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Hole Hunting

by LyricalRemix

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Shannon Yolo has an interesting life having been born with a dick bigger than the average man. Join Shannon along with her fellow dickgirls as they fill the holes of men and women alike.


Just up ahead I could see my next victim running for his “life.” I could have caught him before he took his first step, but I was feeling a little more playful than usual tonight. I wanted to enjoy this one to the fullest. I might even throw in a little twist. He sure had earned it after our earlier encounter back at the club.

*Thump, thump, thump* was the sound spilling out of the new night club that opened up on 55th street of North Boulevard. The sign above the club was sensual and alluring. It glowed vividly but somehow softly, it was theBanana-nut. I know right? The first time I heard it I thought that it was hogwash too. But this club is far different than your average bump and grind; get wasted and drugged up club. The thing is, the owner of the club happens to be a hot ass bitch. Her strong reputation matched her snatch, but that's another story.

I didn't have to tow the line like the rest of the shmucks waiting in line. I got VIP status my first night visiting, which is another story as well. In front of the tinted bullet-proof glass doors stood Marty, short for Martina. She was the bouncer of the club standing at 6”4, ripped as a linebacker and nearly fast enough to rape the speed of light. Somehow she managed to still be beautiful and have a feminine touch to her. She was also a gentle lover, but that too is another story. Marty had sharp crystal ice blue eyes that threatened to pierce ones soul, and I easily got lost in them. She had a set of plump lips that I loved very much, both desirably kissable with a perfectly proportioned sharp nose. I don't mean to get distracted but it's nearly impossible when you're facing down one of God's gift to women. (Marty seemed to have never had a taste for men.) Arriving to the entrance I greeted Marty with a slow kiss, nothing that would get her too worked up but enough to tease her.

“Haven't seen you in a while Shannon, where ya been?”

Marty spoke to me in a whispering voice. She knew that I would hear her and that even asking something as simple as my whereabouts would still arouse me. The tone of her voice seemed to have that affect on everyone as well as being hypnotic. She really was the ideal bouncer to have. She never did have to get physical.

“Oh, I've been around here and there. Did you miss me?”

I licked my lips to ensure that the answer was yes even though I knew it would be. It doesn't hurt to do a little extra teasing.

Wouldn't you rather me show you?”

She replied with a sly, teasing smile slowly climbing on her lips with sparkling laughing eyes. I spoke no more to her, instead I walked pass her while giving her ass a quick squeeze. That answered her question just fine.

Upon walking into the club I was enshrouded in complete darkness that felt as if it would swallow you forever but I knew my way around. It wasn't exactly a clear path to the crowd as people used the darkness to take care of their business. The smell of sex and alcohol in the air was so thick I could taste it. The sweat, alcohol, cum, perfume/cologne, deodorant, all of it! I loved every millisecond of it. Making 2 lefts and 1 right turn, I walked to the VIP entrance door. The door had no handle or slot but off to the side was a keypad for entering a code which then opened up a circular slot a little ways beneath it. I quickly typed in the code that I knew by heart to be granted access to the slot. The security system to this VIP area was a little crazy to me but still cool. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock which I then poked through the open slot. Marty had explained to me once saying that when I inserted my dick it was scanned first and then the wetness I felt was the computer system “tasting” my cock! The whole process is pretty brief but it still feels good. The door slid open with a, whoosh! I quickly stuffed my cock back into my pants and walked in.

On the couches to the back, I saw a few of the girls I was introduced to and had become friends with chatting. They seemed to be in the middle of planning something. Someone was going to die a gory death judging from the pure evil gleam in Xavier's eyes. They greeted me with a series of nods and smiles. But I didn't go over to them to join in the planned hunt. I wasn't here for that tonight. I went over to mirror glass looking out over the club. Up here you had a full unobstructed view of the entire club floor. It wasn't long before I found my new target sitting at the bar in the far right corner almost hiding. Waving to the girls I headed to the teleport and willed myself to appear near the guy.

His back was facing the crowd, perfect. I looked around to see if anyone else was eyeing him and then I approached him. I pressed my body flushed to his back. *PFFFT!* He sprayed his fresh mouth full of what seemed to be rum and coke. After he caught his breath, I grabbed his head gently and pulled it back to rest on my shoulder, where I then whispered in his ear. He felt my words more than he heard them.

“Dance with me.”

It was a command that would be followed without pause. I dragged him out of his chair onto the dance floor where we made brief eye contact. I turned my back to him while holding his hands and ensured that his arms wrapped around me. My butt was parked neatly on his rapidly hardening prick where I began to grind into him. My cock twitches in my pants. While dancing he got so worked up that he started dry humping my butt. I licked my lips in anticipation; he was ready for the taking. Breaking free from his hold I spun around and gave him a heated look which he responded to with a dirty grin. He thinks that he's about to score big, ha! Grabbing his hand, once again I start dragging him, this time to the back exit. Bursting out the backdoor, I immediately start looking around for possible witnesses. Seeing none insight I throw him to the wall which he collides with and slides down. Less than a minute ago, he was looking at me with eyes over flowing with lust. Now his eyes were showing signs of fear and confusion. I flash him a toothy grin which sets him at ease. The arousal in him is on the rise again.

“You like it rough huh? I can give you what you need baby. Daddy's got it right, here!”

Leering at me while speaking, the man grabbed his junk and shook it at me for emphasis. I couldn't resist teasing him, he made it too easy. Walking up to the man slowly but sensually, each sway of my hips further induced his hypnotized state. Upon reaching him I stood as close as possible without touching him. Staring into his eyes I allowed a few seconds to pass before I grabbed his prick and squeezed it. His mouth fell open in a soundless moan of pure ecstasy. My cock by now was tenting in my pants as I fondled him. I reached for his hand and placed it on my crotch. When he felt the bulge, he ripped his hand away as if he had been burnt by acid. I watched the emotions run across his face. Confusion, fear, disgust and finally anger. He pushed me away and I allowed him to.

“You fucking filthy half-assed tranny!”

Looking around quickly he seemed to be scanning the area. For what, I don't know, a possible weapon maybe? Bending down he pulled out a knife that was strapped to his ankle. It looks like he came equipped for battle.

“I'll fix you up real nice, faggot! I'll cut your dick off!”

Rushing forward with his knife raised high to strike, I stood there patiently waiting, smiling even. The man obviously wasn't too bright. The mere fact that I never showed any emotion other than amusement should have sent off some warning bells in his mind. Before he could stab me in the chest, I lashed out grabbing his wrist which I snapped in one fluid motion. His scream of agony made my dick lurch, pre-cum was causing a wet patch to appear on my pants. When I released the man he scuttled backwards towards the wall swearing to the high heavens. With each step I took towards him my cock hardened more and more.

“Stay the fuck away from me you freak! FUCK OFF!”

His bark held more sting than his bite ever could. I wanted him even more. Before I reached him I stopped when I heard the sound of a can. *CLANK CLANK CLUNK* A rat happened to run by and hit the thing. The guy wasn't too stupid; he used my moment of distraction to make a mad dash down the alley. He wouldn't escape though, no one ever did.

Now I'm following him and lagging behind on purpose. He ran through different alleys with lots of obstacles which were meant to slow me down but ironically, it slowed him down instead. When he turned down a particularly shady alley filled with wooden crates, I grabbed him by the jacket and swung him into the wall. *THUD!*


I didn't care at all, playtime was over. It was time to take what I came for. Pushing myself up against him, I crushed him to the wall. Licking his ear I started talking to him, giving him a brief rundown of what was going to take place tonight.

“Your body is mine until I am finished with you. Then depending on how I feel determines whether you live or die.”

“You fucking freak! You can't do that! Let me go!”

Nibbling the man's ear, I began to slowly grind my still trapped cock against his ass. I felt the pre-cum induced wet spot on my pants had stretched down to my thighs. It probably looked like I pissed myself but I couldn't care. Nipping the man's ear to get his attention, I spoke quietly yet clearly.

“I'm going to let you up. Take your pants off, now. If you disobey me, I will break your fingers.”

“Fuck you!”







His screams of pain were starting to become too much for me. I was beginning to lose control. I needed to take the edge off things. In one fluid motion, I spun him around and forced him down on his knees. He seemed to know what was coming; he must have done it to a few girls himself. He turned his head away and leaned back. Stepping forward, I thrusted my hips and pistoned against his head. Mashing my trapped cock into the side of his face, I spoke to him again.

“Take my cock out and suck it. If you bite me, I will knock every fucking tooth out of your mouth, fuck your bleeding gums and suffocate you to death with my cock.”

With a trembling hand he unzipped my pants and slowly slide my cock out only to have it slap him in the face. Currently standing proud at 12 inches with the width of a full grapefruit, I took my cock in one hand and rested the other on his head to steady him.


Whimpering the man hesitated and glanced up at me, so, I slapped him with my cock. I prodded his lips with my cock.


He slowly opens his mouth and I can feel the delicious heat escaping licking at the tip of my cock. I intended to wait for him to take it into his mouth but I'm too impatient, instead I shove half of it down his throat in one thrust. His gag reflexes are triggered, he throws up and the feeling is almost too much. Bracing one hand on the wall and one on his head, I pull an inch or two out before I drive back in stopping only when his nose is buried in my pubic hair. Leaning on the wall pelvis forward, I savor the wet, hot feeling of his mouth and lips wrapped around my cock. Even with broken fingers he raises his hand to push against my thighs. He's turning purple in the face. Easing back until only the tip is resting on his tongue, I allow him to suck in a few gasps of breath. It's the last he's getting until I cum deep in his belly. The urge to blow my load is too great now. I'm losing my mind. Pushing his head against the wall, I hold his head with both hands and plunge my whole length down his throat in one thrust. I start off at a fast pace that's gradually increasing. It's not long before I'm pistoning into his mouth. It's soooooo good. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to right now. I vaguely hear the sounds of him choking on my cock over the sound of my hips slapping his face but I sure do feel it. It's fucking fantastic, I speed up more. Hips becoming a blur now I thrust in and out over and over. All I can think of is thrusting harder and faster. The feel of his mouth on my cock and the unearthly ecstasy I'll feel when I cum. A lightening shoots down into my gut and starts travelling up the length of my cock. I find it in me to thrust even faster and harder now.

“Daddy's got what you want right here, baby! It's coming now! TAKE IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!”

My hips won't stop and I keep fucking his throat through my climax pumping every drop of cum out my sausage. I've finished cumming but it's not enough, I need more. I keep drilling into his throat. He's going to die before I finish with him at this rate but I can't stop. It's just too good. I feel his throat relax and I glance down to see that he's passed out but I continue thrusting for all I'm worth. MOOOORE! MOOOOREEE!! I NEED MORE! Again and again I thrust myself into his throat mercilessly, in and out. I'm almost there! I pull almost all the way out and thrust back in grinding my hips around for more stimulation on my cock, cum bursts from my cock pumping glob after glob of hot cum deep into his belly. When no more jizz seems to be forthcoming, I pull out slowly and back away admiring my work, his jaw is dislocated; his lips are bruised and bleeding. He's stopped breathing now and his pulse is weak. It's time that I raped that sweet ass that's just begging to be ripped apart. Picking his body up I toss it onto one of the crates next to the wall and rip his pants down. Grabbing his hips, I waste no time plunging into his fuckhole. I thrust my cock into his ass with slow hard long strokes. He's a virgin or was until now because he's tight as fuck! Pulling almost all the way out then thrusting all the way back in, I pick up speed.


Grinding my teeth together I spread my stance and lay on his back. Pulling back slowly, I dive back in hammering his ass over and over like a jackhammer. I feel someone coming but I'm not stopping now. They're just going to have to be my next victim. Speeding up and thrusting harder the sounds coming from my hips hitting his ass almost sounds like thunderclaps. The crates are crying and moving as I fuck this ass into oblivion.


Finally with a loud wailing scream I cum, hard into his bowels continuously fucking through the waves of pleasure. As my hips slow down to a stop I notice that I have company but I do not acknowledge them yet. Feeling the guys for a pulse I find none. This fucker has been fucked dead and it's time for the next one! Extracting my cock from the now used ass, I turn to face my guest.

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