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Gohan's Struggle

by lionniagalactica

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Gohan's been abused and now he's retreated into himself. 3 years after the Cell games. Vegeta rescues him. Can he do any more?

Vegeta's POV

I've watched him cry himself to sleep so many times. 3 years and he still can't get over it. His body is 15 and his mind is 14. He doesn't understand things like he should. He slowly drifts of to sleep. Crying out his pain silently. I could kill his father right now for doing this. He's asleep now. I should leave like I always do right now. But something tells me to stay and watch a little longer. The woman comes in, I smell alcohol. The bitch is drunk. I bite my own tongue in shock at what happens next. She shakes him awake. She pulls out a knife. And begins carving into his body. He lets her, doesn't power up. Doesn't shield himself. I see previous scars, she done this before. Then she picks up his barley conscious body and takes him to the kitchen. He looks surprised when there are people there. One of them steps forward. Pulls him close and whispers.

"Pretty Bitch."

He struggles, but he's still weak from the bleeding. I rush in at Super Saiyin,


"Vegeta?" He calls out in disbelief. He seems shocked someone came to save him.

I walk over to the who grabbed him. One punch and the bastards dead. The others flee in fear while the woman just stands there and looks at me. I pick him up and tell the bitch.

"I'll be back to end your worthless exitance, bitch." I fly off to capsule Corp.


Gohan's POV

Why did he save me? Why was he there? What's going on? Why does he want to kill mom? What exactly is going on? GOTEN! Oh no mom's drunk and alone with Goten. This is bad very bad. I try to get away from Vegeta to save my brother, but I'm just to weak now. He looks at me funny and then realization hits him full on in the face. My 2 and a 1/2 year old brother is all alone with my drunk mother. He raises his Ki. With in seconds Piccolo shows up.

"What happened to Gohan?"
"I'll explain latter for now go get his little brother."


"The mother is drunk. She did this."
Piccolo's eyes got big and he toke off as fast as he could. Vegeta continued flying to capsule Corp. Bulma ran out side, took one look at me, and led as to her lab. She looked me over slowly.

"You can go kill Chichi now."

Vegeta looked at her with that 'WTH!' look.

"She's only one he would let do this kind of damage. I've suspected it for a while."

"She had strange men there. One of them called Gohan a 'Pretty Bitch' I'm pretty sure you know what they had planed."

"FUCK! Chichi wouldn't!"
"She was."


"No need to tell me twice. Plus I felt her Ki drop a few minutes ago. Piccolo saved me the trouble."


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