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Spectral Love One-Shot

by L-B-Demaree

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The current day after Jack Fenton leaves Maddie and the kids, that’s when everyone found out that Danny was Danny Phantom months ago. Jack left to go ghost alien exploring in space using Vlad’s equipment after Vlad had died. Maddie lets him go, wanting to stay on Earth and research there. Maddie’s sad, but they separate on positive terms.


For a few months, Danny had noticed that Maddie has been sad on occasions, feeling very upset about his mom being sad on occasions. Occasionally, Danny would hear his mother cry in her room, wishing she had someone to love again. When Danny goes to see Maddie, he sees her sitting on her bed in skimpy bedtime clothes, noticing how attractive she is, her large, firm breasts, and a decent sized ass and hips.


Danny walks into his mom’s room, sitting beside her. “Mom, are you alright…?” Danny asks in concern. Maddie looked up at him, tears in her eyes, her makeup smeared under her eyes. “Danny, I’m just very lonely right now. I want someone to love, someone to call my own,” Maddie said, looking Danny in the eyes, who wipes away her tears and makeup under her eyes. Danny had grown attracted to his mom, Maddie, and she noticed that as he was caressing her cheeks. “It’ll be alright, mom, I promise,” Danny said, giving Maddie a big hug.


Maddie smiled and hugged Danny back. Danny smiles, holding his Maddie closely in his arms, rubbing her back gently. “You know, mom, I actually have been wanting to talk to you about something,” Danny says, now playing with his fingers, now trying to figure out how to tell his mom that he’s had feelings for her ever since Jack left. Maddie looked at Danny in a confused manner. “What is it, Danny?” Maddie asked. Danny looked up at her, blushing. “Mom, I...I have had feelings for you ever since dad left...I just wasn’t sure how to tell you after all these months...whenever I hear you cry from loneliness, I feel so bad for you, that I just want to be with you, and take care of you, too,” Danny said, looking her straight in the eyes.


Maddie looked at Danny, shocked, but smiled nonetheless. “Danny, I love that you have the courage to tell me that, and because you are so brave to tell me you have fallen in love with me since your father has left to go ghost alien hunting in space with Vlad’s gear after he died. I know you want to be with me, son, and I’m alright with that, too,” Maddie said, making Danny blush even harder, giving him a kiss on his lips, smiling at him with happiness. Danny, shocked and surprised by the kiss, kissed back and smiled at Maddie.


“How would you feel if we were together, mom? I mean, I know when dad left, you were devastated, and now that I’m the man of the house, I can take care of you,” Danny said. Maddie smiled and nodded. “I would love that, Danny, seeing as I’ve noticed you are attracted to me, especially by how gentle you are being with me,” Maddie said, giving Danny another kiss on the lips.


Danny kissed back, deepening the kiss, holding Maddie’s hands in his, smiling against her lips as he continues to kiss her deeply. Maddie moaned softly into the kiss, kissing back, also smiling against his lips as she kissed back even deeper. When they ran out of air, they pulled apart and smiled at each other. “I love you, mom, so much more than you could ever imagine,” Danny said, kissing her all over her face, slowly going down to her neck in a teasing manner. Maddie gasped in pleasure, letting out a soft moan that wasn’t able to be heard. “I love you, too, Danny,” Maddie said, tilting her head to the side, giving Danny more space to kiss her neck.


Danny smiled and kissed the sweet spot on her neck, softly nibbling at it in a teasing manner, getting another gasp and moan from Maddie. Maddie pulled Danny’s hands up to her breasts. “Danny, please, play with them,” Maddie pleaded gently to Danny. While steadily softly nibbling at the sweet spot on Maddie’s neck in a teasing manner, Danny smiled against the skin and started playing with her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the nipples, hardening them, as well as squeezing them in a teasing manner.


Maddie moaned a bit loud, tilting her head more in pleasure, now rubbing herself through her skimpy bedtime outfit, getting incredibly wet as she kept rubbing her pussy and clit at the same time. Danny saw what she was doing, stopped nibbling on her neck, looked up at her and said, “Mom, would you like some help with that?” Maddie, panting in need, nodded her head and smiled. “Please, son, suck on me while I suck on you,” Maddie said, gripping the bulge in Danny’s pants, playing with it teasingly.


Danny moaned and nodded, taking his clothes off. Maddie took her clothes off as well, her large breasts now increased in size from the pleasure. Danny’s cock was very hard after Maddie played with it, then laid her down on the bed, facing her pussy while his cock was facing her face. “Ready mom?” Danny asked. Maddie didn’t say anything, suddenly taking Danny’s cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip teasingly, sucking on his cock in a hard way. Danny moaned loudly, getting even harder, lowering his head to suck on Maddie’s pussy, licking her clit while now sucking on her pussy roughly, swirling his tongue against her clit teasingly as well.


Maddie moaned against Danny’s cock, taking more into her mouth, grinding her teeth as she sucked up and down on his cock, loving the pleasure she was dealing with. Danny almost cried out in pleasure, sucking even harder on her clit, spreading her pussy open in a teasing manner to lick her whole entire pussy, now sticking his tongue into her pussy, thrusting it in and out quickly, causing her to moan out loudly against his cock.


Maddie was sucking so hard, she started to deepthroat Danny’s cock grinding her teeth even more against his cock, biting love bites into it a bit. Danny cried out as he suddenly came into his mom’s mouth, still sucking hard on her pussy, licking it teasingly. Maddie moaned loudly and came all over Danny’s face, squirting some cum into the back of his throat. Danny moaned at the taste of her cum, licking it all up, swallowing the rest of her cum as well, as she sucked the rest of his cum up out of his cock.


Danny turned around and faced Maddie, smiling widely, kissing her deeply. “Mom, I...I have been thinking, and...I want to have kids with you one day,” Danny said in between pants, loving Maddie’s sweet lips. Maddie couldn’t help but smile, kissing Danny back deeply. “I would love that, Danny,” Maddie responded, sucking on his bottom lip now. Danny moaned softly, getting harder again, his cock twitching from being full of cum that will soon be ready to be released. Maddie smiled, seeing Danny’s cock twitching. “I think someone wants inside me now,” Maddie said, pointing to Danny’s twitching cock. Danny smiled. “You really want to do this, mom?” Danny asked. Maddie nodded, kissing Danny deeply as he got on top of her.


“Yes, I do, Danny,” Maddie said, gasping loudly and moaning as Danny’s hardened cock entered her pussy, tightening around his cock. Danny moaned at the tightness he felt around his cock, looking Maddie in the eyes. “Mom, have you always been this tight?” Danny asked, locking eyes with her, seeing lust in her eyes. “Only when I think about you, son,” Maddie responded, now swaying her hips side to side, getting the feel of Danny’s cock in her pussy hitting the side walls of the inside of her pussy, telling Danny that she’s ready.


Danny smiled, starting to thrust slow and easy, kissing Maddie’s neck again at the sweet spot on her neck, nibbling on it yet again in a teasing manner. Maddie moaned, moving her hips back and forth, wanting Danny to speed up as quickly as he can, telling him with the look of lust, need, and desire in her eyes. Danny knew exactly what to do, and started thrusting even faster, harder, and deeper inside her, hitting her g-spot right on every time.


Maddie cried out in pleasure, swaying her hips in rhythm with Danny’s thrusting, her g-spot being pounded against so hard, she gets closer and closer to cumming as hard as she ever has in life. As they kept going at the pace they were, Danny decided to suck on her left breast, playing with the right one in a teasing manner, crying out her name as he cums as hard as he can into Maddie, who also cums as hard as she ever has onto Danny’s cock, Danny slowing his thrusts down, slowly pulling out, laying down beside her, both panting heavily. “Fuck, mom, that was amazing,” Danny said, looking over at Maddie. Maddie just nodded her head, clinging to Danny, both slowly falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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