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Hot Shot

by L-B-Demaree

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Members of G-Force are coming up with ways to boost the moral of members. They decide to encourage their members to an extent where their moral is boosted by a lot, train their members hard, giving them positive feedback of how their training is going, increasing more of their moral, and tell them to stay positive, which boosted their moral up to 100%, and never think negatively, as thinking negative will bring their moral down greatly. After the members moral is boosted, they decide it is time to win the next round against the enemy.


The girls had won the around against the men, winning a prize of nude pictures as a reward for their win of the round. Well it was no surprise that the men lost, after all the girls were originally kaiju that got turned into humans after scientist experience gone wrong. They take their clothes off for the photoshoot, smiling at each other. Before the photoshoot, both Angurius and Rodan talk about the photoshoot they’re about to go into. “How do you feel about showing off your body to a camera, Rodan?” Angurious asked. “I feel great about it!” Rodan exclaimed, her eyes beaming with joy. Angurius smiled and looked at Rodan. “You really seem to love having photos taken of you, especially nude ones,” Angurius said, smirking. Rodan laughed and nodded. “I definitely do! I have done some of this before, but doing it now, after winning this round, is the perfect opportunity to show off my sexy body,” Rodan said, smirking at Angurius. “I can see that. Heh, I’m ready for it too, to be honest with you, Rodan. Afterwards, we need to keep our pictures and share them with all the other girls, see who wants us with them and who doesn’t,” Angurius said, laughing a bit. Rodan nodded her head in agreement, laughing a bit as well.


Angurius, leader of the girls group, poses in a sexy, nude way, where she has pictures taken of her. She smiles at the camera, steadily posing in new, sexy ways, one way where she is laying on her side, showing her breasts and pussy in full view of the camera. Up next, Mothra shows up with no clothing on for the photo shoot. She walks in nervously, covering her breast with one arm, while covering her pussy with the other arm. She poses in a way hiding her breasts first. Her next pose is where she shows a full, clear shot of her arm covering her pussy. For her next photo, she plays with herself a little bit, only to start squirting her cum everywhere on the ground, turning red in the face as she does so. Her final pose would be where she exposes both her breasts and pussy to the camera in full view, showing a peace sign with her fingers and a wink in the picture.


Rodan is the third girl to have nude pictures taken. She shows off her body perfectly to the camera, making sure her sexy posing is perfect for all of the pictures taken of her slender, sexy nude body. For the last picture, she shows how she plays with herself in different ways, a smirk on her face towards the camera. Megagurirus shows up, showing off her sexy body, holding her breasts up high with her hands for the first picture. The second picture of her is where she puts a finger or two up her pussy, closing her eyes at the feel, smiling with lust. More sexy pictures are taken of her, as she poses in many different ways for the camera, as she loves having her pictures taken.


Biollante is up next for the photo shoot, showing off her wondrous body, walking in naked with pride. For her first picture, she poses as a nude fighter with a fake sword in her hands, posing like she’s fixing to battle with the sword. Her next photo consists of her showing off her hot body. Once her photos are finished of her posing in sexy ways of her nude body, Manda shows up, smiling at Biollante as she passes by her, touching her hand, still smiling as she walks up to the designated camera shoot area. Once there, she poses as a sexy, young girl who is very horny for her love, a smirk on her face in every picture. After Manda is done with her photo shoot, King Caesar walks in, already playing with her body before getting in front of the camera to pose for pictures to be taken. In one of her pictures, she’s using toys to play with herself. She’s using a vibrator, dildo that doesn’t vibrate, and many more toys she has in mind with her, letting the hair above her pussy vibrate as well with the vibrator in her. Once in front of the camera, she shows off her ass as well, as she continues playing with herself, many photos taken of her playing with herself as she wraps up the photo shoot for herself.


Sexy King Kong walks in, her gorgeous body lighting up in the lights for the camera. She teases the camera by posing in so many sexy ways, more pictures of her were taken than the other girls who had their photo shoot. Sexy King Kong walked out, head held high, smirk on her face, knowing she was the star of the photo shoot. After Sexy Kng Kong left, Godzilla Junior walks in, naked as ever with tattoos on her body, mainly on her back and arms. He has some nipple piercings, which turns her on whenever they’re played with. She looked at the photographer and smirked, posing for the camera like she was playing with her nipple rings, moaning softly as she flicked them in a teasing manner for the camera. Her next shot was showing her pussy off to the camera, smirking when she put a finger in her mouth, sucking it, then sticking it into her pussy, while rubbing her own clit. After her final photo, she left so Baragon can come in. Last but not least, Baragon comes into the room, showing off her sexy body as well. Her breasts are huge, nipples incredibly hard, her body covered in sweat, a perfect opportunity for posing for the camera. The photographer took the picture immediately, wanting more poses from her. Baragon shows off her sexy, hot body as she places her hands on her inner thighs, incredibly closer to her pussy. The next photo is of her rubbing her pussy in a sexy way, moaning during the picture being taken. The rest of the photo shoot, Baragon posed in so many ways, that she had the world record of most pictures taken out of the girls.


For the next and final photo shoot session, the girls all show up as a group for their photoshoot. First photo is of them standing together, hand in hand, standing in a straight line like a horison. The next photo, some of the girls start playing with themselves, while the others start playing with each other, making the photographer take so many photos at once, loving what they are doing. As the photoshoot goes on, the girls start making out, then having some sex during the photoshoot as well. The photographer goes crazy with taking photos, that he doesn’t realize he’s got a bulge in his pants. Once done taking the photos, the photographer says “Screw it!” then lowers his pants and underwear, starting to stroke his cock hard and fast, watching the girls all have fun by having sex together, causing him to be even more horny than ever. While watching the girls, he strokes his huge cock even harder, getting closer and closer to cumming real hard, moaning loudly with the girls, loving every second of what he’s doing. When he finally reaches his climax, he accidentally hits the girls with his cum, and they all look at him. “What the hell?!” Ronan asks the photographer. “S-Sorry! Watching you girls have sex together, it got me horny as fuck!” the photographer responded. “Well don’t get it on us again! We hate guy’s cum on us! We want female cum on us only!” Ronan demanded, starting back at the girls with a smile. They all nodded.


Now that the G-Force got the picture of the girls, they went crazy after seeing all of those nude pictures of those sexy, hot, gorgeous women they were up against, all getting horny as ever. All of them started to jack off immediately to the photos, all moaning loudly to the photos as they stroked faster and faster, going as fast as their arms would let them stroke their cocks, soon cumming incredibly hard on the ground, squirting it everywhere on the ground in their own rooms.


Once the rest of the girls leave, Ronan refuses to speak about the earlier incident. Caesar stays back, talking to the photographer, telling him he might even have a chance with her, with a smirk on her face. The photographer looks at Caesar in shock, eyes wide as he looks at her and listens to her words. After Godzilla saw the pictures of his daughter having nude photos taken of her, he was not too happy at all with her, so he called her up. “Hello?” Godzilla Junior answered. “Junior, why the hell did you have nude photos taken of yourself, young lady?!” Godzilla demanded to know. “Daddy, it was a part of winning the round we were in with the guys. I also decided I wanted those pictures taken as well, so you can’t do nothing about that to me!” Junior said, hanging up the phone before her father could respond. Godzilla was enraged when his daughter spoke to him like that, but tried to calm down the best he could, as she was over 18 anyways. He knew he couldn’t do anything, since she was now an adult, out on her own with her friends and lovers as well. Though he still planned on visiting the photographer as soon as he found out who he was…. <To Be Continued)

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