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The Ending

by Brethesen

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I'll let you deside...

This hate,
it's building itself inside me,
a iron grip,
that is holding my mind and my throat,
I don't know what to do,
don't know,
what to do...

I can feel it stirring inside,
like bad memories on a traumatic experience,
the path,
that was pointed to me,
is lost,
I'm alone,
in the dark,
with memories,
what i don't want to remember,
and hate...

I'm so tired to cry alone,
I'm also tired to the fear,
what takes a hold of me,
and makes me scream.

Just give me a reason to end my life,
and I will,
just give me a reason to end this pain,
and to set me free!

...But still I linger here,
in the dark...

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