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Yakuza Wife

by Fawks-chan

Libraries: Drama, InuYasha, Lemon, Romance

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I do believe this is my first attempt at alternate universe :3 Fawkeisha, being the bastard child of a prominent Yakuza family, is given to the Taiyo group as a bride instead of her sister, the rightful heir. If she can succeed in becoming the wife of the heir to the Taiyo she can exact revenge against her abusive father and his wife.

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Chapter 1, New Husband

Yakuza Wife

Fawks glared angrily out of the window as the limo pulled down the empty street. The summer heat made the concrete shimmer, the day unnervingly quiet.

“…Are you alright, Miss?” the driver asked.

“…I…guess I really shouldn’t be surprised…hell I should be relieved, at least the old man can’t kill me now…” she sighed. “Or maybe…having me die at the hands of the Taiyo group was his plan all along…”

“None of us were expecting this…” he said firmly.

“Oh, please…! When Lord Taiyo offered father a truce by way of political marriage, we all knew he wasn’t gonna send Miyako into that den of wolves” she scoffed. “Father hates me, I was the logical choice…”

The man behind the wheel went silent as they pulled up to the manor. Getting out he opened the door for her and she stared up at the intimidating gate. It opened to reveal a walkway lined with equally intimidating men.

Fawks took a deep breath, the driver laid a hand on her shoulder.

“…you will be in our prayers, My lady…” he whispered. She nodded, unable to look him in the eye for fear of crying.

She slipped from his grasp, marching confidently up the walkway, her head held high.


Fawks sat before the leader of the Taiyo clan, regarding him almost as closely as he was her. He watched her with predatory golden eyes beneath thick eyebrows. His silver hair was pulled into a ponytail high on his head.

“Negotiations have only just concluded and already, we have problem…” he drawled. “You are not Miyako Hidenori”

Fawks swallowed back the rage rising like bile in her throat, “No, I’m not…”

“Then who are you? I was unaware Kaito had another daughter”

“I don’t get out much…”Fawks replied, somewhat annoyed.

“Oi! Watch how you talk to the boss, you brat!” one of the men barked, she scoffed at him.

“We were expecting a perfectly groomed bride instead we get this scruffy looking pup…” Lord Taiyo laughed.

“Oi…!” Fawks growled.

“No matter…Send in Sessho-maru”

A door opened behind her, “You called, father?”

“Son, say hello to your new wife” he said with a wide smile. Fawks chanced a glance over her shoulder. At least he was handsome, with his father’s golden eyes and lengthy silver hair. But his eyes were cold as a pond in winter.

“Very well” he bowed.

Now that threw her. She’d at least expected him to put up somewhat of a fight. Then again, as heir to the Taiyo group, he must have been used to his father making decisions for him.

Their eyes met briefly, “Come along”


The drive to Sessho-maru’s household was a quiet one. Fawks fidgeted beside him in the backseat while he lit a cigarette.

“You didn’t answer my father’s question, who are you?” he asked, disinterested.

“I’m…Fawkeisha Hidenori, but everyone calls me Fawks. I’m Kaito Hidenori’s bastard. My mother was American and after she died I was sent to live with him” she spat.

“It sounds like there’s no love lost between you two…” he sighed blowing out smoke.

“He hates me and I hate him…” she slouched angrily against the seat.

“You resent him for sacrificing you instead of your sister…”

“…I never said that…!” she snapped.

Sessho-maru raised an eyebrow at her.

“…Miyako was the first person to treat me like I was her family. The other members saw this and started treating me the same. She did her best to protect me from my father and his wife…” Fawks said softly, “If those bastards had just asked…I would have gladly taken her place…”

Sessho-maru glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. The car pulled up in front of a somewhat smaller mansion.

“You should get what rest you can. Tomorrow promises to be quite a trying day…” he said to her.

“Eh? You’re not coming?” she blinked.

“There is much I must prepare for tomorrow. I doubt I shall see you until then” Sessho-maru replied, stamping out his cigarette in an ash tray. Fawks fell silent, glaring at her boots.

“…you thought I was going to ravish you the first chance I got, didn’t you?” he said tonelessly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ravish me in the car” she shrugged.

“And ruin the upholstery…?” he said, as the chauffer came around to open the door.

“Funny…” she scoffed, slipping out of the limo.


“Nice place…”Fawks muttered, glancing around.

“Oi! Who is this you’re bringing into Sessho-maru-sama’s home?!”

Fawks blinked down at the bald raging midget that greeted them in the entryway.

“I’m Fawkeisha, who the hell are you?” she raised an eyebrow.

“That doesn’t answer the question!” he raged, hoping up and down.

“She is Sessho-maru-sama’s bride elect, I suggest you show more respect” the chauffer looked down his nose at the little man.

“Bride?! This brat?!” he cried. Fawks grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up off the ground.

“Oi! I told you, my name is Fawkeisha! Since I introduced myself, it’s only polite that you do the same” she growled.

“I…it’s…Jaken…” he swallowed.

“Now then, Jaken-san, I’m starving, where’s the kitchen around here?” Fawks asked, dropping him.

“Y…yes…right this way, my lady…”

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