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Horsing Around

by L-B-Demaree

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Cynthia looks for her mom, trying to figure out where she is. She questions a couple of people, still trying to look for her mother. As soon as she gets answers as to not knowing where her mother is, she decides to take a stroll to the stables, where she finds her mom having sex with the Pegasus. Cynthia freaks out, but her mom convinces her to calm down and even join in on the sex session. “Mom, what are you talking about?!” Cynthia said in a shocked voice. “Don’t worry, Pegasus loves this, and so do I,” her mom said.


“I don’t know” Cynthia responded after all it was not everyday your mother asks you to have sex with an animal. “It will be fun” Sumia said. After a minute debate in her head, she nodded and began to strip. She paused for a second when she reached her underwear but another nod from Sumia gave her the courage to continue. Cynthia walked over to Sumia and the Pegasus, blushing tremendously, also nervous about having sex with them. “Come on, honey, it’ll be so much fun,” Sumia said to Cynthia. Cynthia nodded her head and took Pegasus’s cock into her mouth, trying not to gag, seeing how big his cock is. “Oh my!” Cynthia said in excitement, getting horny now. She started sucking on Pegasus’s cock, trying her best to deepthroat him, but having trouble doing so.


Suddenly, Cynthia felt Sumia come up behind her, sucking on her neck. Cynthia couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, seeing as Sumia put two fingers up her pussy, thrusting them hard and fast, hitting her g-spot, causing her to nearly cry out in pleasure against Pegasus’s ock. She continued to suck on his cock until he came into her mouth, swallowing all the cum that came into her mouth, moaning in pleasure. “Fuck, that tasted wonderful!” Cynthia said, now horny as fuck. She finally cried out her mom’s name as she came onto Sumia’s fingers, who licked them clean of Cynthia’s cum.


“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sumia asked Cynthia. Cynthia turned around and kissed her mom deeply, letting Pegasus enter her pussy with his huge cock, crying out in pleasure from the tightness opening up in her pussy.  Sumia moaned into the kiss, kissing even deeper, sliding her tongue into Cynthia’s mouth. Cynthia couldn’t help but moan, sucking on her mom’s tongue, feeling her body up and down as they stood there, having a wonderful time having sex with each other and Pegasus. Pegasus started fucking Cynthia at a slow pace, making her moan as he thrusted in her, hitting her g-spot as well, causing a lot of cum to build up in her pussy, almost ready to cum at any moment. Sumia moaned as Cynthia sucked on her tongue, both of their bodies pressed together, Cynthia grinding her body against Sumia’s, causing their clits to rub against each other, making them both cry out in pleasure. “Fuck me now, Cynthia,” Sumia told Cynthia, who nodded, sticking two fingers into Sumia’s pussy, thrusting them so fast, scraping the inside of her pussy, causing Sumia to cry out in pleasure as she kissed Cynthia deeply again.


Cynthia kissed back, then cried out as she came onto Pegasus’s cock, cum spilling out of her pussy onto his cock and the ground. Pegasus came right after Cynthia, who cried out Pegasus’s name and her mother’s name in pleasure. Sumia suddenly came real hard on Cynthia’s fingers, crying out in pleasure from the scraping of the inside of her pussy, and the hitting of her g-spot.


All panted heavily, Pegasus pulling out of Cynthia’s pussy, neighing in pleasure. Cynthia looked at her mom and smiled. “Fuck, mom, you were right about this. It’s so fucking fun, that I want to 69 with you now!” Cynthia exclaimed in lust and pleasure. Sumia nodded, getting on the ground with Cynthia, turning into a 69 position, her pussy in Cynthia’s face, while Cynthia’s pussy was in Sumia’s face. Without warning, Cynthia started sucking on her mom’s pussy, playing with her clit with her fingers. Sumia moaned loudly, sticking her tongue onto Cynthia’s clit, sucking on it, while inserting two fingers into her pussy again, scraping the inside of Cynthia’s pussy so fast, hitting her g-spot in no time, causing them both to cry out in pleasure.


After a few months of being with Pegasus, Sumia and Cynthia have been getting sick ever since they had sex with him, not knowing it was morning sickness until they went to the doctor’s office, only to find out they both were pregnant, bearing a child from Pegasus. Both Sumia and Cynthia looked at each other and smiled. “I can’t believe it! We’re both pregnant with his child!” Cynthia said in excitement, ready to see Pegasus again. Sumia smiled and nodded. “I can’t believe it, either, baby girl. Let’s go see him and tell him the wonderful news,” Sumia said, walking with Cynthia back to the stables where Pegasus was.


Upon entering the stables, they saw Pegasus and smiled widely. Pegasus just looked at them in confusion. “Pegasus, we have great news for you, baby,” Sumia said. “Cynthia, would you care to tell him?” Sumia asked. Cynthia nodded. “Of course, mom. Pegasus, we’re both pregnant with your children!” Cynthia said in excitement. Pegasus was shocked and happy at the same time.


After 9 months, Cynthia and Sumia gave birth to a hybrid of half human-half Pegasus children with a sort of human body at the top, while they had a Pegasus body to fly and run with hooves. The doctor’s reaction to them giving birth to hybrids was shocking. “What are those babies?! And why do they look like that?!” The doctor asked, surprised and shocked at the same time. Cynthia and Sumia answered at the same time, “We had sex with a horse, Pegasus, and he got us pregnant with these hybrid human-horse like babies.” The doctor was still in shock, unable to speak now as he was speechless about the hybrids being born.


Pegasus neighed in awe, looking at his two children. Cynthia’s child looked exactly like her in the face, while Sumia’s child looked like her as well in the face. Sumia and Cynthia held their children close next to Pegasus, smiling from ear to ear, happy to see they gave birth to gorgeous babies. One was a girl, while the other was a boy. They longed for hunger, looking at their mothers and father. “Mom, may I drink from your breast?” the male asked Sumia. Sumia nodded, opening her shirt and let him drink from her breast to breastfeed him. The female asked Cynthia as well, and she agreed, too, letting her child breastfeed on her breast to give milk to her.


“What should we name them, mom?” Cynthia asked Sumia. “How about Phila and Thomas?” Sumia suggested in a question. Cynthia just smiled and nodded her head. “That sounds like a perfect name for our babies.” Cynthia said, looking at Phila, who was still feeding. She petted Phila’s head and smiled at her baby. Sumia looked at Thomas who had stopped feeling and laid in his mother’s lap. Sumia smiled and kissed his forehead. “You sleepy, Thomas?” Sumia asked him. Thomas nodded his head, closing his eyes while laying in her lap, slowly falling asleep. Cynthia looked at Phila and smiled when she finished feeding, also laying down in her mom’s lap, slowly closing her eyes to sleep. “We should let them try to walk tomorrow, mom,” Cynthia whispered to Sumia, who nodded her head.


The very next day, Cynthia and Sumia helped their children to their feet, standing them up slowly. “Mom, do we have to do this?” Phila asked Cynthia. “Yes, baby, you need to learn to walk and fly just like your father, Pegasus,” Cynthia said with a smile. Thomas was on his feet, trying to stay steady. Sumia helped keep him steady on his feet, holding onto his body to help support him up.

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