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Katie Knight: Animal Inside

by lionniagalactica

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Katie Knight is a normal 8 year old, Well as normal as someone who can beat up someone 8 times their size, curses, and can understand all animals (exsept birds), and gets chased around by beings thought to be purley fantasy.

Chapter 1, The Speaker

On the darkest night, in the quietest room, by the light of the dimmest candle, becouse the power is out, again. And the wolves of men are coming. Listening for the footsteps, of what is hunting me. I do not hide, I do not run. I have no fear. I hear crashing at the front door. But I do not move. With a gun loaded with all silver bullets, I wait. Goodbye world, tonight I shall breathe my last breathe. They are in the house. I hear the savage breathing, there are 6 of them, I have four bullets. Even I know I have no chance. I could give up, But I don't know how. They are here, in the room. I wait silently for one to speak. Yes speak, I understand almost all animals as if they speak english. I hear one step forward, on four paws.

"Come with us, Speaker."

I raised the gun.

"I know who you are, Wolf-Man."

"Then you know you have no choice."

"I'd rather die."

"You don't have that option."

"Wolf-Men are not known for their self-control."

" *growl* You will come."

My fingers tense on the trigger.

"I will shot Wolf-Man, leave or I will take some of you to the grave."

"Silver bullets do not harm us, we are not like other Wolf-Men."

I shot and see the bullet hit him, he got up immediatly.

"I told you."

" *growl* Children should watch what you say, our orders are to bring you to him alive, he said nothing about unharmed."

"SHUT UP! Wolf-Man, I am not a weak little kid, I AM STRONGER THAN MOST WOLF-MEN."

"We know, child."

She felt something hit her in the back. She blacked out.

(The next part is optional to read, just character stuff, info on races and stuff. Everythime I add an Important character I do this.)

Character Discription:

My name is Katie Knight and I was 8 when this all started. You might think that I was to young for this, but as The Speaker you grow up fast. I don't need to brag but I'm stronger than most adults. I'm told that I have a huge ego, but I don't think so. I LOVE FIGHTING! That's all that I do Train, Fight, Eat, Sleep, and invent. Inventing is a little hobby of mine, I don't invent things very often, but when I do I surprise even myself with the outcome. I might hate this but... I'm Half-Demon on my father's side. My mother was a human witch, I say was becouse she's dead. Don't fall all over yourself with the 'I'm so Sorry' and 'I wish there was something I could do' it gets annoying.


Race Description:
Human: Human's are one of the newest races on Earth. They are the most well known as well. Humans are rather week. There is nothing real to interesting about most of them. Unless he or she is half something else.

Wolf-Man: All the benefits of being a werewolf exsept, you can transform whenever you want. It's not easy being hairy. Extrmemely strong, not as strong as a demon or an angel or a god. Still strong though.


Demon: One of the types of celestial being, Demons are typically teritorial. Great warriors and if my chance a half-demon is born (like Katie Knight) they are even stronger.

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