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Danielle's Capture

by ScbaWmnFan

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While finishing a recent dive, Danielle surfaces near an island which holds a terrible secret, little does the young Frogwoman know there may not be an escape from this adventure

Danielle's Capture

As Danielle surfaced from her dive, fins in hand, she couldn't believe what a perfect moonlite night this had become.  She'd left her zodiac near the large weather-hewn boulders that dotted this part of the island.  It was always awkard having to surface and coming out of the water in full gear but the young diver loved night diving. It was dangerous, exciting and it was special, considering she didn't have to deal with annoying dive buddies.  The twin 80 Cu tanks on her back though were starting to feel heavy and now out of the water it felt even more uncomfortable and cumbersome, but she prefered this size of tank as it gave her more air and a little more dive time underwater.  As she got out of the water, she wondered to herself if there was anyone leaving near this beach.  Oh well too bad it there was, she didn't see any no trespassing signs up so she figured she was okay.  As she exited the water she now got onto the wet sandy beach part that was sandwiched between two massive ocean rock formations.  As she got closer up onto the grassy part where the sand was a bit warmer and drier.  She stopped suddenly to look behind her - whew nothing behind her, great.  The young Scubanauts relief was short lived for as she moved forward toward the drier part of the beach, she was shocked and horrified to see no less than eight very tall, powerful and VERY nude males staring right at her.  Staring in disbelief all she could mange to say was, Hello, can I help you.  The men just stared at her for the longest time' which made Danielle feel even more uneasy than before.  Swallowing audibly she asked them what brought them out on a night like tonight.  Laundry night, r-right. She said sheepishly.  One of them turned to what could only be the lead male and said, huh she's wearing a full wetsuit.  Yeah I noticed'  said the lead male.  Again more awkward silence broken only by one of the men now speaking up,   You're right, nothing to wear but birthday suits, yet fellas, heheh. There were a few laughs and chuckles, but these did not ease Danielle's bad feelings about all this and this creepy chance encounter with a bunch of nude men.  Look sorry guys but it's late and I've got my my zodiac secured over near that group of rocks,  she pointed.  Unfortunately the only thing the male said was.  You know miss, you REALLY shouldn't be around here, for that matter you REALLY shouldn't have come to THIS island, he said matter of factly.  Within nanoseconds of saying this this Danielle heard the unmistable sound of an air compression cartridge going off, and the sound of "PTUH" in a rapid succession of  three pistal shots, then the horrified Frogwoman felt the stinging, seering pain of what were, to her terror tranquilizer darts.


Shocked, she gazed at her left upper thigh to see three animal tranquilizer darts in her leg.  The darts broke the skin for this now caused a trickle of three trails of blood, to go down the wetsuits pants.  The rubber fabric did nothing to stop the darts for she could feel that these now dug right into muscule layer of her thigh.  Angrily she reached for these, but before should could, powerful hands pinned her arms above her head, and a low male voice said.  I wouldn't do that if I were you, besides he said matter of factly, if you do that then the drugs full effect will be deminished.  She was now angrier than ever and demanded answers, like what are a bunch of muscular nude males wandering around a beach in the dark.  Unfortunately before she could formulate what she was going to say, he mind went blank.  Her lips and words began to slur and everything around her was getting very disoriented and going out of focus.  Before her lids finally closed completely she saw the massive brutes coming closer toward her, all sporting big grins, the last thing her ears heard were, Jeez, she's a fox we're reall gonna have a lot of fun tearing into her holes, eh?.  Instantly her head fell forward, her lids were closed and as the man behind her, held her up from falling any further, the lead male spread her left eyelids open to see, the progress of the drug.  Nice her pupils are fully dialated.  Okay you know the drill. Somebody take the zodiac and moor it near our launch.  Next he unclasped her weight belt and threw it far off into the water where it would sink to the bottom of the lake.  Someone now took initiative and unclasped the blue dive knife strapped to her upper right thigh, and kept it as a trophy.  Okay so before we take her up to the lodge, lets get the booties and her dive pants off.  Instantly one of of the bucks unclasped her beaver patch latches to the open position and pulled the flap out from underneath the front of the jacket so it just hung there.  Next eager hands removed her dive boots.  With Danielle's bare, wet legs, hanging down, two males quickly grabbed a bunch of the rubber fabric from around her ankles and getting a secure grip on this, yanked the dive suit pants off her.  To their relief it was not a Farmer John type suit, so the pants easily slid off her, and there was no extra neoprene rubber to fight with.  Fantastic, said another, could this night BE any easier or what.  Low mumbles of acknowledgement filled the quiet night air.  Right her Scuba tanks.  Hold her secure Max, I'll undo the bayonet claps then we can store her these and the removed items in the boat house.  Hey boss, do you mind if this time we do the reveal here?  The Alpha thought about this and chimed.  Sure why not, let's see what this hot little slut has under her wet suit eh fellas.  They wasted no time encircling the unconscious young woman.  Pulling her head back jokingly one of the brutes laughed and whispered, jeez miss hope ya don't mind if we unzip ya, do ya.  They all giggled and now the boss slowly pulled her main jacket zipper down slowly for effect.  On the last rung of the zipper her parted the jackets sides open, and looked very disappointed.  God Damned bitch someone spat.


To all their disappointments she was wearing a one piece speedo.  Sorry boys, but this JUST ISN'T gonna go.  Knife please.  The man who took Danielle's knife as a souvenir, pulled it from it's sheath and handed it to the lead male. Thanks he said and taking the proffered blade, slowly and carefully began to grab handfuls of the fabric.  Puncturing the fabric now with the very sharp tip he now slid the blade in, but not to far as to cut her breasts.  He worked the knife upward till he got to the seems of the swimsuit.  Now he strategically slit the shoulder pieces and the crotch area, finally he did one long, smooth cut downward  toward her genital area.  With the suit sufficiently cut to shreds, hands grabbed for the remaining unsupported bunches of fabric and tore it from her body.  Audible ripping and shredding souds of destroyed spandex fabric filled the night air.  Another man quickly made this, his souvenir.  As the fabric was yanked from the unconscious, wet diver's body, two lush, ripe tits tumbled forward into the cool night air. Fuck look as those gorgeous tits. Hands and mouths hungrily grabbed at Danielle's ladies and squeezed and groped them savagely while others hefted them and began sucking and savouring her smooth, pliant tit flesh.  Nice udders you gorgeous little cow, spat one of the men.  Okay we can keep the fun going at the lodge,  You guys with her dive gear, don't be long stowing it, we have a long and busy night ahead of us.  They nodded, and grabbing her gear went forward to the lodge's boat house where they would lock her gear outta sight and possible prying eyes.  That done, two men each put their heads underneath her armpits and swung her arms over their shoulders, securing her at her wrists, while two more men from the group grabbed a leg each and now began to move forward up the lodge with their prey, keeping her legs off the ground.  The lodge they spoke of was only about ten minutes up the hill, and since this was a secluded bay, it was highly unlikely there would be anyone else out to mess up their plans, at least not tonight.  The air was cool so once they reached the lodge the men were glad to get in and warm up.  The living room was a nice high shalet size ceiling, brightly light with solid furniture, all of which was a rouse.  The main room they wanted.  was secured behind a numbered padlock electronic security system.  Once the code was entered, the men brought the hot Scuba diver into what looked like the very fancy high end play room, the kind that a high class Mistress of an expensive Dominatrix would have at her disposal.  Leather bondage furniture was, spaciously scattered everywhere, including a St. Andrew's type cross, a chainmaile sex chair which hung securely from a massive wooden bean.  Off to the side was an impressive bar with a couple of beer taps and a wall of single malt scotch.  There was even a popcorn machine. Needless to say these bastards were very, very rich.  Okay guys you know the rules take a really good hot shower to relax the muscles, don any leathers and equipment that suits your fancy and then we'll all meet back here to continue with our Frogwoman guest, sound like a plan,  all the men agreed and went off to the locker area.  Already two men, stayed behind to prep their captured prey.  They started by were drying her body completely off , getting the sand and dirt off her and her wetsuit hood and jacket. Once done they carefully shackled her arms to the giant, sturdy pool table which had enough surface room for the victim and to easily kneel in a circle around their prey.  Hands secured, they placed a leather pillow underneath her head, then one of the men carefully inserted a sturdy ring gag into her mouth, with her top part dealt with, another man took a specially designed leather pillow which brought the unconscious women into a birthing position, this way her assailants could scootch underneath her, bring the back of her knees to align with the tops of the mens' shoulders and effortlessly be in a good position for the males mate with her.  She didn't matter in their system.  She was at this point only their for them to satisfy their raw brutal lust and rage on her.  Next an IV pole was brought out with two bags of meds.  One a standard IV formulation the other a strong muscle relaxant and sedative with more hallucinogenic properties. Taking her left Brachial artery the man (who must have had medical training) inserted the IV needle into the artery and taped it securly to her arm.  With her arms and legs shackled and her hips at a good entry position, they too went off for a shower and to don their favourite forms of Sado Maso, Master, and Slave trainer bondage gear.


The drugged Frogwoman had no idea what was going on, because the IV doseage was set to slow drip, so she would not be regaining consciousness anytime soon.  As well before they secured her, as the men went for showers, she was taken to a special bathroom where she was catheterized while her insides were emptied with an enema.  One of the men suggested a light scent to make her more sexually appealing, once done, all the prep was actioned to bring her to this point.  The room was well lite enough to be bright but not harsh that it would spoil the men's folly. Twently minutes later the room was full of activity and the men return to circle around the pool table.  These brutes were not pudgy disgustingly fat guys, but physically fit, and very well hung males.  Many had "Masters" hoods on while others just chose to wear studded leather body harnesses, or leather studded gear like ancient gladiators, greaves, armlets that sort of thing.  Either way besides the favoured outfits they ware, the main feature they all sported were, massive, Vagina DESTROYING cocks.  They  had decided in the locker room they would film her defilement and her wetsuit would go in their trophy case.  As well they had agreed non-participants would watch by sitting in the comfortable cushioned leather chairs, and only three men at a time would be on the table to sexualize her.  Max was also advised that he'd been given the honour of first penetration.  Wasting no itme he got onto of the pool table and requested two other men could masterbate on each side of her head.  Mounting the massive sex table he now decided to remove her hood.  As they did so, it revealed a flattop military haircut, but with an uncharactherisc colour, cobalt blue, as well the racing stripe above her Mons also had this same colour.  Who wants her hood?  Instantly a man grabbed for it and greedily hung onto it for safe keeping.  Max whispered to her,  I hope you like gang sex little scuba slut, cause we're gonna wale on your sweet ass.  Danielle was in a very deep dive dream state, so even if she could hear anything, it made no sense to her, her world was shadows and and warm pools of light.  Taking his massive, vein distented member he now spat a generous amount of saliva onto his redish, purple Corona and slowly slid it into her, warm, inviting cuntal passage.


Fuck guys she's nice and tight, excellent a few of the brutes whispered as they milked their dongs to life while watching the live sex show.  As he bucked into her vagina he looked at her main tattos.  One of which an two interlinked Female zodiac signs.  So your a lesbian eh, sorry to disappoint you honey but that is all gonna change tonight. Raucus, lewd laughter filled the massive bordel-like party room.  To her left side he noticed a Marine symbol on her ribs with dates tattooed below this.  Hey guys this little scuba bitch was a Marine.  Good Max ream her harder, I hate the Freakin Marines.  Be nice Ted she is a vet afterall.  Wow as he looked above her Mons he saw a Nazis national symbol repleat with Furious eyed Eagle with outstretched wings and the swastika encircled in laurels.  So you're a Nazis too eh little Frogwoman cunt, well that just steps up the game.  He whispered something vile to here and now began to drive into and upwards into her body mercilessly for at least twenty minutes.  Just before he was about to ejaculate he pulled out and slap another man on the ass to take his place.  The exchange of players went on all night, sometimes her cuffs would be loosened to change positions but all the while she would be unaware of the multiple degradations and violations that were visited upon her gorgeous semi-nude body.  Through the night things changed.  Men savagely ate her out her now fully lubed labia.  Others chose to use their digits, on her wet labila petals while others ass reamed her savagely, the men were sadisits, so most preferred to dry ream her ass, hoping this would wake her up enough to draw a scream or two out of her, but they were not to have their wish.  Other men slapped her tits and ass till they were raw and red.  Their savagier and brutality continued for hours, sometimes she would be passed around, to be violated by small groups of men, sometimes they would make a contest and see who ejaculated first on her.  Their sport went on for hours but now the men had a more specific duty to perform on the unconscious Frogwoman.  Their lusts and perverse appetites satisfied, each one of the men now looked forward to this part of the night. the part of the evening when they would lie on top of her kissing her unconscious lips and whispering vile things in her ears, but ultimately to ejaculate deep into her.  Because they were all massive their glans nerve endings could feel as their Corona's head effortless had the lenght to part her wombs opening and ejaculate their copious streams of scientifically enhanced semen deep into her unprotected womb.  Man after man filled her.  And once they had all attempted to impregnate her.  Once the last male had filled her womb with his cum, a special plug was inserted into her vaginal opening to prevent sepage of their seman.  This done, the ceremony was now officially ended. 


Her wetsuit was removed and placed in a place of honour in their trophy case.  A judicial system leg tracking collar was fastened to her left ankle, while loose fitting soft fleece underware was put onto her body.  Most of the men changed and got dressed with only a few staying at the lodge.  The alpha now thanks the men for their participation and saw to the last prepartions of the night before retiring.  Danielle's limp drugged form was now put onto a special gerney and she was now wheeled into a another separate part of the lodge.  Through another secured door, and down a long light hallway.  As they entered a very large medical like room with soft lights and monitors they moved the Frogwoman into an empty medical room like bay, the kind one would see in an emergency room.  Were Danielle coherent or lucid enough she would see to her horror, no less than 30 other young women. All with IVs running in their arms and the same potent drugs coursing through their system.  The other major take away from this horror was, that of  all the young women in the room, there was no one over fourty and all were in various states of pregnancy.   From out of another room appeared a petite young woman wearing a lob coat which had strange hierogliphics on her lapel.  The alpha now asked the young medical type how things were going and she responded, well, except for number 27.  She must have burned through her dose because she got violent.  We had no choice but to terminate her.  Damn that is a pity.  Unfortunately we'll now have to double our efforts to replace her.  Dam she of all of them would have been promising.  Indeed agreed the young woman.


Still I guess were are lucky to have this many.  Okay ZiZZa Please make sure NOTHING ELSE happens tonight.  Of couse and sorry doctor, we didn't want to interrupt you during the impregnation ceremony.  Well if that is all I think I'll retire for the night take care ZiZZa, he said and of yes were not standing on ceremony here, take that thing off okay (he pointed to her face).  Yes thanks doctor it was beinging to get hot underneath this damned thing.  The male laughed and ackowledged the fact too.  See you tomorrow Z.  Thanks doc see ya.  Taking one last look at her new charge and recording the results on a very foreign looking tablet,  she proceeded to turn on a large curved TV monitor which showed smaller screens on on each of these smaller screens were displayed young women all Danielle's age doing various activies, work, housekeeping etc.  She smiled and whispered, well ladies, she looked sinisterly at all the unconscious young women and beemed guess we won't be running out of samples any time soon eh?  At last she whispered, and reaching behind her head, she got closer to a small mirrior on the wall.  Once in front, she reached behind her head and she grabbed a mass of her own skin and pulled it forward,  Closing her eyes she removed the rest of of prosthetic facial covering and tossed it into the wall unit incinerator.  Dam that is better she chimed as she looked at herself and her full alien beauty.  Were any of the girls awake at this point, the room would be filled with screams of horror and a stapede of women running to escape.   However, this was not the case, and as Z looked at herself she was glad that Omak, giver of all life in the universe had chosen to bless her with large green translucent eyes and simering red golden Lizardian scales.  Turning to look at the unconscious women she whispered.  YOU are not beautiful ladies - I AM BEAUTIFUL.  Laughing sinisterly now she left the women to their fates and moved into another room to start her sleep cycle...



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