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Broly's unhappy Christmas

by lionniagalactica

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This is for my song redo Broly got ran over by a Saiyin detailing exactly what happened that night and the last chapter will contain his thoughts on Turles and what Turles did to him. YES I WILL MAK A STORY ADOUT THE WHOLE KING VEGETA BARDOCK THING SOON GOD I HAD TO MAKE THIS ONE FIRST! IF YOUR NICE IT WILL COME SOONER!

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 The aftermath

(Let's get the scene ready shall we, Broly has been thinking about the best way to have a threesome with Goku and Vegeta. He has put his plan into motion and right now the very horny legend just in direct sequence fucked Goku and Vegeta into the ground. But he forgot his 'toys' and Vegeta's screamming at him fo forcing them to things they didn't want to and Goku's curled up in a ball feeling like he had been unfaithful by in the end... enjoying it. But then again the Vegeta did too.)

"Vegeta do you have to yell at me right now? I'll be back and then you can scream at me and bitch at me somemore later. I forgot something I'll be back." Broly said as he flew off. Vegeta still pissed walked over to his mate, trying to confort him.

"It's okay Kaka, In the end once we forget what's happening we all like it. You didn't do anything wrong." Vegeta's soothing voice was so difrent from the screaming earlier.

"I I I don't want that to happen ever again. I hurt and he wanted it to hurt. It's not same as when it's you and me Geta." Goku sad little voice got quieter with each word. Then he began to cry.

"Don't worry Kaka, he'll get his remmember it's Bardock's eve the day of Vengance. And Turles is on the lose and in heat. Broly will get exactly what he gave to us tenfold if Turles finds him. And stop kicking yourself that's my job." Vegeta started to laugh at that last statement. Goku looked up at him with those sad little eyes and he almost colapsed. But he had to be strong for both of them.


Broly's gonna get his next ch. Should I make a chapter on what happened when Broly got the threesome idea and what he did? as always COMMENTS ARE APPERTIATED EVEN THOUGH I GET NONE!

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