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Silent Witness

by versora

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This story was inspired by Nasumaru. I used a few lines from your little captions, hope ya don't mind. And thanks for taking my request, I love it ^_^. And yes, this is YAOI! (except for the bit at the end) There is smut in this peice. And it is done in the perspective of my OC, yes I said OC. And before you even start bashing me about it, if I wanted to put myself in the story I'd have written it thus. I am SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE BASHING ME FOR IT! Ok, pissed off rant over with. No offense to my friends who support my characters. And if the characters seem OOC a bit, SUE ME, I'm not frickin' perfect, 'cept for Alucard and Anderson. ^_^ Disclaimer: I do not own Alucard/Anderson. They belong to Kouta Hirano. Rating: M- for Mature, for sexual content and some language, and the possible corruption of a teenager's mind.

A full moon hung high in dark velvety night's sky, its soft white glow lit up the Earth in its peaceful glow, the silver stars dotted the blackness and sparkled like millions of tiny diamonds, adding more beauty to the summer's night sky. All was quiet in the halls of the Vatican; all were sleeping peacefully save for one. She had been hearing strange noises in the room across from hers for past night or so. She spent her nights and days at the orphanage, helping Anderson take care of them when she was not needed, and that was most of the time anyway, they keep on telling her she is too young to face the unholy Demons, she is only sixteen, but she can take care of herself, she proved that by pinning their best warrior to the ground, which was Anderson. She was rather disappointed that she was not given the opportunity Anderson did to show off her skills. <Hmmph, some Vampire Hunter I am, no one e'er gives me a job ta do...> she thought to herself. But this night was different, something felt odd, something was not right and she intended on finding out what it was, so she sat underneath the window to Anderson's room, behind the waist high hedge that grew there, she was in her nightgown it had a slit up one side from when it got caught on a thorn from her rose bush, and she waited for who ever it was that came to visit Anderson at night.

After and hour or so, but to her it seemed like forever, she felt the world around her grow deathly cold, the hackles on the back of her neck rose, she could sense the evil entity before she could see it, she knew it was there, she could smell fresh earth and roses? That was odd, her rose garden was farther away, something in her mind whispered to her, calling to her as if beckoning her, but she stayed put, then a shadow passed over her and through the window above her, she turned around quickly and kept low so as to not be seen and also so the moon's light wouldn't cast her shadow into the room and give her position away, she didn't want to know what would happen to her if she was found out, and she peeked through the window just above the window sill, the shadows in his room are long and dark. Anderson is sleeping peacefully for once, the shadow that passed over her materialized and took form, she could tell it was definitely a male, he had long black hair that fell past his broad shoulders and cascaded down his back and touched the floor, she could have sworn she saw his hair move, but it could have been a trick of what little light the moon gave off and the shadows, he had facial hair but was more like an accent to his handsome face which made him all the more beautiful, his eyes are a crimson color, his choice of clothing for tonight was a simple crimson colored button up shirt and black slacks, the gloves on his hands are black as well. The handsome figure slowly approached the bed and leans over the sleeping Paladin. Versora watched intently, wondering what the creature will do next, she knows she should try and stop him, but somehow she could find the strength to move.

The vampire gently kisses the Paladin, but he did not stir from his sleep, very slowly he began to pull down the covers that hid Anderson's nudity, the blonde's naked form was littered with scars from previous battles, but was still beautiful to look at, his form is muscular, his slight tan complexion seemed to glow a light blue color in the moon's silver light, and gave him an angelic air. Versora had seen the priest naked before, but that was purely by accident, and boy did she get a surprise, she blushed hotly and left his room. The cold air hit Anderson and made him shiver slightly, the vampire slowly and carefully climbs into the bed, the mattress barely dipped as he did, he then sits up on his knees his clothing melts away, and Versora had to swallow a gasp, she had never seen a vampire naked before, especially this one, he was now familiar to her when she got a clear view of his face, he is known as Vladimir Tepes Dracul, she shook silently in fear, though she should not be afraid, but she was, she only read and heard stories about him, she never actually thought she would see the day she actually saw him. Vlad's form is muscular, and his complexion pale, it barely had any color to it, but enough to pass as almost human, his chest looked broader now without the shirt, his arms powerful, and his hands are huge, and she thought Anderson had big hands, the creature's legs look to be as powerful as his arms, the creature's body is perfect, it beckoned to be looked at and touched, but what scared her the most was what God had graced him with, she couldn't stop looking at the vampire's member, she mentally measured him and from her view point he was big at least fourteen inches long and as thick as his four fingers.

Versora now had a new meaning to his nickname. The vampire leans closer to Anderson and licks along his scar, "Wake up my beloved enemy, the night is young and I have all night." he purred, his baritone voice low and soft like velvet, and as seductive as a lover's caress. Anderson awoke with a start when he heard the familiar voice, and poor Versora had to bottle up yet another reaction, she had some major repenting to do when this was over. Anderson scooted back, "Whit are ye doin' here ye unholy monster! GET AWEY FROM ME!" the creature leans in and kisses Anderson, then pulls away, "Now, now, you must be quiet, my Judas Priest, lest you wake up the little ones..." he purred. Versora shivered, she tried to hold it in but it had somehow escaped. The vampire licks the priest's neck, the blonde tensed up when he felt a cold wet tongue on his neck. "Relax, Father, I'm not going to hurt you..." Vlad purred.

His voice is starting to get to Versora, it felt like a soft hand caressing her spine and she had to stifle another reaction. Vlad resumed licking the priest's neck, he ran one of his large hands along Anderson's side, the priest shook his head in an attempt to say "No.", his mind was still fighting, but his body had betrayed Anderson and surrendered to the Vampire's touch. But Anderson still had some fight left in him, he pushes up against the vampire in an attempt to get the creature off of him. Vlad grabs the priest's wrists and somehow held them both with one hand and pinned them above the blonde's head. Vlad ghosted a hand along Anderson's chest as he nuzzled the soft and short facial hair that ran along the priest's jaws and chin.

Anderson turns his head away as he bucked and squirmed to try and free himself from Vlad's grasp. "My, my. You are feisty tonight..." the vampire purred. By this point Versora wished the vampire would not talk anymore as she forced down another reaction. The priest still struggled to get free, but she could tell his resolve was fading fast. "So, tell me, Judas priest. What's in your mind now? Hatred? Confusion? Or..." Vlad softly pinched Anderson's nipple. Anderson flinched, and a little breathy voice came out from priest's mouth. "Something against your God?" he purred Vlad`s face came close to Anderson's, and Vlad whispered, "Lust." Anderson resumed his squirming and Versora couldn't believe what she just heard, and she was really wishing the vampire would stop speaking. And the fact that this was her first full moon as in the days of Olde an "adult" was not helping any. Vlad leans down and gently nips Anderson's neck, he let out a soft gasp and Vlad pulls away and looks down at Anderson, "Don't be scared, Judas` priest. I am not gonna` hurt you." Vlad purred.

"Ae'm no' scared o' annathin'." Anderson replied. "Then, why don't you relax and close your eyes...Let me handle your body." Vlad purred seductively. Poor Versora was at the end of her rope as she yet again had to swallow another reaction, and it was getting harder to keep her mind clear and quiet, lest she alert the vampire of her presence, but she had a feeling he knew she was watching but didn't care, he was too busy with the beautiful green-eyed Paladin beneath him. Vlad leans down again and very gently nips at a certain spot just under Anderson's jaw, he knew it worked every time, the priest stopped squirming and purred softly, Versora's eyes went wide with shock, the priest before her is submitting to a creature he hunts, though she remembers seeing something similar in her memories, but she doesn't dwell on it very long. Vlad gently nips down along the blonde's neck then down towards his chest.

Anderson murrs and arches his back, and Versora forces down another reaction, she had no idea why she was feeling what the paladin is feeling, but she was starting to wish the vampire would hurry up and leave. Vlad flicks his tongue across one of Anderson's nipples then gently nips it, he moans and lolls his head back as Vlad lets go of his wrists, but the priest kept them there even though he is free. Vlad does the same thing to the other nipple, Anderson murrs, and then the vampire picks up his trail and nips his way south. Versora's heart began to race as though she was running in a marathon; she forced her breathing to remain calm. Vlad eventually nipped his way to the priest's hips, he gently nips along the priest's hips, and the blonde raised his hips slightly and purred. The vampire then runs a finger along Anderson's member, he moans and slightly rocks his hips. Versora was getting to the point where she couldn't bear to keep watching, but it was as if she were glued to that very spot, she presses her body against the cool smooth white stones that made up one of the walls of the orphanage in hopes that would help bring some relief, it didn't help much, to her disappointment.

The priest eventually cleared his pleasure-fogged mind and reaches under his pillow and slowly pulls out one of his blessed bayonets and just when he was about to stab the creature above him, the vampire catches the priest's wrists and wrests the blade from his hand and tosses it aside and it lands with a metallic clang somewhere in the dark shadows of the room. The vampire purrs and leans closer to Anderson's face, "So, my beloved Paladin wants to play... I think I can arrange that." The vampire then changes form, he becomes slimmer, though he keeps his hair long, his skin is paler than it was in the other form, and he looked more sinister. Versora stifles a gasp as she watched. "Alucard!" the blonde replied." The vampire purrs, "Hmmm, so you do remember my name, how sweet," Alucard smirks wickedly; "Because you'll be screaming it soon enough." he brought his hand up to caress the priest's scarred cheek. "Like hell Ah will!" the blonde snarled and turned his head to try and snap at Alucard's hand. Versora couldn't t believe what she just heard.

Alucard summons a shadow as he straightens up, the shadow pulls the blonde closer to him, "I was going to pleasure you first, but it seems my plan has been temporarily foiled, and since you have such an oral fixation, you can suck me off first." the shadow none too gently guided the blonde's head to the vampire's half limp erection, "Hnnn, it seems you have a bit more work to do..." The vampire smirks. The blonde snarls and tries to scoot away, "F*** ye ya damned filthy demon!" Versora winced when she heard what Anderson said. The vampire purrs and roughly grabs a handful of the priest's short hair and makes the blonde look up at him, the vampire had a wicked grin on his face that showed off his sharp fangs, "I love it when you talk dirty...." the vampire then guides the priest back to where his shadow had him, the blonde made no move to do as he was told.

The vampire tightens his grip on the priest's hair, making him yelp a bit, "Hmm, if you won't do it then I'll find someone who will, one of your friends perhaps..." that wicked grin appeared on his face again, "I noticed you have a new person here, that beautiful red head, I wonder what her lips would feel like on my cock. I bet they are nice and soft." the vampire' s wicked grin widened and moaned softly, it wasn't too difficult to guess what he was thinking, "I can just imagine it, her soft supple lips caressing my hard and throbbing cock, her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down my length, willing me to cum inside her mouth." The priest growls, anger flashed in his bright green eyes, "Ye f****in' bastard! Ye will no' lay a hand on her, if ye do Ah'll kill ye." The vampire purrs, "Oh, tell me more dirty things." The poor teen was starting to blush, but she still didn't avert her gaze.

The priest knew the vampire was goading him into doing what he wanted him to do. Versora's face turned as red as her blood-red hair and she squirmed inwardly, and she forced her breathing to remain calm again. The priest sighs inwardly and reluctantly gives in as he takes the tip of Alucard's member into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it, the vampire purrs and lays down on his back, forcing Anderson to follow, "Hmmm, good boy. *moans* You've gotten better, have you been practicing, Judas Priest?" Anderson ignored the comment and took more of the vampire's member into his mouth, his tongue pressing up against the vampire's member as he went down. Alucard murrs and loosens his grip on Anderson's hair. Versora however was trying not to give herself away, and she had no idea that this Alucard person could be so lewd, in fact she was down right appalled, she would never to that with a vampire. Anderson eventually had the vampire's entire member in his mouth. "Mmmm, I'm very surprised, Alexander, no gag reflex, very interesting indeed."

Versora's eyes nearly popped out of her skull when she saw this, and the stones that she was pressed up against had become warm. The priest sucked on the vampire's shaft as he went back up. Alucard purrs his approval as the blonde licks along the slit at the tip of the vampire's member. "So. I was right. You've been practicing. I bet Maxwell is very pleased with you." He chuckles as the priest glares daggers at him, and if looks could kill the vampire would be dead again. Anderson was tempted to bite the vampirer's member, but thought it best not to, but he did nip hard at the tip of Alucard's member on purpose to let him know he was not happy at what the vampire said. Alucard gasped and moaned.

The priest frowns a bit when his plan didn't work. The vampire smirked again and replied, "If I didn't know any better I would think you were trying to hurt me. I'm flattered. But as you just found out, pain is my pleasure." Versora was still blushing but she was also starting to get very uncomfortable, she was starting to feel a throbbing sensation between her legs and she is now wishing she had not been so curious, but now she knew she couldn't leave for fear of compromising her presence. The vampire prodded the priest to continue what he was doing. The blonde complied, but he wasn't happy about what Alucard had said, because his actions were slightly more aggressive than they were the last time the vampire spent time with him. When Alucard was ready he stopped Alexander, and sits up as he and pulls the priest closer.

Alucard then straddles the priest onto his lap and nuzzles the other man's neck. Anderson shivered slightly, but he still showed no outward signs of pleasure. The vampire started to nip along his neck as he snakes a hand behind the priest and gently strokes his butt, which was odd for the vampire, then he ghosts his fingertip along the priest's tight entrance. Alexander' s lips formed a snarl and he narrows his eyes, this made the vampire smirk even more wickedly than he had the last few times he had smirked, "I know you're enjoying what I'm doing to you. Why are you fighting? Wouldn't it be better if you just gave in already? You know resistance is futile." The blonde growls and the vampire chuckles as he slips one of his long, slender fingers inside the priest' s entrance. Anderson gasped from the cold sensation, the vampire slips his finger even deeper and he purrs at the feeling of the priest' s muscles pulling him in deeper, "For someone who doesn't like this sort of thing, you sure are responsive." The vampire said as he slowly started to thrust his finger in and out.

The vampire thrust his finger even deeper inside Anderson, which caused him to gasp and a small moan escaped his lips as he clutched involuntarily at Alucard's shoulders. Alucard smirks, <Who knew that such a little bundle of nerves can cause such pleasure. My precious Paladin for one, didn't.> The poor girl felt that one as well and almost had to bite her lip to keep from uttering a word and the throbbing sensation was getting worse and now she felt hotter and was now thinking that this was a very bad idea. The vampire brushes the tip of his finger against the priest's sweet spot again. The blonde moans a bit louder, and then pre cum starts to bead up at the tip of his member and as if by instinct alone, the priest presses against the vampire' s hand. Alucard then added a second finger, then he sent his shadow to find some sort of lubricant, and he was sure it could be found, his shadow comes back a couple of minutes later with a small pink colored glass bottle.

Versora recognized the bottle as her strawberry scented bath oil. <He couldn't. He wouldn't.> she thought to herself. The vampire opens the bottle and purrs. The priest also recognizes the scent. "Ye are a dirty ol' pervert. Tha' doesn't belong to ye." The vampire only chuckles as he removes his fingers from Anderson' s entrance and purrs, "It was either this or my blood." Then he pours some of the contents into the palm of his hand then his shadow takes the bottle and closes it as the vampire rubs the oil onto his member. The girl's eyes went wide. <He did.> she thought again to herself. Alucard then flipped Anderson onto his back and then crawls on top of the momentarily confused priest and settles in between his legs, and then he presses the tip of his member up against Anderson's entrance.

Then the vampire pushes his way into the blonde's entrance. Anderson gasps and turns his head to the side. The vampire chuckles and leans closer, "Still acting like a virgin?" Alucard teased then he purred when he was fully sheathed inside Anderson. "I love the way you feel. No matter how many times I enter you, your ass is always nice and tight." Anderson looks at Alucard and growls, but he also has a light pink blush on his face. If poor Versora wasn't so shocked at what she heard, she'd be laughing at Anderson's pink blush, then she thought that he looked cute when he blushed. Alucard chuckles and starts to slowly thrust in and out, the scent of the oil getting to him. The vampire then wraps his hand around Anderson's member and starts to pump it in time with his thrusts.

Alucard slightly switches his angle until he found the sensitive bundle of nerves he found with his fingers and thrusts into it. Anderson gasped again, "Alucard!" The vampire purrs and licks along the priest's jugular, "I love the sound of your voice. I also love the sound of your heart as it quickens, the rushing of blood through your veins is a symphony to my ears, and the slight flush of pink has when you are in the throes of pleasure." This actually made Anderson blush, and the poor girl wanted to cover her ears, she could not wrap her mind around what was happening nor could she believe what she was hearing, but she had no choice as she was right there watching and hearing what was being said. But what confused the hell out of her was why the vampire was saying such things.

She thought that vampires had no emotions, nor were they romantic, unless it was time for them to find a mate, then her mind clicked and the last puzzle piece fell into place and her heart sank when she finally realized why the vampire was acting so strangely and her mood changed. The girl no longer wanted to watch, but couldn't move for fear of being found out. The vampire slightly quickens his pace a bit, causing the priest to gasp and arch his back slightly. Alucard continued his steady pace until he felt the priest's member throb and twitch, then the priest whimpered slightly as he was getting very close. Alucard leans close to Anderson again, "Ready to cum?" The priest looked at the vampire like he was an idiot, "Aye, Ah would think ye'd know tha' by now." Alucard faked a frown, "And to think I was going to let you cum first, but I think I changed my mind." A shadow wraps around Anderson's member just under the head. She didn't know why but Versora actually had a wicked grin on her face, it was the kind of wicked grin that would make Alucard proud, as if some how that worked for a type of payback.

Alucard continued his pace. After a minute Anderson whimpered, as the pain was getting unbearable, he needs the release that the vampire denied him. Alucard chuckles and leans close to the priest again, "If you beg for me, I'll let you cum." Anderson growls, "Like hell Ah' ll beg!" The priest grabs a handful of the vampirer's hair and pulls it. Alucard purrs then continues what he was doing. Several minutes later Anderson whimpers again and tears start to fall, it was really getting unbearable now. The vampire decided to have a little mercy and remove the shadow tendril from the priest's member and then with one powerful thrust he hit the blonde's sweet spot as he leans down and gently bites the other man's neck.

Anderson gasps and screams softly as his release hit him, his muscles clamping down on Alucard's member and tries to pull him in deeper. The vampire thrust a few more times before his release hits him as well. The girl was relieved that the ordeal was all over and sighed mentally. Alucard pulls out of Anderson, and then just as Versora was about to sneak off the blasted vampire just had to look out the window and he sees her, she ducked down and started to make her escape, but she felt something cold wrap around her and then bring her kicking, spitting and hissing into the room. "Well, Well. Look what we have here. We had an audience the whole time." Alucard purred.

"Lemme go ye unholy bastard! Ye got who ya wanted, so release me!" the girl's Irish accent soft and melodic, and even though she was soft spoken, the tone of her voice had the effect as if she were yelling. Anderson came out of his pleasure-fogged euphoria to look at Versora. Alucard smirked at the fiery young red head, "Hmmm, I wonder where she picked that up from. Such fire." Anderson finally gathered his wits and looked sternly at the female teen, "Why were ye watching us?" She whimpered, "I only wanted ta see if ye were alright. I heard strange noises. Now let me go so I can get ta bed." Alucard pulls the girl closer and purrs, "I say let's give her a taste since she was so curious as to watch us the whole time." Versora spits at the vampire, "Don' ye dare touch me." Alucard's expression changed from amusement to irritation as he wiped the spit from his face, he then reaches out and tears the girl's gown off, and that did it, her eyes turned from silver to a glowing crimson.

"I said don' touch me and I meant it." She broke free of the shadowy restraints, which surprised the vampire then he got that psychotic grin on his face Anderson knew that look and he pulls the girl closer to him. "Alright then, perhaps you can give me show then. It's only fair." Versora frowns, "Ye think Alexander would lay a hand on me? I didn't know he was fruity until now." She managed to bury the pain of that realization but somehow the blasted vampire read into the undertones of what she said. "Hmm, it seems like the pretty red head likes you too Alexander." Alucard said. Alexander knew that already; he could tell, but he restrained himself because she was still just a child to him. "Anyway, if you don't see to her I will, and trust me you'll be begging for more."

Alucard replied, and Versora glared at Alucard as he reaches out and grabs the priest's hand and places it on her center and purrs, "Feel how wet she is just from watching." This made Versora blush as the vampire removes his hand, then Anderson takes over, his free hand unties her underwear. The priest pets the short, baby fine patch of hair then slips his hand a bit further, the tip of his middle finger brushes up against her clit. She couldn't hold in her reactions any more and a soft gasp escapes from her lips, he starts to nuzzle Versora's neck, she murrs and tilts her head to the side. Anderson continues to gently massage Versor's center until she was used to the feeling. Versora could feel herself getting hotter and wetter.

Anderson gently prods a finger up against the entrance to her center. She gasps and then she rubs against Anderson's hand. He then slowly inserts a finger and waits for her to adjust, he didn't want to take her virtue, he finally had his finger fully sheathed inside her then he started to thrust his finger in and out at a gentle pace, he flicks the pad of his thumb across her clit. Versora moans softly and arches her back. Alucard smirks, "Her voice is just as beautiful as yours, Alex." The priest continues his gentle ministrations, his free hand fondles one of her breasts, and it seemed to be a perfect fit, not too big and not too small.

Anderson slightly switches his finger's angle slightly, which caused Versora to gasp, Anderson reaches up and turns her face towards his and kisses her to muffle her scream and she bucks her hips, he quickens his hand's pace and he aims for the spot he discovered. She then started to feel the heat come to a boiling point; a few thrusts later her muscles clamp down on Anderson's finger and try to pull him in deeper, the priest kisses her again to muffle another scream as she came all over Anderson's hand. She then slumps against Anderson, she is still convulsing from the strength of her first release then she closes her eyes, completely exhausted. "Well that was interesting, but I think I'll leave. But don't worry, I'll be back when you least expect it." Alucard's clothing reappeared and then he disappeared. Anderson then lays the girl down and covers her up. He then grabs the extra blanket and steps over to the small couch he has in his room and lays down to try and get some sleep.

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