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Catch a Falling Star

by MissDirected

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Reno likes the idea of having a girl who’s out of his league. The thought of the chase and capture excites him immensely. However, there are many complications. Full summary inside.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of Final Fantasy or the characters. They are the property of Square-Enix and I am borrowing them for fun. I make absolutely no profit from this fic, it is for entertainment purposes only.

Reno likes the idea of having a girl who’s out of his league. The thought of the chase and capture excites him immensely. However, there are many complications, one of which being that Tifa and Reno are enemies and Tifa has no intention of letting Reno simply have his way with her. Many twists and turns await, heartbreak and love are two sides of the same coin. Too bad nobody told Reno that.


the guilty one

The rain fell down his face, masking his tears of agitation. He knew full well and good he’d never get a girl like her. He knew she was above him, he knew full well they weren’t even on the same level. He could barely touch her bubble, but when he’d gotten close enough to be able to. He’d made a complete pig’s ear out of it. They were enemies, why was he even bothering to try to win her affection?

At first she’d simply been a challenge he could not resist. The thought of there being someone who he couldn’t have, couldn’t touch, couldn’t charm was an intoxicating idea. The thrill of the chase was what he was after, but he was confident enough in his ability, his looks and his charm to believe that in the end she would cave and give in to him.

She didn’t, and the harsh reality of three month’s wasted was tearing him limb from limb.

His vivid red hair was slick to his head, the end of the ponytail was dripping down his back. His shirt was stuck to him like a second skin. He knew he should go home before he caught pneumonia or something, but his feet wouldn’t move. He was standing outside the place where Tifa Lockheart lived, and he was soaking to the bone and shivering.

He’d had every intention of coming down here tonight to corner her. To demand that she hear him out. But now Reno was actually here, he couldn’t bring himself to walk those extra steps and knock on the door. At the same time, he couldn’t go home and face Rude either. Rude, who’d liked the girl before Reno even took a glance her way. His best friend, who’d stepped aside for him. Not that he’d have had the balls to do anything about it. At least I tried. He thought bitterly to himself as he watched her silhouette through the window.

As he was watching, he noticed another silhouette join her. He squinted his eyes to see if he could get a better look but the drapes were pulled tightly close. He couldn’t even make out the body shape. He watched as the two silhouettes merged into one and disappear from view. An intense anger welled up in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t good enough for her. Someone else had their hands over the body he should be holding. Kissing the lips he should be kissing. He was torturing himself out there and he knew it. He’d never not managed to get the girl he’d chased, but to see someone else get to her first.

* * *

2 hours ago.

It had been a long day in the bar as Tifa picked up the last few of the glasses and placed them back on the shelves. The last of her customers were leaving the bar, heading out into the rain which she knew would throw a storm fit later. Tifa was a little surprised Reno hadn’t been in tonight. She’d grown accustomed to having the red-headed Turks in her bar on a night for the last three months. At first she hadn’t liked the fact out of all the bars in the town, he’d picked hers to drink in. After-all, she was Avalanche and when it boiled down to it. He was ShinRa.

His presence however had brought along more than just him. He’d unknowingly caused more revenue for her bar so she accommodated him with a smile every once in a while. He’d never be her favourite person in the world but in this economy she needed all the help she could get. Even if it was from an arrogant stuck up his own ass Turks.

She took a glance around the bar and noticed Vincent sat in the corner. Still nursing the same drink he’d had an hour ago, staring half-heartedly out of the window. He was never one for much conversation and the stuff he did say either made no sense to her or was so clippish she couldn’t answer if she’d wanted to. Placing the rag back on the counter she made her way over to the dark haired man.

“Everything alright, Vincent?” She asked, to which he simply nodded. “Do you want another drink? I’ll be willing to bet that one’s warm.”

“Isn’t the bar closed now.” It wasn’t a question, more a statement of fact.

“Only to the public. It’s open as long as I want to friends.” She offerent a tiny grape-vine to him. “I’m having a drink before bed. You may as well join me.”

“For a drink? Or in bed?”

Tifa blanched and did a double take. If she hadn’t seem his lips move she would never have believed those words came from Vincent’s mouth. Vincent, flirt? She didn’t even know that was even in his DNA makeup. Mind you, he had been locked in a coffin for thirty years. No doubt he had a few cobwebs he wouldn’t mind being blown off in his more private areas.

“For a drink, Vincent.” She said after a moment’s pause. “Not to my bed.”

“I was joking.” He looked at her pointedly, as though this should have been completely obvious to her.

“Of course.” She picked up two bottles of the whiskey and set them down on the table, pouring herself a small glass and watching Vincent pour himself a decidedly bigger one. “I’ll just have this then I’m going to bed. If you’re still here, lock up when you leave.”

1 hour later

“And then he said... you could do worse than me!” Tifa scoffed into her drink, the two bottles of whiskey drained dry, another three open on the table. “Hones’ly. As if!”

“Sounds like he has quite an affection for you.” Vincent purred, the drink didn’t seem to affect his speech like it did Tifa’s.

“Affection my rear end!” She nearly choked on her drink with the look Vincent gave her.

“And a lovely rear it is.”

Vincent slid his hand over the table and took Tifa’s gloved one. He held it up like he was examining it, Tifa watched with mere anticipation and curiosity as the gunman lifted the hand to his lips and kissed it. His eyes met hers with a hunger she’d never before seen in a mans eyes. At least, not that hungry. She gulped, though she got a flutter of butterflies in her belly. The way he looked at her excited her. Logically speaking, it was the drink. She knew that. Drink made your hormones go into over-drive but right then, she knew she needed him. Anything to get a certain red-head off her head.

The bottles fell to the floor and smashed loudly as Vincent reached over and pulled her onto the table. His mouth desperately seeking hers in a way he didn’t even think possible. He didn’t realise just how hungry he was for some form of female attention. Her kisses were hot and sweet, she tasted of strawberries and whisky. Strange combination but it worked. His hands ran the length of her legs as he watched her twitch and giggle beneath his touch.


Vincent’s mouth turned up into a smile as she looked up at him through heavy-lidded eyes. Vincent’s smell was musky, she couldn’t help but inhale his sharp crisp scent. She sat up on the table and pulled the gunman between her legs, winding her arms around his neck and trailing little kisses from his ear-lobe to his jawline and back again. Nipping slightly when she reached the lobe. Vincent growled from the attention and pushed himself further onto her.

“Do you have any idea what you are doing to me.” He growled again, his erection pushing up against her. She giggled and bit her lower lip. “You’re quite the vixen aren’t you. But I must insist we stop now, I might not be able to later.”

“Who says anything about...” She nibbled at his ear, “Stopping...?”

With a growl, almost inhuman in sound, Vincent scooped her up from the table and with a good hearty slap to the behind said, “Upstairs. Now.”

Swiftly, Tifa shut the lights out in the bar and headed out through the doorway leading to the flat above the bar. She knew Vincent was right behind her as she flicked the lights on. She stood in the middle of the room, stretching to full height and shoving not only her legs, but her ample curves as well. She could hear the growl as it emanated from the doorway. Slowly and deliberately she tugged on the zip of her vest, pulling it down. Watching Vincent whose eyes followed her hands every movement. The vest fell to the floor leaving her thin white t-shirt underneath and her shorts. She hooked her finger at Vincent, who obliged almost instantly. His mouth found hers once again in a fit of passion. Tifa’s fingers deftly removed his cloak before winding themselves in his hair.

“Off.” Vincent snarled which sent shivers right through to Tifa’s core. He tugged on the slip of a t-shirt. He wanted to see her body, what she hid underneath the very few clothes she wore. “Now.”

“Take it.” Tifa purred. Seemingly impatient, Vincent ripped the t-shirt off her back and flung it to the floor. Looking down to admire what was in front of him. Her bra was black and lacy, he could feel the hardness in his pants twitch as he looked at her. Her face flushed red slightly at his admiration. With clever fingers Tifa managed to get the rest of Vincent’s top half off, leaving a smooth bare chest, almost marble white in colour. She traced her fingers over some of the many scars he had and though she was curious, she knew better than to ask about them.

Vincents hands came under her bottom and scooped her up once again, only letting her go to lay her flat on the bed. Somewhere during the travel from the living room to the bedroom, Tifa’s bra and been lost and Vincents mouth found one of the rosy nubs which had hardened quite nicely. Tifa let out a moan and shifted. She hadn’t felt this good or appreciated in years.

His expert mouth moved from her right breast to her left, giving them equal attention and causing Tifa to moan and buck. Vincent smiled, he liked the reactions he was getting from the dark haired beauty. Vincents hands slid lower and fondled the zip on the tight shorts Tifa was wearing. She lifted her bum up to help him as he tugged them off, leaving behind just lacy black panties. He wasted no time, his fingers found Tifa’s sensitive nub through the panties and flicked it gently. Watching her spasm in pure pleasure, a grin forming on the ex-Turks face, he liked what he was doing to her.

Continuing the rub and flick her nub, he watched as her spasms became more erratic, her breaths came quick and shallow as he continued to grow more and more hard. Tifa’s moans were becoming louder and louder and he knew she was nearing the edge. He pulled the panties off her and deftly inserted a finger in the wet, warm folds. “Ahh.. ah.. Vin-Vincent!” Tifa cried, angling her body to try to receive more of him. Feeling her need, he inserted another and scissored them. Opening her up just that little bit more while his tongue flicked swiftly over the nub.

Tifa’s body was reeling from all the sensations, she could feel herself building up and hoped beyond all hope that Vincent wouldn’t stop or slow in his administrations. She couldn’t form any coherent words, all she could do was make small whimpering sounds, mixed in with loud moans when he hit that perfect spot. As his fingers pumped into her, she began to rock her hips. Meeting him thrust for thrust. He lowered his mouth a little more and began sucking on the little nub, which had long since swollen and became hard. Her breathing became even quicker and as he grazed his teeth over the nub Tifa’s vision exploded in a haze of bright white light as she came hard on his fingers. “Vincent!” She screamed, feeling herself tighten and convulse. He smirked, pulling the digits slowly out of her and licking her essence off his fingers.

Tifa sat up shakily and looked at him, it was difficult to miss the hardness within his trousers. Slowly she pulled his trousers off, exposing his hard member which was slick with his own arousal. Licking her lips slightly she glided her hands over it. God, he’s huge. She thought to herself. Vincent looked at her, his eyes smouldering and for the first time since their escapades began, Tifa found herself nervous.

She gently placed both hands on his hips and ran her tongue down his length before dipping the tip into her mouth. The moan that left Vincents mouth was all the encouragement she needed as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. What she couldn’t get into her mouth, she massaged gently with her hand. Her head bobbed and her tongue slid around his shaft sending tingles right the way through him. It had been that long for Vincent he doubted it would take him long.

As her teeth grazed lightly over him, a shudder ran through his entire body as his fingers gripped her hair. The light sounds and moans she was making were sending shockwaves through his body and as she picked up the speed he knew he was nearing his own climax. His eyes slid shut for a moment, enjoying te feeling of the brunette sucking away at him ferociously.

“T-Tifa...” Vincent growled, “Close.”

He pulled her off him, she looked up at him with a confused expression on her face. He simply smirked at her. He had no intention of coming in her mouth. Once again, his mouth found hers as he lay over her on the bed, “You sure...?” He asked as he lined his erection against her opening. He was giving her the option to back out, but as she nodded, he somehow knew she wouldn’t back out. Slowly, he inserted himself into her. Feeling her tight walls around him, the warmth of it mixed in with her moan of sheer bliss Vincent could have come right there and then. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size, before pushing in the full way.

Tifa couldn’t remember the last time she felt this full. Her legs hooked around his back as he started to move slowly, almost painfully slow. “Faster.” Tifa commanded, to which Vincents answer was a slight smirk. He pulled out almost all the way to pump back into her hard and fast, each thrust of his met with an equally powerful one from Tifa. It didn’t take long until Tifa screamed his name in orgasm again, her convulsions pulling Vincent over the edge for his own release.

They stayed for a moment embraced in each others arms, before Vincent pulled his softened member out of her. Planting a kiss on her head. The two were that long in their own ecstasy, that it took Tifa a moment before she realised there was someone stood in the doorway. Someone whose face had lost its colour, who looked both sickened and angry. Her face was a mirror of shock.

“R-Reno?” It took Tifa a moment before realizing that she hadn’t locked the door. Even longer to realise the Turks had a bunch of flowers in his hand.

Reno looked from Vincent to Tifa, the sickened look quickly dissolving into utter horror. He threw the roses onto the nearby chair. “Brought these for ya, but I can see your busy.” With that he turned and stalked out of the flat.

“Reno! Hold on.” Tifa shouted, pulling a sheet and leaving the bedroom, but by the time she got to the living room. Reno was already gone.

“Are you alright?” Vincent came out of the bedroom, his underwear back on and him somewhat decent.

“I... don’t know.” Tifa replied, staring at the door leading to the bar. “Were enemies. I know that. He’s been trying it on for a while but I never gave him any indication that I even liked him.”

“But you do...?” Vincent enquired. Placing a hand on his friends shoulder.

“No!” Tifa protested, “I don’t know. It’s wrong, I know that. But why do I feel so guilty?”

Vincent led Tifa back to the bedroom. She lay in bed, her thoughts dazed and confused. She didn’t like Reno, not in that way. He was charming enough, sweet even, funny at times too and had wrangled a laugh from her once or twice. Yet, she knew nothing could come of them so she hadn’t let herself even like him. She’d be a fool to not see he was an attractive man, but they were on different sides. Despite how much she kept telling herself that. It didn’t make her feel any better, and not feeling like she wanted to be alone. She asked Vincent to stay the night. He obliged and climbed into the bed, Tifa slowly feel into a restless sleep, curled up against Vincents side.


This is my first Fic here. Not too sure where I’m going with it yet it’s sort of writing itself! If you like it let me know! Next chapter to follow shortly.

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