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Blood Stream

by dark-vampire111

Libraries: Action, Fantasy, Gothic, Original Fiction, Romance

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A normal high school life of an innocent girl named Pamella takes a sharp turn when she encounters a handsome young man named Taisto. Little does she know she is about to be thrown into a dark and confusing world she is far from ready to face. This world is one full of so called monsters of the night, one full of creatures more powerful than her dreams, but she has a few hidden secrets of her own.

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Chapter 1, The Encounter

            Voices blurred all around the school yard in an insane mess.  Everyone was talking at the same time.  It was like they had a quota of sound they had to reach by the end of the hour.  Someone who had voices in their head already would have been driven even more insane by all of it. There was laughing, shouting, and even what sounded like singing, but it all mixed together in an unintelligible hum of sound.  Sitting in the distance, away from all the people, a teenage girl sat on a thick stone wall.  She watched and listened as the crowds of her fellow students passed by.  Here and there she caught bits of understandable conversation, but very little.  Her emerald green eyes drifted over the peoples heads and rested on the large building that served as a school.  It was made from large grey stones and resembled what you would have seen in the movie about the Roman empire more than it did a school.  
   The building stood two stories high.  There were large pillars in the front where two great wooden doors stood.  The huge wooden doors looked out of place among the mass of stone walls.  Around Hawthorn Academy there was a tall and thick stone wall.  The grounds were accessible only through the medieval looking steel gates. A few small stone gazebo style buildings were scattered around the campus.  Though it was true that it was a prestigious establishment, it sometimes seemed ridiculously extravagant to make a school look this way.  It was positively ridiculous.
    Pamela Pritchard sat on the wall of one of the gazebos.  Her back rested against one of the beams, one leg dangling over the side.  Strands of her rich auburn hair floated and swayed in the breeze.  Her hair was just long enough to pass her shoulders – her green eyes sparkled in the few rays of sun that made it through the branches of a near by tree.  Pamela jumped down from the wall, her pleated grey skirt bounced with the movement.  She glided up the stairs gracefully and moved onto a bench under the roof of the gazebo.  
   Her eyes again landed on the many students who were rushing about.  She focused on some of the girls who passed by – they were pretty, and thin.  Pamela sighed and tapped her foot on the floor.  Not so long ago, she had been thin.  Lately though, she had been struggling to keep her figure.  She gained several pounds over the summer and could not seem to rid herself of them.  Though she tried, she simply could not seem to fully get her figure back.  In her mind, she had become far too plump.  It was not so much that people would really notice, but she noticed. She hated it – and she hated those girls who never gained weight!  Nothing annoyed her more than seeing the kind of girl who could do anything she pleased, but never gain a single pound.  As for being pretty, she had never really seen herself as being pretty.  If anything, she felt she was average and plain looking.  Like the old book, "Sarah Plain and Tall."  Come to think of it, that might have been a movie.
    Pamela stopped her train of thought. She shook her head and reminded herself that it did not matter.  She had other qualities.  It was more a matter of wanting to feel confident than it was wanting to be good looking to impress others.  Maybe she would like to be pretty, but beauty was not everything.  Besides, she was not really looking for a boyfriend or anything.  In fact, she did not plan to even try to get a boyfriend at all.  Maybe she would think about it down the road, but not yet.  In reality, she wanted to be friends with people, guys included, more than she wanted to date. Friendship was more important to her.
   In truth, it would not have been overly difficult to find a man.  She was a senior in high school, so even if she was plain, she was automatically given a higher place in the social ladder. If she desired to, she could get an easy date, but none of that appealed to her.  Besides, she did not have the time for a relationship even if she found one.  She was going to go to college next year, and a relationship would simply get in the way.  She had been in a few passing relationships in her past, but nothing serious.  However, having been in a few casual dating situations, she found she preferred to be single.  Though her past relationships had not ended badly, or with hurt feelings to either side, she still found it bothersome.  There were too many things that went into it.  It was so much trouble!  Friendships were less complicated, so she preferred it to remain as such.  Being single was far less complicated, and she had more freedom. Pamela smiled and laughed to herself.  
   Some people would have said she was trying to avoid getting into a relationship for fear of the rejection it might hold in store.  Or they would have said she was covering up her feelings by saying she did not want a relationship.  However, for her, that really was not the case.  She had goals for herself, and she wanted to achieve them. Perhaps she would consider love and such things in the future, but not until she had at least gotten on the road to achieve her life goals.  Besides . . . she had not been herself these days.  She was unusually quick to be harsh with people.  Her attitude was not good.  Dating would only make her even more moody –  not something she needed.  She needed to help herself get out of her recent rut.  No guy could ever help her with that!  
   Pamela's mind traveled back onto other more relevant subjects.  The school day had ended, and everyone was either just getting out of class, or they were getting ready to leave the campus.  Though she could have left earlier, she enjoyed the peace she found in the distant gazebo.  She came to the spot often, but she was seldom bothered by anyone.  In some ways, she felt that this place would be lonely if she did not frequently visit.  Moreover, she preferred the solitude of this little space of the school over staying in her own home.  However, it was time to go back to her eery dwelling place once again.
    Pamela slowly rose from the bench and headed in the direction of the school.  Her eyes focused on the ground as she walked through the field of students.  Today, she was not in the mood for all the idle passing conversations.  To avoid being spoken to, she pretended to be deep in thought.  Most of the time, people would not speak to someone unless they could see their eyes.  Something in people made them want to see another person's eye before they spoke.  If a person was looking down, and not making eye contact with anyone, that person ran a better chance of being left alone. Perhaps it was an odd thing to do, but she was simply not feeling social.  
   She hurried inside and made her way quietly through the crowds as she journeyed toward the school lockers. Earlier, she left her books and black leather attache case there.  After a few more minutes of wading through people, she reached the long line of oak lockers.  They had been specially made per the deans request.  Though they looked attractive, they were over done.  Simple lockers would have been more practical.  Even so, it was nothing she cared about – they worked.  She quickly twisted out her combination and opened it.  Snatching out her books and slipping them all into the case, she readied her self to dive into the human sea once again.  She swept the hall with her eyes.  No one.  Fortunately, so she would not have to deal with crowds for the moment.  She wanted to be alone, and for now, she was.  It was nice.
   She sighed.  Normally she did not feel so antisocial, but right now, she did.  In a lot of ways, it was not really a good feeling.  Pamela took hold of the locker door and began to close it.  As the door swung shut, just behind the door were jade color eye, and a face connected with them.  
   She had not noticed the boy until the locker door was no longer blocking her view.  Heart pounding, and eyes wide, she let out a high-pitched squeal and jumped back – though her scream was not loud, it was still obvious that she had been startled.  She clutched her bag to her chest in hopes of calming her heart. How had this person been so fast?  Hadn't she just looked down that same hallway?  She felt instantly shaky, like a sudden cold front had moved in.
   Taisto Koray leaned against the lockers, smirking as he watched her reaction to his presence.  Though he had been standing so close, he had been so quiet, she had not even noticed him.  She was not even sure when he slipped into the hallway, and she definitely had not been aware he was so close.  Was he a cat?  He stood with his back against the lockers, arms crossed, and one of his heels hooked onto a low latch to prop his foot up behind him.  Perfectly posed, as if he were ready to have his picture taken in a magazine.  
   He stared at her with his piercing green eye. The collar of his dark, mint green shirt was unbuttoned and hung loosely at his neck.  He had dark blond hair, so dark it almost crossed the line into brown.  His hair was cut in short, choppy layers that were meant to give him a scruffy, punk look.  However, his hair was immaculately styled and looked it.  Everyone in the school knew he was probably the richest student there, but no one knew who he really was.  Nothing was known about his family, he was hardly an open book.  
   It had not been long since he transferred into the school, so he was still a mystery.  Perhaps that added to his intrigue for students, and added to his popularity.  Even so, it was clear that he was a person of good breeding from some well to do family.  Some speculated that he was really a prince who was from some far away land, and he had been sent away to learn other cultures for himself.  Truthfully, no one knew.  Either way, Taisto Koray did his best to hide his obvious wealth.  He wore cloths that looked ragged, but any girl with an eye for fashion instantly could tell that they were designer cloths.  The boy was typically seen in designer jeans made to look worn, and expensive shirts made to look old.  Clearly, his attempts were in vain, most of all because he went to Hawthorn Academy.  Only rich students could afford to go the school.  
   To top everything off, he was quite handsome.  All the girls in the school would swoon at his feet if he gave them a second look.  The dashing senior boy was perhaps the most popular person in the whole school.  As for Pamela, she had never been fully sure what she thought of him.  While she did agree that he was both interesting, and attractive, she was not sure if she liked him.  She had not been around him very often, and spoke with him very seldom.  In fact, the last time she spoke with him had been almost a month ago, and that had been related to a class.  He had politely ask her a few questions about a class project.  She did at least give him points for good manners.  The boy seemed nice enough, but she could not be at all sure.
    "You scared me!"  Pamela controlled her voice to make it less shrill.
    "Sorry, it was not intentional."  Taisto smiled.
    Pamela tried to hide her slight annoyance.  "Was there something you needed?"
    He shook his head, and several strands of hair fell into his eyes. "No, nothing."     
    She stared at him, and he stared back.  She had to wonder what he was doing.  Why was he just standing there?  Did he have some reason for being there other than to gawk at her?  She knew his locker was not anywhere near her locker.  All he was doing was standing there, doing nothing.   He stood silently, staring at her.  Her eyes were held by him, as if his eyes were hypnotic.  Looking at him now, he worried her.  She did not like the way he looked at her.  It was as if he were seeing her as a predator would look at prey.  It was only a fleeting look, but she saw it just the same.  Never before had she seem him look at her that way, nor anyone else. His smile was mischievous and his eyes held mysterious intentions.  She felt uneasy.      
    Taisto unfolded his arms and pushed away from the lockers.  "Did you know that your name means 'all honey'?" He stepped a little closer to her.  
    She stepped back. "N-no, I guess I didn't know that."
    He nodded.  "I wondered if you were familiar with the meaning."  Taisto smiled.  
    Pamela's eyes darted around the room, and she intentionally maneuvered her steppes to place herself closer to the exit.  At this moment, she wished there was someone else in the hall – anyone at all would do, just so long as they were there.
    "I apologize."  He bowed his head slightly.  "I seem to have upset you, but that was not my intention."  He smiled gently.  "I simply enjoy such odd facts about life."
    She forced a smile.  "You did not upset me, it is just that I am in a hurry to get home.  I will be late."  Pamela walked backwards down the hall as quickly as she dared.  "I am sorry that I have to rush off, but I will see you later."  She waved and quickened her step as she continued walking backwards.  She did not want to turn her back on him.  But she had to hurry, her knees were getting weaker.
    The moment she felt she was at a safe distance, she smiled, then turned in a run.  She hurried through the now nearly empty school.  There were still many students who had not yet gone home, but not enough to make her feel any more at ease.  Before, she had been glad she could walk home alone, but now she wished for anyone to walk with her, just to be safe.  Something in his eyes had totally unnerved her to the core.  She just wanted to get back to her nice, safe home.  Even going home sounded good to her after she had seen the look in his eyes.  A chill ran over her skin, and she hugged her arms.  He looked at her so strangely.  His eyes reminded her of a tiger who was stalking its victim – She did not want to be any where near him for a while.  Pamela ran to the gate and the guard opened the large metal door for her.       


          Taisto Koray walked down the hall slowly.  He did not rush out as the girl had done.  It seemed his approach had been too fast. The young man watched from the large doorway as she hurried across the grounds.   He leaned against the door frame, his lean, toned body poised to perfection.  Her brown hair floated around her shoulders as she ran.  He watched the way she moved, and the way the skirt swirled around her slender legs.  
   Her smooth, pale skin made him want to get closer to her.  It was her hair that captivated him most, and her eyes.  Right now, he wished he could run his fingers through her hair and feel it slid through his fingertips.  Everything in him longed to be near her, to touch her, feel her, or even to catch the sent of her perfume.  Sweetpea.  He even allowed his mind to envision her, draped in his arms – his fingers sliding across her forehead and sinking slowly into her hair, moving across the form of her head, then traveling all the way to the tips of her hair. Those gorgeous eyes staring up at him. . . He forced himself to stop the vision there. A little creative license was allowed, but not too much. If he did not stop himself, he might find himself stalking her to her home.
   She was incredibly beautiful. Likely, she was the prettiest girl in the school.  Everyone knew how beautiful Pamela was, except her.  Most of the boys thought her inapproachable because of her beauty.  She was shy, but gentle.  There was something very untouchable about her though.  It sometimes seemed she was too perfect to touch.
   He let his breath out slowly in a sigh, to relax.  In the pit of his stomach, he felt a fluttering.  Perhaps it was the thrill of the chase, or perhaps it was something different, he was not sure yet.  Taisto smirked.  But then again, maybe he was sure.  He had a reason for taking the chance of chasing her that the other males did not.  The humans were not as brave as he was, for one thing.  Taisto licked his lips, slowly and gently running his tongue over his now protruding fangs.
   His new sense of excitement had draw out his long white fangs.  He watched as Pamela rushed out the gate and turned the corner.  He tilted his head to one side as he thought.  The next time, he would have to develop a better approach toward that girl.  Somehow, he just had to capture her, but he had a feeling she would not be making it easy for him.  Still, he had no intention of giving up.  He was not so easily dissuaded from such things.   Half the fun would be in the chase!  It was worth it.  He would have to hurry a little, but he was confident he would make his deadline. After all, he was a Vampire!  He absolutely would catch her in time.  Some time, somehow, he would find out how to reach her, how to catch her.  He ran his hand through his hair.  As he thought of her, he again licked his lips.   
    "Someone like her . . ."  Taisto smiled.  "Someone so beautiful must have sweet blood.  Perhaps she really is 'all honey.'" He whispered under his breath.
    He would find out, and soon.

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