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One-Night Stand

by L-B-Demaree

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Michael was talking to his boyfriend, who was right in front of him. Michael was in love with Brian, and wanted some fun with him as soon as possible. “Brian, I need you, now,” Michael said, exposing his hard cock to Brian, who got even harder as he wrapped his right hand around Michael’s hardened cock, and without warning, started stroking it so fast and rough, he put his own cock out for Michael to see. Michael moaned loudly, looking at Brian’s cock, wanting it in him right away. “B-Brian, please..!” Michael begged Brian, who refused to listen, as a smirk grew on his face, steadily stroking Michael’s cock as fast and rough as possible, pushing him against the wall outside in their backyard.


Brian smirked even more, seeing Michael crying in pleasure and need. He then pushed himself against Michael, grinding their hips together, their cocks rubbing together, causing rough friction between the both of them, causing Michael to cry out even more in pleasure and need. “Brian...PLEASE!” Michael begged again. Brian just smirked, putting a cock ring on Michael’s cock, forcing him to hold in his cum. Michael cried as he couldn’t cum when he need to badly. Brian then picked Michael up, still smirking, holding him against the brick walls of their house, making Michael groan in pain as the bricks were pushed into his skin, causing Brian to smirk even m

Michael couldn’t stand the pain, as his back was starting to bleed and his cock was throbbing like crazy with the ring on it, forcing him to hold in his cum, tears streaming down his face. Brian just smirked, then without warning, entered Michael’s ass as quickly and hard as he could, causing Michael to cry out in pain and pleasure, making Brian’s cock as hard as possible as Michael’s ass tightening around ihs cock. “How do you want it, babe?” Brian asked Michael, who was still crying in pain as his back bled a bit mo

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