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Lovers Paradise

by L-B-Demaree

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It was a lovely day out for Juniper, a tabby feline, to take a stroll with her boyfriend, Jackson, a wolf, through the woods, alone together. They were casually walking, enjoying eachothers company, though out of natural habit, something started to tent up in Jackson’s shorts. Looking over at Juni, he licked his lips. Bunching up, he pounced at her, toppling her over as he had her pinned down. Juniper, taken by surprise, let out a loud yip, staring up at her lover atop her. “Wanna fuck?” Jackson asked, smirking down at Juniper, who was still taken by surprise. Jackson kissed her deeply, making her purr into the kiss, as she kissed back even deeper.


         He kissed and groped all along her body, hands traveling up and down, brushing through her lovely fur, over her thighs, stomach, breasts, up to her cheek, petting her softly. Without warning, he stuck a finger right into her, making her emit yet another yip of surprise. She tried to stay still, but it was getting hard as he moved his finger back and forth. After having spent so long with his mate, he knew where her g-spot was, and targeted it immediately, pressing against it each time his fingers went in.


“J-Jackson, if you keep this up, I’m going to cum any second!” Juniper exclaimed in pleasure, almost crying out in pleasure as she got closer to her climax. Jackson took the advantage to kiss Juniper’s neck, sucking on it roughly, causing her to get even closer to her climax. The more Jackson sucked on Juniper’s neck and fingering her at an incredibly fast pace, Juniper cried out and came all over his fingers, cum leaking out of her pussy, panting heavily now. “Holy shit, Jackson. That was amazing!” Juniper said, still panting heavily. Jackson moved upward to Juniper to hug her tightly, giving her a kiss all over her face. “That’s because I love you, Juniper,” Jackson said seductively. They held onto each other for a while, just laying there, chatting about how much they love each other.


Jackson looked at Juniper and smiled. “I love you, my adorable girlfriend,” He said in a sweet tone. “You’ve been a good girl from the start of our relationship, and I’m glad I have you, Juniper,” Jackson said, smiling at her. Juniper kissed him and smiled. “I’m glad I have you, too, Jackson,” Juniper said, giving him another kiss. Jackson smiled and held Juniper closely in his arms, protecting her from anything bad that were to happen, not that anything would happen to them, seeing as they were in the forest mating area.


Suddenly, Juniper purred against Jackson. Jackson gets confused, but feels something against his chest as she presses herself against him. He instead holds her still, smirks, then moves down to her pussy and inserted his tongue, thrusting his tongue in and out of her, sucking on her clit at the same time. Juniper purred seductively, which soon turned into a moan. “J-Jackson, please…” Juniper wasn’t able to finish her sentence as he sped up licking the inside of her, still sucking on her clit. Jackson stuck his tongue in as far as he could into Juniper, moaning at the tightness and taste, smirking at her, still sucking on her clit.


Juniper cried out in pleasure, sending chills down Jackson’s back, forcing him to suddenly get hard. Suddenly, without warning, he flips around to make his dick be in Juniper’s face, who quickly took it into her mouth, sucking hard, causing him to moan against her. The more they sucked on each other, the closer they got to their climax. Juniper made an attempt to deepthroat Jackson, before crying out his name as she came hard in his mouth, sucking even harder on his dick.


Jackson moaned loudly and sucked her clean, growling out Juniper’s name in pleasure as he cums incredibly hard in her mouth and down her throat, panting heavily as he did so. He pulled his dick out of her mouth, turning around to face Juniper, and smiled, giving her a deep kiss so they both tasted each other’s cum, both moaning in pleasure during the deep, heated kiss, lust still filling their eyes completely.


Soon, Jackson backed Juniper up to the bar above her head, strapping her hands together on the bar above her head in the mating area. Juniper smiled and looked at Jackson with complete lust in her eyes. “Jackson, do anything you want to me, please, baby,” Juniper begged, squirming around, a sign Jackson knew all too well, that Juniper was in need of him, badly. With a few words said softly in a enchanting voice, Juniper turned Jackson into a feral beast, who was hard as ever, ready to enter her sex with his huge dick.


Jackson growled in need as he licked Juniper’s neck, wetting the fur on her neck, smiling. Juniper just whimpered, trying to nod her head as she was getting more and more wet, feeling Jackson’s dick inching closer to her core, then, without warning, Jackson enters her so quickly, brushing up against her g-spot as he did so. Juniper cried out in pleasure, crying out Jackson’s name, getting incredibly tight around his ever so hardening dick, letting the precum drip inside her pussy.


Jackson thrusted his hips fast and rough, ramming against Juniper’s g-spot without ceasing, kissing her deeply, his paws holding her down, tongue playing with her breasts, squeezing them tightly, licking the nipples, as he kept pounding into her roughly. Juniper cried out Jackson’s name in the kiss, automatically cumming hard on his dick, squirting a bit of cum outside of her pussy onto his fur, crying in pleasure as he continued to ram into her.


Juniper couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure every time Jackson struck her g-spot, cumming near constantly now from the never ending stimulation. She was quaking, having lost most her function, the entire inside of her legs as well as her crotch was just absolutely drenched with her own sexual fluids. “M-More, Jackson! More!” Juniper pleaded, arching her back, trying to get her hands lose, but unable to, steadily crying in pleasure. Jackson smirked, then grunted loudly, suddenly cumming incredibly hard straight into her womb after a final, hard ram. “Fuuuuuuuck!” Jackson growled out, as he kept cumming, then pulling out to stroke his dick some more, cumming all over Juniper’s fur, on her stomach, even on her chin, seeing as he was still cumming as hard as he could. He then got in between Juniper’s breasts, smirking with a wide smirk, starting to fuck her breasts as he held them together. Juniper cried out in surprise, cum still leaking from his tip onto her chest as he rut back and forth slowly between her two mounds.


Jackson pushed the tip of his dick into her mouth, letting her lick it every time he pushed forward, before pulling back, repeating that several times. Juniper whimpered, looking at Jackson in complete agony, being so tired from repeated orgasm, though she knew something inside of her wanted to keep going, and so did he. Jackson let out a howl,thrusting forward and inserting his cock into her mouth, Juniper instantly sucking on it obediently, even deepthroating him, letting him play with her breasts as she had no choice. Jackson suddenly growled loudly, beginning to build up to another climax, before he howled into the air, spilling a second load down her throat, pulling out of her mouth to coat her face as well.


After cleaning up what was on her face, Juniper returned Jackson to normal.Jackson looked at Juniper and smiled genuinely. “How did my good girl like it?” Jackson asked, kissing Juniper after untying her hands from the bar. Juniper wrapped her arms around Jackson and smiled. “Amazing!,” Juniper purred, smiling back. suddenly, drowsiness overcame her, and she nearly fainted in his arms.


*time skip to a few months later*


Juniper‘s stomach had gotten bigger, her nipples now dangling towards the ground, leaking milk as she was laying on her side. Jackson, right by her side, holds her hand as she gives birth to mixed breed puppies of their own genes. “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnagh!” Juniper cries out as she gives birth to the last puppy, a total of 12 puppies born, all looking for her nipples to suck on for milk. Juniper, tired and worn out, cleans her puppies one by one, with Jackson’s help as well, cleaning the afterbirth off of them. Jackson smiles once all the puppies are clean, then gives Juniper a kiss. “Well, honey, we did it. We have 12 gorgeous babies to attend to now,” Jackson said, giving her another kiss. Juniper smiled and nodded, the both of them sitting their and cuddling, nursing their newborn children together.

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