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The Hanyou Handbook: A Romance

by donatella

Libraries: Angst, Drama, Erotica, Humor, InuYasha, Male/Male - Yaoi, Philosophical, Romance, Series

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A little Inuyasha, yaoi romance involving an incestuous affair with his hated brother, Sesshomaru. The hate will need to turn to love for all to survive. Complete

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Chapter 1, Chapter One: Prologue



Disclaimer:  Inu Yasha and its characters are owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise TV. I make no profit from this fiction.  All original characters and story are owned by Donatella D.





The Hanyou Handbook: A Romance




Setting: Three years after Naraku is killed and Kagome has gone home -- she has not yet returned to the feudal era.




Chapter One: Prologue


‘Sesshomaru, you must go to him', the voice sounded in his head.




‘He needs you’, the disembodied voice continued.


“Who? Who needs me?”


‘Go to Inuyasha -- your brother needs you.’




Sesshomaru awoke, jolted from his dream with the surprise of hearing his father‘s voice, but was it really a dream? Could his brother be in trouble… again? It wouldn’t be the first time, then again, why should Sesshomaru care?


Nonetheless, his father’s voice sounded urgent, almost pleading. If he took the trouble to interrupt his sleep then perhaps it is something Sesshomaru should look into. After all, he would never question the great Inu no Taisho, and if his father wanted him to take care of Inuyasha then he must, at the very least, go see what the dirty, little hanyou was up to. Hopefully, this will not take long.




The forest was blessedly free of the brats scent. ‘Where could he have disappeared to?’ the elder brother questioned himself, as he approached the human village Inuyasha usually called home.


He should’ve killed the whelp years ago, but he didn’t. No, father wouldn’t approve of that, besides, whom else would he have to abuse and torture if it were not for his little brother? Yes, little brother had a purpose; he lived for Sesshomaru’s amusement, and Jaken was hardly an equal substitute, that little ass-kissing toad was way too easy. Inuyasha, on the other hand, was a good challenge for Sesshomaru’s superior skill and intellect. Yes, Inuyasha was a toy to keep Sesshomaru sharp and on his toes. Therefore, he’ll go to him just as father had asked him to, for whatever reason. Truth was, Sesshomaru was a bit bored of late, what with Naraku gone, there really wasn’t much else to peak his interest and he could use a good sparring anyway. Yes, maybe he can even get a little enjoyment out of this. It has been far too long.


Now, if he could only pick up his scent which was everywhere around the village, but then disappeared. No, not disappeared… changed. Sesshomaru was well aware of his little brother’s scent variations: the human version, the demon version and the all too familiar half-breed stench, but this was a new variation and the elder wondered what little brother had transformed into this time.


Actually, this new scent was much more pleasing than the others, clean and sweet smelling like early springtime flowers. “Hmm, interesting.” It was definitely him, Sesshomaru was certain; he could still detect the note of musky, forest floor that always permeated his brother’s scent no matter what form his skinny, little body held. Maybe he’s simply taken to bathing more, or some. Though there was no hot spring in the country that could wash away that offensive hanyou stink completely. Surely, if father had ever had the chance to get a good whiff of his youngest he would’ve felt differently about having a half-breed for a son.


“Hm, found you,” he said to himself, as he picked up his pace through the forest eager to see what his idiot half-brother had gotten himself into this time. Sesshomaru was completely unprepared for the scene that was about to unfold before him.




To be continued…

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