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Man From Beyond the Boarders

by Harlequaint

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This is a 100 Writing Challenge that I am doing with the friend. Mine is one combined story instead of different stores so it takes me a bit longer because I am trying to figure out how to go with the story and stay with in the word of the theme.

Chapter 1, Introduction

There had been only a handful that could make it past the trials, even fewer who could survive the games that followed, but he had with stood them all. Taking the beating without batting an eye then turned around and decimated his opponents with a swiftness only archived through years of battling for one’s life. He stood in the middle of the ring with blood up to his forearms and looked our King in the eye with a look daring him to give the order for his execution.  The crowds roaring became deafening as they started to chant for his life to be sparred.  The guards standing around the ring stand prepared to rush forward and dispose of this man who dared to defy the law.


The King stands and the crowed quits in anticipating for his decision. He looks across the crowed while holding out his right hand to give the answer, then looks down at the man in the middle of the ring. At the dead and dying scattered around him carelessly. Behind him he hears the clinking of gold bracelets as the Queen leans forward in her chair with rapt attention of what her husband will do. He fancies execution to deny his wife the joy of flirting with this new toy she is most certainly anxious to get her claws into.


The man does not move from his position, every muscle tense and ready to act the moment his is threatened. His breathing is calm despite fighting armored men; a couple could be considered giants.  He is grateful they did not release the starved cats driven mad from the fragrance of fresh blood reaching them.  If he has to fight them the outcome would be execution.

Someone in the crowed yells followed by another before the whole arena is yelling for the King to finally decide and not leave them waiting. The King looks over his shoulder at his wife with her flushed face, erratic breathing and dilated eyes. He turns his thumb toward the sky sending the crowed into a frizzy as they yell even louder and guards run out to the center of the ring to subdue the man.  The Queen looks at her husband, “Do you think it wise to allow him to live?”


He stands before her, tilting her face up with a hand under the delicate chin. “No.”  Is his only reply before leaving the box and his wife to compose herself before go about her day. He didn’t think it was a good idea to allow the man to live after watching him take down six of the best Gladiators the city had ever seen.  He sends a servant boy out to gather information on where the man came from and who has him. He must know more before he makes a move.


Hours pass before the boy returns with the information he demanded. “A Lord Gailin is the proprietor of the man, whom purchased him from a Slave Trader who found him beyond the boarders near the Lands Unknown.”

The King taps his ring with the royal crest on the golden goblet in his hands without looking at the kneeling servant boy. “Inform this Lord Gailin I request his presents.”

The boy acknowledges his order and rushes out to fulfill them. The King sighs.

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