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3 Saiyans Love A Human Miko

by Vegeta709

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The Three Saiyans found a Girl and took her to Bulmas place.


Kagome and Inuyasha hand another fight today and she was tired of him too, so she went to the well and she was standing there and then she looked at the village and then looked at the well and she sighed and jumped in the well.And the blue went around her and she felt her feet touch the ground , and then she look’s up and noticed she was not at the shrine she looked at the veins and grabbed  them and started to climb up to the top of the well.


She looked around and could see tall tree’s and plants she then looked up and looked at the blue sky and she could see clouds and it was rainy clouds and.She thought to herself that she has to find someone or somewhere to go where she won't get wet.So she stared to walk and she found a clearing and then she passed out.


The Three Saiyans

Goku and Vegeta and Goku Black were to train and they saw a girl in weird clothing, and it looked like she was not good.So Goku went up to her and was shaking her to see if she would wake up but it was no good so he did it again.

“Kakarot stop she is not going to wake so just stop” Vegeta said

And now Goku Black went to her and sleped her but it was no good she still did not wake up and he was getting tired that , she was not waking up.


“Negin why won't she wake up”Goku Black said


“ I don't now so let just take her to Bulma okay”Vegeta said


So Vegeta picked her up and put her on his shoulder and the three started to fly to Bulma's place and when they got there they did not find her so the went to the hallway and stared to walk and they ended up in front of Bulma's room.And Vegeta opened the door to see her sleeping on the bed and they walked in the room and shut the door really hard.


“Women” Vegeta yelled

"WHAT Vegeta"Bulma said
"We found this girl in the middle of no were' Vegeta said
"Okay just put her in a bedroom okay Vegeta" Bulam said
So he just that and took the girl to a bedroom and layed her down and then he left.

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