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Shadow of Damnation

by OrigamiShinigami

Libraries: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gothic, Original Fiction

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  Kriegg remains knelt by the scattered belongings, his eyes staring at ghosts from times past. Memories refuse to give him respite any more, even when the demon boils the blood in his veins and demands he obey the "Master's" will. Hands clench tightly as the urge washes over him once more and a cracking voice breaks the silence and invades his thoughts.
  "He won't be pleased if you keep delaying. You know how Master feels about insubordination." A growl slips from his lips as the woman whom has now taken possession of his wife's body chuckles. Her footfalls are light on the floor as she approaches, one arm slipping around his neck from behind as she leans in to whisper into his ear, a mockery of a sweet gesture. "Do as he says. I'm here to ensure you obey."
  Anger begins to blot out his vision as his head turns slightly, allowing one burning red eye to settle on her. "You're a mockery of her memory. I do not need, nor do I want you here." His growl is met with a dark grin and a claw dragging slowly up his chest.
"Now now, that's no way to talk to your dear, beloved wife. I'm sure those words would break her heart." Her voice drops to a whisper as she leans closer into his back. "Shall I ask her?" Her question causes the anger to still, confusion setting in it's place. No. That wasn't possible.... was it?
  "You mock me further, Witch. Explain your meaning." He turns to face her, the grin curving her crimson lips upwards. Her dark eyes suddenly begin clearing and soon he is staring into the dark green eyes he knew from what feels like a lifetime ago. Innocense and fear now clouding their depths. "It.... can't be. A-merra......"
  Her eyes widen and tears brim as her head begins shaking back and forth. "N-no... I thought...." With a sob she throws her arms around him and squeezes tightly. His arms slip around her in response and his face buries itself in her nape. Her shoulders shake with each heavy sob, tears falling onto his dark jacket.
  "My love. I thought you were dead! Where were you?" Her voice is broken with sobs and sharp inhales of breath in an attempt to calm hersef. "I saw them... drag you away. I-I felt their..." Her hand slips from him to slowly slide over her abdomen, then returns to him.
  "Amerra. My love. I thought you were lost to me for eternity. Gods I've missed you. I've been so alone for so long....." His own tears drip into her hair as he holds her, willing time itself to come to a stop so they can forever hold onto this moment. Finally they are reunited, even if it is for mere moments. 
  "My love...." Her voice is gentle and filled with love as she leans back and looks up at him, a hopeful smile curving her lips. "I.." The smile turns to a look of shock, then one of confused pain. Kriegg arcs an eyebrow and urges her back from him, looking her over carefully before his eyes widen in horror. An arrow protrudes from her abdomen, the tip containing a small bag that seems to have a fuse tucked inside.
  She looks down just as the sparking fuse disappears, roaring flame bursting forth and engulfing her entire body. Her screams echo through the small house as she falls to the ground, writhing and attempting to put the flames out. Her efforts only succeed in catching the wooden floors aflame, one that soon spreads to the furniture and what remains of the drapery by the windows.
He drops to his knees in an attempt to help, succeeding only in pulling her to him and hearing his own skin burning. His arms are blackened and flake in places, as does his chest and parts of his face, the scent of burning hair and flesh filling the small room. Twin screams rip through the night as both demoness and his wife burn alive, tears streaming down her cheeks.
  "No. NO! Amerra! No!" Thick smoke rises from his arms as the fire continues to burn through skin and muscle, exposing  ivory bone beneath, yet he refuses to release his hold on her. "I won't lose you again! No!" His cries fill the room as hers slowly cease, her body stilling in his arms. One eye looks up to him, her burned arm crackling as she reaches up to touch the side of his face. It rests there mere moments before all skin falls away and bones fall to clatter to the floor, eyes rolling into her now exposed skull as her breathing ceases.
  There is no sound for long moments as her ashes blows away in the wind, taking her spirit to eternity for it's final rest. The house burns around him, flames crackling loudly in his ears. His own body is burned badly, skin beginning to peel and blood seeping from the new wounds, but he does not move. Tears streak down his cheeks as he stares at the floor, all thought gone from his mind, all warmth gone from his body. He's been forced to watch her die again.

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