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The bottle makes three tonight

by the-darkestrealms

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Sometimes you think people are enemies, and sometimes it can be the opposite.


Enemies for years

The two of you were.

Who would have thought two souls could meld as one and concur.

The argument is over and the two of you sit in front of the fire.

Eye to eye,

The question burns

What would everyone think? 

Is it really anyone else’s concern?

Your Eyes have met,

And the gaze is set,

Is this meant to be?

I guess they’ll find out and see.

You cant choose who you love,

That one person just flies into your world on the wings of a dove.

And its nothing until you find out its just love.

But for two people who no one thought would ever meet

Are surely past the usual meet and greet.

Although yes they were enemies for years.

I guess things happen when you least expect it.

The Morning came

Nothing for the two felt the same. 

A trail of clothes led from the now burned out fire into the room.

They both looked at each other, with no words to speak.

There eyes met again when small talk began, “What happened last night?”

“ do you think we might ---“ 

There words trailed off, when both silently realized,

I guess you , me and the bottle makes three tonight.





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