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Crimson Snow

by NMDiCorde

Libraries: Misc Anime and Manga, Romance

Published on / 15 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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They both sucked in some air quickly as crimson red eyes met with emerald green eyes. Akayuki Shiro was an outcast living in a human's world until she was plunged 150 years into the past. Okita Souji considered himself a tool for the Shinsengumi until a strange white-haired youkai intruded in his life. There was definitely attraction between them, but love shouldn't have. Updates: every Friday

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Chapter 1, Author's Welcoming

Hello everyone!


Thank you so much for clicking my story!

Sorry that this isn't an actual chapter but I feel that this must be done.


This fanfiction is based on the Hakuouki anime (which belongs to its respective owner... because if I owned it Okita Souji would live forever damn it! *ahem* sorry).

If anyone knows a good cover art for this story or would like to make one will be greatly appreciated! 


This will be OCxOkita (I'll throw in some SenxToudou just because I've always thought it would be cute).

It's my first time actually writing a story with sexual content so I will do my best!


I will try to upload a chapter every Saturday and will let you guys know if otherwise.


Yours truly,

N.M. DiCorde Nerd

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