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Evanescent Trail

by princessembrace

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Angst, Fantasy, Humor, Male/Male - Yaoi, Naruto, Romance

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SasuNaru/GaaNaru:Konoha is a world of wings and tails, where mating season is the most awaited event and where countless people do a never ending search for the right partner. To Uchiha Sasuke of the Feline clan this seemed to be the least of his problems, however when a childhood friend suddenly appears exuding ‘Pick me’ pheromones everywhere… This is the trail which leads you to your one true fated love, it is only fleeting, one moment, one chance, to search for the end of the seemingly endless loop, is it the scent? Is it the sound or the prints of footsteps disturbing the ground? Is it a voice calling for your name? No one knew how to find it, that certain thing, or that certain person, whatever it was, they are sometimes given the impression that it will come to them itself, and others set out to find it. But what is ‘it’? Sasuke never had the interest what it really was, although he began to be peaked the moment his feelings began to be stirred by a most mysterious fox called Naruto.

Evanescent Trail A SasuNaru Story

Title: Evanescent trail
Genre: YAOI
Status: WIP
Warning: AU
Pairing: SasuNaru / GaaNaru
Disclaimer: All rights and privileges to Naruto belong to Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha and associated parties. The characters of this series are used without her permission for the purpose of entertainment only. This work of fiction is not meant for sale.

Trailer: SasuNaru/GaaNaru:Konoha is a world of wings and tails, where mating season is the most awaited event and where countless people do a never ending search for the right partner. To Uchiha Sasuke of the Feline clan this seemed to be the least of his problems, however when a childhood friend suddenly appears exuding ‘Pick me’ pheromones everywhere…

This is the trail which leads you to your one true fated love, it is only fleeting, one moment, one chance, to search for the end of the seemingly endless loop, is it the scent? Is it the sound or the prints of footsteps disturbing the ground? Is it a voice calling for your name? No one knew how to find it, that certain thing, or that certain person, whatever it was, they are sometimes given the impression that it will come to them itself, and others set out to find it. But what is ‘it’? Sasuke never had the interest what it really was, although he began to be peaked the moment his feelings began to be stirred by a most mysterious fox called Naruto.

Let the games begin!

A most troublesome story

Konoha was a world that peacefully existed without any interference from the outside world through a mirror gate that conceals their world and sets the demons and the humans apart, these boundaries have so far prevented the humans from further knowing of their existence as no more than a myth or legend. Their faces and features had graced the human scriptures of sketches and stories, their line had once dominated the ancient villages of a country named Japan. At first they had thought that they can live side by side with humans peacefully, however there had been many accidents, where one such occurrence had almost led their line to an end, a most dreaded extinction that they were forced to hide away for a thousand years, building their own kingdom of their own kin. Until the time came that civilization had advanced they did not dare cross that border.

Of course, such times have already ended, and can now be only recalled through the history books of the hidden villages of the Fire country as the Great Demon Wars, the founder being the hidden village of the leaf, where many things have originated, and where many famous creatures were still existing, had once existed and were just about to be born before their line scattered to all corners of the country to set their own villages.


The main street of Konoha was filled with an almost endless line of protruding furry ears and tails while the skies was dominated by creatures of wings extending beyond the large entrance gate of Konoha, but no matter what appearances they change into, all were filled with excited chatters and giggling about the coming mating season ten full moons from now, even though where their heading to, hadn’t anything to do with the said event.

They came to ‘study’ here after all.

Though even that has an underlying cause too.

The Konoha school for the gifted was a famous school which caters from all range of creatures, youngsters from all parts of the Fire country gather there to intermingle, study and experience different lifestyles apart from their own, this was also Konoha’s way of strengthening their alliances with other villages and appealing to various visitors. Of course many had already gone to other sides of the village for sightseeing, the most famous one being the mountain where the five pillars were carved. The Sparrow holding the will of Thunder, The Snake of the water element, The Wolf of the Earth, The Fox of the Wind, and the Cat of the Fire.

Although the procession had been a long walk, they were eventually gathered into the assembly hall of the main building establishment lying at the center of the five other towers in the hexagon shaped lot.

The ground floor was just a plane floor of white concrete with a podium at the north side where the faculty members there were introduced first and had the brief history of Konoha summarized by the Head of the School Tsunade, a boobsy cat with a silver bell pierced at the end of her white tail which would chime every now and then while she talked. She was the current head of Konoha protecting the village with the orders of the four elders who can only be called as The cat, The snake, The wolf and The sparrow, through the thousand years they have had so many names that they had gotten tired of them.

“… Also there will be monthly competitions, a reward to whoever manages to win in this physical… physical…”

A nerve popped out of the temple of Tsunade’s forehead, her blonde well trimmed brow twitched dangerously upwards and her grip on the mic tightened even more as she eyed on a certain corner of barely suppressed squealing coming from the girls behind the other students.

“Uchiha…” Tsunade said under her breath bare enough for the mic not to voice her contempt, quickly finding the source of the girls’ elation. Switching her eyes from the average height dark haired man with deep black sharp ears and eyes darker than his ears and long slender tail to A long haired pure white cat having the same problem, she tried to continue without snarling.

“As I’ve said before, the winner of the competition at the end of the school year will be given the chance to ask for anything he or she likes. Except for raising the dead, acquiring forbidden element manipulations and manipulating someone’s feelings…” But she paused as the girls on that certain part behind one Sasuke Uchiha suddenly stilled. “There will be no boundaries on what you could ask for, you can even ask to have my position…” Of course, Tsunade would give anything for that kind of wish, her work was a living hell compared to her days of carefree traveling and delicious sake, but then fate had to be so cruel to her that she had to be summoned by the elders to come back and do boring paper work while dealing with brats, she’d rather endure this than risk being cursed by the four elders’ wrath…

“Can we ask for a change of laws? Or like, do something with the lame uniforms?” It was a nonsense question to say the least coming from a certain pink-haired kitty with ashen ears and a darker shade of gray tail with the tip having a pitch black point.

“Of… of course.” Their uniform was a boring long sleeve white with red outlines on the hem and white pants, although they could be modified as long as the original draft wasn’t changed. Although one such brat had actually not only changed its entire draft but the color as well, she remembered last year, she could already see herself snickering when she finally sees him, all of their eyes will ball out if they weren’t careful.

“Hmm… I haven’t seen him, so it’s still not finished after all.” Tsunade thought as she turned to the only empty seat of one of the teachers before the long table holding their drinks and snacks, smiling knowingly on the brunette sitting next to the empty seat who smiled quite nervously back. “If I find out that he’s just being late on purpose I’ll pluck out his feathers for good.” The smile remained intact, but the brunette knew annoyance was already brewing inside the blonde cat.

After all whining and mutters of ‘boring’ although the older faculty members would have liked to keep the students there longer to discuss about the lifestyle of Konoha, Tsunade was more than convinced that they are witty enough to do it themselves, common sense is inborn after all.


As all the other classrooms it was a mixture of noises, the chairs and desks that were organized neatly earlier was now turned this way and that as the students chattered however a sleek black cat remained fastened to his arranged seat, an elbow on the desk with a half open book as his chin braced on the palm of his hand, eyes staring out the skies with a bored look. Sasuke Uchiha couldn’t even pretend to pay attention as that same pink-haired cat earlier and another blonde girl with her yellow ears studded with large black spots and tail similar to that of a telephone cord with its curl with the same pattern crowded over him to gather his attention.

“Ne, Ne your name’s Sasuke-kun right?” Started the pink-haired girl while trying to shoulder the blonde one while both her hands braced on the desk.

Chouji of the Boar clan nonchalantly munched his morning snacks beside a yawning Shikamaru of the Deer clan. “Not again. So noisy. Can’t sleep.” Shikamaru muttered while from the background a raging Rock Lee who was standing by himself on top of the teacher’s desk shouted, his big turtle shell not lowering his strength a bit.

“We have come again to gather in this youthful place full with enthusiasm and vigor! Let us share our love and be friends! One and all! Aaaah! How touching that my beautiful pink-chan wants to share her love with us all! I feel much exuberant we must all see the setting sun!” Sasuke could have sworn he saw waves clashing by the cliffs behind Lee.

“Don’t call me pink-chan you turtle freak!” Lee’s head collided with the corner of Sakura’s bag which she threw unknowingly, however, it was no surprise when the green turtle didn’t even budge but instead bent backwards like a piece of thin metal before returning back to standing, except for the growing lump on his forehead he was more than okay.

“Hi, my name’s Ino, I’m from the west of Fire country but I’m from an extension of the Cat clan, I’ll be staying here till-”

“A-anyone… please s-stop them…” Hinata from major branch of the Cat clan had her white chipmunk like ears and short fluffy white tail twitching with nervousness at the sight of the impending brawl. “N-Neji… do something?”

“Shut it Ino-pig! Which snot-nosed bitch is an extension of the Cat clan!? I’m Sakura, you know we’ve already met, we actually live close to each other, I’ve been watching you for a time and-”

“People who cannot end what they had started are just useless bugs, ignore them. Hinata.” Neji said without his eyes not even leaving his book, come to think of it he somehow exuded the same aura Sasuke had, only more regal while the Uchiha’s was feral like a sleeping king who’d not hesitate to bite anyone within his striking distance if disturbed. His fur was pure white. So white it was almost silver as with the color of his eyes while his ears were narrow and tall, his elegant tail resting on his lap. Instead of a cat, Neji reminded Hinata of a nervous gerbil.

Especially with those large cute eyes. Fuu… Neji thought, but he’d be damned if he voiced out that affection for his cousin out loud.

“Quit cutting in forehead kit! If you’ve been living close for all the ten cat years of your life and he still didn’t know your name doesn’t it mean that he didn’t want to know you at all!?” Ino spat in front of Sakura which the other retorted quite smartly, “Ha! We’ve known each other since grade school, we even attended the same primary! I’m just introducing myself formally! Unlike someone-”

“It hurts to hear that from a friend like you. Neji. Once again. You have trampled on a dear friend’s feeling.” And Neji could feel himself move an inch further away carrying his seat as he took a side glance of Shino with his creepy shades covering his eyes while a red tarantula danced in between his fingers tapping silently on the desk. Of course, Shino’s clan had nothing to do with cats and wolves, since he was of the Badger clan.

“Aren’t you just saying your significance is unimportant enough for him to forget it?” Ino’s face was brandished with a victorious smile, her blue slitted eyes sending skitters of electricity enough to toast the receiver, but Sakura was sending her own burning ones, ready to tug out every damn root strand of blonde hair out of her scalp if she didn’t move away.

“Rrr… That guy creeps me out Karasu…” Kankurou of the East Fire country said to a miniature wooden doll dangling on his phone as he looked at a sulking Shino warily.

“You talking to that hideous thing is what’s creeping me out Kankurou. Ever found out the reason why you have no friends?”

“No, why?” Kankurou asked suspiciously, obviously Temari was putting the bait right to Kankurou’s mouth, but being the idiot little brother that he was, he bit it quite enthusiastically. Temari and Kankurou’s features were of the same pattern, feathers of brown and rich gold were where the ears were supposed to be framing their heart shaped faces, their golden eyes sharp adorned by violet printed high eyebrows reaching to a curl end right on the temples while feathers of lighter color covered their forearms ending to their wrists.

“It’s because of THIS.” And so Kankurou received an ‘affectionate’ smack from the palm of his sister upside the head.

His sister slid her seat backwards a little as she wore the same expression of her brother earlier but worse, until the back of her seat collided with the edge of Shikamaru’s desk where he was laying his head.

“Hey.” Shikamaru lifted his head, frowning to the one demon who dared disturbed his nap.

“Aren’t you just envious that we’re childhood friends?” A nerve started to emerge at Sasuke’s right temple.

“Ah, sorry…”


“I’m Temari from the Eagle clan, you?”

“Shika, by my name I’m sure you can understand where I’m from.” Surrendering to the calls of manners, Shikamaru answered back.

“Why would I when it’s just one-sided?” His left dark ear twitched backwards.

“What did you say!? Aaah!? Ino pig!?” His nails started to grow millimeters by millimeters.

“Leave before I pull out every fiber of your fur from your tail, shiny forehead!” If the two idiots didn’t shut up then he’ll make them!

Due to all the commotion of the two girls in front of Sasuke which took all the class’ attention the migraine inflicted dark cat’s book was shoved down, down, down on the floor by one of their hands.

“Oi.” It was the first word that Sasuke Uchiha had said since he woke up that morning, and it was with a grave tone, halting the two girls at once, bolts of snapping and crackling electricity behind his dark menacing aura as his eyes began to be shadowed with annoyance as he stood up, arms swinging sideways and back bent down a little.

Sure enough it was all the girls needed to quiet down. Honestly, he couldn’t understand why his father bothered them to attend school when it’s the first day of class, it’s the first day of class, nothing special ever happens in the first day of class except to be introduced to people he didn’t have any intention of knowing except if it’s needed.

Sasuke was all ready to slice them like a piece of thin paper when a loud poof and a lot of smoke suffocating most of the students appeared in front of the whole class.

All students sitting nearest to the window slid them open as they tried to breathe for air, fanning themselves as they choked and teared up from it.

“Yoooness. What’s up? It’s quite lively in here as expected.” An ashen haired man emerged from the thick smoke with a happy carefree arch of his right eye, waving a hand and looking very much unaffected by all the commotion as his other free hand moved to slip the little orange book on the waistband of his underwear beneath his shirt.

“Sensei, couldn’t you have made a grander entrance. Aaaah… my appetite’s all gone.” Chouji said dryly as he shoved the half consumed chips back to his backpack.

“You shouldn’t eat junk foods in the morning Chouji, it will make you fa-”

“Sensei!” Kakashi Hatake could have made an entire mess of the whole class if Shikamaru hadn’t acted fast enough to jump out and clamp on the gray haired teacher’s mouth, he was different among the rest of them, since, unlike Temari and Kankurou who had rich brown wings, he of the Sparrow clan looked so much the part of a human from the top to the pad of his sandal clad feet, with an extra medical eye patch on the left to boot. No wonder, since he’s well known for having full participation of the yearly mating season every ten months. Although it is well known how everyday is a kind of mating season to him.

“Ah Shikamaru, yet again we were saved by your quick wit.”

Because only adults who have already passed their first mating season, can be able to change their appearances into that of the guise of a human.

“It’s common sense, Kakashi-sensei.”

As the smoke finally disappeared the chaos of the room was finally revealed to Kakashi’s… um, eye, he couldn’t say that he wasn’t used to the mess, since he lived with a particularly messy creature in his loft, but in a classroom, if Tsunade-sensei saw him acting all un-teachery again then he’d be sacked, he was already reprimanded earlier for being late.

His favorite book would just have to wait.

“Actually… I don’t know why I’m here at all, and I don’t know why you’re here at all. Since I pretty much do and say the same thing every year. Your list of books and requirements were already e-mailed, and you probably already knew me from the introduction earlier. So many people to teach…” Kakashi sighed, roaming his good eye from left to right to survey the class, actually, including the late ones, he’d only have say, fourteen… brats, according to his vocabulary.

“How troublesome…” Kakashi could just smile behind his black mask covering the half of the entirety of his face, he really liked this Shikamaru kid.

“To all the students who haven’t introduced themselves yet… forget it, only two of you are new, we can get to the introductions tomorrow-”

“Don’t disregard us you big lazy ass!” Temari screamed in her head as her scarlet eyes making no room for a spot of another color went up and down the sensei’s figure.

“Alright, alright, starting from column one to the right give your name, family and clan.”

Shikamaru who was nearest to the window of the first column stood up first. “Shikamaru Nara, Deer Clan.” Shikamaru sure didn’t have horns, but he had the ears of a dear and two tear drop like black marks on each side of the bridge of his nose.

“Chouji Akimichi, Boar clan.” Chouji who was beside Shikamaru stood up with difficulty to balance his weight, his thick haired deep brown boar ears, flat nose, small eyes and tail like that of a pig’s describing his line.

“Lee Rock!!! I came from the glorious line of amphibian demons! The Turtle clan! We are the masters of hiding! Our shells that have beautiful patterns no one can recreate are beautiful and full of life! And-”

“Neji Hyuga, Snow Leopard family, Cat clan.” Neji cut the turtle off who had been revived earlier from fainting at Kakashi’s grand entrance before he began to rant again and was boxed upside the head by Sakura from behind, rendering him unconscious which would be for a while.

The third row of the third column was where Temari and Kankurou sat, of course, they were given the chance to flaunt their strong wings as an extra for their introduction, but they were creeped out of their wits when Kankurou suddenly blurted out one of his weird hobbies of collecting macabre carved dolls.

“Ino Yamanaka, Leopard Family, Cat clan.”

“Sakura Haruno, Bear Cat clan.” Sakura said with pride as she smirked at the blonde Ino glaring beside her.

“Shino Aburame, Badger Clan.”

“Hi-Hinata… Hyu-Hyuga… Snow Leopard F-Family, Cat Clan.”

“Shy as usual Hina-chan! Hi sensei!” The new addition to the group was a girl who introduced herself to them without the teacher even asking to as Tenten Tamura, she was of the same clan as Ino, although her tail didn’t have the weird curl to it at the end.

“Ah, Tenten, you made it after all, take your seat beside Hinata will you?”


At Sasuke’s standing up two girls from behind him and in front sighed with the graceful movement, with a lazy cold voice he said. “Sasuke Uchiha, Panther Family, Cat clan.”

“As always, you still need lots of improvement regarding your lack of flexibility Sasuke.”

“Whatever…” And the boy sat on his chair again, doing the same thing of looking out the window paying no attention to any activities inside the room.

“Hai hai, please get back to your seats and change them back to their original state.” Kakashi happily clapped his hands twice with the order, while the students groaned as they stood up to follow.

A couple of minutes of chairs and desks scraping the floor, whining and bickering from the pair earlier and they were now all properly seated on the finally recognizable classroom. But amidst all the chaos of people, Kakashi had noticed the only one who hadn’t introduced himself, which would have usually taken the initiative.

“Hn? Kiba, why so gloomy in the morning?” In the end, they all wondered as they looked behind them where Kakashi’s eyes were resting, at the creature he addressed as Kiba, dark gray long and fluffy tail with sharp but wider ears than the Uchiha with a silver color, fangs protruding out of his lips and red marks on both side of the cheeks spoke of a true wolf clan’s features. But Kiba wasn’t listening, he was there on the farthest corner of the room with his books stacked tall enough for him to lean his chin on it and drool, while his dark brown slitted eyes threatened to close.

“Hnnya?” The fanged creature slurred like a drunken monkey, making the others snicker.

“Since when had you turned into a cat Kiba? I thought you hated it when they made that sound?” Chouji said trying to contain the amusement in his voice and failing.

“Quiet food brain… I stayed up all night. And it’s thanks to someone I know…” Kiba grumbled, the students noticing how Kakashi’s body scent changed under their hyper sensitive nostrils, and they could tell it was Kakashi-sensei he was talking about.

“Sensei you didn’t!” Sakura shrieked, cupping her nose as if someone had punched her on it while an accusing finger darted towards the man.

“Huh!? Huh?” Lee who had faded into existence the moment Kakashi had appeared and had him fainting in suffocation and only got up earlier only to be boxed the shit out from Sakura suddenly got up from the floor.

“Sensei… I-I-I ne-never t-thought you t-to be l-like –th-th-that…” Hinata was blushing like hell.

Sasuke who had remained rooted on his seat since the beginning fastened his attention almost permanently outside, all the commotion and the onslaught of activities worsening his mood. Ten minutes and he was already looking for his aspirins, how the hell could he survive the rest of the day? Oh well, he had managed to stay intact and sane last year, and it was way crazier then, since they had the loud mouthed fake fox in the class who never learned to keep his own mouth shut even for a damn friggin second. Compared to those girls squealing, it was nothing.

“Ahahaha… Whatever you’re thinking. I didn’t. Whatever it was.” Kiba had actually thought of treating the misunderstanding before it damaged his reputation to Hinata, but before he could do that the door from behind Kakashi suddenly burst open.

A thick sweet scent suddenly filled the air, a scent which they wouldn’t mind keeping in their lungs for a time because of its alluring calming effects on their body, it had their eyes fixing on the new addition of the interesting group, a panting blonde boy, since he was wearing pants instead of those knee high pleated skirts, despite his long waist length straight hair with the short spiky forelocks, covering his face from view since he was on his knees, trying to regulate his breathing. All they could see was a long orange slender but soft looking tail reaching down just above his ankle and orange ears with its original shape of the same shade.

“Ah, you made it.” Kakashi turned around to welcome the new guest, his tone of voice turning into a loving sweet welcome as he approached the blonde student whose hair looked even silkier and longer than Ino’s.

It took a couple of silent minutes before all hell broke loose —- upon Kakashi.

Kakashi was shaken back and forth repeatedly as the blonde fisted on the collar of his shirt the moment the blonde lifted his head to glare with reddish orange eyes just when it was swirling back to a pale shade of blue.

“You! Friggin! Lazy! Pervert! Why’d you have to suddenly go ‘poof’ on me!? I was already finished dressing but you just had to suddenly act all concern about being late! If it weren’t for you getting home just when the rooster’s all cackling in the morning then I wouldn’t have had to sleep in and be late in the first place! I am so going to tell your ass on Iruka-sensei, and you’re so going to be so sorry for it when he finally knows about your hidden stacks under the bed! What’s more I had to be called by Tsunade-baa and just had to walk in the hallway with all those friggin eyes harassing me and it’s all your fault that I’m damn late!”

It was a surprise how the blonde had managed to shout that all out in one go without dying of asphyxiation, but Kakashi whose color had drained from his face had to lie his head on his teacher’s desk when he blacked out half way the rant and Shikamaru had to sit him on his chair the moment the blonde let go and ‘hmphed’ with a sharp turn of the head, crossing his arms.

“Aaaah… anyway…” Kakashi managed to mutter despite the difficulty his eyes were having in distinguishing up and down.

“What?” Said the now calmed down blonde.

“I’m not going to ask you if you’re already fine… but it wasn’t my fault I arrived late last night in the first place…”

“Hmph, you and your urges, if I wasn’t so grateful you took me in, I’d have burned all your collections…” The private… not so private conversation continued on while the new arrival remained oblivious to the scrutiny he was receiving.

He was just beautiful. He was like a beautiful girl caught in an adolescent boy’s body without making him a half-fulfilled transvestite, since his face suited him as a man, and Sasuke who was the first one who recognized and the first one who refused to believe at what he had thought the moment the blonde entered his line of vision, despite all the disappearance of the discoloration of the skin and of the extra furs, he had recognized him at first glance.

“Naruto…” He had actually brought a hand to cup his mouth just to make sure he wasn’t drooling. Naruto’s eyes had grown sharper and his lashes had grown longer and they curled at the right angle, his limbs grew in fair proportions with each other and the honey toned skin shone like a rare color in Sasuke’s eyes now that they didn’t have those furs to hide them, his waist which would be shown sometimes when the blonde would raise his arms to accentuate with his words to the sensei was small and his hips were thin, he had long slender legs but still the marks on both his cheeks resembling whiskers remained, but it suited him.

It was the first time that Sasuke wished he was wrong. Badly.

What’s more was the mysterious growing rapid beating of his heart, and the heightening of his senses as he zoomed his eyes on Naruto’s face, his actions showing with the widening of the black slits of his irises.


“Sensei!” The conversation of the teacher and the mysterious adolescent was interrupted with the raising of Sakura’s hand.

“Yes, Sakura?”

“Who is he?”

“Pft…” It seemed that Shikamaru and Neji had realized as well as he let out a snort towards the pale eyed cat which only narrowed his eyes but the rest of the class remained clueless.

“Oh that’s right, you don’t know Sakura?”


“This is Naruto.” A moment of silence, before a big uproar nearly shook the entire fifth floor of the tower they were in.

“Since we never actually took in a subject about the fox clan because of their near extinction and lack of exact information, besides their participation in history there was nothing more. But since Naruto-kun is a hybrid of a human and his mother, of course there was some alteration about his body’s schedule. Naruto wasn’t the first hybrid who was born, one of the five seats was as well, and this was common knowledge among the clan heads.” Again there was another sequence of murmurs in the middle of Kakashi’s explanation, and Kakashi took a secret glance to see Naruto’s reactions towards his choice to explain them, and he continued, when he saw that Naruto looked okay.

“During their first five years they have the limbs of humans but with the head of a fox with the majority of the fox’s traits in their appearance then they shed their fur for the rest of their years, it’s not until they hit before the mating season that they shed completely, this causes a hormonal imbalance in them, and as you rather well know, demon foxes can change their gender and appearance of their own will. And since Naruto hasn’t learned to control that yet, he can change into a girl without knowing it and vice versa.” At that Kakashi turned to Naruto.

“A useful advice Naruto. Public baths are forbidden.” Kakashi said with his usual happy arch eye, showing his smile beneath the black mask.

“Hmph, you’ve already taken advantage of that ‘hormonal imbalance’ shit plenty times sensei, I can just imagine Iruka-sensei grabbing your balls and-” Before Naruto could even finish the smart cut off, his mouth was already clamped with the teacher’s hand, Kakashi having no choice could just laugh nervously at the wary looks he was being given by the students, especially the girls.

“Any-anyway, we’ll start class. Go find your seat Naruto.” In a mere whisper, Naruto smirked victoriously at Kakashi’s begging near his ear before his mouth was released

Naruto was just about to ask Kakashi where when a loud thud and an ‘ow’ took his attention, resulting in him looking at poor Lee, struggling to get up but can’t because of his large shell, who Neji had kicked off of his seat beside him, Naruto just stared ridiculous at the scene, curious as to how Neji had done that since he was never the type to beat Lee no matter how he annoyed him to no ends and why Neji was giving him the out of place smile while patting the now empty seat beside him.

Neji and Naruto were never close, in fact, even in primary or in grade school Neji had never paid any mind to him, how curious to know why Neji was suddenly acting all friendly towards him, so he just smiled back awkwardly as he walked towards the other side of the column of chairs Neji was sitting in and turned to face the front, not wanting to embarrass himself by tripping on something. If he just looked back again, he would have seen the mortified expression on the pale eyed cat’s face.

Naruto didn’t know if he was just imagining things, but compared to earlier, there had been many empty seats than he had noticed, not to mention the fact that he never thought that so many students wanted to sit on the floor, he quickened his steps; it was beginning to creep him out.

No one ever thought that the proud Sasuke Uchiha would do something as shameful as stare at someone so long his eyes never even gave a single blink, but of course, he liked to let it remain that way, so he kept his eyes through the window and looked at the reflection of the blonde fox walking cautiously his way. The moment he heard Kakashi ‘find your seat’ his eyes had already darted towards the empty chair beside him, no one had ever gathered up the courage to sit beside him, he had liked to keep it that way and Kakashi complied with the selfish request, it was still off limits until a year ago.

Here he comes.

Sasuke thought he was just imagining it, but did his mouth twitch upwards just now? He could not possibly be feeling excited over all this. Of course, he had to convince himself that it wasn’t the reason of Naruto insisting on sitting beside him last year that had him jumping to conclusions that the blonde would sit beside him now, he had after all, shooed him away a liiiittle cruelly, but Naruto’s never one to bear a grudge on others.

He could feel the sweat on his palms as his stomach tightened with excitement, he could still remember how Neji’s body scent thickened with embarrassment at being ignored by the fox-wha-?

Sasuke’s eyes widened as they continued to stare at the window, did Naruto just pass him without so much as a greeting!? The raven haired cat snapped his head to look over his shoulder, actually wanting to shout at Naruto and tell him ‘I’m here! You dobe!’ and that he was sitting there, he couldn’t believe it, maybe Naruto had just missed Sasuke’s face? Since Sasuke was facing the opposite way after all, maybe he didn’t see him so-

“Hi Kiba, how’re you holding up there?” Naruto greeted cheerfully at the slightly better looking wolf, the blonde chuckled as he removed the stack of books and put them on the floor beside Kiba, the front page containing some dried drool. “Dog breath, wipe off your face. You’re drooling for all to see. Am I that gorgeous?” At that the blonde handed a handkerchief straight from his pants pocket before seating himself beside Kiba who had muttered ‘no kidding’ as he received the orange handkerchief from the blonde.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? How’d you hold up for the night?”

“Better than most actually, thanks to you. Sorry for keeping you up, Iruka-sensei held Kakashi-sensei up again.”

“I know.”

“You should’ve just stayed over night though, I’m sure Kakashi wouldn’t have mind.” The whole class’ ears remained fastened on the conversation even though their eyes were straight on the blackboard, the pair oblivious to them, absorbed in their own.

“Nah, had to feed the little twerps, man, eighteen years of being an only son…”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“What’re your plans later for lunch?”

“I hate cafeteria food.”

“As do I, down at Ichiraku’s, my treat, couldn’t let that old cat’s cooking let slip by.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that Ichiraku also sells meat buns, I would have declined.” Kiba let out an appreciative sigh, shrugging his shoulders.

“Not true. You eat anything, long as it’s edible. C’mon it’ll be my treat, celebration for the end of my ordeal, for now.”

“For now? What the hell? Don’t tell me you still haven’t finished yet.”

“No, actually it’s much bigger than that.” The blonde blushed, before the sound of Kakashi clearing his throat sent their attention back to the teacher.


Fucking Kiba!?

Sasuke screamed in denial inside his head, not at all amused at how the things were going, especially on how his cock twitched at Naruto’s scent earlier.

“Hn… Things had gotten interesting so far…” Kakashi switched from Sasuke’s stoic face but no doubt had no idea his smell told him all the teacher he needed to know, to Kiba who was freely conversing with his best friend and to Naruto, who looked as if he was going to be the reason to start a most—

“Troublesome…” Shikamaru muttered under his breath, resting his chin at his palm as he gazed up at the skies, he missed the rooftop of this school.

Kakashi smirked, glad for having another lazy boy in class besides him.




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