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MXC Door Jam All Girls

by L-B-Demaree

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Announcer: Welcome one and all! What are these ladies running from? They’re not! They’re running to the Door Jam challenge! Let’s go to Vic and Kenny to introduce the teams.


Vic: Thank you! As you all know, Door Jam is a major challenge to get through the maze to the exit, without getting caught by the doorwomen.


Kenny: The two teams going head to head are Stripper Women vs Prostitute Women, and boy are they sexy as hell!


Vic: I agree, Kenny! They definitely are in their attire that they are wearing!


Kenny: Alright, time to start the challenge. First up, we have from the Stripper Women team, Stripper Jane! Stripper Jane is 23 years old, with a short haircut to show that she’s into women, her hair looking like a mohawk. She is 5’ tall, a well built stripper. Her eyes are as green as can be, looking incredibly sexy with her clothes nearly showing her cleavage and undergarments!


Vic: Yes, she is wearing a short, tight shirt that shows her nipples, while wearing fishnet leggings that almost shows her bottom parts! Wow is she sexy! *whistles like a wolf* I’d love to do her any day!


Kenny: No comment there, Vic, no comment there. Now, let’s go down to the field where Captain is with Stripper Jane.


Captain: Are you ready to start this challenge, Stripper Jane?


Stripper Jane: As ready as can be! Go Strippers, and make everyone horny as fuck! *smirks at the camera with a pose that she’s pole dancing before walking into the maze quickly* Now, let’s see if I can find my way out of here. *Stripper Jane goes slowly through each door, not sure if she’ll get to the end or not*


Susan: *smirks as she sneaks up behind Stripper Jane, grabbing her by the panties, nearly pulling them down, as the camera gets a close up of what Stripper Jane’s panties look like, which are leopard skin thongs* Gotcha! *smirks at Stripper Jane as she gets caught by Susan*


Stripper Jane: Ah! *tries to struggle to get free, but fails to when Mary and Alice walk into the same room with Susan and Stripper Jane*


Alice: Well, well, well. Look who we have here. A stripper in sexy clothing. *smirks as she gets a closer look at Stripper Jane’s cleavage, noticing her breasts are getting large and her nipples hardening quickly* Hehe, somebody is getting horny. *laughs at Stripper Jane*


Mary: I believe so. *laughs, smirking as well, walking up to Stripper Jane, bodies inches away from each other*


Stripper Jane: *struggles to get away, but fails yet again as Mary gives her a deep kiss, while Alice is rubbing her pussy, and Susan is sucking on her neck, trying not to let out a moan*


Kenny: Ooh, looks like she got caught quickly, and being seduced by all three of the female guards!


Vic: *laughs* Yes, and she looks like she’s loving it, too, the way they are teasing her. I wonder if she’ll let them do her, or if she’ll keep struggling to get away!


Kenny: *chuckles* I agree, Vic. I’m sure she’ll want to have sex with all three of the guards, as she looks like she has eyes with lust in them already!


Susan: *sucks harder on Stripper Jane’s neck, leaving hickies on her neck, smirking*


Alice: *rubs Stripper Jane’s pussy even harder, sticking two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking Stripper Jane*


Mary: *sucks on Stripper Jane’s lower lip, biting it playfully*


Stripper Jane: *moans in pleasure, giving in to the love she is receiving* M-More, please! *moans loudly as Susan bites her neck hard while sucking on it*


Mary: *smirks and removes Stripper Jane’s clothes, sucking on her bottom lip again, now playing with Stripper Jane’s breasts, squeezing the nipples teasingly, forcing them to harden even more*


Alice: *thrusts her fingers into Stripper Jane’s pussy even faster, hitting her g-spot right on cue every time, while rubbing her clit teasingly*


Stripper Jane: *cries out in pleasure every time Alice hits her g-spot, getting closer and closer to cumming quickly*


Kenny: Ooh, looks like Stripper Jane is in love with these ladies! *smirks as he’s jerking off at the scene*


Vic: I agree with you, Kenny! If you look closely, she’s loving every bit of the sex she’s having with them! Maybe they’re better for her than guys! *laughs, while jerking off as well to the scene of Stripper Jane having a foursome*


Susan: *chews on a section of Stripper Jane’s neck, sucking harder on her neck*


Mary: *slides her tongue into Stripper Jane’s mouth, having a tongue war with her*


Alice: *fastens up her pace, rubbing Stripper Jane’s clit even harder, squeezing and pulling on it, smirking as she does so*


Stripper Jane: *cries out in pleasure and cums incredibly hard, squirting cum all over the place, panting heavily, staring at the three guards, smiling* girls sure know how to put on a show for me, to help me with my needs…*panting heavily still*


Alice: *smirks and licks the cum off her fingers, moaning at the wonderful taste* Damn, girl, your cum tastes like apples, which I love apples! *smiles*


Susan: *smiles, getting a breather, seeing all the hickies she put on Jane’s neck*


Mary: *pulls back and smiles, holding Stripper Jane, Susan, and Alice closely together, giving all three of them a passionate kiss* Wow, that was amazing!


Vic: Would you look at that! They all made Stripper Jane cum so quickly, she squirted EVERYWHERE in the room they’re in! *moans as he cums from jerking off so many times*


Kenny: Wow, just, wow! What an amazing display of sexual play! *cums as he finishes jerking off as well, panting in pleasure and laughs at Vic* She sure did squirt everywhere! I mean, look at the floor! It’s COVERED in Stripper Jane’s cum!


Stripper Jane: *smiles and kisses all three guards as well, holding them in her arms* Wow, you girls rock! I can’t believe we just did that in such a quick time! *looks them in the eyes* We need to do this to the other contestants *smirks as she has now joined the three women in capturing contestants*


Vic: Next up, we have from Team Prostitute, Prostitute Lizzie Burden! She is a 25 year old prostitute, with many, many sugar daddies, always getting paid to have sex. She’s 5’3” tall, long, silky, black hair down to her back. She wears Prostitute clothing for reasons to get guys attention. She’s attracted to every guy known possible, gay or straight, and will do anything to get a gay guy in her arms. She is wearing a tight net clothing that shows off her belly, almost shows her cleavage, and shows her thongs she’s wearing. She’s known to get guys all the time and have the longest sex with them possible! Her eyes are a sky blue color that you can see in the night, which makes her more sexy than she already is!


Kenny: *whistles like a wolf* Damn is she hot! *smirks and laughs at himself*


Vic: That she is, Kenny, that she is.


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *looks at the camera, blowing a kiss to every guy watching the show* It’s time to do my thang here! *walks into the maze slowly, cautiously, listening for anything out of the ordinary*


Jane: *stays as silent as possible as she lurks around for Prostitute Lizzie Burden*


Susan: *silent, smirks as she hears Prostitute Lizzie Burden close to the room she’s in*


Mary: *stays silent, looking for Prostitute Lizzie Burden, smirking widely at what they’re gonna do to her*


Alice: *smirks as she sneaks up from behind Prostitute Lizzie Burden, grabbing her by her attire, holding her panties in a strong grip, that the camera zooms in to get a shot of Prostitute Lizzie Burden’s ass*


Kenny: *whistles like a wolf* Damn is she hot!


Vic: I agree, Kenny! She’s got one sweet looking ass! I hope they torture her like they did with Jane, by forcing her to have sex with them! *laughs at the thought of Prostitute Lizzie Burden getting tortured to death by the four guards*


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *screams in shock, trying to get away, her clothing not letting her get away* Aw, fuck! *sees Mary, Susan, and Jane walk into the same room, all with smirks on their faces* W-What are you going to do to me..? *fear in her voice, wanting to get out*


Jane: We’re going to fuck you up, girl! *smirks and laughs evilly along with the other three guards*


Mary: *smirks at Prostitute Lizzie Burdens, staring her up and down, licking her own lips* Somebody is looking naughty! *smirks even more, walking up to Prostitute Lizzie Burden, feeling her clothes, removing the top of her net clothing to reveal Prostitute Lizzie Burden’s cleavage, and removing her panties to reveal her pussy dripping wet*


Alice: Ooh, lovely lady here I come! *lunges at Prostitute Lizzie Burden, pinning her to the ground, smirking from ear to ear, setting her own pussy onto Prostitute Lizzie Burden’s face*


Susan: *laughs* Alice, you love that don’t you? *walks over to Prostitute Lizzie Burden, getting on her back, lying under her ass* Perfect ass is looking incredibly horny right now! *smirks even more*


Jane: *smirks from ear to ear as well, walking over to Prostitute Lizzie Burden’s pussy, getting down in front of it, her mouth inches away from Lizzie’s pussy*


Mary: *smirks from ear to ear as well as the others, grabbing onto Prostitute Lizzie Burden’s breasts, playing with them, teasing them ever so teasingly*


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *moans as the guards start playing with her, trying to refuse to lick Alice’s pussy, but is forced to*


Alice: *moans as Prostitute Lizzie Burden licks her pussy, sticking her tongue into her pussy, sucking on her clit* Aaahhhh! More, more! *looks down at Lizzie with pure lust in her eyes*


Mary: *plays with Lizzie’s breasts teasingly, making the nipples incredibly hard, then sucks on the right breast*


Jane: *smirks and starts sucking on Lizzie’s pussy, fingering her at the same time, along with rubbing her clit roughly, pinching and pulling on it in a teasing manner*


Susan: *opens up Lizzie’s ass and sticks her tongue in it, loving the taste of Lizzie’s juices falling into her mouth*


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *moans loudly, sucking harder on Alice’s pussy, now fingering her as well as playing with her clit, squeezing it, rubbing it, and pulling on it in a teasing manner*


Susan: *continues to tongue and finger Lizzie’s ass, forcing her asshole to open wider and wider*


Mary: *sucks even harder on Lizzie’s right breast, biting the nipple teasingly, smirking as Lizzie cries out in pleasure*


Alice: *moans loudly, almost close to cumming hard on Prostitute Lizzie Burden*


Jane: *sucks even harder, squeezing Lizzie’s clit even more, rubbing it really hard, that the pain turns into pleasure, forcing her to cum immediately in Jane’s mouth* Mmmmm, that’s some incredibly great tasting cum, Ms. Sexy. *smirks up at Lizzie, slowly getting up*


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *cries out, cumming into Jane’s mouth, all over her mouth, still sucking even harder on Alice’s pussy*


Alice: *cries out and suddenly cums incredibly hard, squirting cum all over Lizzie’s face and hair, along with down her chest and neck*


Mary: *stops sucking on Lizzie’s breasts, looking up at her* Fun, wasn’t it? *smirks*


Susan: *finishes tonguing and fingering Lizzie’s ass, smirking* It definitely was for me.


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: *pants heavily, shaking her head* No, that was not fun! It was horrible! Get me out of here!!!


Vic: Ooh, looks like Prostitute Lizzie Burden didn’t like the sex with the four guards, but it sure was hot seeing that! *had cum all over his pants*


Kenny: No doubt, there, Vic! I agree with you 100%! *suddenly cums a third time on himself, panting heavily as he finishes cumming hard*


Susan: Alright, girls, let’s get her up and throw her out the Door Jam rooms!


Lizzie: *Shaking her head* Oh no no no! Please take me to dry land!


Mary: *Laughs as they carry her* No way, you’re going for a swim!


*Susan, Jane, Alice, and Mary all pick Prostitute Lizzie Burden up, taking her for a tour of the maze, before Door Jamming her, Lizzie still covered in cum, as the guards throw her into the mud*


Prostitute Lizzie Burden: Damn it! *tries getting up, but falls face first into the mud again*


Kenny: Ooh, looks like she didn’t like that, and is having trouble standing up, too!


Vic: I must agree with you there, Kenny. She is, indeed, looking like she is having trouble standing up after being forced to have sex with the four guards!


Kenny: Alright, up next, we have Stripper Ruby Red from Team Strippers! She’s a 24 year old woman, dressed in a sexy stripper outfit, showing her cleavage a bit, while her underwear, which she only has on along with a bra, is incredibly red, hence the name Stripper Ruby Red.


Vic: Let’s see if she can make it out or not.


*at the Door Jam entrance*


Stripper Ruby Red: Go Team Strippers! *runs quickly into the maze, trying to avoid the guards, not knowing they’re walking in on her*


Susan: *smirks as she grabs Stripper Ruby Red from behind, hold her hands behide her back* Gotcha! *laughs loudly, Jane, Mary, and Alice showing up immediately*


Jane: Way to go, Susan! *smirks, laughing as well* We should take her for a tour around the maze, to see how she likes it, then throw her into the mud!


Mary: I agree with Jane, Susan. We should do that, definitely!


Alice: *laughs and grabs a hold of Stripper Ruby Red’s legs, the other three helping hold her up*


Stripper Ruby Red: *tries to get out of their grip, but is unable to* I don’t want to go on a tour, or get thrown into the mud! I want to make it to dry land! *squeals as the guards start running with her through the maze, getting confused and dizzy, wanting to get to dry land*


*after the guards take Stripper Ruby Red for a tour, they all laugh as they approach a door*


Susan: Ready for a swim? *laughs with a smirk on her face*


Jane, Alice, and Mary: *chants Door Jam as loudly as they can*


Stripper Ruby Red: No! I told you I want to go to dry land! *holds onto the door tightly, not letting go, trying to get back into the maze to make it to dry land, but is tickled by all four of the guards, forcing her to lose her grip on the door and falling straight into the mud* Shit! My sweet red outfit! No! *gets up and walks away angrily*


Kenny: Ooh, looks like someone is pissed off. *laughs*


Vic: Indeed, Kenny, indeed. Well, up next, we have our final contestant, Stripper Blue Bonnie, a 27 year old woman who is wearing a blue bra with blue underwear, looking exactly like a stripper should! Will she make it out? Let’s find out!


*at the Door Jam entrance*


Stripper Blue Bonnie: This is for all my stripper gals! *runs into the maze, sneaking her way through every door to pass the guards, finally making it to the door to dry land, but gets caught by Jane, who laughs, making Susan, Mary, and Alice show up*


Jane, Susan, Mary, Alice: *laughs loudly*


Jane: You ain’t going no where, missy!


Stripper Blue Bonnie: *struggles to get free, but fails* Damn it! Let me free! I need to get out of here!


Susan: Like Jane said, you ain’t going nowhere, you sexy stripper! *smirks, picking her up by the legs*


Stripper Blue Bonnie: *gasps and squeals, trying to break free of her current grip by Susan*


Mary: *grabs Stripper Blue Bonnie by the arms, holding them behind her back with a smirk on her face*


Alice: *laughs as hard as she can* Take her on a tour, and we’ll open the door for you three when you get back to the other room where the mud is.


Jane: Sounds like a plan, Alice. I’ll stay behind with you, waiting on those three to get back, opening the door as they approach the room to throw her into the mud *laughs*


Susan: Time for a tour! *smirks and nods to Mary*


*Susan and Mary take Stripper Blue Bonnie on a tour of the maze, getting her so confused, she asks where she is at, while they approach the room where Jane and Alice are, whistling to them*


Jane: That’s our cue! *smirks opening the door, not caring if she steps into the mud to hold the door open*


Alice: *laughs as she sees Susan and Mary bringing Stripper Blue Bonnie to the door of the room’s mud pit*


Stripper Blue Bonnie: Let...Me...GO!!!!!!!! *struggles to get free, but, yet again, fails to*


Susan: *laughs* You’re definitely going to hate getting stains on your outfit, missy!


Mary: *laughs as well, agreeing with Susan* Ready to throw her in?


Susan: Hell yea! *smirks as she and Mary move closer to the mud pit*


Stripper Blue Bonnie: No!!!!


Susan and Mary: *throws Stripper Blue Bonnie into the mud pit*


Stripper Blue Bonnie: *cries out in anger* NO!!! *tries getting back into the maze, but fails to, as Jane, Susan, Alice, and Mary close the door quickly* Damn it, damn it, damn it! *gets angry and walks away in anger*


*now at the spot where Kenny announces the most Painful Eliminations of the Day*


Kenny: Alright, everyone. Let’s begin this awards ceremony! First off, congratulations to Stripper Jane, for not only having a painful elimination, but for becoming one of the guards! *smiles as Jane walks up*


Jane: Thank you, Kenny. It was the help of Susan who made me a guard. *smiles, Susan now by her side, giving her a kiss on the cheek* Without Susan’s seductive voice, I would have never wanted to become a guard!


Susan: *chuckles a bit at Jane’s response to Kenny* That’s damn right, babe. *gives Jane a full kiss on the lips, holding her hand as they walk away to the side of where they came from*


Kenny: Such true love right there!


Susan: *smiles* Thank you, Kenny. *holds Jane in her arms*


Jane: *smiles and leans into Susan’s arms, laying her head on Susan’s chest, holding onto her hands tightly*


Kenny: Alright, everyone! Next up, we have Prostitute Lizzie Burden! Come on, Lizzie, come get your reward! *smiles, looking at Lizzie*


Lizzie: *walks up to Kenny* Why thank you, Kenny. *smiles and walks to sit back down where she came from*


Kenny: Up next, we have Stripper Ruby Red! Come on over, Ruby!


Ruby: *walks over to Kenny, grabs the reward, and walks away, still angered that her outfit got ruined*


Kenny: Ouch, someone’s a grump. Our final award goes to Prostitute Blue Bonnie! Come on over here, Bonnie!


Bonnie: *skips happily over to Kenny, taking his award* Thank you, Kenny! *kisses him on the cheek, then skips back over to her spot where she was sitting at*


Kenny: *blushes and smiles* Well, that’s it, folks! Now that we have given out all of the awards, the show is done! See you all another time!



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