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by sesshbaby

Libraries: Drama, Humor, InuYasha, Lemon, Romance

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Kagome is the niece of an infamous and cruel politician. She is accidentally kidnapped in her cousins place. What will her captors do to her once they find out they have the wrong girl? And will one of her kidnappers ever stop groping her?!?!?!?! (KagxSessh)

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Chapter 1


Kagome Higurashi frantically searched her purse for her cell phone while simultaneously trying to keep her eyes on the road in front of her. If she got into a fiery accident because of this then the mysterious caller had better pay for her funeral. Finally pulling her BlackBerry from the mess she called her purse she briefly glanced at the caller ID before grimacing.

“Yes, Kikyou?” she answered, barely holding back the sigh from her voice. Kagome loved her cousin dearly, but Kikyou only ever called when she wanted something from her.

“Oh good, you answered!” she exclaimed. Kagome was cut off before she could reply. “Well, you know daddy and I have been on vacation for the past few days when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to hire someone to take care of Kohana; isn’t that terrible?! My poor puppy has been starving for three days and here I am sprawled about on the beach,” she cried in full pout mode. She rolled her eyes as she turned her blue BMW around to drive toward the house.

“If you want I can go feed your dog,” Kagome pretended to offer knowing this was exactly what her cousin had wanted from her. She hated the fact that she was such a pushover, but she had yet to learn how to say ‘no’ and her cousin knew it too.  It was a damned curse.

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to go through all that trouble for me!” ‘Why not? You do it all the time,’ thought Kagome sourly.

“Nonsense, it’s no trouble at all. Besides, we can’t let Kohana starve now can we?”

“Thank you so much! I swear I’ll make it up to you.” ‘Mhhm, just like all the other times, right?’

“No problem. Listen, I gotta go and I’m sure you’re in a hurry to enjoy the rest of your vacation. I’ll see you when you get back, alright?” Kagome chirped eager to hang up already.

“Alright Kagome, see you later.”

A few minutes later she pulled up to Kikyou’s house, or more accurately, her father’s house. It was a damned huge house too. The house was three stories high, with more bedrooms than her uncle or Kikyou would ever need. The house included a small library that Kagome was rather fond of and a large garden that you could easily get lost in for days. She should know; she spent half of her life living in that house after her father died.

Her uncle Hideki was a politician and not a very well liked one.  Various assassination attempts had convinced him to hire body guards. That’s where her father came in. The late Katsuo had very strong spiritual powers and, unlike Kagome, knew how to use them. He was partnered up with an inuyoukai for maximum protection. Her father kept demons and darker magic at bay while the inu used his demonic speed and strength to incapacitate anyone talented enough to make it past the spiritual barriers. Together the two were invincible, or so everyone thought.

One day, the three of them were making their way down the street when they were suddenly caught under fire by masked men with guns. There were too many of them to fight off by themselves before they were fired upon. Her uncle survived.  His body guards did not. Since her mother had died giving birth, which left Kagome to live with her uncle until she came of age. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Kagome had finally gotten a small apartment of her own and left the spot light of living with a politician.

Making her way through the wide and ornamentally decorated hallways and into the kitchen, Kagome dropped her keys and phone upon the counter and casually made her way to the fridge.  Kikyou had recently latched on to an organic food fad and even forced poor Kohana on it. The food was made out of various vegetable grounds and had to be kept refrigerated or else it would spoil. The poor puppy didn’t seem to enjoy it very much and Kagome didn’t blame her. ‘Hmm, maybe they have some leftover meat I could sneak her.’  She tossed aside the organic puppy chow and proceeded to look for some treats for the adorable little pup.

Kagome was busy looking through the sandwich drawer when she felt the unmistakable feeling of someone caressing her bottom. She quickly whirled around to come face to face with a handsome violet-eyed man wearing a lecherous grin on his face.

“Excuse me! Who the hell do you think you are to be touching me like that?!” Kagome screeched grabbing and throwing random condiments at his head, “and what the hell are you doing in this house?” Kagome exclaimed loudly, hoping he hadn’t noticed the slight tremor of fear in her voice

“Mister- ow!- mis- hey! Stop throwing things at me!” he exclaimed, grabbing her hands. “Mister Hideki hired me to keep an eye on his property while he was away. I thought it strange to be hearing noises in a kitchen that was supposed to be empty,” he said, giving her a meaningful look as he kept a hold of her hands. “Imagine my surprise when I find the lovely Miss. Higurashi here instead of the house robber I had imagined.” The charming smile on his face seemed a little too well practiced for Kagome’s taste, but didn’t, as far as she could tell, house any ill intent toward her.

“Oh… well in that case, sorry for attacking you,” she said, smiling sheepishly. Maybe she should have thought about it a bit before she started hurling things at people’s heads…on second thought he did grope her.

“Think nothing of it!” he proclaimed rubbing small circles on her hand with his thumb. “Now, I just have one question for you…Would you bare my child?” he said seriously.

“WHAT!?” she screeched, yanking her hands back when suddenly a thought hit her. “If you were really hired like you said you were then why was I just called to feed the dog?” Kagome said slowly, narrowing her eyes suspiciously at the violet eyed man.  His shoulders straightened and his eyes took on a wary light.  “In fact you’re not even wearing the uniform that is required of all employees at this estate. So I ask again. Who. The. Hell. Are. You.” she questioned, angrily poking him in the chest with each word. A small spark of what seemed to be appreciation appeared in his eye before he sighed and shook his head.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use force on such a lovely lady but alas,” he said taking a step toward her. His whole body seemed to shift and tense, as if he was ready to lunge at her at any moment. His amethyst sparkled with something powerful and dangerous.

“Wha- what do you mean?” Kagome gulped, finding his sudden change in demeanor frightening. She tried to take a step back only to run into the fridge behind her.

“Don’t worry Kikyou, you won’t feel a thing,” he promised, quickly jabbing her neck with the side of his palm immediately knocking the girl unconscious. He caught her as she fell to the ground and reached for the cell phone in his back pocket. Damn, his head hurt! This girl really had an arm on her, ‘but it was so worth it.’ He thought with a smile.

“Alright Inuyasha, I’ve got her.”

“I thought she wasn’t supposed to be here till next week!” Inuyasha yelled into the phone. Miroku pulled the phone away from his ear while trying to adjust the girl in his arms. Maybe he should have put her in a chair or something before calling Inuyasha. He hadn’t thought such a petite girl could be so heavy.

“Well she’s here,” he dead-panned, “and she has one hell of an arm too,” he said, thinking about the bruise that was probably forming on his forehead thanks to a ketchup bottle. “Are you going to come pick us up, or am I going to have to complain to our fearless leader.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, and you better not be molesting that bitch while she’s unconscious either,” he threatened before the line went dead.

“Ah, why everyone carries such ill thoughts of me, I’ll never know,” he sighed, before glancing down at the hand currently fondling the girl’s leg. “Oh yeah, that’s why,” he grinned.

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