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My Living Doormat

by L-B-Demaree

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After a long hot day at work, I return back home, staring at Tsukiko with a smirk, seeing as she is still where I left her. Tied to my doormat, struggling and crying as I walk through the door. She’s been in full view of the door all day to soak it in. Tsukiko is smart enough to know what I have planned for her as she can tell it by the huge smirk on my face.


I caught Tsukiko sneaking through my home, stealing my valuables, so I’ve decided to punish her for her wrong doings. I slowly take off my shoes, then step on Tsukiko. Her tiny quaking body thinning out slightly, but not enough to die. I then begin to wipe my hot, sweaty feet onto her body. She then screams and begs as she slowly cracks and breaks underfoot. I continue to wipe my feet over and over on her feet, smirking as her body slowly flattens and gives out under the unrelenting pressure, while teasing and taunting her.


I laugh loudly as she slowly dies. “How’s this for punishment, you puny fairy?!” I ask loudly, laughing as she can barely speak. “S-Stop...please...I’m begging you…” Tsukiko says, coughing as she can’t speak anymore. “Never! You are being punished big time for stealing my stuff!” I yelled at her, crushing her body even more until she’s completely dead.


After she dies, I laugh, picking her body up and burying her in my backyard, after digging a 10 foot under grave to put her in. I laugh as I throw her body in, covering the grave with all the dirt I dug up, flattening the grave to make it look like there was no hole dug in this particular spot.


Once I finish my deeds, I put my valuables back where they belong in my home, sitting down in my chair, relaxing, knowing Tsukiko is dead after all the torture and taunting I’ve done to her, killing her slowly to death. I pull out my canteen full of beer and drink it all in one settling, feeling relieved that my valuables are back in place. I smile as I take a nap in my chair, dreaming about killing Tsukiko again, laughing in my sleep.

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