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Rock and Roll in Tokyo

by UndeadXxXPanda

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Jasmine "JAZZ" Bronston hasn't been able to find a job in Tokyo Japan and she hardly has enough money to cover for next months rent. until one night her best friend Katt convinces her to take a break from job hunting and go to a club. Jazz reluctantly decides to go and tries to have a nice time until a mysterious guy grabs her attention with witty remarks and claims that he may have a "Job" for her. suspicious about his motives she takes his offer not knowing what's all in store for her.

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Chapter 1, Jobless

Rock and Roll in Tokyo

     Sujk sat up on the queen sized hotel bed and looked over at the woman he had picked up from last night. Another one night stand as usual. He ran a hand through his hair and started to get out the bed, the woman whose name was possibly Tiffany or Tina turned over to face Sujk.

                “Leaving so soon?” she smiled while hugging the sheet over her bare body.

                “We had our fun,” he spoke as he put his pants back on, “Now I have other plans to do,”

                The girl sat up with a pouty expression, “Can we at least stay in contact,”

                Sujk didn’t turn around to look at her, he continued to have a blank expression, “Can’t promise anything,” he stated as he reached for his shirt to put back on.

                The woman crawled over to him trying to pull him back on the bed, “But you were so good last night,” she whispered in his ear, “I might want another go,”

                Sujk pulled her hand away and turned to look at her, “Do you not know the meaning of one night stand?” he asked emotionlessly, “besides, of you want another go. Go solo, finger yourself thinking of me. That should help it,”

                The girl groaned, “Ugh, fine, be that way.”

                He buttoned the last button and went out to the door, “Oh and nice meeting you Tia,”

                She threw a pillow at the door, “its Tiffany you asshole!”


“We need to go out to a club or something!” Katt whined as she spun around in the office chair, “I’ve been so fucking bored,”

Jazz rolled her eyes at her friend’s childish behavior, “I do to, but I don’t have club MONEY,” she explained while rubbing her thumb and fingers together “besides, we need to do something civil with our lives. Like get jobs or something, we can’t club forever.”

                Katt snorted at her friend’s statement, “Jobs? Really? Like who the hell would hire a blue haired girl and a pink haired girl, we already get enough looks as it is in Tokyo.”

                “Yeah but I’m sure someone will accept us,” Jazz insisted trying to lighten the mood.

                “Yeah like a freak show for men with crazy fetishes,” Katt rolled her eyes, “Well, let’s go out just one more night. On me, THEN we can find jobs or whatever,” she said.

                “Fiiine, one more night wouldn’t hurt anyway,”



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