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Stress Relief

by L-B-Demaree

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Meru had come back to her job at G-Force, stressed out about her job, so she goes to the bathroom, seeing as she’s a futa, and starts stroking her cock rough and hard, moaning at the feel of masturbating in the bathroom. Meru moans a bit loud, not noticing that Miki walks in as she’s fixing to cum hard. Miki gasps at Meru, who, in return, looks at Miki, lust in her eyes from the masturbation. Miki smiles at Meru, walking over to her. “Need help with that, Meru?” Miki asks. Meru nods her head, panting from how close she is to cumming hard on herself in the bathroom. Miki walks over and kisses Meru deeply, who returns the deep kiss, both moaning into the kiss. Meru smiles against Miki’s lips, playing with Miki’s breasts to get her soaking wet and her breasts very hard. Miki moans at the pleasure she’s receiving from Meru, taking hold of Meru’s cock, teasing the tip with her thumb. Meru moans at the feel, removing Miki’s clothes, along with her own clothes.


“Miki, I need you, badly,” Meru says, looking at Miki with major lust in her eyes. Miki nods, still teasing the tip of Meru’s cock, letting Meru enter her pussy, causing Miki to moan out in pleasure of how hard Meru is, loving the feel of Meru’s cock inside her pussy. “Ready, Miki?” Meru asks, getting a nod and deep kiss in return from Miki. Meru kissed back deeply, starting to thrust at a teasing pace, her cock rubbing against Miki’s clit, causing Miki to moan into the deepened kiss, her eyes closed from the pleasure. Meru starts to pick up speed with every thrust, hitting Miki’s g-spot instantly, causing her to cry out in pleasure, getting very close to her climax. After pounding her cock against Miki’s g-spot, Miki cums hard, as Meru follows with Miki, cumming very hard in Miki’s pussy, moaning loudly as she was still thrusting her cock into Miki’s pussy to finish cumming hard in her, holding her close against a wall, starting Miki in the eyes, lust still filling her eyes.


“What would you like next, Miki?” Meru asked, panting from loving how tight Miki was, claiming her virginity. Miki smiled at Meru. “Why not lay me on the ground and get on my chest, to fuck my breasts?” Miki suggested, her breasts incredibly hard and tender to touch out of pleasure. Meru smiled, pulling out of Miki’s pussy, laying her on the floor softly, then sits on Miki’s chest, Meru’s cock between Miki’s breasts, smiling with lust in her eyes, still. “Ready?” Meru asked, getting a nod from Miki. Meru started to thrust a bit fast and rough against Miki’s breasts, moaning at the friction of her cock between Miki’s breasts, loving the feel of that friction. Miki moans loudly, loving the friction as well, squeezing her breasts even tighter around Meru’s cock, causing the friction to get even more rough, nearly crying out in pleasure.


Meru kept thrusting her cock between Miki’s breasts, moaning as she suddenly came hard without warning, getting cum all over Miki’s face, who licks the cum off her own face, moaning at the taste, looking up at Meru. “Fuck, Meru, I didn’t know you had such tasteful cum,” Miki said, pleasure in her voice. Meru smiled, then bent down to kiss Miki deeply again, turning over onto her back now, looking at Miki. “Would you like to ride me like the sexy girl you are, Miki?” Meru asks. Miki nods her head really fast, sliding Meru’s cock back into her pussy, moaning loudly at Meru’s incredibly hard cock now in her pussy. Miki started riding Meru as fast and hard as she could, forcing Meru’s cock to hit her g-spot on every thrust she made herself on Meru’s cock, crying out Meru’s name in pleasure. Meru moaned loudly, loving being ridden by Miki, letting Miki to play with her breasts. Miki had bent down while bouncing up and down even harder onto Meru’s cock, crying out Meru’s name even more in pleasure, now playing with Meru’s breast, kissing her deeply, getting an even deeper kiss in return.


After a few more bounces, Miki came extremely hard, almost screaming out Meru’s name in pleasure, who also came at the same time Miki did, letting Miki ride her cock a little more to get all the cum out of her own cock into Miki’s pussy, panting and looking up at Miki with a huge smile. “Damn, Miki. You certainly know how to ride someone perfectly,” Meru said. Miki just giggled, and said, “I have been watching porn about how to ride someone with a huge cock like yours, Meru.” Meru smiles at that comment, letting Miki get off her cock, then turning around to suck on Miki’s pussy and clit, while Miki will be sucking on her cock. Miki smiled, taking the tip of Meru’s cock into her mouth, sucking on the tip, as well as swirling her tongue around the tip teasingly, causing Meru to moan. Meru smiled and started to lick Miki’s pussy and clit before sucking hard and rough on her pussy, somewhat biting and pulling on Miki’s clit with her own teeth in a teasing manner, now tonguing Miki’s pussy. Miki moaned loudly in pleasure, taking Meru’s whole hard cock into her mouth, sucking as hard as she can, causing Meru to moan loudly in pleasure as Miki was grinding her teeth against her cock, loving the feel of what she’s getting from Miki.


Miki suddenly started to deepthroat Meru’s cock, sucking even harder, grinding her teeth more against Meru’s cock, moaning loudly as Meru started playing with her clit once again with her teeth in a teasing manner, getting closer and closer to her climax already. Meru moaned loudly as she suddenly came hard in Miki’s mouth and throat, Miki cumming hard after Meru did, moaning loudly, loving the taste of Meru’s cum and pleasure she received in her mouth.


*a few months later*


Meru got up and helped Miki up, who started to feel a little sick, Meru knowing exactly what was going on as Miki ran to a toilet in her own house. Meru got by Miki’s side and smiled, rubbing her stomach. “Miki, guess what? Since you have rode me twice, you have become pregnant,” Meru said, Miki looking at her in shock, then throws up again into the toilet. Meru stayed by Miki’s side, rubbing her back to support her through the whole idea of being pregnant. Once Miki finished throwing up as much as she could, she looked at Meru and smiled. “You are so sweet, Meru, and I love you so much for letting me have a family with you,” Miki said, hugging Meru tightly, Meru returning the hug, smiling at Miki, pushing Miki’s hair out of her face to get a better look of her, loving the thought of having children with Miki.


Miki just looked at Meru and smiled, hugging her even tighter, loving the thought of having children with Meru one day in the near future. Meru looked at Miki in the eyes and smiled. “How are you feeling, my love?” Meru asked. “Still sick as hell, but feeling great knowing I’m pregnant now with your help of getting me pregnant, along with taking my virginity, too. I can’t thank you enough, Meru, for doing that. I’ve been waiting for that perfect someone to have sex with, and when I walked in on you in the bathroom at work, I knew you were the one I wanted right then and there,” Miki said, giving Meru a kiss after she had cleaned her mouth from the vomit.


Meru just smiled and kissed back, holding Miki close in her arms, rubbing her back and her baby bump softly, smiling with glee now. Miki smiled and laid her head onto Meru’s chest, putting her own hand on top of Meru’s hand, intertwining her fingers with Meru’s, holding her closely. “Meru, I don’t ever want to lose you, especially all that we’ve been through together,” Miki said looking at Meru. Meru smiled and kissed Miki’s forehead, holding her closely. “You won’t lose me, I promise, baby,” Meru said.


Miki smiled and kissed Meru deeply and smiled, not knowing what was about to happen next. Suddenly, Meru got up from where she was sitting beside Miki, then pulls out a diamond ring for Miki, getting down on one knee. “Miki, I have loved you from the day I met you at work, and now that we’re going to have children in our future, I want to have the pleasure of being your wife. With that said, would you marry me, Miki?” Meru asked, showing the diamond ring in the box to Miki, who just teared up and cried tears of joy. “Yes, yes I will, Meru!” Miki said in an excited voice, along with tears streaming down her face. Meru smiled and wiped Miki’s tears from her face, kissing her deeply, Miki holding onto Meru tightly after the ring was put onto her finger.


*months later to the OBGYN doctor*


Meru had driven Miki to the OBGYN to see the sonogram of the child she was baring, not knowing they were having twins. After arriving at the OBGYN, Meru and Miki sat in the waiting room, waiting to be called back by the doctor. Not long after they arrived, Miki was called back, and Meru went with her to see the sonogram of her pregnancy. What they saw shocked the both of them tremendously. Meru nearly passed out, having to sit down quickly, looking at Miki, holding her hand, smiling greatly at her, never thinking they’d have twins together. “Doctor, what are the genders of the babies?” Miki asked. The doctor smiled and looked at both Miki and Meru. “You are having a boy and a girl, as you can tell on the screen of the sonogram, both looking in healthy shape so far,” the doctor said with a smile.


Miki had tears streaming down her face, always wanting to have children with the love of her life. Now she finally has that chance to, squeezing Meru’s hand tightly, smiling at her as more tears ran down her face. “Twins, Meru, we’re having twins! I can’t believe it!” Miki exclaimed, tears of joy steadily running down her face, along with Meru crying tears of joy as well. “Looks like we’ll have to think of names for them,” Meru said, giving Miki a kiss before they left the OBGYN to go home, keeping a photo printed by the doctor of their twins they’re having.


Once they arrived back home, Miki was still crying tears of joy, now holding Meru’s hand as they walked inside the house, locking the door, sitting on the couch, and cuddling. Meru smiled and kissed Miki deeply, who, in return, kissed back even deeper, smiling against Meru’s lips. “What are you smiling about, baby?” Meru asked, smiling as well. Miki just kept smiling and kissed her deeply again. “The thought of having twins has made me realize how special you really are, Meru,” Miki said, holding Meru’s hands on her stomach, both feeling the babies kicking, causing Miki to grunting in a little bit of pain. Meru smiled and put Miki in her lap, holding her closely.


“Would you like to go lay down for a while, baby?” Meru asked. Miki nodded and smiled, walking with Meru to their bedroom, getting out of their clothing, then climbing into bed together, cuddling each other, Meru’s cock twitching slightly, Miki smiling and letting Meru enter her cock into her own pussy, loving the feel of Meru’s cock twitching on her own pussy, moaning slightly. “Maybe we should have just a little bit more fun before we go to sleep, because somebody seems to want my pussy so badly,” Miki said with a smirk on her face. Meru smiled, laid on her back and let Miki ride her for a good while.


Miki started bouncing up and down as fast and hard as she could, even though she’s pregnant, crying out Meru’s name every time her g-spot was hit with force from bouncing up and down onto Meru’s cock, who cried out her name as well. Miki made sure that Meru’s cock rubbed against her clit, crying out more in pleasure, loving the feel of Meru’s cock in her pussy and against her clit. Miki kept bouncing for what seemed like an eternity before cumming very hard on Meru’s cock, who soon followed after Miki came, crying out her name in pleasure.


Meru smiled at Miki, pulling her down onto her own chest, laying in bed with Miki, her cock still inside Miki’s pussy, now limp from getting rid of all the cum inside of Miki’s pussy. Miki smiled and kissed Meru before they started to fall into a deep sleep together, holding onto each other while Meru’s cock is still inside Miki’s pussy. Both slept peacefully, not wanting to move from the bed to the shower once they woke up hours after their sleep. Miki gasped as the babies were kicking again in her stomach, and smiled. “They’re going to be gorgeous babies, aren’t they, Meru?” Miki asked. Meru smiled and nodded. “Yes they are, baby,” she said, giving Miki a passionate kiss.


Miki kissed back, then let Meru pull out of her pussy, both walking to the bathroom to take a shower to get cleaned up. Once Meru turned the water on to get it warm enough for the both of them, Miki smiled and stepped into the shower with Meru. Miki smiled at Meru and kissed her deeply in the shower, causing Meru to moan in return, kissing back even deeper, sliding her tongue into Miki’s mouth. Miki moaned, battling Meru’s tongue with her own, rubbing Meru’s body down to her now hardening cock, stroking it teasingly. Meru moaned loudly into the kiss, sucking on Miki’s tongue, loving the feel of Miki’s hand on her cock, rocking her hips from side to side, the friction of her cock in Miki’s hand causing her to get even more hard, pulling away from Miki’s face for air, panting, smiling widely at her wife. Miki kept stroking Meru’s cock in a teasing manner, feeling her cock twitch in her hand, smirking.


“You want me to ride you again, baby?” Miki asked. Meru smirked. “I thought you’d never ask.” With that said, Meru picked Miki up, and entered her pussy again, moaning loudly as Miki tightened around her cock, loving the feel of her wife on top of her own cock. Miki moaned loudly as well, playing with Meru’s breasts, sucking on her neck in a teasing manner, nibbling a bit on Meru’s neck, leaving love bites all along her neck on both sides. Meru moaned and smiled, starting to thrust fast and hard inside of Miki, causing both of them to moan out loudly in pleasure, Miki now kissing Meru deeply for a French kiss, Meru kissing back to return the French kiss.


After five minutes of French kissing, they pulled their heads back for air, Meru still thrusting fast and deep within Miki’s pussy as her cock rubbed against Miki’s clit, who cried out in pleasure, getting closer and closer to cumming very hard on Meru’s cock. Meru kept thrusting even faster and deeper into Miki, who cried out Meru’s name as she came as hard as she could, Meru following right behind Miki, grunting loudly as she kept thrusting to get all the cum out of her cock into Miki’s pussy, cum dripping out of Miki’s pussy from both of their orgasms.


Miki looked at Meru and smiled, panting heavily, then kissed her deeply. “That was fun, baby,” Miki said, moaning softly as Meru pulled out of her. Meru kissed back and smiled, now getting the shampoo to wash their hair with. “We should get cleaned up now, Miki,” Meru said with a smile. Miki nodded her head and let Meru wash her hair as she washed Meru’s hair, both loving the massage they gave each other on their scalps, washing the shampoo out of their hair together, making sure to not get any shampoo in their eyes. Next, Miki got the body wash and washed off Meru’s body, who in returned let out a soft moan, loving the feel of Miki’s hands all over her body as she was being cleaned off. Once cleaned off, Meru returned the favor to Miki, who also let out a soft moan as she loved the feel of Meru’s hands all over her body, being cleaned off as well.


Once finished in the shower, they washed the soap off their body, then wrapped up in towels after drying their hair off, now drying each other’s bodies off, both loving the feel of each other’s hands. Suddenly, Meru got hard again after Miki dried her off, smiled at Miki and kissed her forehead. “You see who wants you?” Meru asked in a seductive tone. Miki smirked, got down on her knees, took the tip of Meru’s cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip teasingly, sucking softly on the tip as well, causing Meru to moan loudly. “M-More, baby,” Meru begged. Miki smirked, then took Meru’s whole cock into her mouth, instantly deepthroating Meru without a second thought, sucking roughly, grinding her teeth as she bobbed her head back and forth against Meru’s cock. Meru cried out in pleasure, cumming real hard after three minutes into the blowjob. Miki smiled, drinking all of Meru’s cum, moaning at the taste.


They then got up, both dried off now, going to look for clean clothes to put on, seeing as their other clothes were dirty from wearing them all day. Once clean clothes were put on, they both went out for a romantic dinner together, somewhere Meru had already paid for a reservation at, smiling at Miki once they arrived, got seated, and ordered something off the menu, drinking red wine together, being sure not to get drunk. “Wow, Meru, this place is so romantic,” Miki said, holding Meru’s hands in her own across the table. Meru smiled, kissing Miki’s hands. “That’s why I picked this place, because I knew you would like it, baby,” Meru said, squeezing Miki’s hands in her own.


*months passed as Miki is now due for birth*


Miki was sound asleep, when she felt something was wrong. She gasped, looked at the bed, and saw it was soaking wet, waking Meru up. “Meru, my water just broke!” Miki cried in fear. Meru quickly woke up, got Miki to the car as they were fully dressed during the night, and drove her to the ER at the hospital. Once they arrived, Meru explained that Miki’s water had broke, that the twins were ready to come out of her at any moment. The doctors nodded, taking Miki back to the delivery soon, Meru following in pursuit, making sure to stay by Miki’s side at all times during the birth of their twins.


In the delivery room, Miki cried out in pain as she was pushing as hard as she could to get the first baby out, squeezing Meru’s hand so tight, Meru thought she was going to lose her hand, steadily rubbing a cold wet cloth across Miki’s forehead. Once they both heard the first cry of the first baby, Meru smiled, seeing it was the boy who was delivered first. Once the doctors cleaned up the baby boy, they gave him to Miki and Meru, both holding him as she gave an easy birth to her final baby, the twin daughter. The doctors cleaned up the baby girl as well, handing her over to both Miki and Meru, letting them get a feel of their mother’s skin touch, both crying as they were still newborns born seconds apart. Miki smiled, looking at Meru, giving her a kiss, then looked back at their twins. “What should we name them?” Miki asked. Meru smiled and said, “Akane,” she points to the baby girl, “and Akira,” she points to the baby boy. Miki nods, smiling. “Those are perfect names for our gorgeous twins,” Miki said, now being covered up in a patient’s gown, then being taken from the delivery room to a hospital room to stay for a few days with their newborn children.


Meru never left Miki’s side since the day their children were born, taking care of them one at a time, both rotating who took care of Akira and who took care of Akane at what time before putting them to sleep in their newborn cribs beside the bed. Miki smiled and held Meru’s hand. “Thank you, Meru, for blessing me with gorgeous children. I have always loved you for the longest time, I just never knew how to say it until I walked in on you in the bathroom,” Miki said, blushing a little. Meru smiled and kissed Miki’s hand. “I knew you had feelings for me this whole time, baby, because the way you kept flirting with me shot off hints that you wanted me so badly, and seeing your face when you walked in on me, I could tell you were already horny enough to want to have sex for the first time in your life, since you’ve always told me you were waiting for the right person,” Meru said with a smile on her face.


Miki smiled and gave Meru a deep kiss, smiling at her. “You are incredible, baby,” Miki told Meru, scooting over in her bed to let Meru join her in the bed. Meru took the hind and smiled, climbing in bed with Miki, cuddling with her, brushing Miki’s hair out of her face, giving her a deep kiss back, holding her closely, but softly as she was in a bit of pain, still, after giving birth. “Hey Miki, would you like more children in the future, baby? Like, when our children grow up as they get older?” Meru asked Miki with a smile. Miki nodded and smiled. “I would love that, baby,” Miki said, giving Meru the deepest, most passionate kiss ever. Meru moans softly into the kiss, kissing back, rubbing Miki’s stomach, feeling her own cock twitch in need.


“Shit, I’ll be right back, Miki, I promise. I just need to take care of something while I let you and our twins rest. I’ll be in the bathroom if you need anything, so hollar for me if you need anything, alright?” Meru said. Miki nodded and smiled, knowing exactly what Meru was going to do. Meru made it into the bathroom before removing her own clothes, leaning against the wall, groaning in need as she started stroking her cock fast and rough, panting heavily, moaning a little loud by accident, loving the pleasure she was giving herself, stroking even harder and faster, rougher than ever, almost crying out in pleasure, before she saw Miki walk into the bathroom. “B-Baby, why are you out of the bed..?” Meru asked. Miki smiled and kissed Meru deeply, holding her against the wall as she guided Meru’s cock into her own pussy, moaning in pleasure, now wrapping her legs around Meru’s waist, smiling. Meru knew exactly what Miki wanted, and smiled, starting to thrust fast, rough, and deep in Miki’s pussy, both moaning in pleasure, the friction of Meru’s cock against Miki’s clit causing major pleasure to course throughout Miki’s body. Miki cried out softly in pleasure as her g-spot kept getting pounded against, nearly crying out loudly in pleasure. Meru kept thrusting for a while, holding back her cum, so as did Miki, both loving the pleasure they were enjoying from each other. Miki kissed Meru deeply, now French kissing her. Meru moaned into the kiss, thrusting even harder into Miki, groaning into the kiss as she came as hard as she could, still thrusting to cum some more in Miki, who moaned loudly into the kiss, cumming hard on Meru’s cock, loving the pleasure she was getting.


“Meru, please, make me pregnant again. I don’t care if I get pregnant again after just giving birth to our twins, because I love you and want to raise a family with you forever,” Miki said, tears of joy and pleasure in her eyes, kissing Meru deeply. Meru smiled, kissing back, wiping the tears away from Miki’s eyes, thrusting even more into Miki’s pussy, groaning again as she came as hard as ever in Miki yet again, but not finished letting Miki ride her cock yet. Miki cried out in pleasure and came hard again on Meru’s cock, loving the pleasure so much, her eyes were instantly filled with lust. Meru saw the lust in Miki’s eyes, letting her ride her cock as long as she wanted, loving the way Miki got tight around her cock even time she had to cum as hard as possible. Miki cried out even more in pleasure, cumming even harder onto Meru’s cock, digging her nails into Meru’s back as she pulls her closely, kissing her deeply, causing Meru to cum incredibly hard again inside Miki’s pussy, kissing back and moaning into the kiss, giving Miki a smile, Miki giving a smile in return, both panting heavily.


“Fuck, Miki, you definitely want to have more than two kids don’t you?” Meru asked with a smirk on her face, kissing Miki deeply. Miki moaned into the kiss and nodded her head, panting for something to drink, getting off of Meru’s cock, smirking as she got onto her knees, grabbing ahold of Meru’s cock, stroking it fast and hard, causing Meru’s cock to harden quickly, sucking on the tip of her cock, swirling her tongue around the tip. Meru moaned in pleasure, tilting her head back, letting Miki play with her now ever hardening cock. Miki smirked even more, taking Meru’s whole cock into her mouth at one time, biting her cock teasingly, sucking and grinding her own teeth against Meru’s cock, causing Meru to moan loudly in pleasure, getting even more hard. Miki then began to deepthroat Meru’s cock, steadily swirling her tongue around the tip of Meru’s cock, moaning as she loved the taste of Meru’s pre-cum, sucking harder than ever now. Meru nearly cried out in pleasure, holding Miki’s head hard against her cock, cumming the hardest she’s ever cummed in Miki’s mouth and throat, panting heavily, looking at Miki, who was sucking her cock dry. Miki got up and kissed Meru deeply and smiled, walking out of the bathroom to get back in the hospital bed with Meru by her side, their twins sleeping peacefully.


*now at home with Meru, Miki, Akira, and Akane after 2 days of being in the hospital*


Miki was holding Akira in her arms, feeding her, smiling down at Akira. “She’s so precious, Meru,” Miki said with a smile, looking up at Meru, who was feeding Akane. “They both are,” Meru said, looking up and smiling back at Miki, giving her a deep kiss. Miki smiled and kissed back deeply, trying to not make things heated while feeding their children. Meru smiled and saw the bottle was empty, smiling more. “Somebody was hungry, wasn’t he?” Meru said, looking down at Akane, who just cooed at her. Miki smiled, noticing Akira had fallen asleep in her arms while drinking the milk from the bottle. “Some little girl is sleepy,” Miki said softly to Meru, who just smiled, now burping Akane. Miki smiled at the site of everyone in the house, and couldn’t help but start to cry tears of happiness. “What is it, baby?” Meru asked Miki. “It’s nothing, just, happy we have a family, Meru,” Miki said, kissing Meru deeply, noticing she, herself, needed Meru more than ever again. “We should put them in their cribs, Meru,” Miki said, smiling at Meru as she got up to take Akira to her crib in the twins room, then going to their bedroom and undressing herself to jump in the shower. Meru smiled and placed Akane in his crib, making sure he was sound asleep, before she walked into their bedroom, noticing Miki’s clothes on the floor, smirking as she walked in on Miki, grabbing her from behind, starting Miki.


“Meru, you scared me!” Miki said, only to moan as Meru entered her pussy with her cock, taking her into the shower and pinning Miki against the shower wall. Meru smirked, sucking on Miki’s neck, still pinning her against the shower wall, starting to thrust fast, hard, and deep. Miki moaned loudly in the shower as the water drowned out the sound of her moans for the twins. Meru smirked more, licking Miki’s neck up to her ear, stopping right at her ear canal. “You want me badly, don’t you, naughty girl?” Meru asked teasingly. Miki moaned louder as Meru pounded into her pussy, hitting her g-spot instantly, causing Miki to nod her head quickly. Meru kept pounding into Miki’s pussy, licking her ear lobe, whispering “Tell me how bad you want it, and I’ll give it to you, naughty, naughty girl,” in Miki’s ear. Miki cried out in pleasure. “I want it so badly, I’ll give you triplets this time, Meru! I need you! Harder, faster, deeper! Destroy my pussy!” Miki cried out to Meru. Meru smirked, doing as Miki begged, sucking on her ear lobe, playing with Miki’s hardened breasts, causing Miki to cry out more in pleasure, her pussy tightening around Meru’s cock. After a few more thrusts, Miki couldn’t hold it back anymore, and came all over Meru’s cock, crying out in pleasure as she was bleeding from the love bites Meru left on her, Meru soon cumming after Miki into her pussy, moaning loudly, still thrusting as fast, hard, and deep as she could to get all of her cum out of her cock and into Miki’s pussy, then standing there in the shower, still pinning Miki against the shower wall, still in her pussy, too, her cock hardening yet again.


“You want to be my pet for right now, Miki?” Meru asked with a smirk on her face. Miki nodded her head quickly. “Yes, please, baby, anything for you!” Miki cried out, steadily tightening around Meru’s cock again, wanting to be tortured now. Meru smirked and bit onto Miki’s right shoulder, causing it to bleed a little, before, without warning, pounding fast, hard, rough, and deep in Miki’s pussy, pounding as hard as she could against Miki’s g-spot, causing Miki to cry out in pleasure with every thrust.

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