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by Kichi

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Yamxha lovers be warned! Vegeta lets damaging info about Yamcha slip when he realizes he is abusing Bulma.

PAIRING (if applicable): n/a
RATING: R for language
WARNINGS: Yamcha lovers be warned- I'm making him out to be scum in this one.
NOTES: Drabble 57 crying
WORDS: 670... I can't seem to do these in 100-200 words. My bad..

Lately, every time I see her she is crying. I know it has something to do with that weakling human
she is mated to, but I cannot be sure. Perhaps she has finally realized what I learned the second time I met
him, but she, with her far weaker senses and intelligence, failed to notice. She- the supposed genius- finally
realized he was fucking every woman he came into contact with, at least, those whom allowed him to their
It's always late, always dark without a light on. She is always on her balcony or on her way there.
The few times I'd gone to my room through my balcony, she turns her back and stiffens, as if I hadn't heard
her pathetic weeping as soon as I exited the GR. After the third night of this, I decide to provoke her as only
I can.
"Another reason humans are pathetic.." I narrate to no one in particular, enjoying the way Bulma
stiffened and her head turned slightly to hear me. ".. Is they humiliate themselves by allowing weak emotions
to control them. When they should be plotting revenge, they whimper like dying animals. But it is to be
expected of weak ningens."
"Revenge.." she said softly, as if not understanding.
"Any Saiyan female would kill her mate for being unfaitful, but I would never expect you to do
something so drastic-"
"Cheating.. What are you talking about?" Hmm.. Perhaps I was wrong, maybe she still had no clue
that the scarred human was sleeping with other women while she remained agonizingly faithful.
"Oh nothing." I say, grinning. Well, that was unexpected, why the stupid tears, then? I turn to hear
back to my room, having lost interest in her and her misery (If I don't know what's going on how can I mock
her?). But I hear her rise from her seat and draw close, and then feel her icy fingers grip my elbow.
"Vegeta, tell me what you mean by that." she demands in ah hollow voice. I cannot help but sneer
as I turn to face her, her blackened eyes greet me, and my shock in instantly apparent.
"What the hell happened to you?" I gasp.
"Tell me. What did you say before, Vegeta." she snaps, her voice soft and deadly, and I feel my
smile returning as I cannot help but enjoy her rage.
"I have nothing more to say to you this evening Bulma, perhaps another time." I say, deciding then
to take the fight out of her hands.

She screams and throws herself at me. I am caught off guard but it matters not as her only weapon
is her tiny fists. Her shrieks hurt my ears and I find my voice rising above hers in an attempt to be heard.
"Shut up, damn you, or I'll tear your tongue out!" I cry.
"Tell me what you mean! Tell me! Tell me, damn it!" she bellowed in my ear. Her swollen eyes are
leaking tears, the whites of her eyes are red with burst capillaries. I feel my need to torment her dissolve.
"Stop your howling and I will, harpy!" I snarl. We are both silenced by a timid knock at my door.
"Who dares?" I wonder aloud.
"Vegeta? Bulma? Is everything alright?" It is the onna's mother sounding concerned.
"Yes." we snarl, the sound of rapidly retreating footsteps echo down the hall.
"Tell me. Tell me now!" she hisses, her features distorted into an ugly mask of pain and anger.
"You are not his only woman, that is what I said. While you remain faithful, he is cavorting in other
women's beds, and comes over here smelling of them still. Plot your revenge onna, do not weep, or you
really are weak and pathetic." I detach her hands from around my neck and leap to ground level. She stares
down at me, her features anguished, then hardening in resolve. Her fists clench and she heads inside.
She will not be weak any longer.

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