," he added.

"Good work...Very good work," the owner of the eyes replied coolly.

'Soon I will be able to see you again, my friend. Then we can return to the old days and have some fun,' he thought with longing.


"Stupid woman..." a certain man with tall black hair, an unusual widow's peak, and a permanent scowl plastered on him growled. The woman he was referring to, Bulma, had just finished the usual verbal spar with him.

Normally, Vegeta would have jumped at the opportunity to argue with the woman that had took him in after the Namek incident, but he hated losing them. His life had taken a new turn ever since Namek blew up, Goku or Kakkarot as Vegeta called him left, and when he found out that he killed Frieza; the one whom had taken Vegeta from his family and blown up his home of Vegeta-sei.

He hated Goku for avenging the Saiyan race when it was him who should have. Then there was the mysterious purple-haired boy that had showed up less than a year ago. Vegeta knew that this boy was his future son. There was no question about it, the resemblance didn't sway too much, but it was there.

Ever since he and Goku showed up, things hadn't been the same. He had been constantly training to become a super saiyan and had always failed, and then Goku would show up every week to ask Vegeta for a quick sparring session. Vegeta thought Goku did this only to brag about his super saiyan abilities and hang it over Vegeta's head to reach. He hated that too.
To top all the things he hated off, Vegeta knew that the only thing stopping him from going super saiyan was...her.

Vegeta growled as he thought about it. Bulma, who was just about the most annoying person in the world, compared to Goku, had been weakening him with her 'sentimental rubbish'. Yet, he didn't hate it nearly as much as he thought he did. In fact, Vegeta would go so far as to consider the fact that he might even be attracted to this human female.
There was no doubt about it, and no use in trying to overlook her. But why not? She indeed was both beautiful and intelligent; he almost couldn't look at her anymore without thinking about how beautiful she was. But she was taken. Taken by that pathetic excuse for a human, Yamcha.

It was true that she did like him, a lot. But it was also true and a known fact that he had been cheating on her. He denied it, and Bulma believed him. Vegeta thought it was pathetic. He just wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp but Bulma would have hated him for that, and he wanted nothing more than to stay on her good side. He had a small feeling that Bulma might feel the same way about him.

'But who couldn't resist the handsome, intelligent, Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta Brief?' Vegeta mentally slapped himself for even thinking that he might someday even marry her.

Vegeta was brought back from his thoughts when the doorbell rang...numerous times. He growled, as he knew who it was without even having to sense it. That annoying doorbell ring was the signature of his very hated rival...Goku.


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