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Colors Of Pride...

by Miriam-chan

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A compilation of written drabbles in dedication to the Pride Color Challenge that has been going on so far on Paper Demon.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1: Hot Pink/Sex

Colors Of Pride...

Dedicated to my friend by the name of Yuri-kun as for starters...


The couple that I'm about to use for this drabble is very much them and Karasu, which is one of my favorite pairings aside from Yuri X Kiriko or even Yuri X Touya.





After putting the triplets to sleep with the help of Miriam as she had headed over to the house to say hello to her friend Yuri as it's been too long since she's seen them.


Plus she was also dying to tell them of how she was shopping around at a mall one afternoon and ran into Yomi out all of people.


But just when she was planning to tell them of that and with a blush covering her cheeks as she couldn't forget how much of a flirt he was towards her.


She felt her phone buzzing as well Hiei was trying to call her up and like a kind of faithful girlfriend that she was to the fire yokai.


She left the house and probably for the better as after more than 20 minutes had went by.


Yuri and Karasu were inside of their bedroom, standing by the door that was already closed shut from the moment that the fierce kissing had started and then once the couple had put a halt to their fierce kissing which left a few marks on the right side of Yuri's neck.


Karasu swiftly picked up his love and carried them in a way that was pretty much like the groom carrying their bride.


After that...


Yuri was gently put on the covers of the bed and curious that they were...


They watched their SO strip himself down to where all one could see was his raven locks still hitting the shoulders and the back a little bit.


But also he had quite a decent package from the finely built chest to the fingers which as Yuri would often imagine as always they would get so hot and bothered with just thinking about the times that those long but skillful fingers headed inside of them, swiftly and fiercely going in and out like a crow killing a creature that would become its meal later on.


However to return back to the present time as while they were staring at Karasu's completely naked body and then with a blink of the eye.


Karasu was now on top of them, seductively whispering in their right ear of the plans that he had in mind for tonight to which all Yuri could do was blush a bit and gasp right away at the feeling that was their legs being spread apart a bit and then.


Instead of feeling those fingers.


A cold but extremely strarved for a taste kind of tongue had invaded the inside of their body and then for the next 10 minutes or so.


The bedroom was filled the sounds of moans and then a orgasmic cry, which despite hearing that.


Karasu was far from done with his plans for his love as he certainly was by all means...






...for now I suppose 









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