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Taming The Dragon

by UndeadXxXPanda

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Chapter 1

Taming The Dragon


I stared blankly at the blood stained walls that surrounded me, the room was dark and my entire body was numb. My shirt and jeans were terribly torn to shreds; I felt my lips tremble as I tried to inhale; I placed a finger on my lips and I could feel the scars and blood that covered me.

            I froze up taking a quick breath. I could feel a tear run down the right of my face.

            “All your loved ones are DEAD,” he growled darkly into my ear.

            More tears viciously ran down my face and I began to sob, “Please…”I chocked between tears out, “I’ll obey…”

            I tried to hush, but only began to hiccup. He entire body began to feel cold and I couldn’t help but to shake.

            “I love the taste of a girl in fear,”

            “But, it’s too bad you’ll be dead soon, along with the rest!” he moved my head to face the pile of other dead bodies of everyone that I knew and loved.

            “PLEASE NO!” I cried.


            My friend Ayana bolted in my room asking me was wrong.

            Ayana say on my bed and soothed me, “It’s ok girl, I’m here,” she cooed, she rocked me back and forth.

            She hugged me tighter, “You’re not going to die Kiotni,” she whispered as she rubbed my hair.

            Ever since I got out of that abusive relationship with Donte’ about a year ago I’ve been having off and on nightmares about death and this night was the worst of all. I rubbed my puffy eyes and looked at the clock; it was 3:55 AM.

            I gave a small hiccup and gave a small nod.

            She helped me up to her room and allowed me to lie next to her in her bed.

            I gave a small smile, “ok...”

  I finally managed to wake up around 2PM, even though I had a slight headache. Ayana had already left for watch TV; I didn’t want to do a thing all day. I barely wanted to eat. Usually when I’m feeling like this I sit around and watch a marathon of SpongeBob all day. Childish as some may think but it kept me happy.

            After so many hours I didn’t realize how long I stayed in one place because Ayana came back in from work.

            When she opened the door she raised an eyebrow at me, “don’t tell me you had a SpongeBob day today?” she asked.

            I gave a sheepish smile and shrugged my shoulders.

            She rolled her eyes and shook her head and muttered something under her breath.

            “I know things haven’t been easy on you, but you seriously need to lighten up and get out more!”

            I sighed, she was right. But I didn’t know what to do. “I know, I know. But what can I do?” I asked, “I’m not really big into night clubs and bars are just stupid,”

            Ayana crossed her arms, “Well, you just knocked the two main things I had in mind. Well in THAT case why don’t we just….” She got quiet trying to think of something, “We can umm….”

            “Exactly,” I said, “Nothing for me to do,”

            Ayana frowned, “Oh hush child,” then she snapped her fingers, “The mall! Of course! A little window shopping doesn’t hurt right,”

            “I suppose,”

            “Good!” she pulled me off the couch, “Now get dressed!”


After we both got dressed we got in Ayana’s school. Then I shook my head feeling out of place, why the hell was a 24 year old like me doing in a placed packed with underage females.

            I leaned off the wall getting ready to leave until I saw this girl come by going down the hall. She was fucking beautiful, her body was perfectly built and her skin was a sexy flawless shade of brown. My lips partly opened in admiration, but then I quickly shut my mouth thinking about the minors I was around.

            It’s so damn hard to tell how old these females are! If this was a night club it would be much easier. I shook my head getting the thought outta my head I am NOT getting caught up in a case!

            I finally decided to walk off but when I got halfway there I stopped mid walk from hearing a shriek down the restroom halls.

            I quickly turned around and looked down the hall to see a creepy man of at least 45 trying to inappropriately grope the young girl.

            “Get the hell away from me!” she yelled while pounding her small fists on his back.

            I ran over to the scene and grabbed the pedophile by the neck collar and slammed him up against the wall.

            “It aint cool to touch on young ladies,” I said firmly.

            The man frowned, “What’s it to ya pal!” he said, “This aint got nothing to do with you,”

            I gripped tighter on his neck breaking his air supply, “It has now, now; I suggest you get the hell outta here and keep your filthy hands off of women.” Then I shoved him down the hall causing him to tumble over.

            “F-Fine!” he cried out as he ran off.

            I turned back to the girl who had this wide eyed expression of fear. I swear I thought she could have had a heart attack.

            I placed a hand on her shoulder, “Are you ok?” I asked softly.

            I could feel her shake, and then she blinked back into reality and shook my hand off of her.

            Geez, so much for being nice.

            “D-Don’t touch me!” she cried out. Tears began to fall down her face.

            I put both my hands up, “I-I’m sorry!”

            The girl shook her head and rubbed her eyes, “Y-You’re not going to do anything to me are you??” she wept.


            This chick must have had a dark history.

            “Wha-? No way! I just saved you from that creep!”

            She relaxed a little, “O-Oh, sorry about that.”

            I waved it off, “It’s cool…” then I turned away to walk off.

            “Wait, what’s your name?” she asked.

            I turned my head, “Hyun,” I said coolly.

            “Thank you Hyun,” She gave a small smile, "I'm Kiotni by the way,"

            “Uh, no prob. Just be careful out there, lots of pedos out there.”

            She gave a small laugh, it was kinda cute. “I’m also 23,”

            I turned all the way around to look at her and raised an eyebrow, “Are you jailbait or are you for real?”

            “I’m serious…” she said calmly.

            “Wow, I thought you were like 17…”

“No, but thank you,” she said.

            “Heh, well minor or not, you be careful out there,” I told her.

            Especially at clubs cause this would be a TOTALLY different scenario.

            After an awkward silence I started off again but was stopped once again.

            “Hyun…” Kiotni called to me.

            I gave a silent sigh, “Yeah…”

            “Mind if we exchange numbers?”

            I quietly laughed to myself before I turned back around.

            “sure, why not.” 


Ok, the craziest shit just happened, a scary old guy tried to molest in a restroom hall at the mall. This tall intimidating guy named Hyun scared him off and I decide to exchange phone numbers with him.

            I usually don’t do things like that. I mean I’m not trying to holla at the guy, I just thought what he did was very nice of him.

            I decide to walk back to find Ayana, she was at the food court.

            “You better had help deliver a baby or something to be at that bathroom THAT long!” she scolded at me.

            “Sorry,” I told her, “I had a little incident down there,”

            She raised an eyebrow, “Incident?”                       

            I gave a nervous laugh and continued to tell her about the creepy old man and my encounter with Hyun.      

                My friend’s jaw dropped, “So some random guy came to your rescue?”

            “Pretty much,”

            “And you got his number?”


            She tapped her lips with her fingers, “Wow, talk about chain of events,”


            “So you plan on talking to him?”

            “Maybe, but on a friend level,” I told her, “besides I’ve always wanted a guy friend that would protect me,”

            Ayana laughed, “I’d like to see how far this goes!”

            I rubbed the back of my neck, “Yeah me to…” I said in a hesitant tone.


I walked into my house still thinking about what just happened today.

            I got a chick’s number within 5 minutes. That’s like a personal record.

            I smiled to myself and shook my head replaying the scene in my head.

            Jiyong came downstairs walking another one of his females from last night to the door.

            “Call me tonight?” the girl purred.

            “Heh, sure sure,” he smiled, “I’ll talk to you later,”

            When he closed the door I just shook my head and laughed at him, “You’re sick man,”

            He cocked his head to the side, “How so?”

            I rolled my eyes, “That’s like the 3rd one this week man, you need to slow your roll,”

            “Psh, It’s nothing man,” he said, “Besides who do you think you are? You’re in the same boat as I am!”

            “My ship has sailed,” I corrected

            “Oh, so you’re some perfect gentleman of every woman’s dream now?”

            I grinned, “You can assume that, especially since I played hero and got a girl’s number today,”

            Jiyong narrowed his eyes, “Any girl at a MALL will see a guy like you as a hero, they’re all like 12...” he scoffed.

            “She’s 23,”

            “And she’s a DAMN lie,”

            “Fine, say what you think. I’m going to have you meet her one day and you can see for yourself,”

            “Bet on it,” he smirked, and then he pulled out his phone, “Now, I must converse with Miss Saturday tonight—she’s the Puerto Rican one,” he winked an eye at me, “Whelp, I’ll see you later,”

            That fool I swear….

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