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Christmas Gifts 2011

by Strailo

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A collection of fanfiction that was written as Christmas gifts. :3

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Chapter 1, Meeting My Brothers Lover 1

Title: Meeting My Brothers Lover

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Neji, Naruto, Sasuke

Part: 1

Word count: 3,557

For: DayDreamer365

AN: This is being posted now since I figured that I will have a WHOLE lot of them to post. So as I finish typing them up, I will post them. There is 3 parts to this one, each one with something sexual and something to add to the plot. :3 So, part 1, 2 and 3 are now up (or will be depending on when you get to reading this).


Day-chan, I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy (Belated, very belated) Birthday!


Also to note, planning on hanging out with my new boyfriend, so won’t be posting again for a couple of days. >>




His brother was coming to visit.


Sasuke blinked several times at his phone, black eyes dazed, his best friends gazing at him in curiosity. Naruto sat up on his knees and lent against the back of the large couch, arms propped up on the cushions.


“Sasuke? Who was that?” he asked, his voice curious as Neji looked over the back of the couch with his boyfriend. Looking over, Sasuke idly wondered how the tanned male had become his and Nejis friend, much less started to date the usually ice cold Hyuuga. It was amazing to him that it had happened, even as he trailed dark eyes over sun blond hair that was mussed from long fingers and whisker marks that adorned almost child like cheeks.


“Sasuke?” Neji asked, pale lilac eyes worried as Naruto reached over and played with a bit of his long brown locks.


“Sorry. That was Itachi, my older brother,” he finally answered, running a hand through his hair, disturbing the locks from their customary upswept look, the bangs falling back into place after a moment.


“Itachi-san? What’s he doing, coming around?” Naruto asked, frowning as he sat up straighter, one leg coming off the couch and resting on the floor.


“Apparently he’s heard about the fight with Sakura and our break up,” came the reply as Sasuke tossed the phone onto the counter and walked back to the couch, dropping onto it with a huff. He sprawled out and frowned, eyebrows drawing together. Naruto shifted around, sitting on the couch again as he raised an eyebrow at his friend.


“She was really needy the last few months though, wasn’t she?” he asked as Neji once more started to run his fingers through blond hair.


“I apparently was working more then I was spending time with her. Mind you, I was working on that one final so I could do my last fucking year of college,” Sasuke drawled, Neji snorting, himself having just graduated and was currently working for Sasukes father and older brother.


“Oh yes, she was pissed that my newest accounting project came before Project Runway and your cuddle time,” Neji drawled, Naruto poking him in the side with a scowl.


“Hey! I watch Project Runway,” Naruto growled, getting a smirk as Neji tugged on his hair gently before dipping in for a quick kiss.


“And I watch it with you when I can, but you tend to record it to watch when you’re done with your homework,” Neji purred, getting a soft look. Sasuke groaned and wondered if he had enough alcohol to drown out the memory of the sheer fluff between his two friends.


“Oh man, just what I need, fluff times six,” he moaned, shaking his head, getting a dry look from Naruto and a smirk from Neji. “Can we get back to my pain with my brother coming around? There’s more on top of that.”


“More? Do tell,” Neji drawled smirking even more at the long suffering sigh from Sasuke.


“The jackass is dragging along his boyfriend, the one that I’ve barely heard anything about. Itachi has never once brought the man along with him before to any of our family get together, much less anything else,” Sasuke stated, resting one elbow on the couch arm, hand holding his head. “I have no idea how this guy acts, what he looks like, much less anything else. It’s going to be, well, interesting but still very annoying.


Shaking his head, Naruto stood and moved to the alcohol cabinet, finding a bottle of whiskey, pulling it out. Pouring three glasses, he handed two to his boyfriend and friend before bringing the bottle and his own cup to the couch, sitting once more.


“Well, we're all free to drink some for the next little while, especially since Sasuke here doesn’t have class until late in the evening tomorrow, so I say that we drink, watch B-rated horror movies and forget about our problems until tomorrow,” Naruto chirped, the other two agreeing with it. Settling in with the bottle, the three found a showing of Night of the Demons, mocking the generic plot and effects.


After they had gotten through the first bottle and started on the second, Naruto was using his boyfriend as a personal chair while Neji stroked his stomach. Sasuke had moved to lie out on the couch, his head in Narutos lap as his friend ruffled his hair.


“You never know what Itachis boyfriend is like,” Neji said, voice husky as he moved one hand to dance over Sasukes neck. Sometime during The Calling, which had started after the last movie, they had started to talk about Itachi and his boyfriend, who still remained nameless. Neji was trying to convince his reluctant friend to give him a chance. His argument was that since his friend didn’t know the man, he had to wait to form an opinion about him and considering that he put up with Itachi, he couldn’t be that bad.


“Alright, alright. I’ll give the man a chance,” Sasuke moaned, enjoying the stroking hands, eyes half lidded as he looked up at the two. Neji laughed lowly as one hand slid up Narutos shirt, his other sliding down over Sasukes arm, tugging his arm up, playing with the long fingers. “What are you trying to do? Seduce me?” he asked teasingly.


“You can’t seduce the willing, Uchiha,” Neji snorted, Naruto laughing and wiggling his hips in his boyfriends lap.


“He’s right. Anyways, it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to play,” Naruto purred, eyes glowing as he tugged on dark locks. Sasuke smirked and groaned as his back arched upwards with the slight pain.


“It’s only been 8 months, Naruto,” Sasuke hummed, teasing his friend as he sat up and turned to Naruto and Neji.


“I wanna see the pretty sight of you two kissing again,” Neji said, Naruto smirking before reaching out and tugging Sasuke close, the two meeting in a wet, slow alcohol tinged kiss. The Hyuuga watched as the two before him moaned into the kiss, hands searching for skin under clothes, tugging at them to get them off. “Calm down you two. We’ll get to that,” he said, one hand smoothing down Sasukes back while running his hand over Narutos hip.


The two pulled apart, licking their lips and gazing at Neji with dark eyes that gleamed with their lust. Shifting forward, Naruto hummed as he pulled Neji into a deep kiss as Sasuke leant forward and dragged his tongue over a piece of sweet skin, drawing out a moan. Smirking into the kiss, the blond shifted and straddled his lap, fingers burying themselves into long hair.


Sasuke hummed and moved some of Nejis hair, finding a new spot to nibble and suck at, much to the older males delight. The young Uchiha shifted his attention to Naruto after leaving behind a new mark on the skin he had been working on. A veritable sweetness greeted his tongue as he smoothed it over Narutos neck before sucking on a spot. The moan he got made him moan in response.


“Naruto, my friend, do you eat candy 24/7?” he asked against tanned skin, getting a low chuckle from Neji as he pulled away from the kiss.


“You know he doesn’t, Sasuke, and I don’t know how he tastes so damn sweet, even after all of this time,” Neji hummed. Smirking, Naruto winked at the two as he rolled his hips into Nejis hips, rubbing against him.


“Damn tease,” Neji hissed, gripping Narutos hips as Sasuke went back to sucking and licking at the tanned skin before him.


“He is. We should move to my bed though. It tends to be better for what we’re doing,” Sasuke mumbled, moving to a new patch of skin, Neji joining him in teasing and nibbling at Narutos neck.


“True, true,” Neji hummed, eyes dancing with lust and desire for the two. Naruto whined and pouted as the two stopped and pulled away from their nibbling and teasing.


“Do we have to move?” the blond asked, pouting at Sasuke as he wiggled in Nejis lap


“Yes, we do,” Sasuke laughed, standing up and moving towards the hallway, drawing off his shirt, tossing it aside. Sharing a look with Neji, Naruto got up and bounded off towards his friend, wrapping his arms around the slightly taller males’ waist. The two fell against the wall with soft laughter, Sasuke wrapping his own arms around Narutos waist, pulling him close as they shared a long, slow kiss as Neji followed behind them.


“Come on, you two, to the bedroom,” Neji husked, tugging on Narutos pants as Sasukes hands crept upwards under his shirt.


“Tease,” Sasuke huffed, getting Narutos shirt up and off, adding it to the pile of clothes that was growing, Nejis own shirt having joined Sasukes.


“He is. He’s just so very bad at that, but then again, we do enjoy it,” Naruto cooed as he nuzzled the others neck, fingers trailing up and down the dark haired mans sides.


“Oh indeed we do,” Sasuke replied. He smirked at the other before they turned their eyes towards Neji who gave them a wary look, lips twitching as his blood rushed faster through his veins, feeling his cock become painfully hard within his pants. He knew what those looks meant for him in the long run.


He was unsurprised when the two reached out and grabbed his hands, tugging him to stand between them, Sasuke at his front and Naruto at his back. Pulling the younger male close, Neji dipped his head forward and nipped at Sasukes bottom lip, arm wrapping around a lean waist as his hand buried itself into soft hair. Naruto looked around the two, his own hands sliding around Nejis waist, stroking pale skin as the two before him started to kiss and touch.


The two finally pulled away as Naruto moaned at such a pretty sight. Smiling, the blond pressed a kiss to one of his boyfriends shoulder as he watched before pulling away and heading for the bedroom once more. Neji and Sasuke followed after quickly, eager to explore and be explored. Walking into the bedroom, they were greeted by Naruto wiggling out of his jeans and boxers, leaving his lean, muscled body exposed.


Sasuke had a moment where he though of how he had missed seeing a male body with such tightly coiled muscle under soft skin and a very male groin before he started to strip out of his own pants.


“Where’s the stuff?” Neji asked as he unbuttoned his jeans, Naruto bouncing on the bed before leaning back. Sasuke hummed, watching as the blond spread his legs, hands teasing his own inner thighs.


“In the table drawer,” Sasuke finally said, kicking his pants aside before stripping off his boxers, making sure that they and his jeans were near his hamper. Neji smirked and moved over to the side table, drawing out a new bottle of lube and condoms.


Holding them up, Neji asked, “New box?” as Naruto watched, wanting to reach out and tug his pants down. Sasuke smirked and shrugged as he walked over to him. Naruto sat up on the bed as the other male knelt down, fingers curling over the edge of the jeans, tugging on them.


“Sakura hated that brand, said it felt odd,” he drawled, finally getting Nejis pants down.


“It’s ribbed and lubed. How the hell does that feel odd?” Naruto asked as they watched Nejis length be freed from his pants, Sasuke smirked as he wrapped one hand around the cock before him.


“I try not to understand her. Now, can we stop talking about her? My dick wilts when I hear her name,” he drawled, tongue darting out to swipe at the tip, Neji moaning quietly. Naruto laughed and reached out, dragging his lover over to sit on the bed, making Sasuke move so that he was facing the man.


Smirking up at Neji, Sasuke licked his lips as he curled his fingers around the length once more as Naruto pressed up behind Neji, his hands smoothing down the others arms as he watched. Eyes flashing with a teasing light, the black haired man trialed his tongue slowly up the long length, drawing moans from the males above him. Lapping at the tip a couple of times, he looked up at the sound of the condom box being opened, finding Naruto doing so.


Taking the tip of Nejis cock into his mouth, he sucked in an attempt to distract him from what the blond was doing. The reaction was immediate, the man trying to thrust upwards as Naruto held his hips down, two condom packages held between his teeth. Sasuke felt smugness at the reactions he was getting, working his mouth lower. It had been a while since he had gone down on another man and a bit of time since he had gone down on another person at all. Sakura hadn’t been big on anything oral, so to have Neji panting, growling and moaning, his hands buried in his hair was addicting.


Moaning around the length, Neji twitching from the vibrations, Sasuke sucked hard bobbing his hand held the base to keep the cock steady. Working his tongue over the soft flesh that covered the hardness, he started to stroke over what he couldn’t fit into his mouth. The older male groaned lowly and stroked his fingers through dark hair as he watched with darkened lavender eyes, Naruto pulling away from him.


“Sasuke, don’t teasing him into coming. I’m feeling a bit neglected and I have a feeling you’re feeling the need for something more then sucking cock,” Naruto said, the sound of a bottle top clicking open. Sasuke smirked and pulled off the length he had been teasing and licked his lips.


“I like the way you think, Naruto,” Sasuke husked. Taking a foil package from his friend, he crawled up onto the bed, Naruto tugging Neji to lean back against the headboard, smiling at his lover.


“Now stay put for the moment, Neji-kun,” Naruto purred, his lover smirking as the two younger males moved a bit further down the bed. Pulling the blond close, Sasuke hummed as he dipped his head and initiated a kiss, sharing the lingering taste of Neji on his tongue Naruto moaned lowly as he slicked his fingers, sucking on his friends tongue. Pulling away, he smirked and shoved Sasuke back onto the bed, his clean hand curling around Sasukes length, his other hand covered in lube. “Now, lay back and let me have my fun.”


“So bossy,” Sasuke groaned as Naruto lowered his head and took the tip of the cock in his hand into his mouth. “How do you deal with it?” he asked, trying for a teasing tone, but only getting out a slightly pleading one as Naruto brushed his slick fingers over his entrance.


Laughing lowly, Neji answered with “Ah, but I like it when he’s bossy. He gets all horny when he gets to push me around,” before shifting, eyes trailing down the pert ass displayed before him. Naruto hummed around Sasuke as he slid a finger into the willing body, feeling the entrance give way, relaxing easily. Pulling off of his treat as he slid his finger in and out of his friend, Naruto smirked up at his friend.


“Been playing? What a naughty boy, Sasuke-kun,” the blond purred, Neji smirked as he moved to sit so he could watch the two better and get to Narutos ass. Opening the bottle, he slicked his fingers as the youngest of them slid in two fingers into Sasuke.


“Oh you know, it gets lonely when I can’t have a real cock to fuck me silly,” Sasuke panted as Naruto worked his fingers in and out of his entrance. “I got bored easily.”


“So I can tell. Hey!” Naruto yelped, looking over his shoulder at Neji who just gave him an innocent look and pumped his two fingers in and out of the sweet entrance that stretched around his fingers.


“Keep opening Sasuke up for me, Naruto-kun. I want to see him fuck you while I fuck him,” Neji purred, working his finger in and out of Naruto in the same pace as Naruto worked his fingers in and out of Sasuke.


“Oh, sounds fun,” Naruto panted as he quirked his own fingers, finding his friends sweet spot, rubbing at it and making Sasuke choke on a moan. Slipping a third finger in, the young male watched his friend write and moan. Neji chose that moment to slid in a third finger and rub at Narutos sweet spot, watching the blond keen and arch his back.


“Shit!” Sasuke yelped as Naruto rubbed hard at his sweet spot while under Neji administrations. Panting, the two relaxed as their partners stopped their attack on their prostates with knowing fingers.


“Are you prepared enough, Sasuke?” Neji husked, eyes dark as the two before him panted. Sasukes skin was flushed, dark eyes closed as his hands clung to the sheets under him.


“Yeah, I am,” Sasuke hummed after getting his breath back after a moment. Blinking, he watched with glazed eyes as Naruto tore open a condom before reaching out and rolling it down over his length. Shuddering, he sat up as Neji rolled on his own condom and Naruto crawled up towards the head of the bed before flopping onto his back.


Smirking, the blond reached down and teased his own cock as Sasuke reined in his lust before crawling up to lean over Naruto. Perching on his knees, he pushed the long legs of his friend upwards, exposing the stretched entrance to his eyes. Humming as Neji moved behind him, pressing a kiss to his neck, the dark eyed male found the lube and made sure that his length was slick enough.


Shifting forward, Sasuke pressed against Narutos entrance, feeling Nejis hands settle on his hips as he pressed forward.  Hissing as he was surrounded by tightness, he felt the male at his back steady him as he slid all the way into Naruto, getting a low keen. Naruto shivered and arched his back at the pleasured pain of being stretched open by someone other then his lover.


Shifting, he tilted his head to watch as Neji slicked himself and moved behind Sasuke. Naruto let his head fall back, watching as his friends eyes fell shut, mouth falling open as Neji hissed as he slid into tightness that he had missed on occasion. They all knew it was about the sex, but sometimes, they all needed the connection. Groaning, Neji paused once he was all the way in, hands gripping Sasukes hip as Naruto made soft, needy noises.


“Are you ready? Naruto?” Neji grated out as he held Sasukes hips as they twitched in an attempt to move.


“Damn it, move,” Naruto whined, body arching as he pressed his hips into Sasukes.


“Sasuke, are you ready?” Neji husked. Instead of answering, Sasuke moaned and turned his head, stealing a deep kiss as he twitched his hips back. “Alright then, since we’re all in agreement,” he groaned, drawing back, bringing Sasuke back with him before thrusting forward, shoving the middle male into Naruto. All three moaned, loudly, as they started an easy pace.


Neji would pull out of Sasuke, while Sasuke pulled out of Naruto, lean hips moving and thrust. Soon they were moving together faster and harder, the sounds of sex adding to their lust and pleasure, moans and growls working from their throats. Sasuke panted and reached between him and Naruto, curling his fingers around the hard, leaking cock between them and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts. Naruto yelped loudly, the other two smirking at that, before he keened lowly and arched his back. Sasuke groaned and gripped at Narutos hip as the tightness around him became a vice as Naruto came, spilling over Sasukes hand and their stomachs.


Sasuke growled, feeling Neji pant against his neck as he started to thrust harder into Sasuke body, and felt the liquid warmth of his climax rush through him. Groaning, he came, tightening around Nejis driving cock, trying to make him fall over with them. Neji growled and bit the back of Sasukes neck as he shoved in hard, spilling into the condom as he shuddered.


Naruto hummed happily as they all caught their breath, the two above him leant over, Nejis hair spilling over Sasukes shoulder. Shifting slowly, Neji pulled out of Sasuke, getting a pout as he tossed the used condom away. The dark eyed male soon followed his example, pulling out of Naruto and tossing his own away before flopping down onto the bed.


Naruto giggled lowly as Neji settled between them, the two curling up to him with smiles on their lips.


“That was very much needed,” Naruto finally sighed as they basked in the afterglow, feeling sleep tug at them.


“Oh so very much. Not being able to sit properly tomorrow will be the cherry on top of my sundae,” Sasuke replied, his head resting on Nejis shoulder.


“Don’ you share a late evening class with Sakura tomorrow?” Neji asked, fingers dancing up and down the two males backs.


“Yep,” Sasuke drawled.


“Nice,” Naruto snickered.

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