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Without You

by L-B-Demaree

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Chapter 1, Prologue

Three years ago, after Angela had her baby, Brian had surprised Angela with renewing their vows. Angela was so surprised, she cried tears of joy. After renewing their vows, they took care of Junior, who was now 3 years old, and doing exceptional, after everything he has been through. The horrible tragedy Angela had gone through three years ago were still left in her memory of her near fatal car accident. Brian held her close every time she had flashbacks of that. He, too, had flashbacks of his near fatal police shooting, seeing as he took a bullet for his best friend, Jack, to save his life and to save his boss’s life. After Brian realized they were having a baby boy, they stayed together, and Brian worked less hours as he has a family now with Angela.


CJ, a druggie and thug, and former friend of Hoffman, managed to escape prison by killing the guards watching him in stealth mode, managing to put them all to sleep before anyone noticed that the guards were out cold and dead.  So he got to Junior one day when he broke into Hoffman’s house, where he used to go to do work with Hoffman, the evil smirk still on his face as to how he escaped prison, returning to Hoffman’s house in a long time, laughing quietly as he saw Junior sitting all alone in the living room. He grabbed Junior quickly, covering his mouth so Junior wouldn’t scream for his mommy or daddy, no one in sight, and kidnapped Junior, quickly escaping the house to get to a secret safehouse of his. Junior had been crying for his mommy and daddy, but CJ put an end to that crying by tying Junior up, stuffing a light rag in his mouth, and making him go quiet.


Once they arrived at CJ’s safehouse, CJ made sure Junior was quiet, tears still falling down his face, CJ looked at Junior with a smirk. He walked over to Jr., looking him straight in the eyes, evil glare in his eyes. He grabbed Junior and started stroking his tiny penis, which got him very hard in a quickly manner. CJ took advantage of the opportunity to suck on Junior’s penis, making him cum instantly. Junior was steadily crying silently, not sure what was going on. CJ just laughed at himself, seeing as he loved hurting little children, especially Junior, to get revenge on Hoffman for putting him in prison.

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